My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 679


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Ao Bing was very, quite, uncontrollably angry at this time.

A corner of the East Sea Crystal Palace, where the Old Dragon King would normally not show up, the three Crown Prince Ao Bing, the head of the East Sea Dragon Palace, appeared from a stream of water, with hands clasped behind the back for a while Paced back and forth impatiently.

He dignified East Sea Dragon Palace and three Crown Princes! Nowadays! On the edge of the East Sea, unexpectedly beaten by a brat wearing a bellyband!

Is there any reason for this? Is there any Heavenly Law?

The point is!

He hasn’t played yet…

Yes, the dignified East Sea Dragon Palace and the three Crown Princes, relying on the awakening of Bloodline, will be able to enter the Golden Immortal Realm steadily in the future, although within the body Dragon King Bloodline is too thin, there is no hope of soaring into the like my second brother sky.

But he is also a dragon anyway!

Today, I went to the Human Race domain to warm up the Human Race woman, but she was beaten to the ground by a brat wearing a bellyband!

Where is that guy so powerful!

“Where are the four! The four of Your Highness…hiss!”

Ao Bing clutched his swollen cheeks sucked in a breath of cold air, and the whole dragon was not too good.

Why can’t I use magic power to get rid of the swelling!

Didn’t it mean that it’s a mortal domain, isn’t there a few Human Race Qi Refiner?

Even if it is Human Race Qi Refiner, isn’t it all from the cultivation later? Human Race is so strong when it is so small!

“Imperial Guard!”

“Yes! Are you calling us Your Highness?”

“Your Highness, why are you swollen Your Highness!”

Outside the hall, I finally heard that a group of Dragon Guard shouted by Ao Bing hurried over.

Ao Bing’s anger is hard to calm, and the hatred in his heart is hard to dissipate. His handsome face has black and red eye circles and bruised corners of the mouth. What this group of Imperial Guard sees is also horrible to see.

‘These shameful three Crown Princes have finally received retribution! This is how many youngsters have broken the shell, so many Dragon Race and Sea Race’s good girls have been harmed, and how many sentient dragons finally become empty hates. ’

This is the dream of the Imperial Guards.

“Your Highness! Who hurt you!”

“You must take us more when you go out. You are still young, and Bloodline has not yet awakened much.”

This is the reality that the Imperial Guard must face.

Ao Bing lowered his head and spit out blood foam, and took a deep breath.

“Follow me to find that doll!”

Several Imperial Guard glanced at each other, and each felt indignant at injustice and promised to follow Ao Bing.

But there was a dragon among them, which quietly crushed Jade Talisman in his sleeve; deep in the Dragon Palace, the East Sea Dragon King was lying on the throne, his eyes were rather deep, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Thus Ao Bing brought the Imperial Guard back to the vicinity of Chentang Pass. Black clouds rolled and thunder bursts. These Imperial Guards transformed into blue dragons, writhing in the clouds for a while, but did not find the whereabouts of the man with a belly. .

Ao Bing’s anger has dissipated for most, and he cursed in the direction of Chentang Pass:

“Don’t let this Your Highness see you in the future!”

Then it occurred to me that there might be something powerful Immortal behind such a urchin, who pretended to be coldly snorted, and returned to Dragon Palace with a few Imperial Guards.

Li Mansion.

Little Nezha was tired from playing, and hu hu slept beside Yin Clan, with a snot bubble on the tip of his nose.

In the corner of Li Mansion, Li Changshou was lying on his senior family’s exclusive custom-made collapse, Immortal Sense watched Ao Bing’s back and couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

This guy…

It’s incredibly weak. The wax head silver spear probably said that, and the cultivation base realm is a bit vain.

The baleful qi lock that Nezha just wore on his left hand just lit up.

Should Ao Yi intervene in this matter?

Li Changshou moved his mind to Heavenly Court and watched the young Dragon Race training navy beside the Heavenly River, and couldn’t help smiling.

that’s all, let Ao Yi and Ao Bing keep some distance to avoid strengthening their brotherhood.

And when Li Changshou was about to take his mind and set his sights on Jizhou, where the great war was about to erupt, Immortal Sense suddenly caught the slightest strangeness on the coast of the East Sea.

A small dragon swims quietly out of the waves, transforms into a human form and disappears immediately, looking around for a while.

Through his magecraft, he quietly touched the village where he fled in embarrassment.

The old dream continues now, so why can we withstand the spring breeze?

