My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 735


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Painful, too painful.

Laughing in my heart, with a sad expression on his face, Li Changshou is really too painful at this moment.

What is this wave?

Daoist Abundant Treasures steal home online, Laozi take action to cut off Western Territory Cult Destiny, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning came forward to calm the Receive and Lead Taoist, Heavenly Way push the boat along with the current let Saint Receive and Lead in Heaven The influence is completely lost between and Earth.

This hidden line is really too long and too long.

From Grand Pure Saint’s body, Wen Jing calculated that Wen Jing would take a sip of golden lotus. This drama is under the control of Grand Pure Saint, and Li Changshou participated in the whole process.

But neither of the master and disciple actively mentioned the word ‘Buddha’, and every communication is hidden in the conversation that takes place every 18 days on average.

Li Changshou reminded Grand Pure Saint a long time ago that Western Territory Cult may have countermeasures. You can refer to the Heavenly Way oath template he made.

Grand Pure Saint also reminded Li Changshou that these things cannot be revealed, otherwise the two Saints of Western Territory Cult may completely take refuge in the Heavenly Way and reject their scheme.

Later, due to Heavenly Way oppression and Way Ancestor oppression, Grand Pure Saint entrusted the matter to Laozi in advance.

After that, Li Changshou steadily lurked Daoist Wen Jing in the Western Territory Cult in the dark, step by step approaching the place of the golden lotus.

At the bottom of the previous Investment of Gods great tribulation, when Heavenly Way and Receive and Lead took action on Section Cult at the same time, let Wen Jing ruin Jinlian and let Saint Receive and Lead save thousands of Section Cult disciple , Directly overwhelmed Western Territory Cult Destiny.

According to the rules of Heavenly Way, the Western Territory Cult at this time is a big black house. If Great Cult replaces it, and the Creed of Western Territory Cult is promoted as soon as possible, it will be pushed in the dark.

All these preparations are in place, which gives Numeric Treasures the possibility of Buddhism.

What happened here is far from what Daoist Abundant Treasures can do by reading a scripture, saying a preach, and then issuing some aspirations.

It includes both the Destiny dispute and the Human Cults scheme that has continued for many years.

Mo Kan is now slowly flying towards Spirit Mountain in the air. The Buddha who will take over Spirit Mountain is Senior Apprentice Brother Numerous Treasures. In fact, the one who made a great contribution to this matter is…

Li Changshou just wanted to raise his hand, but was pinched on his shoulder by a hand, and the way body shadow came out from the side.

Great Master Profound Capital.

Without Great Master Profound Capital’s ‘universal gravitation’ on mosquitoes, Wen Jing might hesitate to take a bite, and miss the opportunity.

Li Changshou silently gave a thumbs up to the Great Masters who are currently traveling the Primal Chaos Sea on the Kunpeng.

At this moment, Numeric Treasures maintains the main body of the Buddha, wearing smiles, slowly approaching Spirit Mountain from the south-east direction.

Although Laozi has returned to Heavenly Court, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning is sitting on a white cloud, slowly following Daoist Abundant Treasures high in the sky, with a little smile in his eyes.

In this wave, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning stood at the highest level.

The atmosphere above Spirit Mountain is extremely depressing.

Receive and Lead Taoist sits quietly in the deepest part of the main hall, without a camoflauge mood. It must be a mess at this time.

Before antiquity Sanctification, the apprentice brothers, Receive and Lead and Cundi, ran hard because of the phrase ‘West destined to rise greatly.’

By fair means or foul, they lied, deceived, stolen, and even taught this as a Way Method to the disciplines selected to develop Great Cult.

All efforts are for the West rise greatly, so that they will not be compared with Innate Almighty, which is the Spiritual Body of the Pangu god like Three Pure Ones!

Being side by side with Three Pure Ones for their “Vision Saint”!

That’s what they are fighting over.

But now in the end…


Even Cundi Saint was slaughtered by Way Sect and two Saint disciples because they had no bottom line;

And he, the big Saint, was a few steps behind Grand Pure Saint after all, and was pressed to death by Grand Pure. There was no room for resistance.

Scheme Way Sect for so many years;

Provoked the Enlightenment and Section battle for so many years.

Finally, Enlightenment and Section broke out a great war, but Human Cults backhanded it to steal the sky and put up a sham sun. Before Western Territory Cult was about to rise greatly, Cult Destiny of Western Territory Cult was intercepted.

