My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 736


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How can we teach the monkey well?

Li Changshou returned to Spirit Mountain and began to think about this very in-depth question.

For this, he went to the mortal for a walk, took a look, visited the craftsman who played monkeys, got some enlightenment, and had many ideas in his heart.

Stone Monkeys must be a creature with abundant spirituality and far beyond mortal.

It has no father and no mother. It started with a stone fetus. It can worship Nuwa Saintess as its mother, but it can not be a strange creature of Three Realms five elements.

As for the stone monkey, Li Changshou actually respects it.

Enormous Saint…

What a hero and how reckless he should be to claim such a claim.

newborn calves do not fear tigers, new born stone monkeys are not afraid of Way Ancestor.

To teach monkeys, we should start from two aspects.

One is to maintain his nature, the other is to teach him the ability of fighting method.

Li Changshou’s favorite profound art is 8-9 Profound Art, but 8-9 Profound Art is now a Way Sect protecting cult cultivation technique, which is only spread within a small area of ​​Enlightenment Cult 12 Golden Immortal.

In my ‘nominal’, I can’t do such a cultivation technique.

Also, the monkey’s 72 Changes magical powers, somersault cloud magical powers, and Steel Muscles Iron Bones all need to reach the ‘mysterious’ level in order for the monkey to deal with all kinds of disasters in the future.

Li Changshou never thought about arranging or scheme monkeys. He wanted to keep the monkeys in their nature.

But Li Changshou calculated and considered various situations.

Just say ‘battle strength’.

According to the battle strength reference of Yang Jian at the end of the Investment of Gods great tribulation-after these hundreds of years, Yang Jian strength must have made a leap.

When the monkeys made a fuss about Temple in Heaven, they should be equal to Yang Jian battle strength;

Assuming that the monkey spent decades at Flower Fruit Mountain at Flower Fruit Mountain after he was born, it would take at least 200-300 years for him to study here for him to transform his spiritual power into magic power and fight against Yang Jian in the future. Divide up and down.

This speed is already the limit.

After all, no matter how high the monkey perception is, it is impossible to rely on sudden enlightenment cultivation like him.

I can’t get 8-9 Profound Art, what should I teach monkeys?

There is also the external body method of plucking hair and blowing monkeys. Li Changshou has more than ten kinds of ideas to teach, and monkeys need constant years to cultivation.

After careful consideration, this problem is really troublesome.

How about?

Be a Prenatal Education in advance?

Li Changshou groaned a few times, thinking that he could take this opportunity to touch the bottom of Way Ancestor and see what solutions Way Ancestor can give.

So, he sat in the middle of the Bodhi in the three-star cave of the oblique moon, thinking hard for several months, long sighed, and said loudly:

“Please also Heavenly Way’s instructions on how to teach the beautiful students.”

In the Purple Firmament Palace, the burly Taoist frowned slightly, his expression showing disgust, and the other Cunshan pointed a finger.

In front of the ‘Emptiness Bodhi’ seat, a wisp of treasure ray surrounds it, condensed into three Jade Talisman.

Li Changshou got up and made a way greeting, and said with emotion: “many thanks Heavenly Way Lord.”

Then he took Jade Talisman in his hand and took a closer look.

Looking at the first Jade Talisman, Li Changshou chuckled to himself and found that the method given by Way Ancestor was still based on Spiritual Body and based on insight. Let the’Emptiness Bodhi’ take action help the monkeys build tyrannical fleshly body.

Simple and straightforward cheat.

This method is called “Heavenly Immortal Secret Art”, this ‘Heavenly Immortal’ is not the meaning of Heavenly Immortal Realm, but the meaning of ‘the fairy of heaven’.

With this method, the Golden Immortal Way can be cultivated in a short period of time. If the monkey perception is better and the Heavenly Way has more insights, the Great Principle will not be a problem for hundreds of years.

But one thing is that this method is a quick cultivation technique, and the Great Way it carries is the ‘Tao of Fight’.

This is a relatively vague concept. This Great Way itself was born for the fighting method. The main purpose is to make the creatures fight endlessly between Heaven and Earth, which has the magical effect of the stronger the Vietnam War.

The shortcomings are also obvious, that is, apart from fighting and fighting, there will be no other perceptions.

There is no improvement in Qi Refiner’s quality cultivation, morality, wisdom and beauty.

