My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 680


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When Zhao Gongming got to the Three Firmaments drinking and chatting place, first there was a long moan and short gasp, and then frowning:

“Brother, I don’t understand!

You Golden Spirit senior apprentice sister is it possible that also think that West Saint will not take action directly?

We have to say that Section Cult has the chance to win, we don’t have to do more, wait for the opportunity, stand morally, and then wait for the opportunity and so on.

Let’s not take the initiative to plan, and don’t think about the way to make Western Territory Cult Saint fearful at the critical moment, can it be done?

You said, can it be done? “

Three Firmaments:…

Jasper Firmament asked in a low voice: “Big brother, you are, quarreling with Golden Spirit sister-in-law?”

“What kind of quarrel? What kind of quarrel is this called!” Zhao Gongming patted the table fiercely. “This is a reasonable dispute, trying to persuade the other party to believe in their own ideas!”

Jasper Firmament chuckled softly: “This is not a fight yet.”

“Fine, it was indeed a fight,”

Zhao Gongming’s expression is full of depression, and he whispers: “Then you guys, let’s just wait and do nothing?”

Jade Firmament said with a smile: “It’s not doing nothing! Big brother, look, I have made a few jars of wine.”

Zhao Gongming said resolutely: “If you don’t plan actively in the face of great tribulation, you might as well hide directly in the Primal Chaos Sea and become a deserter.

We have to move, we have to fight, at least we have to practice the great array, and if necessary, we can top the two Saints of Western Territory Cult!

Also, like Golden Spirit, you don’t even think about it. Let’s compete with the second master’s older sibling. Who will the master’s older sibling support? “

“Of course I support us!”

Jasper Firmament said resolutely: “There is a brother-in-law, what are you afraid of.”

“Well, your Golden Spirit senior apprentice sister said so too,” Zhao Gongming stared at him and cursed: “these all are myopia!”

Cloud Firmament slightly frowned, but did not refute such claims.

“Big brother, you are a little bit arrogant,” Jasper Firmament said, “Although great tribulation is here, Killing Tribulation is down, but you and I are Chief Disciple first, and secondly they are not weak, so afraid?

Furthermore, there is brother-in-law mediating, even if you encounter some tricky things, there are solutions,”

“Not at all.”

Zhao Gongming sighed: “You and I are not weak, but you and I are four siblings, how long can you stop Saint?

Western Territory Cult At this time, it must have been Saint himself, who used revenge on Section Cult to destroy Spirit Mountain, adding blockage to us, and even directly taking action to kill us.

This have no choice but to defense. “

Jade Firmament whispered: “brother-in-law divine strategy and wonderful planning, it should be prepared early,”

Zhao Gongming turns on earnest and well-meant advised mode, low voice:

“Then have you thought about it like this?

Although Long Life is helping, Long Life will only save you and me.

If the subsequent master’s older sibling calculates which side will win, in order to protect the Way Sect origin qi, the master’s older sibling is likely to help the side with the advantage.

We cannot consider the problem from our own perspective, nor can we simply think that Long Life can influence the judgment of the master’s older sibling.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Long Life must listen to the master’s older sibling. “

Jade Firmament blinked: “If you want to say that, don’t we have some trouble?”

“I think there is something wrong with what the big brother said,” Jasper Firmament said with a smile, said resolutely, “brother-in-law is now the main robber, and his opinion of the master’s older sibling should be heard.


The big master’s older sibling may not only help the superior side. If the two sides balance the power, the big master’s older sibling will definitely be towards us, or the two will not help each other.

brother-in-law must be towards Section Cult. “

“Ai, you two, or not equal to me, learn about Long Life with your second sister.”

Zhao Gongming let out a long sigh and drank the Qiong Nong in front of him.

Cloud Firmament said: “You and I have been involved in the robbery, and he has already been implicated a lot, in fact, there is no need to say more about this, so as not to embarrass him.”

“It’s just one or two feelings here.

Long Life has done all kinds of things before, how can I not understand what my brother sees? “

Zhao Gongming’s smile is quite bitter: “I met him in the Sea God Temple, and then I was considered a confidant and a brother worthy of life.

His previous cares, hints several times, kept urging me to think about Locking Sea God Beads, and gave the treasure to enlighten divine bead.

Why? Isn’t it just for my life.

Not to mention, the most likely cause of the great tribulation is the great tribulation of the road ahead for my brother, just say that the thoughts of Long Life…

My brother has been screaming in Great Desolate for many years, and was so carelessly taken care of by Long Life, who has just been cultivated for a short time. I really don’t know how to comment. “

Jade Firmament whispered: “It’s also possible that brother-in-law is just to protect Big Sister, so I don’t want your big brother to fall into cause and effect.”

Zhao Gongming couldn’t help but stare.

Yes, what is it?

Jasper Firmament said on the side: “When the big brother said that, I also felt a little bit.

brother-in-law may protect you and me, but it may not be biased towards our Section Cult.

Compared to the same sect of Enlightenment Cult, among our Section Cult, it is also called fish and dragons mixed in together. The more ugly part is hide dirt, to conceal corruption.

