My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 584


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“I don’t, I refuse, I don’t feel good.” Chen Ze immediately shook the head, what international joke, let himself go to participate? Even if it was something more serious than Grandma Qiao Biluo’s overturning.

Know that Chen Ze himself is an ordinary person that’s all, even more how, even if you hire a top makeup artist and stylist, you can’t turn yourself into a Hastur. This look is now live broadcast.

Chen Ze took a look at Hastur and looked at Hastur, his face is perfect, and it looks like a peerless beauty, even more how with the appearance of a first love face, otherwise you think those fans are so Quick, isn’t it because of the current Hastur, in terms of appearance, with a perfect score of 100, can he get 120 points?

Chen Ze doesn’t think that those who call Hastur’s wife all day are for Hastur’s game skills.

Chen Ze saw Hastur play League of Legends at the beginning, although he was also ranked as a diamond, but then I don’t know if Hastur planned to hide a hand, or what, he has been playing with diamonds, but the winning rate is very high, where to play Can Kerry the audience.

It’s just that there are so many game anchors and more people playing League of Legends. Why is Hastur the best? It’s not because of Hastur’s long legs.

As for Chen Ze, wearing beach pants can reveal a pair of hairy legs. If Chen Ze wears a JK suit or goes out in a two-dimensional style of Hastur, Chen Ze feels that he can definitely be on the hot search, and it will instantly detonate The Internet squeezed a lot of stars from the hot search list.

“Listen to me first. I naturally impossible to let you go like this. If you go like this, my fans will probably lose half, right?” Hastur looked at Chen Ze with false eyes. After the live broadcast, Hastur has become more and more proficient in how to sell cute and manage facial expressions.

“Then what do you mean?” Chen Ze frowned and looked at Hastur. He always felt that things would not be so simple, but he didn’t know what was wrong for the time being.

“Yes, although I can’t come to your this World, I can give you my item, and then I can remotely rely on this item to transform you into my current shape, and I can still see Things around you, anyway, that means wearing this necklace, you can become a Gundam, and then I’m the driver inside, okay?” Hastur took out a very simple necklace, which is the kind of ten on the street. Nine dollars a necklace.

“I refuse.” Chen Ze immediately refused. This feels worse. Okay, and he has become Hastur, so how he comes back is a problem. Even more how to go to the party, Chen Ze has to prepare Going by plane, with this face in the plane, Chen Ze does not have this type of ID card.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of other things for you.” Hastur saw Chen Ze’s doubts. He drilled the hole at the beginning, not just for the connection, but he also secretly made trouble.

“It’s because you said that, I refused, hello!” Chen Ze shook the head. He planned to return to his kitchen and continue to study his own dishes.

“I can promise you three conditions, as long as I can do it.” Hastur was a little anxious. During this time, there were a lot of people with rhythm in his live broadcast room. They all said that Hastur was actually a cheating party in private. Joe Biluo II.

So Hastur really needs to show his face at the party, and then he can set up his second element beautiful girl.

Chen Ze stopped, this exchange is still very exciting. There are three conditions, which are quite a lot. Even more how is Hastur. Chen Ze can even get Hastur to promote Laura to the Divine King of the world. Nyarlathotep estimates There will be no comments.

“Plus a silver-winged fierce star!” Hastur immediately took out his second chip.

“The deal, then I will help you to participate in the party, but you can take care of other things yourself.” Chen Ze nodded, then took the necklace up, anyway, he just went over and took a look. You can take a photo with other favorite pigeon masters, why not do it?

“tsk tsk, you humans really don’t see fish and don’t cast nets.” Hastur put down the spoon. Now that Tonkatsu Curry with Rice has been eaten and things are done, the next step is to go to the live broadcast room to do it. What a notice.

“Welcome to come again next time.” Chen Ze laughed and waved at Hastur, sending away this generous customer.

“Manager, I’m hungry~” Just turning around, Chen Ze saw Betty looking at Chen Ze pitifully.

“Yes, yes.” Chen Ze shook the head with a smile, and it turned out that Betty was a bit more normal. If one day Betty suddenly stopped being greedy, it would be wrong.

Chen Ze went back to the kitchen and put the necklace in the cabinet. Hastur has already told him that this small broken station party will be a few days later, when the time comes Chen Ze may have to go two days , If this is the case, then the restaurant is likely to be closed for two days.

So in the end, Chen Ze stated that he would only go for one day and only participate in evening activities. In this case, Chen Ze would not have to stop business, but the closing time was a little earlier.

Hastur also agreed with Chen Ze’s proposal. Anyway, for this kind of thing, he went to talk to the staff of the small broken station and it was over. They would not force themselves to participate in follow-up activities. What they need is Hastur. Show his face, the deity appeared, let those who call his wife every day to see.

“Manager, didn’t expect you to go.” Betty stood by, washing the dishes quickly. Now Betty has become more skilled as a waiter, and at least he won’t be as clumsy as before. asphyxia.

“Why not go, three conditions, and I still can’t get involved in your world, so no matter what the reason is, I will go.” Chen Ze twisted his wrist and started Ready to make today’s dishes.

Chen Ze has researched the previous magic rice cakes by himself. Now he plans to study the soul-saving buns in the buns. This is also the work of Chūka Ichiban’s opponent, but Chen Ze thinks it is quite memorable, so he I plan to try to cook it first, and then if I can wait until Chūka Ichiban, let Chūka Ichiban cook a few dishes that he is good at and show him.

Anyway, as long as you know how hot Tokyo is, Chen Ze feels that learning these dishes of Chūka Ichiban is not difficult.

“With that said, it seems that Ellu Cat Chef hasn’t been here for a long time.” Chen Ze missed the cat Chef a bit.

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