Way Ancestor gave a solution, and he saved the effort. At most, he left some useful backhands on the monkey.

When I opened the second Jade Talisman, the expression of ‘Emptiness Bodhi’ did not change, but Li Changshou had a long-lost foul language in his heart.


What is it?

72 Changes-Seven Twelve Transformations, which can be transformed into vegetation, insects, stones, and living creatures, spiritual objects, which are indeed treasures of disaster refuge.

What Li Changshou is a little unacceptable is that the formula for change and the method of magical powers cultivation were written by him in Little Jasper Peak thatched hut and passed to Yang Jian, Ling’e and Long Ji’s improved version of the body. -Transformation Technique, the same dime!

It’s completely a copy of the method of change I studied back then!

Way Ancestor is too much, right? Write his feelings directly in Jade Talisman!

Still a prostitute! The kind that doesn’t say hello!

Grass, refers to a plant.

Li Changshou’s secretly thought is bad, but he can only mutter in the heart of the main body, ‘Emptiness Bodhi ’Way Heart is peaceful, and there is even a little joy.

The third Jade Talisman remembers many powerful magical powers, such as the Vajra iron bone (Heavenly Way enhanced version), Heaven and Earth, avoiding five elements, somersault cloud, etc.

As a supplement, Li Changshou will also teach monkeys some fighting method skills, which cannot be determined by the cultivation technique.

For example, [How to respond after being surrounded by the filling the sky man], [How to quickly sense the weaknesses of the array], [81 tips about resilience in the fighting method], [Close melee spike routine].

They are all precious fighting method experience summaries.

Of course, these things must be taught in an unnoticeable influence and cannot be directly organized into a book.

Because this trifle makes Way Ancestor doubt himself, then some save a little only to lose a lot.

In the presence of Heavenly Way, Li Changshou began to think about these three Jade Talisman, and used the cultivation technique one after another cultivation in them again, carefully inquiring, comprehension, and adding some “union” Great Way.

The burly Old Daoist in Purple Bamboo Forest is quite satisfied.

In these several years, Buddhism began its missionary work when it was first decided, and it has widely collected disciplines and confer a title Bodhisattva Arhats.

Because Numerical Treasures was originally the Section Cult Big Apprentice Brother, those Section Cult disciple who were returned to Western Territory Cult by Receive and Lead are not limited to the’Great Way of Saving People’ and the’Receive and Lead God Building’ .

There are still many experts in it.

Especially, the power of life between Heaven and Earth is downgraded again due to the Investment of Gods great tribulation, Saint is not visible, almighty retires, Great Principle Golden Immortal dares to claim to be an expert, and Spirit Mountain’s strength has been Not to be underestimated.

Walking around, the West rise greatly predicted Heavenly Way is about to come true.

The Saints and Saints disciple who were fighting over and over, died and wounded.

worldly affairs impermanence, Heavenly Way impermanence.

Not to the last step, no one knows who will be the final winner.

In the square inch of the mountain, the Emptiness Bodhi smiled somewhat peacefully, closing his eyes to feel Heaven and Earth Great Way, his mind seemed to be relaxed, but he kept tense at all times.

If you insist, the day of retirement and rest is not far away.

In the tenth year of Buddhism, the East Sea has been flooded with sunshine for several months, and there are many natural phenomena near Flower Fruit Mountain.

The Monster Race seems to have some feeling. Small monsters mostly avoid the place of Flower Fruit Mountain. Great Monster looks at the region with the most Flower Fruit Mountain natural phenomenon.

There is a great array. I don’t know what treasure is hidden in the array.

Some Old Monster said that since they discovered Flower Fruit Mountain, there is a forbidden area, surrounded by mysterious Dao Rhyme, and it will be trembling in fear when they come close.

Several news circulated among Monster Race with the glow.

[Flower Fruit Mountain will have a peerless Monster King, which can lead Monster Race to the next glory. 】

【Flower Fruit Mountain’s Peerless Monster King is extremely important, it has long been wrapped by Saint’s power, it should be Saint’s scheme. 】

【The Peerless Monster King of Flower Fruit Mountain is the God General cultivated by Heavenly Court and came to the world to destroy the Monster Race. 】

These news become more mysterious as they spread, and the boldness in Monster Race has entered the mist.

It’s gone forever, and the soul disappeared.

