My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 677


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Chentang Pass, in the shadow of the city wall on the west side, two way bodies squatted in the corner with a big bottle gourd, looking up at the ‘placement’ ceremony in progress.

Li Jing, the chief soldier of Chentang Pass, placed the treasures of the Li Family family, the Xuanyuan Heaven and Earth Bow and Heaven Shaking Arrow on the top of the city, to suppress the evil of Chentang Pass, and engage in the overall Feng Shui of Chentang Pass.

Incarnation of Li Changshou, Cháng’ān, a senior family member of the Li Mansion, relaxed, said with a smile:

“Thanks to Mr. Bai take action, this treasure can be restored, otherwise I really don’t know how to end it.”

Bai Ze chuckled, although he wanted to say something, let him put down the Facing Heavens Hall affairs, just come back all the way for this?

But looking at the a little bit hidden in the sleeve, which is definitely not more than ten percent, and does not affect the treasure’s performance too much, Bai Ze showed a humble and high-class smile.

Bai Ze exclaimed: “Sir Water God is ingenious and set up a restriction called a child lock for this heavy treasure. If there is no large adult hand holding a large enough region, the restriction on it cannot be activated, directly Prevent such treasure from being touched by children by mistake.

brilliant, brilliant. “

“Hey, it is Mr. Bai’s brilliant workmanship.”

“no no no, Sir Water God is only a good one.”

“Mr. Bai is unique.”

“Friends of Sir Water God Fairy Maiden…”

“Oh,” Li Changshou coughed, reminding Bai Ze that there are some things that he can say, and some things that he needs to say carefully. Bai Ze hurriedly closed his mouth and looked at Li Changshou. The two laughed simultaneously in the array.

There was a scoffing ridicule from the big bottle gourd next to it, and Li Changshou casually stuffed it back into the storage treasure sack.

Bai Ze looked around and asked in a low voice: “Water God, on the way here, this poor Daoist heard a little bit of rumors against you.”


Li Changshou laughed calmly and faintly sighed in my heart.

As a power minister of Heavenly Court, Righteous God of Heavenly Way rank tenth has the divine right to change and kill, but he directly summons Human Race former sages to kill Heavenly Way. There is indeed a little bit of confusion.

There is nothing wrong with being criticized, and he will not care…

“Water God,” Bai Ze whispered, “Did Chang’e Fairy Maiden rush into the Taibai Palace that day and enter Little Jasper Peak in the backyard of the Taibai Palace with red eyes, finally with a sense of comfort , Happy mood depart Taibai Palace?”

Li Changshou:……

“Yes, there is such a thing.”

“Hiss, āi yā, Water God, not cautious,” Bai Ze whispered, “The charm of Three Realms number one beauty is indeed not something men can resist, but we must also pay attention to methods and public opinion.

Now that Three Realms are known by everyone, even if you take a 10,000 step back and you are fine, then you have to consider all kinds of gold, Fairy Maiden Cloud Firmament and Section Cult can’t bear the face. ”

Kunlun Mountains Qi Refiner Zheng Lun, went down the mountain to travel the Southern Jambu Continent in his early years, and was working as a general in Jizhou at this time. 】


Chentang Pass, Li Mansion.

The cloud is over the city, the thunder is rolling, and disorderly gales are constantly blowing everywhere in Li Mansion. In the attic in the backyard, a maid and Grandmother are constantly running.

Even if there is a cultivation base, Yin Clan, who is still suffering at this time, keeps yelling in a low voice, but the voice is stopped by the loud midwives camoflauge:

“Quick! Quick! Hot water!”

“What are you doing in a daze! The Third Young Master is coming out soon!”

“I saw the head! āi yā, why is this, this head so big? I can’t see the side!”

“It’s a lucky star, a lucky star! This is a natural phenomenon! This is!”

On the wall of Li’s backyard, Li Changshou stood quietly, his fingertips brewing light red light.

Modify cognition.

He is modifying the perceptions of the midwives so that they will not perceive the weirdness of this birth.

Because of the constant washing of the baleful qi in the fetus and the continuous growth of the fetus, it is necessary to protect the Yin Clan, so that a thick ‘spiritual membrane’ is formed around the fetus.

The birth of such a spiritual fetus, for the mortal here, it will be a bit shocking, and Li Changshou will use such a method.

In the ancestral hall, Li Jing kneels and sits in front of the four portraits, praying for Jade Emperor, Great Master Profound Capital, Taibai Golden Star, and True Person Passing Disaster.

