My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 582


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Although Conan’s opinion was still very big, Chen Ze was very determined to send him away. Chen Ze didn’t want him to become a strange place. He was a Chef and a restaurant.

“Manager, speaking of which, why don’t you open the restaurant late at night?” Betty looked at Chen Ze curiously. Now there are no guests in the restaurant, it’s her time to rest.

“Why do you want it?” Chen Ze looked at Betty strangely, and didn’t know what irritation he was getting, and suddenly asked this question.

“If I feel late at night…should be better?” Betty looked at Chen Ze and put forward his own thoughts.

“Did you see the late night cafeteria recently?” Chen Ze looked at Betty with false eyes. This product is definitely for the late night cafeteria, but the late night cafeteria is still quite good, but it does not fit the situation in China.

China’s late-night canteens are relatively close to the actual situation. Although there have been some late-night canteens that follow the trend recently, it’s just for the right meal. There is no certain economic foundation, and the Boss himself can’t hold on. If it is, it is still difficult to drive.

“Hehe, you found all of this~” Betty scratched her head awkwardly. She thought that Manager hadn’t seen the TV show.

“It’s all okay, and the restaurant is not suitable for business at night, and I haven’t adjusted my biological clock, so our restaurant will not be open after midnight unless the situation is more special.” Laura still didn’t come back after being lazy, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Actually, I think the late-night cafeteria is also very good. There are that many people who return late. For them, a late-night cafeteria is a place to warm them?” Betty was a little fascinated.

“That’s Japan, not ours. You have to know that although we also have some social animals who work late into the night, they are still a minority. We open late-night cafeterias in China, unless there are more people coming back late in the city. It’s better to make money at a barbecue stall.” Chen Ze twisted his waist.

Actually, after seeing the late-night cafeteria, Chen Ze had an idea to open his own late-night cafeteria, just like the Boss inside. There are menus, but he can do whatever he can, but his financial strength limits his Thought, and Chen Ze at that meeting, cooking can bring a big hotel to bankruptcy, so in the end Chen Ze gave up this idea.

“Huh? So…” Betty sat in the chair, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Of course.” Chen Ze nodded. Ever since he sold mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chen Ze found that he no longer needed to make takeaways for a long time.

On the one hand, it was naturally because of the moon cakes that made a lot of money, and on the other hand, it was also because Betty bought a lot of things from him, and Chen Ze could also make some money from it.

So actually Chen Ze now has enough strength and financial ability to open some late-night canteen, but Chen Ze doesn’t have this idea. He still has many guests to entertain during the day.

“Manager, what can I eat.” Chen Ze turned his head and saw that Hastur with two large dark circles came in, looking at himself sleepily.

“Hastur, what do you want to eat?” Chen Ze stretched, and then looked at Hastur. It’s okay if there are guests coming in.

“I…. Then let’s Tonkatsu Curry with Rice. Give me another mutton steamed bun.” Hastur lay on the table with a salted fish expression on my face.

“Okay.” Chen Ze nodded, although Tonkatsu Curry with Rice is paired with lamb bun, it always feels strange, but since it was ordered by a customer, Chen Ze would not ask more.

“Master Hastur, this is your Cola.” Betty put a glass of Cola with ice in front of Hastur.

“Thank you, Betty.” Hastur is still lying on his stomach, but from Betty’s point of view, Hastur’s face is like a little bun, which looks particularly cute.

The meaty look makes Betty feel like a pinch.

“You really want to pinch, right?” Hastur didn’t look up, but just asked suddenly.

“Huh Huh?” Betty was shocked for an instant. Does Lord Hastur have mind reading skills?

It’s horrible.

“I can feel your gaze. Just pinch it if you want to. It just helps me wake up.” Hastur’s eyes were almost closed, and he had an urge to return to his original form.

“Really…is it okay?” Betty cautiously asked, this is Master Hastur’s face. If you can touch it, even if you pinch it slightly, you will pass out happily.

“en. “Hastur squeezed a byte out of his throat, and then there was no movement, like a dead fish.

Betty’s nervous swallowed saliva and said. In her opinion, pinching Lord Hastur’s face is more exciting than pinching Laura -sama’s face. After all, Hastur is a god-level existence.

But Betty still couldn’t resist this temptation. Slowly and firmly extended the hand, and then gently squeezed Hastur’s cheek resting on the table.

Blow bombs can be broken, how about that?

This is Betty’s biggest idea. Master Hastur’s skin is very smooth, without any roughness, and without any blemishes. It is perfect enough to make all women jealous, but Betty won’t be jealous because she knows this. It’s just the changed appearance of Lord Hastur.

“Ah…I might be dying, am I?” Betty touched her chest, and she felt her heart speed up. Although it was just a touch, Betty will not forget the feeling in this life. And it’s very, very exciting.

Chen Ze was standing in the kitchen. He didn’t know that the scene just outside was a bit cute. He was studying the steamed mutton.

Lamb steamed bun, this is also a very famous dish in China. Basically, even if you haven’t eaten it, you have heard the name of this dish, so it is easy to find the corresponding recipe on the Internet.

“With that said, I realized that Su Shi is a big foodie.” Chen Ze didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Looking at the introduction on the phone, opening Baidu Baike, you can see that Su Shi had left. Verses.

“Long delicacy has Xiong La, Qin Peng only Yokan…” Chen Ze said tangledly, and then began to prepare this stomach-warming and hunger-proof dish.

Mutton, Chen Ze naturally bought it. After all, mutton is also a staple of China’s meat, so Chen Ze also bought some good mutton before and put it on display.

It’s just that there is still some gap between these muttons and Peak mutton in Inner Mongolia, but Chen Ze can’t help it. If you want to buy mutton there, it’s very troublesome. Chen Ze can only try to get a high price To.

The quality of the ingredients is also related to the final quality of the dishes.

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