In the case of Honglian, it should have been brother-in-law’s efforts for our Section Cult. However, Honglian was broken and there was a business of honorary disciple. It must have been brother-in-law’s contribution to our Section Cult. Quite disappointed. “

Zhao Gongming sighed: “The shelf is too big to clean up.”

“The primal chaos Zhong is unwilling to suppress our Cult Destiny, how difficult it is to suppress our Cult Destiny,” Jade Firmament said worriedly.

Cloud Firmament asked: “The mystery of my brother comprehend Locking Sea God Beads, where is comprehend?”

“The most critical step,” Zhao Gongming held an ancient ruler with his backhand, and then retracted the ruler. “It’s just that I always feel that something is missing and I can’t take the last step…

It’s like missing, uh, missing destiny. “


Cloud Firmament thought about it a little, but it was a bit impossible to comprehend, so I had to sigh slightly.

The four siblings were sitting in the pavilion discussing the great tribulation, but they were only worried about the way forward and the fate of Section Cult, and could not suggest any solutions or brilliant solutions.

The structure of the Investment of Gods great tribulation is too simple, that is, the Three Cults fight together, and the expert and rise greatly Heavenly Court are buried.

But the more simple the structure is, the more stable it is, the more difficult it is to break the game, and the fewer roads it can take.

Zhao Gongming stayed in Three Immortals Island for a long time, and the original boredom was restored a lot, and he left Three Immortals Island with his three sworn sisters.

“I can’t do anything. If I lose my anger, I must go to apologize. I can’t always be awkward with her. I’m a man for my brother, so I can bend and stretch.”

After Zhao Gongming left, Cloud Firmament thought for a while, went back to the attic where he lived, and looked at the portrait on the wall for a while, got the cloth and silk, and picked up the pen to write the small delegation.

[You see Xin’an, Cloud Firmament. 】

Lightly frowned, Cloud Firmament felt a little upset, thinking carefully, but melted away the writing on the cloth.

Not long after, a paper crane flew out of the window, transformed into a white crane outside, spread its wings and flew into the clouds and mist outside the island, and then disappeared.

A few hours later, Heavenly Court is the Taibai Palace.

Li Changshou’s Paper Daoist sits deep in the great hall, looking at the blank cloth in front of him, three question marks slowly rise on his forehead.

This is…

When Yun sent the letter, he carelessly sent the blank letter wrong?

It seems that the possibility of this happening is really not high.

His, could it be because of Chang’e, Yun felt a little bit in his heart, but didn’t know how to say it, so that he showed that he was speechless in this way?

How can this be good?

Li Changshou groaned a few times. At this point, it was inconvenient to go to Three Immortals Island. He had to repair a book, folded a paper crane and sent it to Three Immortals Island.

The beginning is a straightforward, rather straightforward sentence:

‘Yun, listen to me to explain, this is not as rumored outside! ’

Cross-server communication is the most deadly.


gu lu lu ——

The wooden wheels kept rolling on the road, and the gorgeous frame also kept shaking with the slight undulations of the road.

In the frame, the woman in the light red dress sighed slightly, her eyes a little helpless, and a wry smile on her lips.

There are a large number of Armored Soldier escorts in the front and rear of the frame, as well as several generals riding horses and strange animals.

The woman in the frame is extremely important. They dare not relax their minds.

The team flies two flags, one is “North” and the other is “Su”. The identity of the woman in the frame is self-evident.

Su Daji, the daughter of Hou Suhu in Jizhou, has been famous since she was a girl, but now because of the newly defeated Jizhou, Su Huxian is on her way to Chaoge City.

The journey to Chaoge is far away, and she will suffer several months of bumps, but for the sake of her parents, she will endure it after all.

Before leaving, there was Old Lady, who only appeared when she was married to Eve. She talked about men and women and taught her some house tricks. Su Daji also understood that she was here to please Emperor Xin. Only in this way can we protect our family members.


Su Daji sighed slightly. If he weren’t going to Chaoge City, he should also be married to a certain Hou Family. In order not to cause trouble for his parents, he would also deliberately welcome him.

‘What’s the difference? ’

Su Daji thought so.

This is probably the fate that a woman like her cannot escape.

Underground, Li Changshou is holding his arms and ‘backstroke’ in the earth, carefully observing Su Daji’s situation.

Su Daji at this moment is just a mortal, arranging her by herself will not have the effect of absorbing variables.

We still have to wait for the post station in front of the sunset, Nine-Tailed Fox demon Little Lan body possession, then it can be regarded as a great tribulation small variable—the demon queen Daji.

How should I arrange Daji?

In fact, it’s quite troublesome. I can’t throw a few pictures of the autumn palace to Daji to make her and Emperor Xin’s happy life more fulfilling.

Li Changshou wanted to go before, and only act according to circumstances. Later, if it can be arranged, it will be arranged. If it is not arranged, it is like Thunderclap Seed. There will always be a suitable opportunity later.

At night, this military forces set up camp near a post.

The station is surrounded by the inner and outer three floors. Su Daji lives in a big house with two maids.

