My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 737


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The heels and feet with clairvoyance and windy ears are actually quite interesting.

They were originally a pair of brothers from the Human Race. After their deaths, they had to encounter two strands of Heaven and Earth gold essence and water essence qi, which turned into Demon Immortal and worshipped in Section Cult.

The clairvoyant name is Gao Jue, and the Shunfeng ear name is brilliant. It is the Section Cult fairy who entered the Investment of Gods stage at the Investment of Gods great tribulation early stage.

This doesn’t have much ability for the brother itself, but it is clever enough, quick to respond, and has the ‘half-born’ probing magical powers. Look is also somewhat do as one pleases, quite majestic.

Li Changshou depart Great Desolate, Jiang Shang presided over the Investment of Gods. The two brothers were selected as the messengers of the Soaring Firmament Palace before running errands. With the blessing of Heavenly Way, they can instantly explore the Heaven, Earth and Human Three Realms. Place.

Thus the seven colours glow rushed into the Soaring Firmament Palace, and the Immortal God who was discussing in the hall was simultaneously alarmed.

Jade Emperor was angry and was about to get angry at the moment. The clairvoyance and the wind ear first entered the temple to report in time, and then he was ordered to look towards the place where the glow began, and enter the temple to report one or two.

“Start Your Majesty!”

Gao Jue fixed his voice: “As seen by the humble general, there is a stone monkey in the light coming from the Eastern Victory Divine Continent, which belongs to the Flower Fruit Mountain. This stone monkey is like natural magical powers, which shocked the spiritual qi. Fluctuations disturb Heavenly Court!”

“Stone Monkey?”

Jade Emperor was silent for a while, and the power of Heavenly Way fluctuated in Soaring Firmament Throne Hall.

Soon, Jade Emperor said slowly:

“The sky-filling stone gave birth to stone fetuses that’s all. Maybe you got the magic power from Human Race Saintess. You beloved ministers continue to discuss matters, don’t worry about it.”

The gods bowed their heads, dictating “follow your orders”.

Clairvoyance and Shunfeng Ear bowed their heads and retreated, went to the outer gate of the temple to guard, and stood side by side with the former Nine Dragons Island Four Sages and now the Soaring Firmament Palace Four Marshals, dignified.

In Soaring Firmament Palace, the rhythm of the discussions continued, but Jade Emperor’s mood improved inexplicably.

It’s been a long time, this Heavenly Emperor never smiled, but today he smiled several times.

Spirit Fang Cunshan, Li Changshou fingered the calculation, and quickly calculated through the Heavenly Way that the East Sea stone monkey was born and alarmed the Heavenly Court.

He hesitated slightly, and drove the clouds to East Sea, in the dark to observe Heavenly Court’s reaction.

The monkey teacher appointed by Way Ancestor himself, doing these is also a ‘part of the matter’.

half a day later, Li Changshou finally saw the stone monkey in person at night.

He was curled up in a gap in the mountain forest, covered with a shallow golden monkey hair covered with mud camoflauge, and a shame made of leaves was wrapped around his waist.

Cannot underestimate this shame-shielding thing. This is the difference between Heaven and Earth’s fetus and ordinary creatures.

In the eyes of Stone Monkey, Li Changshou saw a little dazedness, a little panic, and even a kind of yearning and curiosity.

The night is getting darker, the stone monkey touched withered’s belly, went out to find some leaves and shallow grass, and chewed a few times in his mouth. He quickly found a few peach trees and climbed up to gorge oneself for a while.

After that, the stone monkey returned to the previous gap in the mountain wall with considerable caution, curled up quietly in it, and passed the first night after his birth.

A large cloud of clouds floated over the East Sea, and Flower Fruit Mountain had wind and rain.

The stone monkey stared blankly at the gloomy mountains, listening to the sound of rain and wind; Li Changshou didn’t know what it could see and feel at this moment.

But it should be because I felt the loneliness of the creatures.

The stone monkey yawned, his eyelids trembled and he fell asleep slowly.

Li Changshou fell on the mountain wall, sat down cross-legged, hiding his aura, his body turned into a faint, but also a thoughtful expression on his face, staying here all night.

With Heavenly Way shelter, Li Changshou is not worried about the safety of the stone monkey.

