My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 682


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Ao Bing, what are you doing?

In the gate of the gate, Li Changshou is holding a purple clay pot and slightly frowns.

The Armored Soldier who was swinging the fan behind him, upon seeing this, immediately adjusted his movement to the maximum, and Li Changshou’s hair fluttered with the fan.

According to Li Changshou Immortal Sense, Ao Bing took seven or eight Dragon Race Imperial Guards and made an array in the shallow sea region, and he secretly poked something…

Something’s wrong.

There is something wrong with the Heavenly Way script suddenly.

Is it because I interfered too much with Nezha? According to the script of Heavenly Way, Nezha killed Ao Bing. It shouldn’t have been so early.

Li Changshou reviewed his entire layout around Chentang Pass and quickly came to a conclusion——

Someone is interfering with their layout.

A long time ago, Li Changshou identified the conflict between Nezha and East Sea Dragon Palace as a key event for him to explore the bottom line of the script by Heavenly Way.

Nowadays, although the situation has changed to a certain extent, the tone is still the same, but there is more game against Heavenly Way.

It is inferred from this that Ao Bing’s behavior at this time is very likely to be promoted by great tribulation luck tribulation.

Li Changshou groaned a few times and moved his fingertips. In the depths of the Chentang Pass, one after another Paper Daoist used Earth Escape to move towards the East Sea grandiose.

Steady hand, at least to ensure the safety of Nezha, this is the basic bottom line.

In fact, Li Changshou has long thought that Heavenly Way has the power to condense the script, and it has the power to tear the script at any time.

Regardless of Heavenly Way’s selfish desires, what it wants is to reduce the power of life and maintain the stability of Heaven and Earth.

It’s better to have no books than to write a letter, and the same is true.

Li Changshou carefully analyzed the array listed by Ao Bing……

killing array?

This Ao Bing, where is such a big hatred?

Li Changshou moved his gaze to the side, near the mouth of a Qinghe River, and he couldn’t help but feel happy.

This little Nezha…

Where is holy light? Cover quickly.


“I have a flaming gun, which will shine when it gets bigger and smaller~”

Humming the song taught by Uncle Chang’an, the little hands kept pushing the cool river water, the little Nezha stood by the pool, bare little buttocks, and the feet were constantly splashing with water, making a giggle.

After playing one hour in the water, he jumped back to the shore, steamed off the water stains on his body, quickly put on his apron, blouse, and shorts, jumped to the side of the branch and lay down, sighed comfortably.

Life is comfortable.

The sun is slanting west, the mottled shadow of the tree falls on his little face, and the dim warmth of Sun, coupled with the cool breeze by the river, makes Nezha feel sleepy.

“Uncle Chang’an…”

While in a daze, he whispered: “Sunflower Treasure Canon, to convince people with virtue, does it mean that it is enough for the bad guy to be beaten to death?”

“Mother, I will give him a laxative if he bullies you…”

“Master, your Spear Art is terrible… Why don’t you have anything new.”

Paper Daoist in the ground under the tree couldn’t help but chuckle.

Li Changshou’s smile has not been received, and he has already frowned and looked towards the entrance to the sea.

There, a white line slowly pulled apart, but a big wave surged from the sea.

Above the white waves, a zhang high silhouette stands with a fork, ferocious-looking, bloodbath fish mouth, wearing azure black scaly armor, a pair of mung bean-sized small eyes surging, locked in the tree early On the sleeping child.

Fell asleep?

Yasha raised his eyebrows, thunder blasted in the sky, and waves hit the shore by the river!



Seeing that Nezha didn’t move, the Sea Race Yasha stared at him, feeling that he was deliberately underestimated.

He is a small role in Dragon Palace, but he is also a patrol attache at Heavenly Court at any rate!

The long fork in his hand was raised far away towards Nezha, a stream of water condensed into a water arrow, and it shot Nezha away!

The little Nezha in his sleep opened his eyes suddenly, and his eyes had not yet had a clear focus, and the silhouette had already flew away against the water.

Clap fist, concentrate!

lines after lines of shallow red rays of light in Nezha Converge!

Nezha punched out, and the water arrow exploded directly across several hundred zhang. By the way, the river was cut off, the white waves surged, and the Yasha complexion on that wave changed drastically!



Little Nezha was wrapped in a faint red glow, standing on the surging river, staring at the panicked Yasha, his eyes gradually condensed light.

Uh, what an ugly fish head monster.

Uncle Chang’an said Sunflower Treasure Canon, if you don’t reveal its shortcomings, we won’t be straightforward.

With three idioms, mother knew that she was going to praise us!