By the way, the road was completely blocked.

This matter didn’t have the 98% bastard’s participation. Way Ancestor committed suicide and didn’t believe him in Receive and Lead!

Even if the tolerance, restraint, and shrewd are normally high, the Way Heart of Receive and Lead is a bit unstable at this moment, and there is an unspeakable anger in my heart.

Look again, look at these disciplines at this time!

Receive and Lead Taoist gazes across the disciplines below, but sees that half of the disciplines are sitting behind the four-way body of Mañjuśrī, Fuxian, Ju Liusun, and Cihang;

The remaining half of the discipline, although still sitting in the original position, but in the front row, closest to him, there is only ‘Emptiness Bodhi’.

Receive and Lead smiled a little relievedly, and looked at their own discipline.

Except Kṣitigarbha, Bodhi is the most satisfied.

Compared with hundreds of years ago, Bodhi’s Way Realm has reached such a realm, and it is almost the same as Maitreya back then.

Talk to comfort.

On the side, Kassapa said solemnly: “Teacher, what shall we do with this.”

Receive and Lead is silent.

There is Old Daoist said solemnly: “Grand Pure Saint is such a powerful scheme. It has completely projected the fate of our West, and arranged this move in advance.”

“Buddhism, what a Buddhism, condenses our Western Territory Cult Creed, and incorporates many Way Sect essences, which directly wins the luck of our Western Territory Cult that should rise greatly!”

“This is not the time to talk about this,” Old Daoist sighed, “Numerous Treasures said earlier that if Teacher is the Buddha of all ages, it has the meaning of taking Spirit Mountain.

Enlightenment Cult Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning follows, and the meaning of pressure is already on the surface.

We should think of a way to deal with it, or talk to block the other party’s speech, or prepare for a fighting method. “

“Goodness,” Ananda sighed, “Teacher, now just a word from you, I will stop Numeric Treasures from Spirit Mountain.”

Receive and Lead looked towards Kasaba Ananda, and he saw Mañjuśrī and other Daoist that separated them from themselves.

The Taoist Mañjuśrī groaned a few times, opened the mouth and said: “Now this situation is very unfavorable for us.”

Then there was no words.

Receive and Lead Taoist suddenly smiled, and said slowly: “Then what should I do with Mañjuśrī’s advice?”

“Disciple is dull,” Taoist Mañjuśrī lowered his head quickly, “I dare not talk wild in front of the Teacher…

This, Bodhi senior apprentice brother has successive breakthroughs in the cultivation base in recent years. It has a very good reputation among Heaven and Earth. He is resourceful and resourceful. He must have a clever plan to deal with the current situation. “

Emptiness Bodhi, which is Li Changshou, turned his head and looked towards Mañjuśrī, frowning slightly, with a warning in his eyes.

The Taoist Mañjuśrī showed a somewhat humble smile.

Li Changshou didn’t speak, he just pondered, and the scene fell into a stalemate.

Daoist Ci Hang rounded up a round on the side: “I think I should talk to the Numerical Treasures and ask him what he wants to do when he comes to Spirit Mountain.”

“Yes,” Old Daoist immediately echoed, “Teacher is the Lord of Saint, so it is not convenient to talk directly with Saint disciple like Numeric Treasures.”

Li Changshou was in the audience, laughing secretly in his heart.

Too good.

These Western Territory Cult disciple simply are too good.

See the wind to make the rudder, stand actively in the team, give full play to the good behavior of “people go to high places, water seeks its own level”, and directly bypass Receive and Lead to negotiate with Numeric Treasures and see how to divide the Buddhist Way Fruit.


It’s not the whole family, don’t enter the family.

The core disciple taught by Western Territory Cult, after recognizing the current situation, has quickly made a judgment.

What is the current situation?

The road to the future of Western Territory Cult was stolen. The master of Numerical Treasures Incarnation Buddhism gave Saint Receive and Lead a title, and he elevated Saint Receive and Lead to Spirit Mountain to seize power.

Laozi had returned to Tushita Palace at this time, but Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning came together, making Saint Receive and Lead not daring to move.

Pangu Banner can just float in the air.

Heavenly Way only recognizes the word ‘Buddhism’ and only recognizes the ‘Essence of Buddhism’. It doesn’t matter who the Lord Buddha will do it, he will just be obedient in the future.