But for some reason, I always want to be closer to this monkey, and it is also considered in the dark to accompany him to pass the hardest night.

In the early morning of the next day, when Li Changshou was about to quietly depart, there was a lot of insights in his heart.

These insights are not related to Great Way and magical powers, but about life.

Beings are lonely, so they long for company.

Stuck lonely in this dark night without light, the stone monkey may be longing for and chasing for light because of this.

Because the night is so deep, I believe that the light is ahead.

Li Changshou was full of emotions in his heart. For some reason, he thought of the difficult days before his previous life.

When his condition worsened for the second time, he kept the word from his family, but let his best friend send him a final journey, leaving a video of farewell to express his gratitude, gratitude and guilt to his loved ones.

While sitting in a wheelchair enduring illness and looking up at the yellowing leaves of a sycamore tree, Li Changshou had also questioned and lost his life. I don’t know if this person’s life was lost before his middle age. what.

But doubts and doubts cannot change anything. The end of life is complete darkness.

Li Changshou asked himself this question more than once-[Is the self who woke up between Great Desolate Heaven and Earth, or the self who went for a lifetime? 】

He has found the answer:


This is not the grafting of a memory, nor the rebirth of the soul, nor the Samsara Reincarnation after drinking Grandma Meng soup.

To put it simply, it is the True Spirit of Li Changshou, a living entity, that has been drawn into the Six Paths Samsara system of Great Desolate through a gap in time and space.

The long river of True Spirit not only flows in the Primal Chaos Sea and Great Desolate Heaven and Earth, it flows in all tangible realms, and the projection produces thousands of creatures.

Primal Chaos Sea is not the only tangible realm.

As long as you find the gap in time and space, you may return to Earth.

[The truth he traveled through is an extremely small event. A True Spirit retains the consciousness of the projection creatures of the previous generation. 】

When Li Changshou realized this, Way Realm rose rapidly.

In the Purple Firmament Palace before, Li Changshou and Way Ancestor debated the matter and deliberately said the answer Way Ancestor wanted to hear, making Way Ancestor mistakenly believe that it was Lang Senior who pulled him to the Great Desolate .

Actually, Wave Senior is basically impossible, and Way Ancestor is also impossible.

It was purely accidental.

Lang Senior saw Li Changshou in the future of Great Desolate through deduce Heavenly Way, but thought it was Way Ancestor and Heavenly Way take action, and recruited Li Changshou as they [Great Desolate Neighborhood Committee] did not complete their plan Supplement.

After all, whether Hong Jun Way Ancestor or Lang Senior, they just infer the issue from their own perspectives.

Li Changshou took a different approach, delving into the characteristics of True Spirit and how True Spirit interacts with Tao, which fundamentally proves his way of crossing.

[Great Desolate Neighborhood Committee] The unfinished plan is the truth of Lang Senior’s final fight. Li Changshou does not have sufficient evidence at this moment and cannot be completely determined.

But from this perspective, Li Changshou and Stone Monkey can also be regarded as fellow sufferers empathize with each other.

When Li Changshou looked at the stone monkey, he seemed to have seen the baby boy who had just awakened from the memory of his previous life and curled up in his parents’ tent, his body trembling constantly.

Facing the fear of the unknown;

Longing for the outside world;

The excitement of getting life;

The sad and ridiculous loneliness in my heart…

“that’s all.”

Li Changshou sighed lightly.

At this moment, he decided to teach the stone monkey well, not to set any mission for him, and not to tie the stone monkey to the anti-heaven war chariot.

Fantastic, he is enough.

Before leaving, Li Changshou saw a group of monkeys passing by the crevice where the stone monkeys were, and the corners of the mouth showed a little smile.

Master should be safe in Samsara.

Although it is not appropriate to compare the Master to a monkey, aren’t these monkeys who picked up the stone monkeys who picked up their own Masters back then?

After that, Li Changshou eyebrows slightly frowned.

But he didn’t do much, and the cloud head didn’t stop, his figure hidden among the white clouds.

He doesn’t give missions and fate to the stone monkeys, but Heavenly Way has to use the stone monkey scheme Monster Race, rise greatly Buddhism, and it is for this fate that the stone monkeys will be nurtured by Heaven and Earth.

Whether this barrier can be broken depends on how the stone monkey chooses in the future.