In the dark clouds above Li Mansion, Supreme Unity True Person and Jade Caudron True Person stood quietly, frowning at the Li Mansion surrounded by array, waiting for the cry of the baby.

On the east side of Chentang Pass, Golden Peng sits on an ark, drinking and drinking. Thousands of heavenly soldiers behind him are watching Heaven and Earth in all directions.

North of Chentang Pass, Yang Jian sits on a branch of a jungle tree, with a three-pointed two-bladed spear inserted under the tree, and one leg is protruding out and swaying gently, and the palm of his hand strokes a small white dog.

To the west of Chentang Pass, several hundred li, Xiong Lingli with a double ponytail stands on the top of a cliff. Behind is a row of elite heavenly soldiers, among them there are six friends of Meishan and dozens of experts from Meishan.

Chen Tangnan, Heavenly Court Marshal Quantong leaned on a greatsword and wore a cloak, humming a tune that few male immortal could hear in Heavenly Court, and his expression was rather leisurely.

Today, if someone interferes with the birth of the womb, it is hostile to Heavenly Court.

Li Changshou, who arranged all this, still feels a little uneasy at the moment.

After all, Spirit Bead Child is too close to her own relations.

“Coming out! Coming out!”

“Madam, work hard!”

“Come out!”

Suddenly people in the delivery room turned their backs on their horses, and the whole Li Mansion suddenly became quiet, but the long-awaited cry of the baby did not appear.

At this time!

A bunch of red light rose up into the sky, penetrated the top of the attic, and photographed the Heavenly Vault!

hong long long ——

The clouds in the sky faintly reveal the lightning, one after another blood wind blows off the Heavenly Vault.

Li Changshou pinched the town character seal with his left hand, and lines after lines of spiritual qi gushing out from Li Mansion all around, instantly forming a 12-layer formation, and forcibly blocking the red light.

Supreme Unity True Person and Jade Caudron True Person take action simultaneously, the big sleeves are waving, the Great Way is shaking, the clouds in the sky are immediately shaken by the two Great Ways, and the bright sun shines into the Li Mansion!

Reject natural phenomenon.

Reject specialization.

Li Changshou’s brows suddenly frowned, the red light in the delivery room seemed to be dissatisfied with being pressed, the ‘meat ball’ began to vibrate, one after another baleful qi began to gush out.

It seems that I have suppressed my anger for three years, and I want to release it completely at this brief moment.

Li Changshou opened his left hand with five fingers open, and the midwives and the maids in the delivery room instantly passed out into a coma, and their figure transformed into streamer was quickly caught in the courtyard.

Yin Clan looked at the meat ball weakly, with only warmth in his eyes. These conditions have already been known.

The child who was born more than two years late, is in this spiritual membrane, and is equivalent to a three-year-old child.


There is nothing wrong with this call. After all, according to Li Jing’s naming ability, although the third child’s name has not been determined at this time, it must be ‘this Li ah’.

The meat ball shivered slightly, jumped up without warning, and hit Yin Clan’s arms.

Li Changshou raised his brows, and the lightning flint was already making a judgment.

No obstruction.

both of his hands pinched out lines after lines of handprints as quickly as phantom, and a thin layer of azure glow appeared around Yin Clan.

The meat ball hit it, but it was not at all too strong when it fell, and it was reduced by azure glow to most of the impact, allowing Yin Clan to hold it firmly.


Yin Clan called softly, his voice trembling because of his weakness.

“Mother hugged you, Ahh… don’t be afraid…”

Thinking about the suffering of my third child, I think of the youngster who smiled and apologized to him in his dream on that day more than three years ago.

Yin Clan’s pale lips trembled a few times, and tears flickered at the corners of her eyes, dripping onto the flesh ball along her cheeks.

“Mother will protect you, Zhaer, parents will protect you.”

Outside the delivery room, Li Jing hurriedly leaped up from the air. Immortal Sense had already watched the situation inside the room, but as Li Jing was about to enter the room, the flesh-ball spiritual film bloomed out of seven colours.

Yin Clan’s tears are surrounded by streams of light, and the ugly flesh-ball spiritual membrane slowly melts.

rays of light masterpiece!

Li Jing couldn’t open his eyes a little after being photographed, and still sprinted forward.

Yin Clan could only close his eyes tightly, feeling that his hands were empty, and subconsciously stretched out his hands to hug, but hugged a small body and couldn’t help but hugged him hard.

One after another warm spiritual qi flows away, wrapping Yin Clan, and in turn moisten her body that has been emptied by childbirth.

