My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 733


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“Bodhi, what do you think of the evil of Monster Race?”

Next to the spirit stone, gray robe Old Daoist stands with his hand behind him, sound transmission asked.

Li Changshou’s “Emptiness Bodhi” stood from the side and behind, maintaining the salute attitude commonly used by Western Territory Cult disciple, with his hands in front of him and his body slightly leaning forward. At this time, he whispered a few times and said:

“The disciple dare not say much, it is all sent by Heavenly Way.”

Direct communication with Way Ancestor and Heavenly Way will actually be risky.

The biggest problem is that you can’t expose too much information. In case Way Ancestor catches any clues, saying ‘you know too much’, then you must raise the table in advance.


I have come to this step, so I must wait for 98% of the victory.

Gray robe Old Daoist was silent for a while, pushing gently with his palm, and the fog in front of him instantly became transparent. Here you can see the beautiful scenery of the valley and gentle slope below.

You can also see a Monster Race ape tribe, rooting and multiplying here.

“Bodhi, you have worked with Monster Race. What role do these Monster Races have on Heaven and Earth?”

Li Changshou:……

Is Great Desolate biodiversity really not important?

Say proper business, say proper business.

“disciple dare not answer such a difficult question, this is a question that Heavenly Way can only think about.”

gray robe Old Daoist smiled a little and said: “Well, you are a cautious temper after all. You should remember the taboo of Heavenly Way.”

Li Changshou hurriedly bowed his head to make a way greeting, maintaining a bowed posture.

“Ai, after all, is a difference in philosophy,” gray robe Old Daoist said, “I liked him very much, and gave him the most attention and pointed the way for his Way of Balance.

Even this Great Way, which should not be controlled by creatures, allowed him to explore the realm of perfection.

But it also hurt him like this. He felt that he had jumped out of the Three Realms, not among the five elements, and wanted to pray for the lives of the creatures, insisting on letting the creatures surpass Heaven and Earth, saying that if there are no creatures The existence of Heaven and Earth is meaningless.

How arrogant.

Heaven and Earth is Heaven and Earth, which is neither destroyed by creatures nor exists for creatures. “

Li Changshou chuckles in his heart.

Very brilliant means to buy people’s hearts.

This passage is what Way Ancestor said. It seems to be used to explain the greed of the ‘living self’ with ‘Heaven and Earth’s perpetual existence’, but it’s actually just confusing.

Heaven and Earth has always existed forever, but creatures have the ability to overthrow Heaven and Earth;

If there is no Heavenly Way or Way Ancestor take action to block, Three Pure Ones Saint can rework wind, fire, water and earth, and then reopen one world.

The irreconcilable contradiction between them is that Heavenly Way has lust. Li Changshou wants to obliterate this lust, and Way Ancestor is this lust.

That’s all.

Of course, you can’t say that.

Li Changshou whispered: “That person failed to appreciate somebody’s kindness and missed a great future. It is really embarrassing.”

“You’re good, I didn’t take the opportunity to scold that guy.”

gray robe Old Daoist chuckled lightly and sighed:

“No matter what, Three Realms has also taken this step. Heaven and Earth has been extremely stabilized. There are few variables between Heaven and Earth. The creatures can live in peace and the Heavenly Way is stable.

Bodhi, there are still a few unresolved doubts between Heaven and Earth.

Would you like, enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, do one or two things? “

“disciple! May lay down one’s life!”

‘Emptiness Bodhi”s voice trembled a little, but Way Heart quickly calmed down.

gray robe Old Daoist in the dark observed for a while, and then satisfactorily laughed.

The edge of the cliff was quiet again for a while, when a breeze passed, gray robe Old Daoist walked to the spirit stone and gently patted:

“There is a stone birth, which is created by Heaven and Earth, and Human Race Saintess’s Karmic Virtue, which is now converge no less than ordinary Great Principle Golden Immortal magic power’s spiritual power.

This will give birth to a spiritual birth, which is the key to your West rise greatly.

And today, this poor Daoist entrusts this key to you.

Would you like to enlightenment this womb, pass his cultivation method, and help him transform the spiritual power into magic power? “

“disciple is willing.”

‘Emptiness Bodhi’ immediately made a promise and said: “Many thanks Heavenly Way is such consideration for West. If Teacher knows this, I don’t know how to be happy.”

“You don’t have to let him know,” gray robe Old Daoist indifferently said, “you know it as you know it.”

“Yes, the discipline will rot this matter in my heart.”