Li Changshou didn’t mind, he sacrificed a little chance for this monkey and confronted Way Ancestor in advance.

It depends on how Way Ancestor chooses.


After returning to Spirit Fang Cunshan, Li Changshou was not idle either.

He received some disciplines from Central Divine Continent before, and this time I went to Flower Fruit Mountain. Li Changshou also received a batch of small monsters along the way, with a replied view and training, and collected them as a discipline.

Anyway, it’s the ‘Bodhi Patriarch’’s discipline. What relations does Li Changshou have with his ‘Exiled’?

I received some Monster Races. In fact, I want the monkeys to adapt to the teaching atmosphere of Spirit Fang Cunshan. They won’t have any inferiority complex here. They can also have several companions during the cultivation here.

Judging from some details last night, this stone monkey is very delicate.

Therefore, Li Changshou gathered twenty-seven children together, and the former enlighten boys and virgins took care of their diet and daily life. They started small class teaching and preaching the Way in Xieyue Sanxingdong.

Li Changshou treats every disciple equally-they count as their own honorary disciple.

There are strict requirements for the character of each discipline-to avoid letting them get into trouble and get involved in the Master.

While teaching these disciplines, Li Changshou thought of the happy years when he cultivated Ling’e.

Of course, he has no emotion, Ling’e is right beside him, and now he regularly spends time with her.

Li Changshou just feels that he taught Ling’e very well back then, and Ling’e can be regarded as a qualified discipline for their steady teaching.

In the spring and autumn, I don’t know the heat and cold in the mountains. More than sixty years have passed.

Li Changshou’s batch of honorary disciples are already grown up, and half of them have passed through the flying fairy calamity and have immortal spirits.

Under Li Changshou’s deliberate teaching, they will not care about heels and feet, and treat all creatures equally. They will not only help the woodcutter who lost their way in the mountains and forests, but also rescue the black bears shot by hunters.

As the active scope of these disciplines becomes wider and wider, his reputation as “spirit Fangcunshan Xingyue Sanxingdong” has gradually spread.

Many Qi Refiners come here admiringly, but can’t find the location of Fang Cunshan;

There are also some Old Daoist Immortal who were unfettered by worldly concerns who wanted to get to know the ancestors of Bodhi, but they were simply dismissed by Sect Disciple’s saying, “The teacher does not see foreigners”.

For the sake of safety, Li Changshou reduced his main body activities and concentrated on playing Emptiness Bodhi.

Hey, the two prospective Dao Companions next to them are here waiting for the monkeys to come to apprentice…

I can’t think about it, I feel a little teary after thinking about it.

On this day, Li Changshou was taking a nap in the back hall. Suddenly he noticed a ray of Dao Rhyme spreading in his heart, and the voice of Way Ancestor appeared in spirit.

“Bodhi, the stone fetus has left Flower Fruit Mountain, and you are in the dark to protect it. Don’t let others accept him.”

Li Changshou turned over and jumped up and made a way greeting in the air, lowly claiming to be.

Tie on the way robe, pick up the whisk, hurried to the junction of Southern Jambu Continent and Eastern Victory Divine Continent, in the dark guarding near the stone monkey that broke into the mortal world.

This guy…

Just entering the secular world, it is a real joke.

The stone monkey depart Flower Fruit Mountain has only one purpose-to worship Immortal as a teacher and find the Eternal Life Great Way.

Stone monkeys are born out of the ordinary. There are various kinds of accompanying magical powers. It is nothing difficult to conquer a group of monkeys with only a few monkey essences.

In the past sixty years, the stone monkeys have been happy and happy on Flower Fruit Mountain, taking the fun of covering the mountains and plains with large numbers of monkeys.

Flower Fruit Mountain is rich in products. Previously, there was also Monster Race. Those monkey spirits quickly found some immortal residences, and also found some weapons and treasures. Not only did they not worry about eating and drinking, they also went straight to the’well-off Monster Race’ ‘Day.

no worries and carefree, very lively.

Xu is that the rock monkeys have too much spirituality. The monkeys have developed spiritual wisdom during several years. They are able to speak and are agile, and attract more monkeys to join their “tribe”.

They drive tigers and wolves, chase jackals, make good wine, and produce son.

