My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 681


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Southern Jambu Continent, Chaoge City.

Circulation cycle, night stars, early evening when lanterns are first lit, Emperor Xin sat on the throne carried by nine people, and departed from the Great Palace with a tired face.

Recently, the lords have rebounded more and more fiercely. The Great Shang has ample military strength, but there are already many hidden dangers.

The eight hundred princes reversed one hundred, but it was counted as expected.

After all, after a few king orders, half of the princes have been forced to follow a path. Either they continue to acknowledge allegiance to the widowed Great Shang, or they rebel themselves and are beaten to the acknowledge allegiance by the widowed Great Shang.

Imperial Tutor said, let the widows temporarily slow down the persecution of the Imperial court bigwigs, so as to alleviate the pressure at this time…

Imperial Tutor is always too stable and conservative.

Changes shed blood;

Renovation auxiliary heavy punishment.

Today, Great Shang’s foundation has had too many problems and too many Shen Ke. If it can’t be cut quickly, it will only be useless. On the contrary, Great Shang will be held hostage by the princes and the country will be subjugated for decades. between.

Now, the reform has shown initial results. Commercial areas have become more prosperous, and the people have begun to accept and assimilate slaves. Although there is still a very long way to go, such national strength is enough to deter the heroes.

Ji Chang is imprisoned, Nan Bohou is dead, Bei Bohou has been tamed by widows, only eight hundred princes are left, the big tree behind his queen, East Road, Jiang Family.

This Jiang Family ……hmph!

Pretend to be the leader of the country, rely on the solid land of Lu, in the dark, support the small princes to make trouble, and on the surface they are kind to the widows, so as to indulge in the fame of what they have done.

Want to be the uncrowned king besides the widow Great Shang?

It is too small and too small to look down upon…

“The King.”

Suddenly there was a soft call in front of him, which made Emperor Xin turn around while thinking.

The frame has stopped, and not far in front, a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress, with many Gong E entourage, slowly salutes Emperor Xin, and said softly:

“The King.”

Emperor Xin raised his hand to indicate that the throne was slowly lowered.

But Emperor Xin is sitting in his seat motionless like a statue, indifferently said: “Why is the queen here?”

The woman is Queen Jiang herself, and Emperor Xin was married when she was an heir.

Seems to feel the indifference of Emperor Xin. The woman was faintly sighed and whispered: “My lord, I have prepared a dinner party, and I want to invite the lord to go to the palace for a talk.

The king works hard for the country every day, and I don’t know what to do for the king, I just want to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind for the king. “

Emperor Xin frowned, “The widow has already met with the beauty.”

“My lord, is your preference for Daji Little Sister a bit too much,” Queen Jiang sighed. “You are the Monarch of the entire Country, and even the husband of our sisters. We don’t ask the lord for you to be covered in rain and dew. But we should also consider the love of husband and wife, can not be so cold.

Nowadays, there is a rumor in the Imperial court that Concubine Su is harmful to the monarch, and I am the queen. I should remind the king of this matter…”

Emperor Xin slowly leaned back, his burly figure sunk into the throne, his eyes were like two abysses, his left hand was holding his cheek, and his middle finger was on the edge of the bun. Although his voice was light, he had an inexplicable voice. majesty.

“Are you teaching me to be king?”

Queen Jiang trembled all over, quickly stepped back half-step, bowed her head to Emperor Xin, “The king, forgive me!”

“The widow is the king, and you are the queen.”

Emperor Xin raised his finger, and the throne was slowly raised by the nine powerful men, and headed towards the deep palace.

The silhouette of Queen Jiang stood there quietly, her eyes slowly closed, her left hand was tightly gripped with her right hand, her knuckles were a little white.


You wait!


Heavenly Court, Taibai Palace.

“senior apprentice brother, have tea~”

While calling softly, Ling’e floated over with a teacup.

This little Long Life Immortal E, today with great difficulty I saw Li Changshou moving outside, immediately put on a light makeup, put on a light green tassel long skirt in Asakusa, and combed with a unique skill Yun Temple, smiling hehe with his tea, approached him.

As reminded by primal chaos Zhong Ling, she knows that her senior apprentice brother is now arranging the crucial moment of great tribulation, and she shouldn’t bother her senior apprentice brother.