“Very well, then you said, how do you want to teach this womb? How can you let this womb help you rise greatly?”


‘Emptiness Bodhi’ groaned a few times, which really stumped Li Changshou.

Do you want to follow the line of Journey to the west small tribulation? Or analyze the current situation of Spirit Mountain?

If you press the former, you will be appreciated by Way Ancestor, but there is a risk of exposure.

Therefore, Li Changshou said slowly: “The discipline and the discipline are not too clear, and the discipline is dull, please let Lord express it.”

“that’s all,” gray robe Old Daoist shook his head slightly, “you go to the northwest of Southern Jambu Continent to find an immortal residence, named Fangcunshan and Xieyue Sanxingdong.

Receive some more lessons from the discipline, either Human Race or Monster Race.

When the fetus is born, this poor Daoist will automatically lead the fetus in the stone to find you, and you can just receive disciple to teach it all. “

“Yes,” Li Changshou’s heart secretly sighed.

It’s safe to ask three questions like this, but it also missed some small opportunities.

There is no way, there is something to do, and everything is stable.

Way Ancestor seems to have a good talk, and it seems like a big victory here, there is nowhere to find someone to share, so I want to talk more with Emptiness Bodhi.

gray robe Daoist said: “Just walk around.”

Li Changshou hurriedly promised and followed with every step.

However, for only one hour, gray robe Old Daoist signaled Li Changshou to leave, Li Changshou relaxed, bowed his head and saluted, and drove away in the clouds, and the department of Flower Fruit Mountain was hiding.

gray robe Old Daoist put on an expression that didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, shook his head negatively, and gave an evaluation.

“Embarrassed to use.”

Thus Li Changshou left Flower Fruit Mountain and immediately headed towards Southern Jambu Continent, looking for a suitable mountain top immortal residence in the northwest of Southern Jambu Continent at the border of the intersection with Western Ox Hè Continent.

Heavenly Way and Way Ancestor should do the tasks immediately.

At this moment, Heavenly Way is watching, Li Changshou dare not do any small actions, but earnestly searched for grotto-heaven and blessed land and built a Taoist temple.

spirit Fangcun Mountain, Xianyue Sanxingdong.

In lighten, seven boys and virgins were born, and two or three immortal cranes were raised in captivity.

The Taoist temple as a whole is embedded in the mountain wall. It is a common immortal residence structure, which houses the Tibetan Scriptures Institute, the Reward and Punishment Hall, the Disciple Residence, and a small dining hall.

The main hall is dedicated to Heaven and Earth. A large incense burner has been erected in front of the hall, and the fairy mist is lingering all day, like Immortal Realm.

Later, Li Changshou arranged several mazes, trapping arrays, and Gathering Spirit Arrays according to the array in Emptiness Bodhi’s memory. They are all quite profound array routines, which are equivalent to telling the passing creatures that there is an expert. dwelling.

Next, is the issue of receive disciple.

According to his calculation, Brother Hou is still some time away, and it is not interesting to harvest the discipline early.

At the moment, Li Changshou sealed up this square inch of mountain and wandered around the border of the continent without any problems.

Several years have passed, he returned to Western Ox Hè Continent, went to Spirit Mountain for a round, and felt a strong sense of ‘exclusion’.

Spirit Mountain can no longer accommodate him.

In this regard, ‘Emptiness Bodhi ’laughed, did not say much, just made a way greeting to the land of Saint Receive and Lead seclusion, turned and floated away.

The current Spirit Mountain has been substantively ruled by Enlightenment Cult disciple and Section Cult disciple.

Unfortunately, it is not part of Way Sect, but Creed of Western Territory Cult itself.

Why did Li Changshou conclude that the monkey was born too early?

It’s simple, Buddhism has not yet been established.

Aside from the influence of Way Ancestor, Heavenly Way operates in its own way; stone monkeys are the ‘messenger’ of Buddhism rise greatly, so there must be Buddhism first and then monkeys.

Therefore, the monkey must be born after transforming into a Buddha.

Wait for Buddhism Destiny to stabilize completely before the stone monkey can be brought into the world!

Compared with the prenatal education of monkeys, Li Changshou pays more attention to Laozi’s take action.

At this moment, Western Territory Cult not at all realizes what is about to happen; Laozi’s capture of Daoist Abundant Treasures has rarely been mentioned between Heaven and Earth.

Presumably, Laozi is currently ‘remodeling’ Daoist Abundant Treasures. As for how far it can be remodeled, Li Changshou is not sure.