After taking a shower, changing clothes and combing her long hair, Su Daji is about to take a rest to relieve the tiredness of the journey today, and the two servant girls also bowed and walked away.

Suddenly hearing the sound of the wind, a smog of naked eye invisible smoke diffused in the room.

Daji, who was originally asleep, suddenly relaxed completely, tilted his head and fell asleep.

A plume of blue smoke floated outside the window, transformed into an enchanting figure, dressed in red-clothed, walking slowly to the bed.

The shadow of the candle shook, and the screen reflected her silhouette, dimly and so fascinating.

Little Lan stared at Daji who was asleep, and his heart was full of the warnings he heard when he knelt at the feet of Saint Empress.

Entering the WTO, look for opportunities to come to Emperor Xin’s side, interfere with Emperor Xin with your own charm, let Emperor Xin ruin the government, and promote the Great Shang to change the dynasty.

This is the task given by Saint Empress, he cannot refuse, and there is no room for concealment.

Little Lan actually didn’t understand why Saintess used this method to punish the contemporary Human Sovereign of Human Race, but Little Lan knew that he only needed to borrow the body of this Human Race woman to complete what Saint Empress explained.


Little Lan gently exhaled, and a finger touched Su Daji’s forehead, slowly drawing out Su Daji’s soul.

“Do you really want to do this?”

A shout suddenly sounded from the bottom of my heart. Little Lan was startled and heard that it was the voice of Heavenly Court Taibai Golden Star. She almost crushed Su Daji’s soul in fright.

“Master Star Monarch!”

Little Lan trembled and yelled, but saw a man standing behind the screen, who is Li Changshou’s Paper Daoist, so he could not help but kneel down quickly,

“Aren’t you afraid of getting karmic hinderance?” Li Changshou asked back.

Little Lan couldn’t help being speechless.

“Master Star Monarch, Saintess is dead…”

“Since I see you this way, I know what’s going on,” Li Changshou said indifferently, “Remember, you can’t mention the word Saintess again, you can’t see what you are going to do.

Saintess doesn’t care about other people’s gossip, but you should also pay attention to your own words. “

“Yes,” Little Lan quavered with promise.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Li Changshou silhouette slowly dissipated, and calmly explained: “I just passed by here, don’t think too much.”

Get it done.

Little Lan couldn’t help being covered with cold sweat. He knelt on the ground for a while before waking up, turned to look at Su Daji who was sleeping, hesitated slightly, and thought about it.

Not long after, Little Lan took action again and took out Su Daji’s soul, but did not erase it. Instead, he received his nine tails. Then Little Lan transformed into a streamer and penetrated Su Daji’s forehead. .

The next moment, ‘Su Daji’ eyes opened, the corners of the mouth showed a faint smile, and the illusory shadow of nine white fox tails spread out on the bed.

She sighed softly and changed her posture to pretend to be asleep, but in the bottom of her heart she was thinking what to do.

It’s not easy to learn to be a villain from scratch.

Li Changshou is constantly thinking about how to avoid Jiang Shang and Daji meeting.

This style of Investiture of Gods great tribulation is really a bit fascinating.

Did you change the script of Heavenly Way too much?

No, these changes nowadays are still not stable enough to ensure that the people you care about are smoothly separated from the great tribulation.

Heavenly Way or Way Ancestor, there must be other schemes.

Under normal circumstances, if Heavenly Way and Way Ancestor take action, they must be more than just one thing.

They should have a foundation goal, and then continue to extend the 2-Layer, three-layer, and 4-Layer goals on top of the foundation.

Foundation must be achieved, and the priorities of the subsequent layers are different.

The foundation goal of Investiture of Gods great tribulation is to reduce the power of living beings, and to rise greatly Heavenly Court.

Li Changshou moved back to Chentang Pass Li Mansion, Immortal Sense watched hu hu’s sleeping little Nezha and chuckled twice.

No worries and carefree and heartless are really positively correlated.


Why did the small dragon start to move so soon?

Even if it’s a Dragon Race, even if it’s an iron physique, busy in the sea during the day and on the land at night, this can’t stand it!

“Would you like to remind me to let East Sea Dragon King manage it properly?”

Li Changshou touched his chin and muttered.

Although this guy relies on his face to eat and cheats the woman into not breaking the law, he is really very wicked.

that’s all that’s all, this small dragon will not survive several years after all.

So, two years later.

【Daji enters the palace about a year, he is favored by Emperor Xin and becomes a noble concubine.

Emperor Xin is diligent in government affairs and neglected in the harem. He recruits Daji to accompany him every night. Queen Jiang is increasingly dissatisfied and wants to punish Daji.

Emperor Xin used a large number of civilians and talented slaves from non-bigwigs who were officials everywhere in the commercial area. The families of Chaoge City were slightly dissatisfied, but they were comforted by Emperor Xin early.

Since the Soviet protection, the opposition of the princes in various places has become more and more fierce. Wen Zhongdong has conquered and expeditions, in the dark, used magecraft, and kept returning to Chaoge City to discuss matters with Emperor Xin.

The commercial land stabilizes like a mountain, without turmoil, the undercurrent of Chaoge City is surging, but dare not to surface. 】

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