My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 588


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“Elder sister.. Can you be more elegant next time, it is for this reason that King Arthur dare not marry you.” Jack covered his face, although Alice is already a super big girl by age The leftover girl is about to become the leftover fighter, but still no one is willing to marry her.

“You little bastard, thinking about marrying your sister every day, why? Marry me, so you can reap the benefits of Merlin old fogey?” Alice hammered Jack’s head. If this is an animation, Then it is estimated that Jack can have a big bag on his head.

“Hiss…what are you kidding? Although Merlin old fogey is indeed very knowledgeable in magic, I am actually better when it comes to the profound degree of magic, okay.” Jack rolled the eyes, he was not greedy Merlin old fogey’s book, okay.

I remembered that during the mission world before, King Arthur was going to confess to Dame who had been helping him, and then asked Alice to be the queen of England, but absolutely didn’t expect.

“Oh, isn’t this Arthur, come on, let’s take the wrist.” When Arthur found Alice, Alice was drinking at the bar, and a circle of Knight was lying around her.

What happened later…

Alice deserves to be recognized as the most powerhouse in the Knights of the Round Table. She easily knocked down King Arthur, and also got King Arthur so drunk that she couldn’t get up again.

“Two, what are you going to eat?” Chen Ze asked, looking at Alice and Jack who were bickering.

If you don’t ask any more, Chen Ze is worried that Alice and Jack will fight. Although it will not affect the tables, chairs and chopsticks in the restaurant, it is not good.

“This… give me a copy of Mr. Manager’s recommended dishes.” Alice really stopped. Every time I come to Chen Ze to eat, it is a rare leisure time for Alice’s sister and brother. So Alice will carefully consider it every time.

“My words are the same as the elder sister, but please give me a Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg, and then another fish soup.” Jack licked his lips and had to say that, during the mission world, They basically have been eating all kinds of fish, but compared with the deliciousness of Chen Ze, those grilled fish are basically unacceptable.

It can only be said to be used to fill the stomach, but it is still out of reach to reach the level of praise and deliciousness.

“Okay, please wait, this is your coffee.” Chen Ze brought out two cups of hot coffee from the kitchen and handed them to Jack and Alice.

“Thank you~” Alice smiled and took it, then took a sip.

Although it is brewed coffee, the taste is still okay. Anyway, Alice and Jack have no hard requirements for drinks.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen. He planned to recommend the last dishes to Alice and Jack, but because Jack ordered the fish soup and Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg, Chen Ze still needs to prepare these things.

“Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg is good to say, anyway, I basically make it casually, but this fish soup…” Chen Ze hesitated, frankly speaking, fish soup is not difficult to make, and even the easiest way Take the fish to boil it, add some seasoning and so on, and you can serve it out, but Chen Ze is a bit strict on his own requirements, so Chen Ze still plans to find a relatively good fish soup.

“Be a crucian carp soup. I just bought a crucian carp that is relatively good.” Chen Ze looked at his mobile phone. Today’s temperature is very low, but generally speaking, the lower the temperature, the lower the temperature. It means that the fatter the crucian carp is, the more delicious the crucian carp soup is.

Traditional crucian carp soup is often used to say that it is fried until golden on both sides, but Chen Ze not at all adopts this term, but chooses to fry in water. After the water becomes milk-white, pour water and start cooking Fish soup.

“Although it is said that the fish soup cooked in this way only needs some salt, the problem is, this fish soup…” Chen Ze hesitated. Naturally, he found this recipe on the Internet, but the above statement Yes, you can cook extremely delicious crucian carp soup without other seasonings.

“However, according to the method Yukihira Jōichirō taught me, some countries will add some seasonings when cooking fish to harmonize the taste of the fish and make the whole fish more rich. I will try it.” Chen Ze made a decision quickly.

“Manager, I’m coming to work…Huh? Alice Young Lady, Mr. Jack?” Betty rushed in happily, only to see Jack and Alice sitting in chairs, watching him together.

“Betty is a little slow~” Alice laughed proudly.

“Ai, didn’t expect that the elder sister won.” Jack sighed, then took out a small box from his arms and handed it to Alice.

“Of course~ I have eaten more salt than you have eaten~” Alice smiled arrogantly, and she patted Jack’s shoulder while laughing, but she was patted on the magic protection of purple. Hooded.

“I’ll go up and change clothes first, and the two guests will sit down first.” Betty immediately rushed up to the second floor. She slept a little today, mainly because the game was played for a long time last night.

“Um~ Betty, go ahead, it’s okay.” Alice smiled and waved.

“..” Chen Ze took a look, then continued to retract to make his own fish soup.

The usual fish soup, generally speaking, will remove the viscera of the fish, because the viscera of the fish is often not eaten by anyone, although Chen Ze has heard that there is a custom of eating fish viscera in some places.

However, this time Chen Ze did not directly throw the fish entrails in the trash can, but took them out separately and soaked them in a small basin. Later, they will use this to cook the fish soup.

“Then then…” Chen Ze quickly processed the crucian in his hand, and then began to fry. After the water turned white, Chen Ze picked up the processed fish innards and put them in a cloth bag Add some scallion, ginger, and minced garlic to the inside, and after tying them together, they threw them into the soup and started to boil the fish soup.

“Manager ~hehe, I’m a little late today, what are you doing?” Betty got in, looking sorry.

“Fish soup, you first take out the dragon beard candy.” Chen Ze patted his hand, then put the four-times speed slate underneath, and then dealt with Tonkatsu Curry with Rice.

“Okay~” Betty immediately nodded. Seeing that Chen Ze is not angry is the best result. Otherwise, if Chen Ze is angry, then Betty is likely to be deducted from his salary and even not eat lunch.

Betty couldn’t help but wiped his mouth at the thought of the faint smell just now.

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