My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 683


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‘Nezha! ’

‘Nezha! ’

‘How dare your Dragon Palace bully me like this! ’

“Cough! Puff–“

On the white sandy beach, Nezha’s small mouth spouted one after another stream, and the round belly quickly returned to normal.

The little body was limp there, opening his eyes feebly.

A familiar big face poked over from the side, filling Nezha’s sight.

“Ah, Uncle Chang’an…”

“Third Young Master, are you awake?”

Li Changshou’s face was full of worry, and he whispered: “Where is it uncomfortable?”

Nezha opened her small mouth, wanted to speak but couldn’t say it. It felt like she had a nightmare. At the moment, she felt a headache, and there were pictures of rise in the mind, a little hazy and unreal.

He muttered: “Am I fighting with a few long bugs?”

Li Changshou said with a smile: “Third Young Master is dreaming, don’t think about it, let yourself relax…”

“hehe,” Nezha smacked his lips and opened his little hand to Li Changshou, “Uncle Chang’an hug!”

“Come on,” Li Changshou rubbed Nezha’s head, and half carried him on his shoulders, “Let’s go home.”

I also sigh secretly in my heart. Although this little Nezha is smart enough to judge like youngster and youth, in the final analysis it is still a child’s temperament.

Nezha has not paid much attention to the previous events at this time, collapsed on Li Changshou’s shoulder, and moaned weakly.

The whole body is sore, the hands and feet cramps, it is really like symptoms of tiredness from playing.

Uh, how come the clothes have been changed? Didn’t you come out in this body?

A few question marks hung on Nezha’s forehead, and then he was attracted by the butterflies on the roadside, staring at the entranced for a while.

Li Changshou chuckled softly in his heart.

The ideal “Nezha Fights the Dragons”, the young Nezha is heroic, with magical treasure with him, and he is full of glamour, worthy of the name of a little hero.

In fact, “Nezha Fights the Dragons”, I burned my clothes shortly after taking the action, holding a flint gun, wearing a red stomacher, and holding a long spear, rushing forward and backward, what he deserves…

The name of the little buttocks.

Very spirit.

“Uncle Chang’an, did I kill a long worm?”

“Yes, and you are a little out of control.”

“Then you just said I was dreaming, ha, yawn…I still heard my father’s voice.”

Li Changshou said slowly: “Third Young Master, you fainted in the sea. Those small dragons of Dragon Race are going to kill the Third Young Master. Lord arrived in time and saved the Third Young Master.”

“What about daddy?”

Nezha asked, blinking big eyes.

“The Chief Soldier is busy with military affairs, so I hurried back after saving the Third Young Master.”

“Oh,” Nezha yawned, “Then I will sleep for a while…so sleepy.”

Li Changshou responded warmly and patted Nezha’s back gently, causing him to fall asleep slowly.

In the battle with the Imperial Guards, Nezha gradually released his own baleful qi in order to get more spiritual power.

This process is almost instinctive, which can be regarded as Nezha’s stress response when encountering a crisis.

For Nezha at this time, there was a big burden.

Although the little Nezha cannot treat each other with ordinary children, he is completely integrated with the self in the previous life in the mother’s womb, but it has only been more than two years since he was born. The temperament is too simple to think about.

Especially, Nezha trusts his uncle Chang’an very much.

Li Changshou said casually, but the situation at the time was not that simple.

Ao Bing sets up the killing array to plan Nezha, using the patrol Yaksha as a guide to condemn Nezha.

Ao Bing’s motives are quite complicated and somewhat psychologically distorted. This can be regarded as Ao Bing’s method of self-seeking approval.

Things are going very smoothly. Several Ao Bing’s exclusive Imperial Guard introduced Nezha into East Sea and then lured Nezha into the killing array previously established.

This is supposed to be a lore, and Li Changshou must immediately take action to rescue.

But I never imagined that the killing array was dissipated in a very short time, Nezha’s own baleful qi and spiritual power broke out simultaneously, swallowing Ao Bing instantly, and smashing Dragon Soul with one shot.

Those blue dragon upon seeing this quickly retreat.

