My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 738


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This monkey head is really clever.

Li Changshou laugh involuntarily.

The word “Master” was called without entering the door, and there was always a feeling of…previous life being called ‘Master’.

Calm and dignified.

It’s just a trifle master who came to apprehend the teacher.

Li Changshou stood still, and some of the disciplines responsible for Taoist inspection today moved forward.

These disciplines were also lively. Two men and two women flew straight to the Taoist gate. The male discipline wore a decent way robe and the female discipline wore a light white Immortal Skirt standing on the cornice.

Monkeys have been in mortal for many years, where have they seen such a battle?

Especially seeing the casually posture of these four Immortals when they appeared, the monkey’s Way Heart was even more thrilled, and I was very excited about these four disciplines.

It is still the literati etiquette learned by mortal.

There is a female disciple said with a smile on the side: “This Fellow Daoist is quite polite, but I don’t know why, she just shouted the word “Master” and said that he would come to apprentice, could it be Agreement?”

This stone monkey hastily said: “I have never seen it, I have never seen it before, we are looking for treasure land for the first time, and I want to ask the teacher for Immortal Method.”

There is another male discipline said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist can be here, but it is considered to have a relationship with his master. I don’t know how many immortal experts want to visit in the past few decades. .

Please also Fellow Daoist to wait a while. I will tell you if the Teacher wants to accept you as a disciple, he will let you in. “

Stone Monkey upon seeing this is overjoyed and understands the meaning of this statement.

He has become a destined spirit!

The four disciplines were not rude, they were treated with due respect throughout, and they never made fun of Shihou’s appearance.

After all, the race is different, and the aesthetics are also have nothing common with each other. Stone Monkey never felt that these two Little Fairy Maiden had ugly faces.

A male discipline entered the Taoist temple and rushed to Li Changshou to report that it was a monkey creature with Lei Gong’s face coming from outside the Taoist temple and said he had come from a teacher.


Li Changshou deliberately picked up the shelf, sat on the soft couch, and said slowly: “I can go to the door, order extraordinary things, and ask three questions about the introduction. I see this monkey is not sincere.”

“Yes, the discipline understands.”

The disciple settled his words, turned around and hurriedly replied to watch the door.

The coming and going, it attracted the disciples to rush over to watch, standing on the left and right, full of the walls, people and demons mixed, each well-dressed way robe, surrounded by pure qi.

Stone Monkey upon seeing this, even somersaulted with joy.

He doesn’t know where there are monsters and ghosts in this world, he [should] belong to the monster genus, and there are many Immortals with magic power in them, and they will shout aheading monsters and eliminating demons.

Seeing here, there are so many demon genus disciplines, and I can’t help it.

Many disciplines were amused by him. One by one whispered and asked where the monkey came from.


The gate was ajar, and the male discipline stepped out and made a way greeting to the stone monkey.

Stone Monkey hurriedly asked: “Has the Master accepted me? Did he accept me?”

“Fellow Daoist, Teacher has said that you have got here and you have the heart to be a teacher, and you should ask you three questions to see if you are sincere.”

Male disciple warm voice:

“You are carefully considered. If you are in doubt, you can consider it clearly before speaking, but if you open your mouth to babbling nonsense, the Teacher will punish you for disrespect.”

“Good to talk, good to talk!”

“First question, where do you come from, where are you home, and how are your parents and close relatives?”

The stone monkey is doing it with both hands, quick answer:

“I came from Eastern Victory Divine Continent, which is called Aolai Country, and there are no other people around.

I don’t have a father or a mother. I have popped out of the rocks. Covering the mountains and plains are my parents and close relatives and brothers. “


This male discipline frowns saying: “Can there be spirits in the rock? Are you it possible that or Innate Almighty, Heaven and Earth?”

At this moment, a wisp of sound transmission pierced into the ears of this male disciple, but it was their Master ‘Old Bodhi’ who reminded him:

“Next question.”

The male discipline is also a clever, and he immediately understands something, and his attitude towards monkeys is more gentle.

