My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 530


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Wine of Anguish, this is the wine Chen Ze got from Mephisto. Chen Ze thinks that it is wine, not to mention alcohol, and it is still very rich.

“Would you like to use it… But Sun Wukong is Victorious Battle Buddha, is this wine good?” Chen Ze was a little entangled. After all, according to Sun Wukong’s glorious record, this lord will only get drunk after drinking a lot of fairy wine. The type is simply terrifying.

“Forget it, try it, by the way, make a chocolate dream cake, and then make a Beer duck, and then a chicken rice, and then serve with Wine of Anguish…By the way, use Elizabeth to pickle a spare ribs and make a Fried ribs.” Chen Ze quickly figured out what he was going to do today.

If Sun Wukong still won’t get drunk like this, Chen Ze has nothing to do.

As Chen Ze started cooking, a smell of wine slowly diffused out of the kitchen. Betty sniffed, and then continued to wipe her table. She is familiar with the smell, this is not Wine of Anguish Does it taste?

“Tsk tusk, it seems that Manager is about to start not being a human being again.” Betty shook the head. She didn’t know Sun Wukong, and she had never played similar games, so she really didn’t know why Manager wanted to engage this guest. .

Sun Wukong looked at Betty with a smile, his expression was still so peaceful, it seemed that everything had nothing to do with him, even the stronger the smell of alcohol in the air, he didn’t care about it.

“Betty, come in and serve the dishes.” Chen Ze looked at the dishes in front of him, nodded satisfied, these dishes Chen Ze put a lot of effort into these dishes, if the results are still not achieved, there is really no way.

“I have heard that the food here is superb, and now it is really great in terms of the dishes and aromas.” Sun Wukong looked at the delicate dishes in front of him. He exclaimed, then picked up the chopsticks, picked up a piece of Beer Duck, put it in his mouth, and tasted it carefully.

“Victorious Battle Buddha, can you eat meat?” Chen Ze found a problem. When he was just cooking, he hadn’t thought of these problems before, and just reacted.

“Naturally, it is possible.” Sun Wukong nodded, although he likes to eat fruit more, but Chen Ze here not at all provides him with fruit, so he can only give it a shot, presumably the Buddha is understood, and he will not blame it. .

“Okay, then you eat slowly, what do you call me.” Chen Ze nodded, and then see if Sun Wukong will become drunk after eating these dishes, and then turn back to Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong .

Sun Wukong didn’t think so much. He was eating the dishes that Chen Ze offered him. Every dish tasted very good, and it tasted very delicious. Sun Wukong thought it was even at the Jade Emperor Banquet. The dishes, compared with the dishes here, only have some advantages in terms of ingredients.

“Guest, please use it slowly.” Betty walked over and refilled Sun Wukong with a glass of lemonade.

“Thank you, Little Lass.” Sun Wukong nodded with a smile, very gentle, just like his temperament.

Chen Ze is standing in the kitchen. He is not at all to see if there is any change in Sun Wukong. He is thinking about what to do later than to be relatively better.

“Speaking of which, it seems that my small intestine rolls are ready to eat.” Chen Ze touched his chin. He had thrown the small intestine rolls into the Brine pot before. When the quadruple speed was not used, It should be enough if it has been marinated for nearly a day.

Chen Ze opened the Brine pot, then took out the small intestine rolls and placed them on the cutting board.

“This is…” Chen Ze looked at the small intestine rolls in front of him. He didn’t know what to say. It might be because Chen Ze’s Brine pot is old Brine, so the color of the whole small intestine rolls is even better than the picture Chen Ze saw. To be deep.

“Taste the taste.” Chen Ze scooped out a bowl of chicken oil and rice. This small intestine roll cannot be cut. If it is cut, the best taste of the small intestine roll cannot be tasted.

Chen Ze picked up this small intestinal roll, which was rated as exquisite by the system, swallowed saliva, then stuffed it into his mouth, took a bite, and immediately bit the skin of the small intestine roll.

Because it is unwound from the tightly entangled state, the small intestine rolls become a bit springy, with a bitter taste, and a bit of bitterness. This is the charm of small intestine rolls. Many people think the reason for small intestine rolls It is delicious, but there is a bit of bitterness in it.

Chen Ze feels that human taste is really amazing. It was originally to simply distinguish the bitterness produced by toxic food, but in the long history and culture of mankind, bitterness has slowly reached the human table and has become a taste An important part of it.

Chen Ze feels that after removing all kinds of theories such as life experience and life perception, the reason why bitterness has become a frequent visitor on the human table is ultimately because bitterness can set off other flavors.

For example, after eating a spoonful of sugar and then drinking sweet coffee, it will feel like that.

But if you take a sip of the switch’s game cassette, and then immediately take a sip of a sweet drink, you will feel that the sweetness is really intoxicating.

The same is true for this small intestine roll. It tastes bitter, but after the bitterness, the bitter taste is more prominent, and it tastes better. At least Chen Ze is very satisfied with the food.

“Huh, this small intestine roll is still pretty good. It seems that when I am studying the cuisine of other countries, I can also study some of our local specialties in China.” Chen Ze put down his chopsticks, unconsciously, a bowl The rice and three small intestine rolls are all finished.

Cold chicken with spring onion oil and Fir are paired with small intestine rolls. It is simply delicious. Chen Ze can continue to hold these foods if he is not very hungry.

“Sir, this is my meal expenses, what do you think?” Just after the meal, Sun Wukong’s voice came in.

“Okay.” Chen Ze walked out, and then saw a golden gold hoop on the table, shining in the light.

“This is…” Chen Ze thinks this thing is a bit familiar. After all, when I first saw Journey to the West and Journey to the West, this golden hoop accompanied Sun Wukong on the journey of learning.

“This is what I used to learn from the Buddhist scriptures at the beginning. Although it is not a valuable treasure, it also has some uses of its own. Can the Venerable be able to see it?” Sun Wukong is still so kind, even with his hands together. A Buddhist ceremony.

“Very good.” Chen Ze nodded, this thing is still very collectible.

“Venerable, can you welcome me to come again next time?” Sun Wukong showed no signs of drunkenness.

“If it is Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong, I would naturally welcome it.” Chen Ze only said this sentence.

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