“Tsk,” Li Changshou corners of the mouth twitched, and almost couldn’t resist directly taking action to teach Little Silver a dragon meal.

True Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin, don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back.

But having said that, Ao Bing is so messy, legally, there is really no way to get him.

If those women have had a dream, there is an ideal husband in the dream, the dream awakening and treasure compensation, let them provide with the basic necessities.

If Li Changshou wants to find some bitter masters to testify against Ao Bing, maybe he will be scolded by these women for nosy.

Ao Bing relies on rhetoric, not at all using magical powers magecraft, which will not be caught.

But from the perspective of personal sentimentality, Ao Bing’s behavior is really very angry.

Li Changshou glanced at the sleeping little Nezha, and was relieved when he thought of the approximate script he had set.

Ao Bing is destined to end badly.

dong dong dong 咚——

The rapid sound of war drums crossed my heart, Li Changshou’s eyes lit up, leaving some of his mind to look after Nezha, multi-tasking, looking towards the other side of Southern Jambu Continent.

In Jizhou city, the Su Hu rebellion has been faintly surrounded by the army of Chonghou Tiger.

The dark clouds pressed the city to destroy the city. The morale of the Soviet Army was quite low. Many lieutenants had heard of the brutal killing of Bei Bohou, and most of them had no desire to fight.

This includes…

General Du Liang, Zheng Lun.


‘Why can this be so bad luck? ’

On the inside of the city wall of Jizhou City, in the big barracks, Zheng Lun is wearing a suit of armor, sitting there a bit dazed.

Looking back in those days, the Master old man suddenly got something from Heavenly Way, suggesting that he had been killed and should be in Southern Jambu Continent.

Zheng Lun asked at the time, isn’t Human Cults not entering this time great tribulation?

True Person Passing Disaster also couldn’t answer. After a few months of calculation, Zheng Lun was still asked to take a trip to Southern Continent.

So True Person Passing Disaster said like this:

‘great tribulation first, you seem to be in trouble with the discipline, you need to go to Southern Jambu Continent.

But you can’t worry about the discipline. You had a deep friendship with Master Star Monarch in your previous life, but your memory is still there, and it’s not a change.

With this level of relations, Master Star Monarch will take care of you, so afraid?

Also, if you go to Southern Continent, you can’t go to places like Chaoge City and Sibohou, you can find a prince who is neither too big nor too small, and be a little general in a remote place.

What can great tribulation do to you? ’

Zheng Lun, who felt that his master said it was very reasonable, touched Southern Continent and explored everywhere, and finally chose this good environment in Jizhou.

It’s far from the sky and water in Chaoge City. The head of Su Hu is also a value loyalty and moral prince,


Su Hu: ‘Emperor Xin has no way! Exercising and killing Zhongliang! I Suhu will not serve such a king! ’

Zheng Lun is also a bit puzzled. I don’t know which of his lord has made a mistake. Just Jizhou’s military strength and food. Isn’t it a honor for Shang Army?

Nowadays, the Shang Army doesn’t move at all, it’s just the attack of Beibohou’s army, which has almost suffocated Jizhou.


Zheng Lun sighed briefly, looking at the map on the table in front of him, thinking about how he should respond.

This time it is a defensive battle, and the food inspector seems to be of little use.

as the saying goes, the three armies did not move the grain and grass first. General Duliang and General Vanguard had similar weights. Later Zheng Lun was also going to charge into the battle.

At this moment, he disguised himself as a strange man with a bit of a strange technique. In order not to reveal his identity as Immortal, he had to ride a horse, take a weapon, and be careful not to kill more mortal, otherwise it would add karmic hinderance.

If the Qi Refiner is hidden in Chonghouhu’s army, fighting against each other is barely an argument. For the time being, winning or losing is aside, at least he won’t make a name for bullying mortal.

Own previous life, Sect Master of dignified Human Cults 6 Great Immortal Sect;

Look at the present, the mortal princes are under the stove general.

The contrast is too big, not cool at all.

I just paddled the water this time. If Su Hu was destroyed, he would go back to the mountains and forests. It was also considered a trip in Southern Continent.

Can Su Hu win?

cracking a joke, the army of Chonghou Tigers alone is ten times larger than Jizhou’s military forces. Although Su Hu has the name of bravery, he is doomed to defeat.

If Su Hu could win, he Zheng Lun would eat the wooden table on the spot!

