My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 577


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Holmes helped his hat with a little helplessness. He felt that this was simply a shameless criticism.

“Betty, the spider you understand is not the same as the spider Sherlock Holmes said.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes. He didn’t know what Betty thought. He thought that Holmes wanted to engage in interracial play.

Could it be that the earliest gender is not a problem, age is not a problem, and race is not a problem?

“Huh? Sorry guest, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.” Betty is very sorry, this kind of misunderstanding of others is not very good.

“It’s okay, beautiful Young Lady, but if you can, can you give me a glass of Beer?” Holmes smiled and shook the head. No matter what, others are for his own good, so he doesn’t really care about it. problem.

“It seems that your companion should be very excited yesterday.” Holmes glanced at Betty’s neck. His keen observation has already seen something, combined with his own reasoning, then this waiter should be…

“Actually, this is Lindsey who accidentally got too excited after getting drunk yesterday.” Moriarty laughed, but he was watching from the side yesterday, and Lindsey’s drinking power was unexpectedly poor.

After a few drinks, I became drunk, and then the whole demon leaned on Betty’s shoulder dazedly, and then gnawed Betty a few times.

Holmes stopped speaking, and he observed the same, but since Moriarty said it, then he didn’t intend to continue speaking.

“Ahhhhhhh…” Betty tightened her clothes subconsciously. She always felt that she was in front of these two humans, as if she had no secrets. This feeling was too terrifying.

“Manager! Why didn’t you tell the gathering of people you organized before…” The door was pushed open, and Betty saw Conan in school uniform coming in with a look of dissatisfaction.

But Conan soon realized that besides himself and Betty, the restaurant had other guests.

“.. Tell me.” Conan immediately expanded into the child mode, with an angry expression on his face.

Chen Ze wants to laugh a little, and Conan is a real guy. He doesn’t pretend to be bad in front of someone. If he has to pretend to be a child in front of Moriarty and Holmes, he doesn’t know his clumsy acting skills. Two characters?

“Ah, Conan, they just came to my restaurant for dinner. Besides, how can I inform you.” Chen Ze came out, he was out to watch the show.

“Huh?” Conan looked at Chen Ze, a little confused. He thought that Manager would cooperate with him in acting. After all, Moriarty was dressed in black and looked like a winery employee.

“Professor, great detective, would you like to look at this little child and give me an inference?” Chen Ze looked at Conan playfully and asked.

“Since it was Manager’s request, I would naturally not refuse.” Moriarty nodded, this kid’s poor acting skills are so bad, he could tell at a glance that it was not right.

“The little child is tall and likes to play football. He seems to wear flat eyes to hide his identity. Seeing his appearance, he should be from the East.” Holmes took a cigarette and vomit A smoke ring came out.

“Oh, old guests, have hatred with some guests. Isn’t your height fake? I am not a child but pretend to be a child.” Moriarty looked at Holmes and sneered.

“Huh?” Conan was a little flustered. If Chen Ze’s eyes were not full of jokes, he would have run away long ago. What happened to these two guys?

“It’s pretty good, it deserves to be…” Chen Ze patted, I have to say, only when I saw Conan, I can draw so many conclusions instantly, and they are all true. These two are indeed terrifying.

“No, please wait, Mr. Manager.” Conan stood, with a look of interest, he was inspired by the two men to reason.

Chen Ze shrugged, stepped aside, he also wanted to see how Conan deduced the two people in front of him.

“This gentleman, aquiline nose, and this deerstalker hat, plus your clothes, should be an Englishman? And it’s an old smoker, but he doesn’t smoke very much, and he is strong It’s powerful, it should be a sandwich in the morning with jam.” Conan looked at Holmes very seriously.

“And this gentleman, you should also be from England. Depending on your relationship, you should not be a friend, and this gentleman should have been a teacher. Depending on your age, you should be a university professor.” Conan looked again Towards Moriarty, I don’t know why, after saying these two inferences, he has some thoughts in his heart.

“A wonderful conclusion, are you also a detective?” Holmes smiled and looked at Conan, the little child Interesting.

“I am Shinichi Kudo, a famous detective.” If it were in the cartoon, the bgm named Detective Conan has already sounded.

“Kudo…Shinichi Kudo? This is Sherlock Holmes.” Holmes smiled, but Conan was stupid.

“Xia…Sherlock?” Conan scratched his ears, wondering if he had heard him wrong.

“Hey, another boring detective.” Moriarty glanced at his mouth. He hated detectives.

“May I ask your name…Are you Mr. Moriarty?” Conan looked at Moriarty, and he had a vague guess in his heart.

“Well, and you didn’t find a problem. The bit of jam on his mouth was deliberately made, and he didn’t eat a sandwich in the morning.” Moriarty laughed, although he doesn’t like detectives, but he won’t go Ignore the other side, this is a gentleman’s demeanor.

“Hiss…” Conan held breath cold air, if this is the case… then it means that these two are indeed characters in “Canon of Sherlock Holmes”.

“It’s so lively today.” The door was pushed open, and then Chen Ze saw Zhu Guangming walk in, his face looked tired, and there was a lot of dust on his body, and he seemed to be chased madly. The same for hundreds of kilometers.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, what is going on? Is it because today is the gathering day of legendary detectives?

Looking at the three people all turning their heads to look at Zhu Guangming, and Zhu Guangming’s face was unable to make head or tail of, Chen Ze sighed, shook the head, and then returned to the kitchen. He didn’t intend to continue watching Now, these detectives…

Let them play by themselves. Anyway, three detectives and a bad guy can play Werewolf Kill, but if you say so…

Chen Ze suddenly felt that this should be very interesting. If Moriarty, Holmes and Conan were allowed to play werewolves, what would happen?

Chen Ze is very interested.

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