Stone monkeys are the most able to fight, and they are also the most powerful. Many female monkeys have thoughts about him, but stone monkeys are not ordinary creatures, and they don’t have this string at all.

When the stone monkey found the grotto-heaven and blessed land Water Curtain Cave of Flower Fruit Mountain, a group of monkey spirits worshipped the stone monkey as the king.

Stone monkeys call themselves grandfather, and the monkey spirits become monkey grandchildren.

However, for several decades, Water Curtain Cave monkey spirits have become the “Overlord” of Flower Fruit Mountain. Although there are not many experts, all members of the team are engaged in spiritual wisdom. Let those in the dark observe the Monster Race of Flower Fruit Mountain. See the trembling in fear.

The stone monkey didn’t know it, the eyes of those antiquity Old Monsters were green when they looked at him!

After sixty years of happy life, an old monkey essence has exhausted its life essence and died in the Water Curtain Cave, making the stone monkey intuitively feel the formidable of’born, to grow old, to get sick and to die’ power.

The creatures fear death to life, and stone monkeys do the same, asking what is death.

A big horse monkey on the side explained the mysterious truth, led to Immortal and Eternal Life Way, and told the stone monkey that the immortal cultivation method could be Eternal Life.

The stone monkey suddenly cleared the comprehension, and then set out to go west to find the Immortal cultivation Eternal Life method.

This stone monkey didn’t simply want Eternal Life. He waved his hand before leaving and said:

“When the king returns, I must let the children also be able to immortal cultivation methods and obtain Eternal Life!”

He dare to say, that group of monkeys really dare to believe.

By the way, the horse monkey must be Heavenly Way Incarnation.

In this way, the monkey broke into the Southern Jambu Continent and experienced all kinds of mortal under the gaze of Heavenly Way, the guardianship of Li Changshou, and the scream of mortal.

It’s also thanks to Mortal’s early rise of the’monkey play industry’, and the stone monkey itself is clever enough, otherwise it will definitely cause some tragedies.

To go through arduous training or hard work in the mortal world, the stone monkey was disliked, beaten and scolded, but he was a hippie smiling face, and he was also in his heart.

He also met a lot of good people, who took the initiative to feed him, give him clothes, and let him stay at home.

But the stone monkey, laughing, playing and scolding at all, did not accept mercy and charity, just playing in the mortal world, and was never covered by the pure Way Heart by the mortal world.

He has teased a little monkey chained, picked up some gold and silver coins, and eaten meat in the restaurant.

I also taught the unpleasant land ruffians, drove away wild boars that gnawed crops, and squatted across the window of the newly married husband and wife with a group of youngsters.

I even helped people drive away ghosts, beat some fake Immortals, and demolished several underworld temples…

For more than ten years, from the east of Southern Jambu Continent to the northwest of Southern Jambu Continent.

The stone monkey was looking for immortals in mortal, and found himself lonely.

When he was guided by Heavenly Way in the dark to Fangcun Mountain and heard the name of Bodhi Ancestral Master, his expression was already very flat.

Waiting for the stone monkey to look at the location of Fangcunshan from a distance, and seeing the spiritual qi soaring into the sky and immortal ray surrounding it, he was shocked, knowing that he had found the Immortal residence of TRUE.

So he ran wildly, rushed through the mountains, leaped over the mountain stream, rushed through the fog, and unconsciously lost his way, and then came across the woodcutter who was chopping wood and heard the mysterious poem.

The stone monkey tried again and again, begging the woodcutter to accept him as his disciple. The woodcutter was guiding him to the three-star cave of the oblique moon among clouds and mist.

Li Changshou sits quietly in the immortal residence, and Immortal Sense smiles a little when seeing the silhouette of the monkey.

It’s finally here.

Look at the stone monkey, jumping to the Taoist temple, looking left and right, hesitating back and forth, climbing trees and roundabouts, and finally couldn’t help but reach the door of the Taoist temple.

Stone Monkey looked left and right, and saw two sentences engraved on this door frame.

‘Achieving Way is the only way to enter our door. Eternal Life can last for hundreds of years. ’


The stone monkey shivered and grabbed the wooden door in three or two steps, dong dong dong patted a few times, and immediately shouted:

“Master! Master! Disciple is here to apprentice!”

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