“You have passed this question, and you are not insincere, let’s listen to the second question.

Why did you apprehend? Have you heard of my teacher’s name before? “

The monkey said with a smile: “Apprenticeship is to become a fairy Eternal Life, free and easy! Before, hehehe, I had never heard of the name of Master before, but an accident arising from many causes came here when I was looking for an immortal.”


Male disciple said with a smile: “There is a third question, and the most critical question.

If your cultivation meets bottleneck, there is no hope of breakthrough in your life. Do you choose to sit in the mountains and continue cultivation, or choose to do some good deeds in the mortal world secular world. “

This question really stopped the monkey.

He scratched his head, looked up at the door plaque here, and felt the illusory Dao Rhyme here.

Monkey said with a smile: “Eternal Life, Eternal Life.”

“This is for you, if you can’t fix Eternal Life, how should you choose.”

“Good things and evil things are none of my business. I will do good things. Others may think it is evil. Might as well go back and be happy.”

“You answer…”

The male discipline frowned and groaned a few times, and he waited for the second sound transmission:

“Let him in, change his clothes, and receive disciple in the hall at noon.”

“These three questions are counted as you have passed,” the male disciple turned and made a please gesture, “Get started, Teacher promise accepts you as a disciple, let me take a shower, change clothes, and change clothes.”

The monkey knelt down and bowed to the courtyard: “many thanks Master! discipline many thanks Master!”

This clever strength is really ‘fine’.

The gate of the Taoist temple was open and widely. The disciples jumped off the left and right courtyard walls and lined up in two rows in the courtyard. They stopped talking for a while and each released their own aura.

The monkey jumped into the gate and didn’t pay much attention to the sense of ceremony. He kept betting on the two places, jumping around in the courtyard, causing several female disciplines to laugh.

The whole Taoist temple immediately became alive.

In the backyard, Li Changshou sat there quietly, thinking about it.

Heavenly Way watched at this time, but he couldn’t be distracted to talk about love anymore, and could only concentrate on planning the Heavenly Way.

How to increase a little bit of variables in the in front of one’s eyes on Heavenly Way to the monkey who has been locked by fate?

The difficulty of this operation is really not small.

Two hours later.


The sound of wooden fish bursts into my ears, and the sound of chanting is disturbing.

The Taoist temple is embedded in the main hall of the mountain wall, and the disciples sit on the left and right sides, reciting the scriptures simultaneously.

Li Changshou sits in front of the word ‘Heaven and Earth’, with a whisk in his left hand and a rosary in his right hand. He wears a hoop for his hair, but he wears a way robe.

True and Taoist dual cultivation.

At the door of the temple, there was a fluffy palm on the door frame, followed by a fluffy head.

This stone monkey, at this moment, can’t see any nervousness. On the contrary, it is a playful cult member, looking at the ‘Bodhi ancestor’ at the door, seeming to want to verify if this is a Long Life Immortal.

Li Changshou remained silent. The stone monkey was pushed by someone and immediately jumped into the hall, bowing his head to Li Changshou.

“Disciple, meet the Master, discipline, meet the Master!”

Li Changshou opened his eyes, with neither happy nor angry expression, and said slowly: “You want to worship me as a teacher?”

“Yes, yes, apprentice with the discipline, apprentice with the discipline!”

Li Changshou asked: “Can you have a name?”

Stone Monkey hastily said: “disciple has no surname and no name, please give the teacher a surname.”

Li Changshou nodded, and said: “You gave birth to a face and a natural Dao body, without karmic hinderance around your body, and pure qi in your mouth. Although you were born in husband, you have already enlightenment. A Hu or a grandson.

In this way, I will give you a surnamed Sun. “

“Good grandson, good grandson!”

The monkey head shouted again and again, “Please give me another name, Master!”

Li Changshou chuckled softly in his heart.

May you realize that Way Heart does not regret, arrogant respect yourself.

This is not the case. Li Changshou just said: “This poor Daoist cultivates the way of relieving emptiness, and understands the principle of emptiness, so you will be Wukong, how about it?”

