My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 578


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Just do it if he thinks of it, Chen Ze immediately went to the second floor, looked through his cabinet, and found the werewolf who had been in the dust for a long time, and took the first floor.

Werewolf Kill, this is a relatively well-known board game, and the current popularity is also very good. There are not a few people who play it. Chen Ze has played it before, although he can play special dishes and chat It’s exploded, or if you are cheated by others, don’t want it, but still play for a while.

Werewolves kill generally speaking. The minimum number of people is six, two villagers, two priests, and two wolves. If the number of people is small, it will be very troublesome and the fun of playing will be much reduced.

Although there are requirements for the number of werewolves to kill, Chen Ze can’t find anyone who can play with these werewolves for the time being. After all, this restaurant has no other guests besides himself and Betty.

As for Chen Ze and Betty playing Werewolf with these four guys…

What an international joke, playing werewolves with Moriarty and Holmes? Chen Ze felt that if it weren’t for those with higher intelligence and wanted to play werewolf with them, he might be played as a fool.

Betty’s IQ is not high. If I play with Betty, I am afraid that Betty will not be scammed to death, so the best result is to eat melons and watch the show, and then watch these big guys fight their wits.

“Everyone, I have a proposal.” Chen Ze stood up. When he was just downstairs, Holmes and the others were discussing the topic of reasoning enthusiastically, and Moriarty was also involved.

Chen Ze interrupted like this, and immediately attracted four pairs of eyes, looking straight at him.

“This is a game called Werewolf Kill. Are you interested?” Chen Ze took the small box and looked at the four people in front of him, laughing.

Then Chen Ze simply told them about the rules of the game, and it really aroused their interest. After all, this is not outside, and they can’t ask Moriarty to set up a crime scene, and then come to reason on the scene. .

So although this game sounds a bit boring, at least it can be played.

“Yes, but I feel I will be at a disadvantage.” Moriarty sticks his cane, no way, his reputation seems a bit big.

At least Conan and Zhu Guangming knew him, and they were naturally close to Holmes.

“It’s okay, this game is not arbitrarily identified.” Chen Ze shrugged, he didn’t want to play with these guys.

“Manager, can you still call other guests in?” Zhu Guangming is also very interested. Although he experienced some things when he was outside, he is still more curious about Holmes now.

“This can’t be called, in fact, every guest opens the door by himself, I invite…” Chen Ze shook the head, there is no way to control this, and he is impossible to catch the guests.

But before Chen Ze finished speaking, the door was pushed open, and then Chen Ze saw Joker in purple clothes coming in.

“hehehe…what’s wrong today?” Joker looked at the lively restaurant and licked the corner of his mouth.

Several detectives headed by Sherlock Holmes frowned. They didn’t know why, after Joker came in, they felt a feeling of seeing a bad guy.

“…They are going to play the game, are you going to play?” Chen Ze covered his face, his own mouth, it is toxic, now there are five people, if you add yourself, wouldn’t it be six? You can also make Betty a referee.


Looking at the lineup in front of him, Chen Ze panicked.

“It would be great if I could have another one.” Chen Ze sighed, looking at Conan’s expectant eyes, Chen Ze couldn’t refuse them.

“Mr. Manager~Elder Sister Betty.. There are so many guests today.” Jeanne also opened the door and walked in. Chen Ze watched Jeanne’s eyes shine.

Then Chen Ze pulled Jeanne to the table, let her sit next to Moriarty, and asked Moriarty and Jeanne to talk about the rules of the game.

“Ehhhhhh?” Jeanne blinked. Although playing games is good, she still has to go to class.

“Jeanne, this time we will use this game to test you.” Moriarty thought of a solution. If you confront these guys, it will help Jeanne grow up.

“en.” Jeanne is nodded at ease.

Then Chen Ze called Betty over, told Betty about the referee’s procedures and rules, and then went back to the kitchen. These guests were playing Werewolf, but Chen Ze couldn’t be idle, he had to prepare What these guests need to eat.

“It always feels like this is not good for Jeanne.” Chen Ze glanced at the restaurant where Betty was letting them smoke status tokens.

Look at this configuration. Sherlock Holmes, Zhu Guangming, and Conan are three detectives, plus the super villain composed of Moriarty and Joker. Only the simple little white sheep, Jeanne, is caught in it.

“Huh…I hope this child will not have a nervous breakdown.” Chen Ze sighed, look at Joker, Joker is very excited.

In fact, Joker didn’t plan to play at first, he didn’t have much interest in these games, but after hearing Chen Ze introduce the identity of other players, Joker became very interested.

Chen Ze didn’t care about Joker and the others. He planned to make something convenient and delicious and serve them as snacks. However, before that, Chen Ze needs to use how hot Tokyo is to take a picture of their game.

Chen Ze feels that if it can be filmed, it will be no problem to watch it as an online reasoning movie.

Absolutely enough to reverse, and the mutual acting skills of these people, as well as their reasoning, can make reasoning fans very addicted.

“That’s it, even if I don’t post it on the Internet, I think it is a very good thing.” Chen Ze nodded, the idea is very good.

And in the restaurant, an unprecedented werewolf killing has already kicked off in Betty’s hands.

Everyone has drawn the status token. They didn’t show it to anyone except for a glance, but one of them was different from them, and that was Joker.

“This guest, are you sure you don’t read your status token?” Betty looked at Joker and asked a little hesitantly.

“Why do you want to ask~ Look at their identities, I don’t know everything~” Joker smiled madly, except for the little girl, no one else had any expression.

“But if you don’t read it, we can’t be sure who the wolf is.” Betty struggled even more.

“It’s really troublesome.” Joker lost one third of his interest. He uninterestedly opened his status token and took a look, then a crazy smile appeared on his face again.

This will be a very interesting game.

“Let’s get started~”

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