My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 678


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In the living room of the front yard of the Li Mansion, a few way body shadows sat quietly, with some expectation on their faces.

There was a chuckle from the back of the hall. A group of maids gathered around Li Jing husband and wife. Yin Clan, who had taken the spirit pill given by Li Changshou, had gotten off the bed and came with the sleeping children.

Li Jing followed by step by step, with that expression, for fear that Madam would faint suddenly.

Several big shots in the living room stood up to greet each other, Supreme Unity True Person with hands clasped behind the back, smiling, with eyeballs flying out, raising eyebrows to Jade Cauldron and Li Changshou, as if saying …

‘Look, this poor Daoist is born, no, this poor Daoist disciple is reincarnated! ’

Quan Tong smiled at the side, but took the initiative to walk forward and look at the future General of Heavenly Court. The more he watched, the more he liked it, and he gave Li Changshou a look that only two people understand.

‘This Little Brat must be optimistic, don’t be affected by the West scheme, just protect it, Way Ancestor let me explain. ’

Li Changshou was smiling and nodded.

Please Your Majesty Jade Emperor come here, the major purpose is on this floor.

“Cough,” Supreme Unity True Person cleared his throat, “this poor Daoist is not as good as this receive disciple……”

Li Changshou said with a smile: “How can the senior apprentice brother be anxious? Could it be that someone would steal your discipline? How does Little Brat serve tea?”

Quan Tong said with a smile: “Hey, this marshal is also seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again.”

Supreme Unity True Person stared at Li Changshou.

When did Onmyouji suffer such grievances?

At the moment, the corners of the mouth are about to counterattack, and the words have not reached the lips, Jade Caudron True Person on the side shakes the magical artifact in his hands;

Supreme Unity True Person had to laugh, doesn’t hurt and doesn’t tickle really:

“This poor Daoist is really afraid of Master becoming master’s older sibling, for no reason there is no good discipline.”

Li Changshou shook his head and smiled bitterly, feeling connotation.

Jade Caudron True Person calmly changed the topic: “Chief Li, can you take your name?”

Li Jing hastily said: “Shuizha, it’s water.”


Supreme Unity True Person pondered carefully, pinched fingers to calculate, and shook his head: “My disciple is born with fire, and it is a bit wrong and wrong to call Shui Zha, and how can the name of President Li always follow the word’Zha’ Can’t make it?”

Li Jing said: “His two elder brothers are named Jinzha and Muzha, and the word “Zha” is the voice of the god Pangu when he suppressed the evil between Heaven and Earth. It means eliminate demons and protect the way.

If it is not called Shuizha, it can also be called Huozha. ”

“Huozha is also not quite right, it sounds a bit harsh.”

Li Jing still doesn’t give up: “Tuzha?”

Supreme Unity True Person: “might as well. It sounds good.”

“True Person, this!” Li Jing frowned and looked at Supreme Unity True Person, whispering, “Then what’s the point of True Person?”

“Well, it’s better to call Lingzha.”

“This is too delicate,” Li Jing suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Great Desolate has thousands of names, and the spiritual character accounts for a fraction of it, which is too common.”

Mooe who was in Little Jasper Peak lakeside cultivation felt offended.

Quan Tong suddenly said: “Since you are using the word Zha, it is better to follow the idea of ​​suppressing evil.

This child within the body also has a baleful qi that cannot be dissipated. It originated from the Demon Ancestor, which is quite tricky. It is better to use any word as a companion, which also means to suppress evil and exorcise demons.

In the future, anyone who calls his name can help him suppress within the body baleful qi.

Nezha, how? “

Li Jing frowned and looked towards Quandong, who is this? Does this name sound good? I’ve read several years book, but also Nezha, what about?


Li Changshou lightly shouted, gave a thumbs up, and exclaimed: “Marshal Quandong really deserves the name, Li Jing, why don’t you thank Marshal Quandong for giving the name?”

Li Jing’s Adam’s apple trembles a few times, and she says: “Many, many thanks, Marshal!”

Quan Tong suddenly squinted and chuckled, and continued to watch Nezha’s sleeping face with a chuckle.