Stone monkey finely polished: “Wukong, Wukong…Sun Wukong! Do we have a name too?”

Li Changshou smiled nodded, flicked the whisk, and there was a male disciple on the side reminding the stone monkey to go to the corner to take a seat, which counts as the apprenticeship.

The monkey knew the rules and knelt down for a while.

Li Changshou doesn’t feel too much. After all, this Taoist temple and the disciplines here are all created for the growth of monkeys. He is only responsible for giving monkey skills.

Others, let Heavenly Way take care of it.

When Sun Wukong took his seat, Li Changshou signaled the disciplines to stop chanting and begin to explain the scriptures.

Where can Sun Wukong settle down at this moment?

Although I knew the words that popped out of Master’s mouth, but when these words were put together, I felt dizzy. It was even bigger than those of Old Mister’s dialect scriptures.

But Sun Wukong knew the rules and didn’t dare to disturb other same sect cultivation loudly. He just stared at his big eyes and looked left and right. Not long after, he was drowsy again, like a chicken pecking rice. The body is like a reed pole in a reed swing.

Soon, there will be the sound of ‘whoo-snoring-’.

Wukong by the strength of oneself, spoils the atmosphere of the entire classroom.

Li Changshou almost smiled in his heart, but on the surface he was in deadly earnest, remaining unmoved explaining the scriptures.

The disciples are also very happy, but they have to stretch their faces and feel a little uncomfortable.

At sunset, Li Changshou’s figure dissipated with the wind, and the people only relaxed. Simultaneously surrounded the sleeping monkey.

“Goku junior apprentice brother? Goku junior apprentice brother?”

Several male disciplines glanced at each other, gave a smirk, and pointed a finger at the monkey to make him sleep deeper.

half a day later ……


The monkey eyes opened in a daze, but found that he was hung on a big tree, and there was still a little magic power left in the rope tied to his body.

He was very embarrassed when he thought of his previous class. He turned his head and saw that this was in the backyard of Taoist temple, how relaxed.

Why fell asleep?

Why did he fall asleep?

First time cultivation Way Method, it’s normal if you can’t keep up with class, such as listening to Heavenly Book, how can it be…


The monkey shivered subconsciously, looked up slightly, and couldn’t help swallowed saliva and said.

The rope that bound him was wrapped around the trunk, and it was only three inches from the rope, which was a honeycomb.

Master’s method of punishing others, how can you play tricks on the monkey?

Sun Wukong looked left and right, seeing that there was no one everywhere, his body swaying like a fish, slipped away in the ropes, and ran away without a trace.

This is it?

Sun Wukong shrugged and touched back to the home he had already known before, but he was secretly worried about how he could keep up with the teacher’s lecture.


“Ai, being a marshal and so on, it’s too boring.”

Heavenly Court, by the Heavenly River.

A newly promoted Heavenly River marine Grand Marshal, wearing a light gold Battle Armor, is lying on the grassy embankment of the Heavenly River, with a dead grass in his mouth, and complaining pretentiously.

Playing with Ao Yi of Jade Talisman in his hand, he couldn’t help but said: “It’s pretty boring.”

Bian Zhuang wriggled and leaned in, “What’s wrong? Brother, what’s your promotion?”

“That is, the commander-in-chief of the Three Thousand Worlds heavenly soldiers,” Ao Yi slowly shook his head. “It’s not a big official. This is for me to replace Golden Peng.”

“Golden Peng…”

Bian Zhuang murmured, and then suddenly realized: “It turns out that’s the case.”

“How?” Ao Yi frowned and asked.

“A few days ago, Golden Roc was drunk and said something that shouldn’t be said in public,” Bian Zhuang sighed. “This general has great skills and great magical powers. He is sure to rank among the generals of Heavenly Court. Top ten great expert.

But it’s just too crazy. “

Ao Yi said: “General Golden Peng is not domineering, but it’s just a little confusing that’s all.”