What’s more interesting is that Mañjuśrī, Fuxian, Ju Liusun, and Ci Hang, the four Enlightenment Cult apostates who returned to Western Territory Cult, are about to drive in Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, calm and unhurried, calm and composed, as if I knew this scene a long time ago.

Mañjuśrī What did they do during their return to Spirit Mountain?

Form gangs, squeeze out Emptiness Bodhi, and get rid of some Old Daoist who are against them. Before Saint Receive and Lead can speak, firmly control the real power of Spirit Mountain.

How do you look at it, these are the plots of today’s Numeric Treasures Huafo [supporting]!

Saint Receive and Lead, unless Spirit Mountain is bloodbathed by a direct take action, today there is no way to prevent Spirit Mountain from being invaded.

But trace back to the source, this is just the bitter fruit of my own brewing.

The master is doing it, the discipline is watching; how the master teaches, they do it today.

What’s more terrible is that Li Changshou is helping in the dark, and now he is determined to break the Saint Receive and Lead.


‘Emptiness Bodhi’ whispered and said in a low voice: “The discipline wants to return to immortal residence cultivation, so I will leave Spirit Mountain temporarily.”

Receive and Lead Daoist frowned obviously. He just wanted to speak, but he slowly nodded, saying: “It’s okay to leave, this poor Daoist at least still has Legacy circulating.”

“Many thanks Teacher enlightenment, the discipline is not rewarded.”

Emptiness Bodhi stood up, made a way greeting to the Taoist Receive and Lead, and turned his head to look at Mañjuśrī and the others.

At this moment, all the Western Territory Cult disciple were silent, only a few people looked at each other with Li Changshou, but they quickly looked away.

“hmph,” Li Changshou complexion coldly snorted gloomily, and flew outside the cloud moved towards Spirit Mountain.

Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning took a look, Li Changshou Way Heart was tight in an instant, but pretending to be normal.

In the end, the second master’s younger sibling did not see any clues, nor did he stop Emptiness Bodhi at this moment, allowing Emptiness Bodhi to drive away.

On Spirit Mountain, there is no more silhouette beside Receive and Lead.

A forced palace drama, with Numeric Treasures slowly approaching and the support behind the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, quietly staged on Spirit Mountain.

Li Changshou has not gone far.

At this moment, he grasped the nature of ‘Emptiness Bodhi’, and felt that such a treatment was the most reasonable and the least weak spot.

Emptiness Bodhi in the bones is similar to Kṣitigarbha. It is unwilling to be equated with Mañjuśrī, but it is a little cautious. It has been hunted down and targeted before.

Choosing depart Spirit Mountain at this time is the most TRUE and best response.

The creatures on Spirit Mountain are actually not worthy of his pity, and he is not qualified to pity Heavenly Way Saint.

that’s all made by themselves.

He is not too far away, watching the situation on Spirit Mountain thousands of miles away.

Thus that Numerous Treasures under ten thousand zhang, the glow reached the top of Spirit Mountain, sitting on the lotus seat and bowing to Saint Receive and Lead, the loud, mellow, and slow voice rippling all over Spirit Mountain Come on:

“Meet the Buddha of all ages.”

Receive and Lead expressionless, nodded, seems to have made a decision, opened the mouth and said:

“Since I respect me, I should be worthy of the Teacher.”

“Buddha is the position of honor, I am the world deity, which means the deity of the world,” Numerous Treasures said slowly, “The Buddha of all ages exists in the ancient and modern future, laying the foundation for Buddhism, but it does not need to be manifested in front of people.

The deity only pays homage to the eternal Buddha, but does not need to obey and longing. “

Receive and Lead Taoist complexion is indescribably ugly.

This wave, this wave is forced to enjoy a life in retirement.

Receive and Lead Taoist said: “Since you respect me, I can give up your position.”

“The Buddha of all ages is wrong,” Numerous Treasures said with a smile and said Buddhism, “Buddhism is established by the deity, and the Buddha comes from the deity. Whenever it meets the appearances, it is today, and all the fruits of the response are here.

All the previous Buddhas of the Eternal Buddha have all opened the door of the deity’s arrival.

The Buddha of the past should exist in the past, the Buddha of the future should exist in the future, and you and I only exist in the present world.