But from another perspective, when people are tired, they are easiest to get closer to those around them.

Strengthening the senior apprentice brother and letting him relax is part of the Little Apprentice Sister who is determined to get rid of the Little Apprentice Sister label!

In thatched hut, Li Changshou raised his head to Ling’e laughed and continued to look down at the copper mirror in front of him.

Ling’e leaned forward somewhat puzzled, gathered the skirt and slender feet, quietly leaned to the praying mat of the senior apprentice brother, and looked at the picture in the copper mirror.

It was a backyard, and there was a slender child in shorts and shorts with two balls in his head, slowly stretching his waist.

“Little Nezha is so big?”

Ling’e sighed softly, and immediately forgot the solemn sense of mission when he came.

“These are only several years, and they all look like little adults!”

Li Changshou smiled and nodded, warmly said: “Do you like boys or girls?”

“Boys, stupid, but girls are also pretty good, you can dress up in various ways… Yeah!”

Ling’e couldn’t help but bit her lower lip lightly, and whispered: “How can you start saying this without paying attention? People will always be ashamed, too.”

Li Changshou couldn’t help but squinted his eyes, and took a sip of herbal tea, which was unexpectedly sweet.

“Senior apprentice brother, how is Nezha now with baleful qi?”

“He can now control the baleful qi through his emotions and subconsciousness, and he is not far from completely controlling his own baleful qi,” Li Changshou said, then chuckled and shook his head.

Li Changshou said in a warm voice: “If Nezha releases baleful qi completely at this time, it will no longer be controllable by the ordinary Golden Immortal.

Think about it carefully, this is indeed a bit over-hasty. Although there is the accumulation of Spirit Bead Child, and the endless spiritual qi I provided him during pregnancy, there must be Heavenly Way behind it. “


“Can you mention Heavenly Way directly now? Senior apprentice brother, when did your temperament change?”

“Well,” Li Changshou said with a smile, “When we still have not become an immortal, what we think of is how to survive. Since we have to face the survival crisis every day, we think that if we are accidentally almighty Stomping to death, what a bad luck.

At that time, being cautious and not participating in any cause and effect is the most stable path.

Step by step, I have the ability to settle down and stand on my own feet. It’s the most stable path to take care of everything, take orders from Heavenly Way upwards, push the power of Heavenly Court downwards, and put yourself in the wave of the rise of Heavenly Court.

Now, Heavenly Way is desperate to promote great tribulation and directly take action to intervene in Human Sovereign in order to maintain the original great tribulation route.

I need to clarify my position, use balance as the name, condense the will of Human Race, and be moderately tough on Heavenly Way, and protect you under the premise that Heavenly Way cannot kill me. This is the most stable path today.

Silly girl, everything is constantly changing. Whether it is too conservative or too sloppy, it is the way to die. Only by adapting to the current situation is the final path away from this chessboard. “

Ling’e blinked and didn’t understand why.

Realm, as expected, my realm is not enough.

“Okay, you are watching here,” Li Changshou said with a smile, “I moved my mind to Paper Daoist. This little general is going out to inspect security again.”

Ling’e chuckled lightly and leaned forward to take Li Changshou’s arm.

Take advantage of the senior apprentice brother’s mind to move away, secretly take advantage and so on, but don’t worry about being too shy at all.

In the copper mirror, the little Nezha who was about to go out had the familiar figure behind him again. He was the high-ranking Wang Changan.

The copper mirror vibrated slightly, and there was a high-resolution dialogue:

“Third Young Master, go out today, where are you going?”

“Wander around.”

Little Nezha old and decrepit said something authentically, stretched out, the bronze and gold bracelets on his hands made a few clear clashes, and a little divine light burst out.

After saying this, he carried his small hands, head high, chest out, and walked with a mighty and majestic man.

At this moment, there was a sound from the backyard:

“Don’t come back too late for fun!”

Little Nezha shrank her neck suddenly, turned her head and shouted: “understood! mother!”

Then quickly walked away, feeling quite a shame.

Li Changshou followed behind with a smile, holding a bag of gold and silver in his hand to prevent Nezha from accidentally demolishing the house and walls, and promptly compensate mortal.