Little Nezha suddenly became proud, and stepped forward half-step, a shock wave swept forward from the sole of his feet, and the thin ribbon tied with the hair bag kept dancing, and the red glow gradually returned to within the body.

He stretched out his small hand and drank lightly:

“Why did you sneak attack me!”

The Yasha Adam’s apple swayed up and down a few times, thinking of the three Crown Prince’s instructions, he couldn’t move forward.


Three Crown Prince asked himself to grab a doll. I thought it was a good job, but now it feels extremely difficult.

【If you do something wrong, know the consequences. 】

Yasha clenched the teeth, stomped his feet, and said in my heart, “This is not a doll”, immediately raised his chest and pointed at Nezha and shouted:

“You, Human Race baby, why do you do evil here, dominate the king!

I am the East Sea parade Yasha general. There is a famous taboo in the Heavenly Court Hall of Universal Brightness, and there is my position in the Four Seas Water God!

You sneak attacked my three Crown Princes before, and are about to bring you back to Crystal Palace for trial! “

Little Nezha blinked: “Crystal Palace? Are there crystals in there?”

“There are all crystals…Bah!”

Yasha yelled: “I can’t help you be here babbling nonsense, hurry and go with me! lest this General use brute force against you, this baby, and it will actually hurt my wise!”

Nezha tilted his head: “Then you can use force.”

Yasha’s small eyes suddenly rounded.

“Come on.”

Little Nezha beckons with the hand, seeing Yasha dare not move forward, he sneered:

“Uncle Chang’an said bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections, I only know how to speak, it’s probably you!

I heard people say that you are in charge of the sea, and our Human Race is in charge of the ground, as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly, and don’t interfere with each other. Just your three Crown Princes come to our Chentang Pass in two days to grab someone else’s wife, why? Is there no Princess to marry? ”

Yasha cursed: “Hi! You little baby!

Understand what Heaven and Earth is, what is the difference between land and water!

Our Sea Race is subordinate to Dragon Race. Dragon Race is a minister of Heavenly Court, in charge of the Three Realms water affairs. If you know something about it, you should know our Dragon Palace. You, the son of the general soldier, must not be offended!

Really nonsense! Quickly let me confess my guilt!

Otherwise, you must be! “

“What are you?” Nezha corners of the mouth said, “I can’t even tell a child, come up and take me if you have the ability.”

Yasha cursed: “You have the ability to come down!”

“Oh, good.”

As soon as I heard a bang, Nezha Shishi landed on the water, and the two feet, who had no time to wear shoes, walked two steps on the water and winked at Yasha.

That look, very airy and vivid;

That expression, with a slight expectation, secretly rubs his palms.

At this moment, the Yaksha was already raging. He stepped back and became more and more angry, unable to fight further. The back of his cheeks sprayed out two streams of acid water, and the palm of his steel gun kept trembling.


Nezha lifted his chin.

“You! You!”

Yasha’s fish mouth keeps shaking, anger surges, anger violently, gritted teeth loudly roared:

“Take good care of the seventh uncle grandfather of this General!”

Good Yasha!

Holding a long spear and rushing forward, the figure is really fast, and the surging river is still turbulent again!

Little Nezha’s eyes lit up, and his left hand lightly for a while, one of the three-node bracelets lights up, and the side bracelet shines with Golden Light, transformed into a one-foot-diameter golden bracelet, facing the Yasha Throw it head-on.

As soon as the Heaven and Earth circle was released, Nezha rushed forward, his feet kicked out lines after lines of afterimages on the surface of the water, his left fist and right palm, his moves had risen in the mind, and a faint flame appeared in his eyes.

He has calculated everything!

While the opponent flies into the Heaven and Earth circle, he will jump up, take advantage of his own shape and dexterity, attack the opponent’s vitals frontally, and then run the Heaven and Earth circle with his mind to attack from the side, Chaotic Heaven Damask From the underwater sneak attack, turn around and kill a sudden thrust, throw the gold bricks out to hit him on the back, and then the Sunflower Treasure Canon, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them for their retention…

Crack, pop, pop!


Little Nezha stopped, and his little feet stirred up lines after lines of waves on the water, holding his breath and looked towards the situation ahead.

The Yasha held two broken long spears in his hands, and his forehead exploded into a corpse, with a strand of soul heading toward the deep sea.

“Can’t help but fight so?”

Little Nezha tilted his head and didn’t care too much. He took a few treasures back into his bracelet, and his red light slipped back into the body.

Forget it, go back to sleep for a while.

Stretched, the little Nezha yawned, and Shishi turned around and was about to walk towards the big tree where he was sleeping.

At this time!