This kind of aroused the prying heart of Monster Race. They caught a few Human Race Qi Refiners with a low cultivation base in the dark, let these Qi Refiners explore them, and let these Qi Refiners stay A ray of life and soul.

However, when these Qi Refiners entered here, their life and soul instantly dissipated.

A body was also thrown out, with delegation golden written on it.

【Monster Race retreat, don’t mess with the soul. 】

The signature is the mark of Buddhism, just eight characters and one mark, let Monster Race be expert trembling in fear.

After a brief discussion, Monster Race decided to avoid Flower Fruit Mountain for the time being to see what happened.

Finally, the glow of Flower Fruit Mountain flashed one hundred and 70 Nine suns.

Flower Fruit Mountain has experienced several Earth Vein shocks. The group of mountain monkey spirits left behind by the ape tribe and have not yet opened up spiritual wisdom, one by one is unknown.


Heavenly Court, Soaring Firmament Palace.

Jade Emperor sits calmly on the throne, he has not moved like this for hundreds of years.

Because of dissatisfaction, because of stubborn temper.

Actually, Jade Emperor knew that as long as he was soft, and as long as he lowered his head, the chains on his body would dissipate, and he would wear white clothed and yellow robe.

Heavenly Way is the first in the sequence, its own cultivation base Great Principle perfection, Way Ancestor either directly obliterated him, or condemned him to be a great sin within the operation of Heavenly Way, and replaced him with a Heavenly Emperor, otherwise he could not be moved.

Why resist Teacher?

In fact, it’s not a rebellion, it’s just that the Teacher is unsentimental in dealing with some things, and that’s all in my heart.

He is the closest creature to Heavenly Way.

His authority was given by Way Ancestor, and Way Ancestor gave him the position of Three Realms Master.

Three Realms Master ……

Jade Emperor laughed at himself, but because of the Heavenly Way, he couldn’t make any expressions.

He is just Way Ancestor’s doll that’s all.

Long Life does not know what happened to Primal Chaos Sea. He said before that there is a way to live in Primal Chaos Sea, and he is a little worried after all.

Jade Emperor sometimes thinks, if Daoist Abundant Treasures shouts against the sky, he himself, the Heavenly Emperor, stands up against the Heavenly Way, will there be another situation today.


After all, there are too many concerns, too many implications, and too many concerns.

Rebelling against the Teacher, the Grand Pure senior apprentice brother actually tried it, but still can’t distinguish between Teacher and Great Desolate Heaven and Earth.

Teacher is already the will of Heaven and Earth.

I, the ‘speaker’ of Heaven and Earth’s will to oppose Heaven and Earth, will not have any decisive effect, but it will cause greater calamity between Heaven and Earth.

That would be a great war where the Heavenly Way overthrew life.

Because the overwhelming majority creatures cannot survive without Heaven and Earth, the creatures are destined to losers and must compromise the Heavenly Way.

Except Long Life, no one knows Heavenly Way better than this Jade Emperor.

In fact, he knew what lines after lines of ancestors would do for a long time. Before the investment of Gods great tribulation started, he had seen the script of the Investment of Gods.

Even, the cry of his going to Purple Firmament Palace was not just because he was aggrieved by the Heavenly Emperor, and was ignored by Section Cult and Enlightenment Cult Saint disciple.

Moreover, because he saw too much, he wanted to change but couldn’t change it, and he felt too depressed.

Sometimes Jade Emperor even thought, if he let Long Life sit in his own position, would he be able to counter the Teacher?

Of course, this is just a delusion, he can’t decide whether he will abdicate or not, and who is the next Heavenly Emperor.

Jade Emperor, Hao Tian Boy…

How ironic.

He and Queen Mother were originally the Innate Life created by Heavenly Way, and they were meant to be the executor and Guardian of the Heavenly Way order!

that’s all, it’s useless to say these.

Long Life did so many things for Heavenly Court, but after all, it was just banished.

Long Life is right. If you want to be a Heavenly Emperor who protects creatures, you must learn to control your own desires, maintain sufficient sense, and find a balance between Heavenly Way and creatures.

Now that the Three Realms are closed, Way Ancestor exhibited opening the heavens and the power of the source transformed into the barrier of Heaven and Earth, sealing Long Life’s ‘one escape’ from Heaven and Earth…

Previously, the nine muddy springs were purified to keep the karmic hinderance between Heaven and Earth away from Heaven and Earth.