Yin Clan said softly: “Could you please give me some blessings from experts?”

“I’ll do it first,” Quandong cleared his throat, and thought about it for a while, “Handsome martial arts, stunning hero.”

Supreme Unity True Person said with a smile: “This burden is too big, this poor Daoist presents a sentence, good health, happy, happy and happy.”

Jade Caudron True Person thought for a long time before he said: “Going up step by step, lotus flowers are blooming.”

So, lines after lines of converge to Li Changshou, Li Changshou stared at the sleeping little Nezha, and whispered:

“Nezha is a child of Human Race today. He has the physique of Human Race and the soul of Human Race. I hope he can read more chapters of Human Race Sage enlightenment in the future and understand the principles of life.

Since you are born with magical powers, you should always introspect and keep yourself on the right path and on the right path.

Heaven and Earth has vicissitudes, Human Path lasts forever.

I hope you will be a person who can shoulder the expectations of others and be worthy of your heart. ”

After that, Li Changshou took out a strangely shaped bracelet from his sleeve. With a tap of his finger, the bracelet was evenly 30%, and it was put on Nezha’s left wrist.

The whole body of this bracelet is dark golden, with three small dots, which contains a wisp of mysterious Dao Rhyme, which is not ordinary at first glance.

Li Changshou explained: “This is my previous refining gadget, which contains three treasure beads, which have the effect of absorbing baleful qi at any time, and also have the effect of warning signs.

If a treasure bead lights up, it means that Nezha within the body is beginning to surging baleful qi;

If the two treasure beads light up, it means that Nezha is about to lose control of the baleful qi.

If three treasure beads light up at the same time…”

“How?” Li Jing asked worriedly.


Li Changshou whispered, “For the resist baleful qi, Nezha has melted the magic power of his predecessor. Over the years, I have used the great array to wash the baleful qi for him, and also gave him boundless spiritual qi.


In his mother’s womb, when Innate was not polluted, he was close to Tao and playing with Tao. Although his magic power within the body was in a silent state, as long as it broke out…

Li Jing, you are definitely not his opponent.

If baleful qi goes violently, he must be removed as soon as possible. “

Li Jing opened her mouth and said nothing, Yin Clan frowned and hugged her child tightly.

Li Jing asked in a low voice: “This child can and can hurt the innocent.”

“no harm in doing it,” Li Changshou said with a smile, “I’m talking about the worst situation. I will be there to take care of it until he learns to control the baleful qi.

Li Jing, do you remember those books I gave you? “

Li Jing was startled, and quickly nodded.

“It’s for this,” Li Changshou said, “You will spend half of the military affairs in the future, go to the barracks in the morning and go home at noon.

If you can’t even teach your own son, you don’t deserve to be a parent official. “


Li Jing bowed his hands and bowed his head, “Li Jing remembers the Adoptive Father’s teachings!”

Quandong asked: “Can Karmic Virtue play a role in suppressing baleful qi?”

“Marshal, don’t worry,” Li Changshou looked at Nezha’s delicate and pretty face, “He was originally a very gentle Little Immortal man.”


Supreme Unity True Person can’t help but worry again.

At the same time, on the city wall on the east side of Chentang Pass, a few way body shadows stopped here, looking at the situation of Li Mansion.

Xiong Lingli tsk tsk smiled, and said with a chuckle: “What is the second generation of immortals? This is the legendary second generation of immortals. It is such a big platoon at birth.”

Yang Jian said with a smile: “Ling…… Nezha junior apprentice brother deserve it.”

Golden Roc hands behind ones back looks like an expert, old and decrepit said authentically: “Teacher has spent such a great strength, so he has a place high hopes for Nezha.

I hope Nezha can live up to his trust and become a man able to support both heaven and earth earlier. “

Xiong Lingli said: “I feel that we can’t give children too much expectations. This is pressure… By the way, True Monarch of Purity and Decency!”


Xiong Lingli threw two copper hammers on the city wall, smashing lines after lines of cracks, “Let’s fight! You hit our ankle, we can still remember it!”

