My Senior Brother Is A Bit Too Cautious Chapter 740


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Way Method Naturally, live as you like.

Spirit Fang Cunshan, Li Changshou lay on the rocking chair, feeling the warm sunshine, with a smile on his face similar to white hair and youthful face.

West rise greatly has nothing to do with him. What does Golden Cicada’s birth have to do with him?

Teach the monkey well, and take the opportunity to bury some nails, and engage in a wave of Way Ancestor and Heavenly Way before Journey to the west. Whether you win or lose, Journey to the west calamity or not, it’s meaningless.

Won the peace of the world, and lost the primal chaos.

By the way, Sun Wukong is indeed a born powerhouse.

At this time, it happened to be the 100th day of Sun Wukong going up the mountain. