My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 581


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“How do you feel?” Chen Ze walked out with the plate, looked at Moriarty and Holmes who were smiling, and looked at Conan who was sitting in a daze.

“Very good. To be honest, I also like this type of game. It’s better than Scotland Yard, which has no fun.” Holmes smiled at Chen Ze. He likes this kind of brain-burning reasoning game. And this time the opponents, except for the young Saintess Joan of Arc, the other players are very powerful.

If the confrontation of resourcefulness is visible, then they were just gladiators who came down from the arena. They must carefully consider their speeches, choose a defensive angle, and not give others a chance to attack themselves.

On the other hand, we also need to pay attention to the speeches of other players, so as to find logical loopholes and defeat them, and the time to speak is still very limited, which leads to another problem, that is, how to , Fully express your ideas.

After this battle of wits, Holmes only felt that it was similar to the case investigated, and it was still a relatively difficult case. Holmes found that as long as he came to this restaurant more, he would not be idle and do nothing.

even more how As the spider in the center of the web retracted its tentacles, the entire Scotland Yard case dropped a lot, and most of the rest were trivial trivia, which made Holmes uninterested, or Moriarty would be there , Holmes may have been idle for a very long time.

At least, this kind of game is more suitable for Holmes than smoking at home, and Watson will certainly not object to it. After all, it will not be harmful to the body, will it?

It’s just…

Holmes glanced at Moriarty. After returning to his own world, Moriarty was probably the only one who could rival him, but the two of them couldn’t play at all.

“Huh, Mr. Manager, then we will leave.” Moriarty picked up his portable item, ended the wits, and sent away Jeanne who was in a hurry to go home. They also had a good meal today. Go home and rest.

“Is Mr. Holmes leaving too?” Conan looked at Holmes and asked a little shyly.

“Well, after all, letting this bad guy go back alone may cause some unnecessary trouble, and how do I know if he will arrange anything during this period.” Holmes looked at his little brother, He is still very satisfied with this little fan.

The opponent is not only his own fan, but most importantly, Conan is also a detective, and there is also a black clothed organization in his world, which is very mysterious and can be said to be a very challenging opponent.

“hehehe, the reduced detective~ The crime rate in your world is so high~ I want to go around!” Joker smiled and drank the Beer in the glass, and put his feet on the chair satisfied. .

“It’s okay, I actually don’t feel much.” Conan smiled awkwardly. From the game just now, he has realized how crazy this man with makeup is.

It can even be said to be crazy. For the Joker in front of him, nothing seems to make him put down the smile on his face. He always smiles like this, even if his identity is…

Conan’s gaze is a little more serious. Although he speculates that other world guests are impossible to go to another world, the question is, what if this crazy man finds a way?

A black clothed organization is enough for Conan’s headache. If you add this crazy Joker, Conan doesn’t know what will happen, maybe the whole of Japan will go crazy?

Sent away Moriarty and Holmes, Joker also left with a smile, but after he left, he left Chen Ze with a very familiar weapon.

“This seems to be the frozen weapon of the Frozen Man? How did Joker bring this thing?” Chen Ze looked at the thing in front of him, a little didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

80% of this thing is to be lost, so Chen Ze can only play in the restaurant and use it as a collection.

“Conan, everyone else has gone back, aren’t you leaving?” Chen Ze yawned. It is already afternoon. After these guys played Werewolf, they spent a lot of time. Chen Ze watched Get off your phone, and you can start cooking lunch in a while.

You must know that even Zhu Guangming has already left. He still needs to do his own things. During the period, Holmes and Moriarty also gave Zhu Guangming some advice. Now Zhu Guangming has his own ideas.

“My question, Manager, you haven’t answered yet, right?” Conan looked at Chen Ze with false eyes.

“Huh? Did you ask any questions?” Chen Ze was really a little confused, he didn’t remember Conan asking himself anything.

“It’s a black clothed person, Manager!” Conan was anxious. He wanted to jump up and give Chen Ze a kick to make him remember.

“Oh, you said rum and the others, I only know that they came to me for dinner before, two of them reported their names, one is rum and the other is Belmode.” Chen Ze smiled and rubbed Conan’s head, he found that he is a little bit of a middle age person trend, and he always wants to touch his head when he sees a child.

This is not good, this habit needs to be changed, otherwise it will be troublesome to go out to the restaurant and will be regarded as abnormal.

“Rum? Belmode?” Conan blinked, which really fits the style of using wine as a name.

“Hmm, apart from this, I don’t have more information here…” Chen Ze saw Conan’s abnormal eyes.

“If you want to get some DNA or something, I can only persuade you to dispel this idea. I have washed all the dishes and chopsticks and put them in the disinfection cabinet for disinfection…” Then Chen Ze saw Conan using it again The perverted eyes just looked at the direction of the trash can.

“I also throw away the trash, don’t think about it.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, I don’t know why, Conan feels particularly reckless when he touches the black clothed organization.

“Ai, Manager, it’s not right for you. It’s not easy to leave the biological material. Why should you let it go?” Conan is sighed. If he hadn’t seen Betty cleaning the stool hard, he wanted to see See if there is any material on the stool that can extract DNA.

“emmmm…” Chen Ze feels that his expression now looks like an old man in the subway looking at his mobile phone. He is the one who runs a restaurant, so why should he leave other people’s biological materials?

big brother, I opened a restaurant, not a custom shop, nor a Cowboy restaurant!

“It’s fine if you come every day. Anyway, those people don’t have a fixed time.” Chen Ze offered a suggestion.

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