[Since Jizhou was encircled, Chonghou Tiger led the army to call the battle, Su Hu challenged, with his son Su Quanzhong in the battle, the Prancing Horse went forward and fought with Chonghou Tiger for a while. Not siege for the time being.

In the night, Su Hu led Jizhou military forces to rob the camp.

The Chonghou Tigers were numerous and arrogant, and they were never wary of them. They were led by Su Hu into the camp. The Chonghou Tigers were headless and walked around. The Jizhou Army covered and killed them, making the Chonghou Tigers defeated and retreated hundreds of miles. 】

Zheng Lun:……

Go ahead.

After killing the enemy and returning to his camp, Zheng Lun raised his hand to the wooden table and transformed the wooden table into a plate of fruit, each minding their own business Earth Grade and tasted it.

All this can be won, so what kind of four uncle Chonghouhu should be? Just kill yourself!


“Why is Sect Master so angry?”

A clear voice came into his ears, and Zheng Lun spirit shook his head and looked towards the left and right, but couldn’t tell where the voice came from.

Li Changshou gave a chuckle, and the corner of the Paper Daoist self-employed tent appeared.

This Sect Master actually has after careful deliberations. Although Zheng Lun has been reincarnated, his memory has not faded due to the opening of Hell, and he has continued to follow the previous steps, becoming the discipline of True Person Passing Disaster. Has been active in the Kunlun Mountains Immortal social circle.

If you don’t call this Sect Master, Zheng Lun will call him to be master’s younger sibling, which is a bit awkward.

Seeing the figure of Li Changshou, Zheng Lun quickly got up, first arranged the array to prevent people from seeing it, and then immediately made a way greeting to Li Changshou.

“I have seen Master Star Monarch.”

Li Changshou bowed his hand back to a way greeting, said with a smile: “Sect Master, don’t be polite, I just passed by here, come and visit.”

Zheng Lun didn’t twitch, and made a gesture of please, said with a smile: “Sit with a smile on Star Monarch. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s have a good chat.”

“Goodness,” Li Changshou complied, sitting side by side with Zheng Lun, watching a fruit plate floating beside Zheng Lun, did not look closely, took a grape in his hand and threw it into his mouth.

This is actually a detail that expresses the closeness of the relationship between the two.

But the grapes entered his mouth, Li Changshou took a bite, frowned and looked towards Zheng Lun, a little bit hesitant, but still silently ate the grapes and swallowed them…

“When did Sect Master have such a preference, cough, cough.”

“hahaha! have nothing to do, try one or two, try one or two!”

Zheng Lun waved his hand and laughed, sloppy, and then calmly pulled the topic away.

“Where is Star Monarch going and how do I pass by here?”

“In fact, I was attracted by the war here,” Li Changshou looked at Zheng Lun, said resolutely, “Why is Sect Master involved in such a mortal war?”


Zheng Lun let out a long sigh, just because there was no place to complain, he picked up a grape and sent it to the entrance, mouthful of sawdust and began to tell about his previous experience.

Li Changshou sounds slightly frowned.

Is it a coincidence?

“Sect Master, can you still remember, when you decided to stay in Jizhou, what was in your heart?”

“Thoughts?” Zheng Lun thought carefully about one or two, “I don’t have any thoughts. I just think it’s a good place. It’s a predestined way for me. It’s better to wait here and see how the subsequent great tribulation is.”

Li Changshou couldn’t help but fall into thought.

I did not intervene much in the fate of Sect Master after the reincarnation, so the Heavenly Way can’t be closed.

According to the meaning of Sect Master’s words, Sect Master did not feel that he was being schemed. All thoughts start from the heart, and everything he does is from the heart.


Not exactly, it should be said that it is the fate of Great Desolate creatures.

Great tribulation works to affect the fortune of living beings. It moisturizes things in a silent way, so that all arrangements are in place to form the Heavenly Way script.

This is where Heavenly Way is TRUE terrifying.

Li Changshou sat opposite Zheng Lun in thought for a while, and soon showed his usual color, chatting with Zheng Lun about interesting things in Jizhou.

Li Changshou knows that Section Cult Immortal will soon come to help Chonghou Hu. The man is named Chong Hou Hu, his younger brother, who was taken away by Section Cult Immortal in the dark. In the past two years, I have just returned to Southern Jambu Continent as an official and repaired magecraft.

If Zheng Lun does not take action later, the Chong Hei Tiger can easily win, which will further facilitate Daji’s entry into the palace.