Yang Jian smirked, “It’s not what I want to fight bravely and ruthlessly. With this energy, I can be a monster.”

Golden Peng said: “It’s not as good as we compare notes one or two. I will give you ten times the amount of magic power you have to kill as many demons.”

Yang Jian:……

what’s the matter?

Long Life master’s younger sibling subordinates, how come they like to be so brave?

“Go outside of Five Divisions Continent?” Yang Jian’s eyes were full of light, staring at Golden Peng.

Golden Peng smiled and nodded, the silhouette rose in the sky, disappeared with a swish.

“Outside of Sky Horizon Seahorn.”

Yang Jian jumped up, but it was directly transformed into the main body of Golden Peng. The 8-9 Profound Art flowed, and his body shape brought out a golden thread, chasing him hurriedly towards Golden Peng.

“Ah this!”

Xiong Lingli glared at the silhouettes of the two departmen, and then sighed, silently feeling this resentment.

Is she not strong enough and not big enough? Pick someone in a fight!


This pair of ponytail half-shaman women shook their fists in the direction where Yang Jian and Golden Peng were flying away, then rolled their eyes and jumped off the city wall with her copper hammer, and ran to the place where the heavenly soldiers were assembled.

Next time I meet you, step on your toes!

“Step on first, then grow bigger, wow hahaha!”


1 month later, Supreme Unity True Person appeared again, this time driving the clouds from the west, surrounded by lines after lines of immortal ray, taking off the red robe and putting on an azure way Robe, carrying a whisk, looked much more majestic.

When Supreme Unity True Person arrived at Li Jing’s mansion, they already attracted a lot of mortal’s attention, and Immortal even knelt down and prayed, begging Immortal for pill medicine.

Li Jing went out in a hurry, and the little Nezha was hugged by Yin Clan and looked back.

Supreme Unity True Person spilled a little immortal ray, drifted into the house calmly, and raised an eyebrow at Nezha.

“Zongbing Li, this poor Daoist came by appointment, and he came to collect Young Master as a disciple.”

Li Jing blinked, when is the appointment time? How does he know?

This True Person is really too enthusiastic and enthusiastic… Li Jing can’t help but wonder whether this Supreme Unity True Person is going to compete with him for custody of the little Nezha.

“True Person, the child is only one month old.”

“Hey, it’s been big in one month,” Supreme Unity True Person took Li Jing’s arm, and said in a low voice, “Apprentice a teacher first, assign a name, and have many dreams at night.”

Li Jing felt helpless in her heart, but she had to make a promise.

Little Nezha looked at Supreme Unity True Person for a long time, and proactively stretched out his little hand, wanting Supreme Unity True Person to hug.

Supreme Unity True Person upon seeing this I was quite happy. Just about to move forward, Li Jing on the side took the lead and said: “Madam, now, you take Nezha to freshen up first, and True Person and I go to the living room Be prepared.”

Yin Clan blinked, with a gentle smile, hugged Nezha and floated away.

Supreme Unity:…

Li Jing made a please gesture, said with a smile: “True Person please, True Person please.”

Li Changshou not far away raised an eyebrow.

Why, I always feel that these two great Lords are feeding each other vinegar?

An illusion, it should be an illusion.

After some tossing, Nezha was ignorant and went to his teacher, Supreme Unity True Person finally got what he wanted, hugged Nezha for a while, and a triumphant chuckle.

This True Person is also generous, so he fumbled out a bracelet on Nezha’s body and learned a word from Li Changshou.

“gadget, Innate top grade spirit treasure Heaven and Earth circle, drop the demons, change size at will.”

Li Jing beside hastily said: “True Person, such a treasure……”

Supreme Unity True Person completely ignored, took another piece of red silk and wrapped it around Nezha’s arm. The silk slowly fluttered and gently rubbed Nezha’s small body.

“The gadget, Chaotic Heaven Damask, can be used to restrain strong enemies, and also can be used to stir Heaven and Earth, Innate top grade small spirit treasure, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning, let the child play with it!”