Heaven and Earth, which has no variables and no calamity, can exist forever, is it just built?

It’s ridiculous…

It’s ridiculous!

“Your Majesty.”

There was a soft call from the side, and the kind-faced, thin old man made a way greeting with the dust, and said warmly, “It’s time to call the gods to discuss matters.”

Jade Emperor opened his eyes, his eyes were a little apathetic, indifferently said: “Zhao.”


The old man answered, and with a flick of the dust, a melodious bell rang outside the Soaring Firmament Palace.

Not long after, lines after lines of immortal ray flew from all over the 33 layer sky, transformed into a Civilian Court Official, lined up in front of the hall, and walked in the hall.

When the hundreds of Righteous Gods arrive, the old man Taibai beside Jade Emperor greets, and the gods bow their heads to the Jade Emperor.

“Meet Your Majesty.”

“The beloved ministers are flat,” Jade Emperor said slowly, and he completed most of the ‘work’ of a Royal Court Gathering.

Under the auspices of the old man Taibai, the Hall of Universal Brightness on duty Righteous God talked about the recent Three Realms trivial matters. Most of them are seasonal changes, rainfall, mortal born, to grow old, to get sick and to General overview of die.

There is another Immortal God table. The old man Taibai reads one after another, picks out the important things, and discusses them with the gods.

The entire Royal Court Gathering is still quite lively, and the efficiency is not low.

Jade Emperor will occasionally say a few more words, which are major events related to the governance of the Three Realms.

Today, a military commander kicked off and recommended several Heavenly Generals to officially enter the ranks.

Jade Emperor looked at the melodies, and saw a familiar name.

Youqin Xuanya.

Jade Emperor directly said: “List General Youqin Xuanya as the fourth rank Righteous God, lead the third rank Righteous God salary, have the right to lead soldiers, and be among the gods of the fighting department, and be responsible for guarding the Moon Palace from now on.” /p>

Many Immortal Gods were taken aback below.

The old lady Taibai said with a smile: “Your Majesty, suddenly promoted like this, is it…”


Jade Emperor swept his gaze to the side, Taibai Laohao quickly lowered his head.

“My words, could it be can’t be considered?”

“Your Majesty, forgive me, Heavenly Court has the final say.”

“Go and do it.”

Jade Emperor hummed and threw the melodies on the jade case, “Give General Youqin Xuanya the Monster God sword again, let the Government Horse Area find a few pegasus, and Jade Lake give Immortal clothing Peach of Immortality.” /p>

Wood Duke hastily said: “But Your Majesty, this should give General Youqin some credit.”

“I see her pleasing to the eye, is this not enough credit?”

Soaring Firmament Palace suddenly became quiet, each of the gods was silent, and the old man Taibai bowed his head and ran the department with a whisk.

Jade Emperor indifferently said: “Continue to discuss matters.”

The gods took the lead and restored the previous rhythm. Many Immortal Gods are still thinking about it, but those who know this fact know that this is just Jade Emperor expressing dissatisfaction with Heavenly Way and protecting Youqin Xuanya.

Heavenly Way not worthwhile The ordinary Golden Immortal, whose memory has been modified, deepens the contradiction with the Jade Emperor.

Just over halfway through Royal Court Gathering, Youqin Xuanya has received a large number of rewards and has also been given a new official residence.

Youqin Xuanya was a little puzzled. He got up and looked towards Soaring Firmament Palace. I don’t know why I got so many rewards for muddleheaded. I thought about going to Soaring Firmament Palace and begging Jade Emperor to take his life back.

Suddenly, a seven colours glow appeared between Heaven and Earth, which was shining from Eastern Heavenly Gate, breaking through layer upon layer Heavenly Palace, straight to Soaring Firmament Palace!

In the Soaring Firmament Palace, Jade Emperor brows tightly knit, and it is the Heavenly Way warning.

However, when the Jade Emperor filmed the Fragmented Jade case, loudly shouted “what dare to shake the power of Heavenly Court”, and got up to start aligning with Heavenly Way. Those clairvoyance and wind ears hurriedly came from outside the temple.


“Shore of East Sea is coming, shaking Heavenly Court Hell!”

East Sea?

Jade Emperor had a little doubt in his heart, and carefully felt the operation of Heavenly Way, and found that the glow was not a warning from Heavenly Way.

I misunderstood Teacher once.


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