Nezha was about to catch up, and the bracelet on his wrist gleamed lightly, causing Nezha to fall asleep.

Ao Bing, who was smashed by the Dragon Soul, escaped into the void with a trace of remnant soul, seeming to rush to the Investiture of Gods stage under the Central Heavenly Gate.

This should be the first Spiritual Body on Investiture of Gods.

The protagonist of Heaven and Earth today is Human Race.

Li Changshou can’t let it go. In the future, there will be a “dragon disaster” that will harm countless mortals.

He thought a lot at the time, considered probabilities, and determined that resolving the internal contradictions of Dragon Race would not affect his overall plan, so he chose a safe take action.

Half-coercion and half-help, let Dragon King, these ‘1st floor Old Dragons’, clean up the dangerous elements inside Dragon Race and reverse Dragon Race’s fundamental understanding of Great Desolate.

This has great benefits for both Human Race and Dragon Race.

The specific steps are a bit complicated, and they will be staged one by one; Li Changshou did not give Dragon King a specific script. This can be regarded as his trust in Old Dragon King, a Great Desolate planner.

The idea is that Li Changshou provides external pressure, Heavenly Court, Enlightenment Cult, and Human Race. The three pressures suppress the inside of Dragon Race and make a situation of pressure. The Dragon King will reorganize the inside of Dragon Race and reverse the overall self of Dragon Race. Cognition.

Dragon King must be consistent with the position of the dragons in this process to ensure the relative stability of the Dragon Race and the authority of the Dragon King itself.

In the final result, Dragon Race may have complaints about Heavenly Court, and will no longer be grateful to Taibai Golden Star. Ao Bing becomes Heavenly Court Immortal God, and Dragon Race and Heavenly Court are more firmly bound.

Dragon Race can avoid being caught in a battle with Human Race, and Human Race loses one disaster.

The goal that must be achieved is that Dragon Race bows its head to accept the fact that they are only part of the creatures of Heaven and Earth.

conceited Yes, the enclosure is conceited.

If you are not satisfied, clean up as soon as possible.

Li Changshou didn’t want Human Race to rule Dragon Race, but wanted Dragon Race to thrive in Four Seas quietly, and couldn’t have the idea of ​​competing with Human Race for Heaven and Earth.

This is also a way for Li Changshou to support Human Path.

The old Way Protector is a teacher.

Of course, Li Changshou’s arrangement will not only consider Dragon Race.

As long as the follow-up plan is under his control…

Forget it, hold your hand, don’t plant the flag.

He will take action to intervene in time to avoid Nezha’s tragedy.

Heavenly Way needs a gold medalist. Human Race is Empress Nuwa with the Innate Way Body as a template. The potential is not lost to any treasure.

According to Li Changshou’s understanding of Tao at the moment and his research on Heavenly Way, the Nezha Treasure Lotus in the Heavenly Way script is actually based on burning incense Karmic Virtue, which itself limits the upper limit of Nezha.

Spirit Bead Child was originally blocked by his own path of cultivation, so he resolutely said goodbye to little bunny, striving to be reincarnated and re-cultivation.

Since Li Changshou has promised Spirit Bead Child, he will do his best to help him in the Great Way perfection.

There is no perfect scheme or arrangement in the world, and neither is this plan.

Dragon Race needs a victim with enough weight. Ao Bing is the chosen ‘Destiny’.

Li Changshou sighed from the bottom of his heart and didn’t comment much on this.

A long time ago, he was thinking about whether everything he did was part of the script of Heavenly Way.

But it took Li Changshou about decades to get an accurate result.


From then on, Li Changshou learned to “draw pictures” from the bottom of his heart, and then use pen and ink to write on the cloth some ideas that are beneficial to him and the Heavenly Way.

Fucking Heavenly Way, this kind of thing has been done more than 600 years ago.

The death of Ao Bing is ultimately a choice made by the highest level of Dragon Race. There is a direct relationship with him, the Taibai Golden Star, but it is indeed the best solution to the current crisis facing Dragon Race.