Li Jing:…

Supreme Unity True Person smiled calmly, glanced at Li Jing triumphantly, and then found a piece in his sleeve.

“Nezha, do you like this Purple Gold Primordial brick?”

“Come, come, this great treasure sword of yin and yang, but the master’s proud work.”

“We are still refining a long spear for you recently, and I have entrusted it to Refining Artifacts Grandmaster Yun Zhongzi. I have used almost a dozen Innate spirit treasures for precious materials.”

Li Jing, Yin Clan, Li Changshou watching next to him:…

So, 1 month later.

Little Nezha can speak simple words, running and jumping will not hurt herself, and she can also go out of the house. He likes to wander around the streets and bounce around everywhere, always following the senior Li mansion behind him Wang Cháng’ān.

Under normal circumstances, a urchin who likes to fly over the walls and step on the stalls will naturally invite criticisms, saying that the child is so stubborn.

But when the little Nezha stepped on the vegetable stall with his front foot, knocked over the fruit, and broke the roof tiles, there was a housekeeper from the Li Mansion threw away a large sum of gold and silver on the back foot, and his painting style suddenly changed.

“Third Young Master, come here to visit!”

“Third Young Master is out again! Everyone is coming out soon!”

“Third Young Master who just came out loves Sugar Man the most! Look at the Third Young Master who passed by!”

This move has greatly promoted Chentang Pass’s business prosperity, stimulated the people’s impulse to do business, and has also contributed to the increase in the gross value of Great Desolate secular world.

In fact, Li Changshou is just to put an end to gossip, so as not to affect Nezha’s mood.

After all, she was just born, objectively still a little moon baby.

On this day, the little Nezha jumped out of the city and saw the clear sky outside, moderate wind, beautiful sun, barefoot galloping in the hillside fields, his body is free, hehe haha’s laughter floats back and forth.

Li Changshou raised his eyebrows suddenly, hiding his figure.

Nezha jumped left and right, and soon felt a little tired. After sniffing the tip of his nose, he was attracted by a village where the aroma of vegetables wafted, and ran over with saliva.


Little Nezha suddenly noticed something, and curiously leaned under an open window, grabbed the edge of the window, and looked inside.

Inside it is the Furong Tennuan, a handsome Young Master with a crown of jade and a slender figure, holding a good-looking jade man in a coarse cloth skirt, speaking in a gentle voice What’s going on.

“Beauty, you know, my heart for you has been set from the moment I saw you, I only want to walk with you on the same road, and never separate.”

“Ao Young Master……”


Sudden noise came from the window, and the two people who were creating the atmosphere seemed to be frightened.

Ao Young Master: “Beauty, this is…your son?”

“Young Master, don’t talk nonsense,” the woman hastily said, “I haven’t come out of the cabinet yet, how come there is such a big son?

Children from which family, go! “

Little Nezha put his left hand on the edge of the window, and his right hand pointed behind Ao Young Master.


Ao Young Master was startled, and looked towards behind him, but saw that his change form method had not been broken.

I fixed my eyes and saw that the child’s spiritual qi was compelling, and I couldn’t help but murmur in my heart.

The eyeballs rolled, Ao Young Master showed a gentle smile, took out a huge pearl from his sleeve, and walked to the window in the amazement of the woman beside him.

“little brother, give you this to play, can I go to play elsewhere?”

“Ao Young Master ~~”

The woman whispered softly, and her heart was really going to be melted in this soft whisper.


A small hand ruthlessly slapped the pearl away, and the little Nezha cried out with a milky voice: “Long worm!”


Ao Young Master glared, and at the moment he was angry, and cursed: “Hey! You little boy! Why do you curse!”

“Long worm!”

“You scold again!”

“The long worm of the blue and white flower, hehe, hahaha!”


Ao Young Master was angry. He raised his hand and pointed to Nezha’s forehead. He immediately used a small magecraft to make this Human Race brat suffer a bit, but as soon as he pointed out, Nezha’s little hand left lines after lines of Afterimage, hold his fingers, moved towards the opposite direction and gently break.


Broken, broken.

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