When the Blessed One is the Lord of Buddha.

Although the eternal Buddha laid the foundation for Buddhism, it existed before the birth of Buddhism, and the deity cannot be dismissed. “

The Receive and Lead Taoist was silent for a while, then slowly nodded, saying: “This poor Daoist looked down on you.”

“Buddhism is in the midst of prosperity, so please don’t use Way Sect to proclaim yourself in the future,” Daoist Abundant Treasures said with a smile, “Buddhism and Taoism share the same origin, Heaven and Earth are insecure.

The Karmic Virtue of Eternal Buddha is immeasurable, and the life essence is immeasurable. It is named Amitabha from today.

Anyone who enters into my Buddhism should recite the merits of the Buddha of all ages in building the West Pure Land, praise the contribution of the Buddha of all ages, and use “Buddha who returns to my life” as the Zen language. “

After saying this, Numerous Treasures put your hands together and bowed their heads to Receive and Lead.

“na mo Amitabha.”

His voice has just spread, and the whole Spirit Mountain is still extremely quiet.

I don’t know who was the first to chant the name of the Buddha with hands together. The Western Territory Cult Old Daoist and Western Territory Cult Saint core disciple simultaneously chanted the name of the Buddha.

Receive and Lead corners of the mouth showed a somewhat relieved smile, and the figure slowly dissipated from the praying mat, as if everything was a winner.

Daoist Abundant Treasures looked down towards the Western Territory Cult disciples below, smiled peacefully and said:

“Today set the rules of Buddhism, clarify the Creed of Buddhism and the educational affairs of perfect Buddhism.”

The West disciple stood up and saluted, changing into the etiquette of putting their hands together.

Golden Light shines on Spirit Mountain, auspiciousness appears frequently, and more Karmic Virtue, which is not too much, has landed.

Without the nine muddy spring, Heavenly Way cannot ‘print Karmic Virtue’ casually, and the rewards given at this time are all deductions.

Li Changshou didn’t catch the Karmic Virtue by himself, and he has become an outsider at this moment. The Bodhi Old Ancestor has no substantial connection with Buddhism.

Not bad.

On the way back to Spirit Mountain in the cloud, Li Changshou lowered his head and thought about how Receive and Lead might take action to counteract it.

Look at this Buddhism, the outer skin is Western Territory Cult, in the bones has a surname.

Later, their ‘celebrate victory’ has nothing to do with Li Changshou.

In just a few days, Buddhism was first established, and the news that Heavenly Way gave rise to a greatly fateful fate spread in Great Desolate.

Numerous Treasures is self-named Tathagata, which is the fruit position of Buddha, Buddha, Ding Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat, and Vajra, and sealed several big Bodhisattva on the spot, and gave the Western Territory Cult the oldest Saint disciple, Some’idle Buddha names’.

Numerous Treasures gave the educational affairs to a few Bodhisattva masters to take care of them, and they were happy to take care of them.

A few days later, Heavenly Court Wood Duke went to Spirit Mountain to declare an decree that the Lord of Spirit Mountain was designated as the five elders—namely, Buddhism will come under the jurisdiction of Heavenly Court.

Buddhism is happy to promise, and officially embarks on the road of rise greatly.

And Numerous Treasures has not forgotten Hell Kṣitigarbha, a Way Method decree came down and named Kṣitigarbha as a Buddha;

Kṣitigarbha was silent for a long time in the face of the Way Method decree, but finally destroyed Decree and said the famous saying.

‘The hell is not empty, and you will never become a Buddha. ’

The implication is that Kṣitigarbha accepted Buddhism’s footsteps, but did not accept the fact that Spirit Mountain changed ownership. He showed no respect for Numeric Treasures Decree, continued to be the pillar of Buddhism’s Destiny, and would not make trouble in Spirit Mountain.

Since then, Hell has been kept forever, to relieve the grievances, and alleviate the suffering of living beings.

Receive and Lead Taoist since Spirit Mountain mountainside live in seclusion, no longer reveals his whereabouts between Heaven and Earth, and his aura has almost completely disappeared.

Li Changshou is also amazed at the situation of this Saint;

After some hesitation, Li Changshou took the initiative to go to Eastern Continent Flower Fruit Mountain, and under the supervision of Heavenly Way, he glanced at the fetus in the stone.

This time, there is a heartbeat.

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