Bian Zhuang said: “Why is it so difficult? Is Heavenly Court not good enough for him?”

Ao Yi hesitated to speak but stopped, looking thoughtful in his eyes, and shook his head with uncertainty.

Bian Zhuang asked again: “It’s weird to say that you are Dragon Race, he is Phoenix Race, Dragon Phoenix is ​​a mortal enemy, you are still called brother, virtuous brother.”

“I always feel that General Golden Peng is quite close,” Ao Yi said slowly, “Dragon Phoenix great tribulation is an old thing, and the years are so long, there is no hatred that can hardly be settled.

I asked Royal Father before…that’s all. “

Ao Yi sighed softly and closed his eyes, but it appeared in his heart that he was kneeling before his father some time ago.

‘Royal Father, the child always feels that there is something missing in Way Heart, and the child always feels that now this Heavenly Court stays in a different way.

Royal Father, did something happen before…’

‘Shut up, step back. ’

This is the result again.

Ao Yi looked at the adjustment of his palm, Jade Talisman, couldn’t help being a little entranced.

Bian Zhuang laughed, lying there with his arm pillow, but unspeakably comfortable, muttered: “If I could see Chang’e Fairy Maiden again, that would be great.”

Ao Yi laughed, but didn’t say much.

At the same time;

Meishan, the residence of Erlang True Monarch Yang Jian.

Nezha, who looks like a cultivation success youngster, is peeling oranges and watching the copper mirror live broadcast in front of him with interest.

In the copper mirror is the status of several Fairy Maiden line dances. This is a dance for celebrations and can be taken out to dance;

If you are offering a dance for Your Majesty Jade Emperor or Peach of Immortality, you cannot rehearse in public.

Yang Jian breathed a sigh of relief, carefully wiping the three-pointed two-bladed gun.

Nezha suddenly said: “senior apprentice brother, recently my baleful qi problem may be about to commit.”

Yang Jian’s hands trembled, and the three-pointed two-edged gun almost made his eight-nine profound body bloodshot.

“What kind of symptoms? This is not trifle.”

“This,” Nezha was a little uncertain, looked away from the copper mirror and looked at the roof, “A faint silhouette will always appear in my heart, and there will be a few words in my ear from time to time Ringing.

It feels like Demon Ancestor is in summon. “

Yang Jian is like a big enemy, said resolutely: “Lie down, I will take a look with Heavenly Eye.”

“Don’t look around,” Nezha feels embarassed, “I am not brat anymore.”

Yang Jian sneered and took out a scroll from his sleeve and placed it aside.

His engagement with a certain princess of Dragon Palace, Your Highness, who had just broken her shell the year before, was sent to Jade Lake to raise her, and she was married a hundred years later.

The marriage contract was given by the Jade Emperor, and it was intended to allow Yang Jian to represent the Dragon Race and contain the Dragon Race.

Yang Jian did not refuse after careful consideration. He also had the time to get married. The other party only needs to be virtuous and virtuous, not because he is Miao Gen Zhenghong’s Human Race and the other party is Dragon Race, so let’s look down. upon them.

At the moment, Yang Jian opened Heavenly Eye, aimed at Nezha’s forehead, and caught a glimpse of Nezha spirit.

Just a moment.

Yang Jian froze for a moment, then the complexion whitened, breathing a little shortly.

Nezha puzzled said: “How…”

Yang Jian has quick hands and quick eyes, and suddenly pressed Nezha’s mouth forward, he immediately said: “cannot speak, this baleful qi is already formed, let’s find Master master’s older sibling first.”

Nezha didn’t know, but Yang Jian was just like a big enemy. He raised the long spear, brought in the Erha Howling Celestial Dog, and fleeed towards Heavenly Origin Mountain with Nezha.

He saw the illusory shadow floating in Nezha’s heart, and suddenly thought of something the Master had said to him.

Heavenly Way taboo;

The Anti-Sky;

Taibai Golden Star, the forbidden creature who once picked up the entire Heavenly Court but was driven away by Way Ancestor.

‘Uncle Changan’!

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