A little wave appeared on the East Sea, and several blue dragons flew out of the sea, circled half a circle in the air, and rushed here immediately!

“Bold Nezha, killed me Dragon Palace Yasha!”

The one who came is that Ao Bing.

This Ao Bing has fully experienced the power of Nezha. In the dark, he saw the situation where Yasha was killed. At this moment, he dared not move forward, just shouting from a distance.

“Don’t go to Dragon Palace with this Your Highness to claim the crime!”

Nezha snorted, opened his left hand, and the circle of Heaven and Earth was flying around him;

The right hand held a virtual grip, a ball of fire shining, the fire-pointed spear had been gathered in his palm, and it burned with a sneer.

Nezha shouted: “It was his first hand, has anything to do with me?”

“It makes sense for you to kill Yasha? This Yasha is the Immortal God named by Hall of Universal Brightness!”

Ao Bing scolded: “You are just a trifle mortal, relying on your father’s shadow to act so nonsense, you don’t know how much disaster you have caused!

Cannot let Ben Your Highness say the second time, follow me to Dragon Palace! “

Nezha grabbed the tip of the gun and gently handed it to the front, cursing: “nonsense, hit if you want!”

Ao Bing was also angry, yelled: “Where are the Imperial Guards!”

The seven or eight blue dragons growl and chant!

Ao Bing Dragon Claw points forward: “Take it!”

The dragons immediately rushed forward, but they joined forces to press against Nezha!

Look at this time:

Flying sand running stone, water waves dance in a wild.

The blue dragon growls, and the creatures retreat.

Nezha jumped up and jumped into the air, holding a fire-tip spear and stepping on the Wind-Fire Wheel. His dexterous figure contains great strength, and lines after lines of Samadhi True Fire surging from the fire-tip spear!

But in a blink of an eye, three blue dragons were smashed into the dragon scales, and two blue dragons were pierced through their scales.

A blue dragon called Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Nezha didn’t hide in the slightest, and when he took it, there was no damage to a little bit.

There was a blue dragon transformed into a humanoid face-to-face battle, but I couldn’t bear the strength of Nezha’s spear. I was beaten back and fluttered, and the corners of the mouth were bleeding!

The fierce battle is raging, Nezha’s eyes flicker with red light, and there is a three-node bracelet on his left wrist, and the second one lights up!

baleful qi protects the body, kills demons and eliminates evil;

Way Heart is upright, fearless and dauntless!

Li Changshou, who was hiding his figure, looked up at this situation, quite satisfactory nodded, and his Photo Ball recorded the whole process.

On the Chentang Pass tower, blue dragons are faintly surging in the clouds. If you have good eyesight, you can see the small silhouette of the blue dragon chasing the blue dragon up and down on the Wind-Fire Wheel.

The third child? !

In the attic of Li Mansion, Li Jing stood up, with a bit of shock in her eyes, turned and rushed towards the window, her figure transformed into a stream of light and rushed northeast.

At this time!

Li Jing saw a flash, and suddenly saw a Golden Light sweeping towards him, Way Heart trembled and his face became pale.

almighty? !

His figure barely moved towards the side to dodge, a bright red blood arrow still appeared on his shoulders.


More sky-splitting sounds exploded from her ears, Li Jing dodges from left to right, already holding a spirit treasure long sword.

Heaven and Earth suddenly went dark around him, and Li Jing was not given the slightest chance to display his skills. A Great Array had already trapped Li Jing in it.

This array transformed into a group of Wu Yun floating above the Chentang Pass.

Above Wu Yun, the slightly shallow silhouette sneered in disdain, and turned around to fly to East Sea.

But the silhouette’s movements suddenly froze.

The air freezes without omen, and Heaven and Earth has a faint killing machine.

The illusory shadow frowned and looked towards the left side, showing a sense of calmness, and he took his hands on his back.

In the great array, Li Jing is protected by an immortal power around her body. At this time, she can barely cope with the surrounding offensive.

A way body shadow came from Wu Yun’s side, and it was the ‘Gold Core’ Paper Daoist of Li Changshou’s senior patriarch, Wang Chang’an, and Li Changshou.

Li Changshou said: “Fellow Daoist is now willing to be a canine tooth?”

Mileau smiled faintly, and said: “Fellow Daoist is not a canine tooth? You and I laugh in fifty steps that’s all.”

“Your words have some truth,” Li Changshou said with a smile, “But after all, I followed the Heavenly Way’s will to establish order, and Fellow Daoist is now following the darkness of the Heavenly Way.”

“Order and darkness, Fellow Daoist will really make a name for himself.”

“Fame is not established,” Li Changshou said as the killing machine surged, “Fellow Daoist has appeared, so stay here.”