Look at the way my Sect Master is gnawing wood…

Most likely I don’t want to mix up.

After a plate of ‘fruit’ was eaten up by Zheng Lun, Li Changshou also stood up and said goodbye, instructing Zheng Lun to protect himself as the first priority in the great tribulation, and chanted the name of Human Cults disciple at critical moments.

Zheng Lun made promises again and again, and after sending away Li Changshou, he turned his head and retched.

trifle wooden table that’s all.

‘This Chonghou Tiger is really wasteful, making this poor Daoist so embarrassed that he almost humiliated in front of Changshou! ’

At the moment, Zheng Lun clenched the teeth and hit hard!

Bet on this washbasin this time!

Jizhou can survive at least three rounds! Otherwise, he would take this copper basin on the spot, gnaw, and drop it!

[Jizhou’s new victory, the army was invigorated and the princes encouraged, but Chonghou Hu regained his strength and quickly came to kill, and his brother Chong Heihu came to help.

Su Hu Ji is related to the rumor of Chong Heihu, intending to stick to the city and wait for the help of the princes.

His son Su Quan loyally sent troops to the great war, and was in a dispute with Su Hu. In the dark, he led his troops out of the city to fight and was captured by Chong Heihu.

Chonghou Tiger uses eldest son Su Quanzhong as a threat, admires the black tiger fierce flames, and Su Hu is desperate. He walks with a sword in the backyard, intending to kill his wife and daughter, and then commits suicide to sue the common people.

Of course, his daughter Daji is very beautiful, Su Hu has no way to kill, and feels more gloomy, so she has to ask for help from Xibo Hou Jichang in the dark and offer her daughter to Emperor Xin. 】

One night, when the Jizhou sent-off brigade camped, a certain Jizhou general held a washbasin, drooled in his eye sockets, and silently tore the copper basin into copper strips.

If you have no faith in yourself, how can Way Heart be firm!

Li Changshou Paper Daoist, who was hiding in the ground, witnessed this scene and couldn’t help falling into thought.

This is how the two-qi humming technique in the artifice was cultivated?

Extremely important, really strange.


“Sister, you really don’t plan to take care of this?”

Three Immortals Island, a land filled with clouds and mist.

At the end of a corridor, Jasper Firmament asked, sitting on a stone bench.

On the side, Cloud Firmament faced the Lake of Clouds and Fog, and said softly: “I have nothing to do, why bother yourself? Not all Ling’e Little Sister said very clearly, Chang’e Fairy Maiden is in a hurry. Look for him.”

Jasper Firmament hummed: “Forgive him for not having any thoughts!

However, if you don’t express your opinion about this kind of thing, maybe he is testing it.

It’s better to take this opportunity to make things a little bigger, and to remind those who covet the beautiful brother-in-law! “

Cloud Firmament smiled helplessly and walked back to the stone table and took a seat.

Jade Firmament is carrying a jade tray, and it comes from a distance in the clouds, but inside it is a freshly brewed good wine immortal wine.

Cloud Firmament said softly: “You and I saw Human Race at the Teacher before, and he was also involved. He should still be upset at this time.

Human Race seems to have passed to him, the burden must be quite heavy. “

“Human Race…Forget it,” Jasper Firmament shook his head, “I don’t understand what Human Race is thinking. They are really amazing. Since antiquity has survived those difficult years, they have jumped. Became the protagonist of Heaven and Earth.”

Jade Firmament’s laughter came from the side: “Why are you talking about such serious things.”

“Don’t mention this,” Cloud Firmament said, “You and my three sisters have not been together for a long time. Drinking and having fun today, don’t get drunk, it can also be considered as a relief for your worries about not being able to go out.”

Jasper Firmament suddenly squinted and chuckled: “Who wants to solve the worries about not being able to go out, Big Sister~”

Cloud Firmament’s eyes are wide, Jasper Firmament shrinks his neck, obediently and honestly bowed his head to drink.


Cloud Firmament held up the jade cup in front of him, and slowly moisten it between his lips, a little entranced involuntarily.

However, the wine is only half a cup, and the words have not yet touched the heart. The clouds and mist are surging outside Three Immortals Island, and a familiar aura is found in the island, hurriedly looking for it, frowning into a word of Sichuan.

Cloud Firmament put down the glass, got up to greet him, and called the eldest brother with the two Little Sisters.

The comer is Zhao Gongming.

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