The previous technique of swaying gold and silver with large pens has been severely stopped by Yin Clan, although Li Changshou wanted to say something…

It’s not for your military headquarters!

Calm, calm, Yin Clan is also afraid that Nezha will develop a bad style.

Shortly after leaving the house, the voice of “Third Young Master” came from everywhere. The little Nezha was quite nodded and walked in the same admiring eyes as the old Chentang Pass cadres.

Now that the people in the city saw the little Nezha, it was like seeing a lucky star, and they wanted to go up and hug him.

Neither is it for gold or silver property, major just wants to be lucky.

Walking to the East City, Nezha waved his small hand, and Li Changshou threw a few pieces of gold and silver to the tea house that Nezha frequented. The guy would yell, and the Third Young Master will pay for the tea today!

To the West Market, two rows of youngsters stood side by side on the street, head high, chest out, and were inspected by the little Nezha.

These youngster langs who were originally idlers, one by one were renovated by Nezha and became the Chentang Pass military reserve.

A woman greeted Nezha to eat some candied fruit, and an old man smiled and said that he wanted to teach Nezha a poem. Little Nezha ran past with a smile and didn’t talk much, but it wouldn’t be rude. sense.

Walking around, Nezha left Chentang Pass East City Gate, stretched his waist, stretched his muscles and bones, and muttered quietly:

“Uncle Chang’an, I will find a place to play and come back before dark.

Don’t tell my mother, I’m out of town! “

Li Changshou said with a smile: “Okay, just go, as long as you don’t fight with people, I’ll explain to Madam.”


Little Nezha gave a thumbs up, kicked his calf, and shot up like an arrow from the string, several ups and downs already jumped into the rolling mountains.

I don’t know if I will bring back a bear today or a long worm.

Li Changshou greeted the soldiers guarding the city gate intimately, then walked to his old position, sat in the shady recliner with the pleasing smiles of the guards, and lifted it up. The purple clay pot from the side.

Being a Daoist Immortal, I achieved the second Heavenly Emperor in the eyes of others;

To be a homemaker, I must be the ordinary second Lord in the eyes of others.

What is the evil force of Chentang Pass?

“pu, cough! cough cough!”

Li Changshou was suddenly choked by tea, only because his Immortal Sense caught it. On the edge of the East Sea there is a way body shadow flying out of the waves, with a shallow smile on his mouth, walking towards the mountains and forests not far away, searching Your prey today.


Really not remembering so?

Last month, the beginning of chaos and the end of abandonment had just been hit by the little Nezha for the seventh time. At this time, he was still dead.

Southern Jambu Continent has such a long and large eastern coastline, is this dragon’s brain all muddy? Don’t know where to pick flowers?

If there is no such thing as Heavenly Way, if Maitreya is killed, Li Changshou will not believe it!

Thus Ao Bing was walking in the mountains, Immortal Sense swept around the villages, and then turned his eyes to the gathering place of Monster Race, wanting to go to Monster Race to experience life.

Although the seafood is fresh, the mountains are also delicious.

It’s a pity that I can’t enter the bustling downtown of Human Race, where the little lady is…

“Long worm! Do you dare to come!”

Coldly shouted suddenly came in his ear, Ao Bing shivered subconsciously, turned his head and looked towards the source of the sound. He was originally a handsome and pretty white face, but it was instantly pale at the moment.

In the mountains and forests, on the treetops, the little Nezha is stepping on a leaf, holding his arms in both hands, with long red silks floating around him, and his face is stained with anger.

“It’s you again!”

Ao Bing gritted his teeth and cursed: “You yellow mouth child, how dare to insult Your Highness several times!”

Nezha’s head tilted: “You rob someone else’s wife.”

“You just snatched someone else’s daughter-in-law! I was looking for women who were alone.”

“You rob someone else’s wife in advance.”

“Bah! Fuck off! This Your Highness can’t tell you clearly!”

Ao Bing waved his hand, and a whirlwind blew towards Nezha.

Nezha corners of the mouth flicked, and the white and tender finger pointed at Ao Bing. Behind him, Chaotic Heaven Damask broke through the air, transformed into Hongguang lasing at Ao Bing, cutting the whirlwind straight away!