On the way back to Chentang Pass, Li Changshou seemed to hear the zi zi sound when the fuse was burning fast, but he couldn’t help but want to laugh.

No way, little Nezha’s snoring sound is louder.


Starry night, Li Mansion.

Nezha slept in Yin Clan’s room, but in the living room of the front yard, there were several Immortals who had a face in Great Desolate.

Da Onmyouji Supreme Unity, deeply hidden, never revealed Jade Cauldron, Heavenly Court superstar Yang Jian, True Master Yellow Dragon who survives a catastrophe and has no luck, and a Paper Daoist by Li Changshou.

Li Jing sat on the main seat, with a bit of worry in her eyes, but more determined and determined.

Yang Jian saw the silence in the hall for too long, and took the initiative to ask: “Are you sure it was Dragon Race’s first hand?”

“Yes,” Li Jing slowly nodded, said resolutely, “According to Nezha, the Crown Prince of Ryusan likes to come to Chentang Pass to find mortal girls for fun. Nezha has taught him several times, so Ryusan Crown Prince was born. Bad Nian, moved to kill.”

Jade Cauldron said slowly: “I’m afraid Dragon Race won’t care about this… After all, it is the parents and children of Dragon King who die.”

Yellow Dragon murmured a few times aside: “This is not that simple. Sometimes Dragon King must also pay attention to the emotions of Dragon Race.”

Supreme Unity True Person sneered and scolded: “They take action scheme and were counter-killed by Nezha, but in the right and self-confident come to my Treasure disciple to confess?”

Yellow Dragon said in a low voice: “As the Jade Cauldron junior apprentice brother said, it is the East Sea Dragon Palace three Crown Prince who died after all.”

“How?” Supreme Unity True Person indifferently said, “Can Dragon King Crown Prince have more parts than other Dragon Race?”

“master’s older sibling, this is not the time to be stunned,” Yang Jian said solemnly, “Dragon Race is now returning to Heavenly Court. I asked someone to check it before I came here. Ao Bing also has Heavenly Court on his body. The position of Auxiliary God.

If Dragon Race insists on this matter, it is really bad for us. “

“Don’t worry about Heavenly Court,” Li Changshou said with a smile, “Just say Dragon Race.”

Supreme Unity True Person puzzled said: “How did this little Crown Prince of Dragon Race become Heavenly Court Immortal God?

The standards set by Heavenly Court are so loose? “

Li Changshou said resolutely: “Dragon Race is nominally under the name of Water God, and I now hold the position of Water God concurrently, but I have already replaced the mortal cloud and rain messenger and the Water God of the unimportant Water Element everywhere. The power falls on the Hall of Universal Brightness.

Presumably, Hall of Universal Brightness saw the three Crown Princes of the East Sea Dragon King and turned a blind eye, giving the position of Auxiliary God. “

Jade Caudron True Person asked: “Will there be a Dragon Race scheme here?”

“It should be,” Li Changshou remained calm and collected, and nodded.

His arrangements for Dragon Race are inconvenient to mention to any relatives or friends.

“Ai,” Li Jing sighed, “Now I can only confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth.

Nezha is the third son of my Li Jing. Although Li Jing is not an almighty Great Divine Expert, I am just a mortal general, but I am very comfortable.

If Dragon Race comes to attack, you should ask them why they can be so cruel to a child who is less than three years old! “


Li Jing tone barely fell, suddenly there was the sound of rolling thunder above her head, Chentang Pass Heaven and Earth changed color, and the starry sky was obscured by clouds.

The downpour poured down without warning. The mortals who were still active in the streets and lanes hurriedly returned home to take shelter from the rain, and the Chentang Pass quickly became quiet.

Immortal’s complexion in the hall is surprisingly consistent-solemn.

East Sea layer upon layer waves rise, strikes against the cliffs on the seashore.

There seems to be more than ten seemingly non-existent pressure between Heaven and Earth, and in the low and heavy cloud above Chentang Pass, blue dragons surge up and down, with lightning and thunder, silhouette faintly discernible, walk to the sky over the General Military Mansion.

“Where is Chentang Pass Li Jing.”

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