This matter is important, but Laozi is not cruel.

Don’t look at reserved in Laozi normally, as Saint Incarnation walks between Heaven and Earth, wherever you go, you are a majesty of first class.

In fact, Laozi is very kind and never refuses the requirements of the discipline generation.

As the strongest Refining Artifacts division and Alchemy division of Great Desolate, Laozi alone undertakes the entire Human Cults’ logistics. From the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill to the divine spear, Li Changshou can have the strength that Way Ancestor can challenge today. It is inseparable from Laozi’s support.

Now, Way Ancestor does not dare to move Laozi at will, which proves that Laozi himself is quite terrifying.

When Grand Pure Teacher went to the Purple Firmament Palace to fight Way Ancestor, Laozi was not recalled.

In fact, the reason for the major is also very simple. The main body of the Grand Pure Teacher is strong enough. With Laozi and without Laozi, it can be overwhelmed by Way Ancestor, which has long been reversed by Heavenly Way.

The difficulty in this matter lies in the inability to separate Way Ancestor from Heaven and Earth source; to kill Way Ancestor, Great Desolate Heaven and Earth must be reopened, and all the creatures under Golden Immortal Realm will die again.

Kill the enemy with one force, there is no room for manipulation at all.

And this is also the important meaning of Li Changshou’s existence.

Similar to the steps of stuffing the elephant into the refrigerator, Li Changshou only needs to “open the refrigerator door” and “detach the Way Ancestor from Heaven and Earth source”, and you can completely avoid Li Changshou take action later.

Of course, Li Changshou would never pin his hopes on ‘hopes’ that have not been fully confirmed. He also prepared several sets of trump cards against Way Ancestor.

He tried to do everything he could to minimize the impact Heaven and Earth received, and minimize the casualties caused by this incident.

Gradually, the empty Great Way of ‘Emptiness Bodhi’ has bottleneck again.

Li Changshou did not go to the Three Thousand Worlds again, but started to walk in the Great Desolate Five Divisions Continent with Fangcun Mountain as a circle.

Wander around Fang Town, disguise as ordinary Golden Immortal, visit some Way Sect immortal gates of Central Divine Continent, and use the name of discuss the Way to make some ancient books of Way Sect Three Cults.

He doesn’t lack these ancient books, but ‘Emptiness Bodhi’ lacks them.

In order to be able to “practice both Taoism and Buddhism” and “strength leap”, one must behave fully.

After decades of this, Emptiness Bodhi’s Way Realm breaks through again.

After having a deeper understanding of emptiness, he set his sights on the Samsara Great Way again, and proposed that ‘there is a new Samsara after dying,’ such a great way, Way Realm once again improved.

Vaguely, ‘Emptiness Bodhi’ has the posture of the second expert in Western Territory Cult.

Mañjuśrī and other Western Territory Cult real powers seem to feel threatened, and in the dark take action they engage in a wave of ‘Emptiness Bodhi’.

The name of Bodhi Old Ancestor began to spread in Great Desolate. Various ostentation and various renderings made Bodhi Old Ancestor an existence at the same level as Western Territory Cult Saint Receive and Lead and the former Cundi Saint.

This Spirit Mountain, ‘Emptiness Bodhi’ is completely impossible to return.

Li Changshou really didn’t expect. Mañjuśrī’s plot tricks are quite well organized.

Is a ruthless character, I will focus on it later.

He took the opportunity to live for a long time in Fangcun Mountain, and simply revealed the name of Bodhi Old Ancestor, and broke up with Spirit Mountain.

Be at ease and wait for the monkey to come.


“hehehe ——”

Heavenly Court, Immortal Mountain somewhere surrounded by immortal ray, in a gorgeous palace on the top of the mountain.

God of Wealth in a happy robe sat on the edge of the bed, leaning against the slightly raised belly of Saintess Golden Spirit, holding the wine pot, slightly drunk.

Saintess Golden Spirit reads quietly while holding a volume of books. It is more than a few percent gentler than before the Investiture of Gods. It must be judged by “several times”!

Zhao Gongming said with a smile: “Madam, when you are pregnant, you should also consider our feelings.”

“hmph, bear with me.”

Saintess Golden Spirit indifferently said: “At this time, I can still give our children some benefits, what are you impatient?

even more how, now in Heavenly Court, I don’t want them to mix up. “

“What’s wrong with Heavenly Court, isn’t it great.”