Ao Bing once saw this, but turned his head and ran away. He has already experienced the power of Chaotic Heaven Damask several times.

But he was too slow. Just about to transform into the dragon shape, he was overtaken by Chaotic Heaven Damask. He was efficiently tied into a zongzi, and he was dragged back in front of Nezha, hanging upside down on the tree canopy.

Nezha hugged his arms, with a little face held up with some air.

“You, you!”

Ao Bing was trembling with anger and yelled: “You will bully people with this magical treasure, I tell you! Don’t think I don’t know your details, I just rely on Taibai Golden Star to support you!

Today, Your Highness told you clearly, Father East Sea Dragon King! “

Nezha blinked, as if asking who the East Sea Dragon King is and who the Taibai Golden Star is, then he smirked, with a hint of arrogance in his eyes.

“Chentang Pass is my domain, my mother said that in the future, a wife can only marry one.”

“Father East Sea Dragon King!”

Little Nezha held his arms and slowly raised his right foot, his eyes full of light.

Ao Bing glared at Nezha, remembering the fate of being kicked a few times ago, his eyes were a little flustered, and he screamed, “Father Dong!”


The moment Nezha’s feet hit Ao Bing’s lower abdomen, Chaotic Heaven Damask happened to release the restraint on its own, and Ao Bing was a groan, his body shape was already transformed into a meteor…

“hmph hum,” Little Nezha clapped her hands, and then jumped away with her little hands on her back, a bit of pride in her eyes.

Maintain the law and order of Chentang, smooth out the gangsters and gangsters, and the Third Young Master of the Military Command will do my part!

Father, Chen Tang, old overlord!


Li Jing, who had just returned home, touched the tip of her nose and resisted the urge to sneeze. Seeing that the house was quite quiet, she knew that Nezha was not in the house.

He scanned the Immortal Sense and found the senior family resting in the tower. He felt relieved and didn’t pay much attention to Nezha’s whereabouts.


“pisses me off! cough, cough! pisses me off!”

East Sea Dragon Palace, in the more remote great hall, Ao Bing was yelling at that, several Imperial Guards and two rows of sea girls bowed their heads and did not dare to speak out, lest they be used as a gas barrel.

What is the reason for this?

His reputation as Dragon Race doesn’t work?

That shameful Nezha, relied on himself as the discipline of Supreme Unity True Person, relied on grandfather as Taibai Golden Star, so arrogant and despotic! Take care of everything!

Has a scale on his dragon body violates Heavenly Law?


Also a little hero, just a brat!

If it weren’t for the Dragon King Bloodline of the Dragon King and the Three Crown Princes within the body, the Dragon King Bloodline is too thin, at this time it would make this Nezha so horrible!

“Your Highness,” an Imperial Guard asked very carefully, “Your injury…”

“Is this Your Highness hurt?”

Ao Bing raised his chest and raised his head, enduring the soreness of being kicked, and cursed, “Your Highness is to make that little bastard do some tricks! If I show the main body, I’m afraid he won’t succeed!

hmph! Infants look to their fathers for the shade, behave and unreasonably!

Really hateful! Damn it! “

An Imperial Guard whispered: “Your Highness, why don’t you report this to Your Majesty…”

Ao Bing calmed down instantly when he heard the words, and chuckled a few times, then turned and walked towards his scallop-shaped bed.

In the eyes of Royal Father, not at all him.

To this day, I am so abandon all restraint, I can’t get a reprimand.

In the heart of Royal Father, the Heavenly Court fighter like the second brother, is his true son.

In the collapse, Ao Bing closed his eyes with a cold face, waved his sleeves impatiently, and the two rows of sea girls and the Imperial Guard bowed their heads and walked away.

Why, then Nezha has so much magical treasure and so much love.

Enlightenment Cult heels, Taibai Palace heels, and Human Race heels, just like this, they can breathe a Dragon King Crown Prince.




Ao Bing opened his eyes, and two flames suddenly burned in his eyes.

He turned over and sat up, with his hands in his long hair, touching a pair of slowly growing horns, the rays of light in his eyes were already very cold.


Royal Father, my child will let you open your eyes and see, even if Bloodline Strength is far inferior to your second brother, your child can also assume personal responsibility!

“Imperial Guard! Give me a patrol Yasha!”

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