In the spiritual qi, a soft call was passed into the ears of Li Jing husband and wife, into the ears of the two True Persons on the cloud, into the ears of Li Changshou, and passed everywhere. Pay attention to this place with Immortal Sense Immortal ears.


The rays of light gradually faded. In Yin Clan’s arms, there was a child who seemed to be 2-3 years old. He was raising his little hand to touch Yin Clan’s cheek. The big eyes reflected Yin Clan’s tearful Eyes.

Li Jing was long relaxed beside him. I don’t know when he was already one-knee kneels in front of the bed. The big hand stretched out, very carefully holding the child’s small crystal hand.

“Mother… Kiss…”

On the wall, Li Changshou hands behind ones back, slowly closing his eyes.

There have been good things recently.

On the cloud, Supreme Unity True Person raised his head and sighed slightly, his eyes filled with emotion, and Jade Cauldron next to him was also relieved.

On the north side of Chentang Pass, Yang Jian corners of the mouth are chuckles.

This time, he is the senior apprentice brother.


Yang Jian suddenly changed his complexion, his forehead opened and looked towards Heavenly Vault. He couldn’t help getting up from the tree and floating in midair. He raised his hand and held the three-pointed two-bladed gun.

“master’s younger sibling, master’s younger sibling!”

“Well, I have seen it,” Li Changshou’s voice rang from Yang Jian’s ears, “Don’t worry, let me come.”

Yang Jian suddenly Way Heart is set.

He suddenly realized that the first person he called was not his Master, but the master’s younger sibling who had arranged for him to be unable to breathe.


The Great Way trembled, and a black cloud appeared again in the sky that had been clear.

Above the East Sea, Golden Peng subconsciously held the side divine spear. At this time, the divine spear was shaking slightly, as if he felt something aura.

“This is?”

Supreme Unity True Person frowned and looked at it, then whispered, “Demon Ancestor left the baleful qi between Heaven and Earth! Why does it appear here?”

Jade Cauldron said: “Go and protect the spirit bead…”

“Let me come.”

A soft call sounded from the side, and a gust of breeze was blowing extremely fast, revealing the figure of Li Changshou.

The youthful face, the true face.

Li Changshou narrowed his eyes and rose up into the sky.

A fierce face suddenly appeared above the black cloud, shouting silently at Li Changshou.

Great Way, Qi Zhen!

Li Mansion, in Yin Clan’s arms, the baby trembled lightly. Two groups of black flame and Li Jing Way Heart trembled in the big eyes of the spirit show, but they resisted and did not draw the sword.

A jade light flashed, and the small cauldron of jade appeared on the baby’s forehead, suppressing the flame in his eyes.

The dark clouds in the high altitude seemed to have a sense of urgency. The dark cloud turned into a huge boulder and pressed Li Changshou straight down, swallowing Li Changshou and rushing into Li Mansion.


Li Changshou’s voice spread throughout the circle ten thousand li: “Where is the demon, dare to come to my Human Cults disciple guarding the field!”

He opened his left hand, 8-9 Profound Art revolved, and an illusory shadow appeared around his body. The streamer flickered in the sky, intertwining a large hand with a diameter of thousand zhang!

True body without breaking!

The big hand surges, Li Changshou’s left hand is imaginary, it seems to be effortless, casually he holds the ball of baleful qi, and gently grasps it; the boulder and the evil face are directly crushed, and the black cloud blows into a wisp of The baleful qi is going to run around.

“Come on divine spear!”

Li Changshou a light shout again, and the small divine spear in the hands of Golden Peng far above the East Sea disappeared directly, and then ‘slowly’ condensed in Li Changshou’s imaginary left hand.

Li Changshou lightly drank in his mouth: “Eight ghosts and monsters will go down, ten days baleful qi will return!”

The divine spear turned into the shadow of the black blue dragon, raised his head and roared, the dragon’s mouth opened, and one after another baleful qi flew in and was swallowed by the blue dragon.

After a while, there is no baleful qi in the sky.

In Yin Clan’s arms, the little baby is asleep, and the mouthful of Jade Cauldron has disappeared without a trace.

Li Changshou’s figure stood in the air for a while, waiting for the divine spear in his hand to stabilize, and then flung the divine spear transformed into black glow and shot it towards the East Sea, where Golden Peng raised his hand to catch it.

“Heaven and Earth is langlang, I say so clearly, Human Cults is here, evil spirits are eliminated.”

In such a chanting sound, Li Changshou’s figure transformed into a meteor headed towards Nine Heavens, his back was unrestrained and unrestrained, with no intention of turning back.

After all, Paper Daoist is here…cough.

After all, real men never look back.

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