My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 579


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Chen Ze is standing in the kitchen. To tell the truth, Chen Ze is naturally very interested in these big guys playing werewolf kills, and he even wants to see it himself, but after all, his identity is a Chef. , So Chen Ze still did not go to watch the big guys perform, but chose to cook in the kitchen.

Werewolf Kill, this is a relatively popular game. The reason why it is said to be more popular is because compared with computer games and mobile games, the audience of Werewolf Kill is relatively small, but it is not very small. There are even special games. The shop where the werewolves killed.

Moreover, most offline physical board game stores basically have werewolf kills. If you want to quickly form a werewolf kill, you can also find the corresponding APP on your mobile phone to play.

Werewolf killings are generally divided into several types according to the number of people. Because of the number of Holmes and the others, Chen Ze thought of a six-man game, two civilians, two clergy, and two wolves.

It belongs to the kind of normal starter, and the priesthood and the wolf are also relatively basic, that is, the role of the werewolf killing Early-Stage, the generally speaking priesthood is the guard or the witch, and then bring a prophet.

But Chen Ze feels that if the little white rabbit Jeanne is eliminated, the werewolf kills played by these five guys basically belong to the Peak game. If you want to play with these super villains and reasoning strange logic, it is simply To play Infernal Affairs, if it were not for a two-minute speech time, and there was no way to go to the police, these guys could play a game for a day.

“But with that said, what’s wrong with Betty It shouldn’t be?” Chen Ze took a look, and was surprised to find that their first game was over.

“To be honest, I really didn’t expect this round to end so quickly.” Zhu Guangming drank a glass of lemonade, a little helpless.

“hehehe ~After all, there is a human figure plug-in. It’s hard to think about it.” Joker smiled wildly, his eyes extremely excited.

“Miss Betty is a very beautiful lady, but she is still not suitable for being a referee.” Moriarty shook the head, reluctantly sitting on the chair.

“Indeed, it is no different from playing cards like this.” Holmes took the pipe and knocked it to shake off the ashes, and then added some shredded tobacco in.

“It didn’t mean anything. Jeanne was out on the first day, but when I was chatting, I knew all my identities.” Conan was also a little helpless. To be honest, he had already thought about how to perform in this game, and he felt it too What to say ten thousand times and how to distinguish the identity of others.

But absolutely didn’t expect, he inadvertently glanced at Betty, and then discovered that Betty is simply a brand-name machine, looking at Betty’s expression and eyes, he already had almost the identity of the others.

“Elder Sister Betty…” Jeanne looked at Betty. This Succubus had been completely frustrated and bent forward, full of mourning.

Chen Ze covered his face, and it was exactly what he thought. The problem of the werewolf killing was with Betty. It seems that it is not a good thing for Betty to be the referee.

“It’s over so soon?” Chen Ze came out. If the guests weren’t in the restaurant now, Chen Ze would want to see how hot Tokyo is, to see how these guys played first Game is over.

“Well, Jeanne died on the first night. As a result, we saw Miss Betty looking at Conan with a strange look, so we immediately understood the possibility of Kudo’s existence as a werewolf.” Holmes took a cigarette. The game he played was a villager. He wanted to see the gap with Moriarty, but he didn’t expect that he simply didn’t have this chance.

“hehehe, and the next oriental man to speak, the lady’s mouth twitched when he spoke, so what he said was basically a lie, so the two wolves basically jumped out.” Joker also intervened. In a word, he was a prophet in this game and touched Holmes.

“So in fact, the game is over here. The other people of us self-destructed their identities and got the tickets out.” Moriarty nodded, agreeing with others, he did not guard anyone last night, but neither Self-defense.

“Ai, I didn’t expect it to be like this.” Zhu Guangming sighed. He felt that he was so innocent. He didn’t do anything, so he cut a little white rabbit and was sold by the referee. Who is going to make sense.

“Yeah, Manager uncle, I think your game has loopholes. There is no way to play it.” Conan looked innocent. With two priests in full, he didn’t have any chance of killing civilians. opportunity.

If the death is a priesthood, then maybe I still have a chance to fight.

Looking at Betty with a face of shame, Chen Ze didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. This is a problem with offline killing, that is, the referee’s own situation.

Don’t think that the referee is only responsible for presiding the game. In fact, if the referee does not manage his expression and eyesight in place, then it is very likely that the players will find clues, and the whole werewolf killing will completely collapse, because it is easy for everyone You can get out the wolf.

On the contrary, this problem does not exist in online games. The system is only responsible for speaking, and there is no face or expression. Compared with the various offline emoticons and acting schools, online killing tests pure logic and speech. Happening.

Chen Ze still remembers that when he was playing Werewolf Killing, he encountered an acting school. He successfully lost his girlfriend as a role model.

“Do you want another round?” Chen Ze asked, looking at the six people who were lacking in interest.

“Of course, I will find a way to solve Betty’s problem. Just put on a mask for her.” Chen Ze thought of a solution. Since these guys are the master of facial expression analysis per capita, let them not see Betty’s face It’s not over.

“But Miss Betty’s pupils can’t stop, they shrink.” Holmes asked another question.

“Yes, unless Betty can control her emotions, I can see the problem from her eyes.” Moriarty nodded, looking at the pupils, this is not a special skill.

Conan and Zhu Guangming gave a thumbs-up. As for Joker, this guy still has a smile on his face, and he can’t see his true emotions.

“In this case…” Chen Ze has nodded pain, can’t you guys stop thinking about finding a breakthrough from the referee? Let others control their emotions…

But that said…

Chen Ze suddenly thought of something, which is another mask he bought before. Originally, he wanted Betty to use a V-shaped mask, but since he can’t look at his eyes, maybe Iron Man’s mask is also good, after all. That thing has a blindfold.


When I think of Iron Man as a referee, these big guys perform crazy, Chen Ze feels a stomachache.

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