Zhao Gongming spread his hand: “Look, everywhere is very peaceful, and Immortal Halls are functioning normally.

From Five Divisions Continent to Three Thousand Worlds, where is Heavenly Court not taken care of? “

Saintess Golden Spirit thought about it carefully: “It just feels that it is well taken care of. The Three Realms is fully operated according to the Heavenly Court Heavenly Law. Everywhere is meticulous and somewhat boring.”

“This is a good thing,” Zhao Gongming sighed, “Even if my brother comes back, he will proceed in accordance with this charter.”

“That is different.”

Golden Spirit looked up at the dome of the great hall, where bright stars were shining, and said: “It feels a little dull and not open.”

Zhao Gongming could not help being dumb.

He sighed sullenly, raised his hand to fix the hairstyle on his forehead, a bit of helplessness in his eyes.

“It’s fine for them to live well outside,” Zhao Gongming said. “For a few of them, this is the best destination, far away from Heavenly Court, in control of their own destiny, outside of Three Realms Happy and happy.”

Zhao Gongming’s eyes have a bit of light, and the light keeps flickering, Wen said:

“Maybe when the two sides reconcile in the future, we can see them again. At that time, the second sister was holding two babies and fighting with our children.

How great. “

Golden Spirit said: “Reconciliation? It doesn’t exist.”

“Isn’t this looking forward,” Zhao Gongming said with a smile, “No matter what, Heaven and Earth still has to move towards a better direction, and Great Desolate can continue to pass one cycle after another.


Just like the Human Race secular world, after the war, people are determined to live and work in peace and contentment for some time.

We should also try to be satisfied, after all, there is not much we can do now. “

“You,” Golden Spirit groaned, reaching out on top of Patted Zhao Gongming’s head.

She actually knows why her Husband said this.

Husband was actually persuading her that she could not start fighting due to the Section Cult tragedy, and let her tolerate her in Heavenly Court.

In their two positions at this time, they are both the real power Great Immortal gods of Heavenly Court, maintaining the fate of the Section Cult immortal on the list, and maintaining the burning incense inheritance of Section Cult between Heaven and Earth.

Because of the high cultivation base, Heavenly Way cannot directly interfere with their minds.

However, Heavenly Way uses Section Cult’s most respected as important sentiment to put them layer after layer of shackles, making them impossible to move here.

The pressure on my Husband is too heavy.

Golden Spirit took the initiative to stagger the subject and asked: “What has Long Ji thought of lately?”

“No,” Zhao Gongming shook his head, “I went to see it in the dark, she was a little lost, unable to fight spirit every day, and often washed her face with tears.

It feels like repeating the tragedy of Chang’e that year. “

“no harm in doing it,” Saintess Golden Spirit pretty face is getting colder, “what they lost will eventually be found.

What Heaven and Earth lost will eventually return again. “


Heavenly Way’s power is coming, seeming to lower the thunder tribulation.

Zhao Gongming stood up, smiled and arched his hands in the air, the power of Heavenly Way slowly dissipated.

“Don’t say this,” Zhao Gongming sighed, “Let’s raise the baby in peace and mix waste time in Heavenly Court. It’s not good, what’s controversial.”

Saintess Golden Spirit did not say much, and continued to read the scroll in his hand.

Zhao Gongming scratched his head and sat back in his original position, slightly entranced.

Golden Spirit suddenly asked: “By the way, where is the Big Apprentice Brother lost by Laozi?”

“I didn’t inquire, but there should be no problem.”

Zhao Gongming said with a smile: “Laozi is not an evil god after all.”

At the same time;

In Tushita Palace.

Under the old tree where Great Master Profound Capital has slept for a long time, Daoist Abundant Treasures are wrapped in layers of yin and yang gossip Dao Rhyme, looking at the ancient books piled up into a hill in front of them, complexion incredibly pale.

“Laozi, eh, you give the discipline a good time! Disciple Way Realm is all dug out!”


Daoist Abundant Treasures shuddered after hearing a bull cry from the other side.

I saw that Azure Ox was wearing a nose ring and lying on top of a pile of treasure mountains, unspeakably comfortable.

Every time the nose ring flashes brightly, there is a spirit treasure underneath that quickly dims, and the Way Heart of Daoist Abundant Treasures will be fiercely scratched.

“Back, back! Back!”

Numerous Treasures smiled wryly, patted my belly, which has lost a lot of weight recently, and continued to study hard.

Being a Cult Master, this is too bad.

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