“Star Monarch could it be unseen, this is my Incarnation.”

“Incarnation?” A faint blue light appeared around Li Changshou, “I don’t want to let your Incarnation go.”


Heaven and Earth shook lightly, and several way body shadows appeared in all directions of Wu Yun. Here, Heaven and Earth were also completely sealed.

Millet’s coldly snorted, Li Changshou’s face is solemn, and the way body shadow flickers gently, and in a blink of an eye, the afterimages transformed into filling the sky, suppressing Maitreya Incarnation.

Above East Sea!

A blue dragon raised his head and screamed. At his back, Nezha held a fire-tip spear with both hands and pierced into the broken dragon scales from top to bottom. Chaotic Heaven Damask pointed at Heavenly Vault behind him, and Heaven and Earth circled around. Zhou Ru golden light shield.

There is a shallow youngster outline behind Nezha. Shallow black rays of light surge around the youngster, his eyes closed tightly.

Remnant soul of previous lives, baleful qi id.


Nezha a light shout, the blue dragon body couldn’t support it, and instantly fell towards the cloud, suddenly shrinking, avoiding the subsequent offensive.

“Go first! This Human Race kid is not our opponent!”

There was a blue dragon speak human’s words. At this time, the blue dragon, who was more or less injured, turned and fled immediately.

Nezha is in a state of something wrong at this time, her eyes have been infested by blood light, and she didn’t say a word, stepping on the Wind-Fire Wheel to catch up!

In the sea, Li Changshou watched this scene quietly.

The main body has opened 7 × 7 = 49 ‘windows’ at the bottom of my heart, manipulating a large number of Paper Daoist, casting Water Escape and closely following Nezha.

Among them, there are a few Paper Daoist with moving miniature arrays on them, ready to pick up the main body at Little Jasper Peak.


Nezha killed Ao Bing. According to the script of Heavenly Way, it should be after several years.

Great tribulation is accelerating?

Heavenly Way, is this impatient already?

Li Changshou sighed from the bottom of his heart, and watched everywhere.

Ling’e next to the main body stared at the screen in the copper mirror, stopped taking advantage of the behavior, holding his breath with rapt attention.

In the Dragon Palace, the Dragon King on the throne raised his eyes and sighed slightly, calmly lying still.

In Wu Yun above Chentang Pass, Li Jing held a sword and attacked the illusory shadow great war from the surrounding area. His eyes became more anxious, and the magical treasure kept swaying.

On the edge of the East Sea, where the shallow sea and the deep sea meet, Ao Bing has been entrenched in the seabed for some time. Those black flame eyes staring at the direction where Nezha is flying.

Here, here comes!

This is the killing array!

As long as he enters this place, he will use the killing array to suppress him in the name of killing Xunhai Yasha!

No one can stop, no one can challenge themselves!

Dragon Race TRUE is missing only Destiny, this is Antiquity Overlord, it is the powerhouse of TRUE!

Today, Royal Father, you will definitely watch me with your own eyes!

My Ao Bing!

East Sea Dragon King third child!


Several blue dragons crashed into the sea, attracted Nezha’s attention as planned before, and quickly sank toward the seabed.

Lines after lines of flames gushing out of Nezha’s body, isolating the seawater, and rushing into the sea without hesitation, his eyes are close to pure black, and there is a pure and strong killing intent around his body. !

Ao Bing Dragon Claw trembled, and suddenly there was some bad premonition, but Nezha silhouette went straight into the great array and disappeared instantly.

It is done.

Ao Bing’s heart was long and relaxed, and then a great sense of accomplishment emerged. His figure moved towards great array slowly swimming, feeling the spewing power of that great array.


Enlightenment Cult disciple? The godson of Taibai Golden Star?

“haha, hahaha!”

The blue dragon roared and laughed in the water. The slender figure of a hundred zhang swayed slowly, and the Imperial Guards had moved towards this place.


The great array in the sea showed traces of surroundings. It was a black millstone, and in the middle of the millstone, a flame like a candlelight flickered gently.

Samadhi True Fire!

Fire Lotus bursts!

The sea surface circumference several hundred li rises high, and one of the columns of water rises straight into the sky!

In the sea, the lotus flower with a diameter of hundreds of miles is blooming on its own. It is a creature of True Fire, mocking the destructive power of ordinary sea water!

Under Fire Lotus, several blue dragons ran away desperately, and Ao Bing was stunned for a moment, and was too close to the initial burst of Fire Lotus. At this moment, it was too late to escape, and was directly swallowed by flames and hot water…

And that deadly silhouette is coming!

“Nezha! Uh!”

The last word “Dare” can’t make a sound anymore.

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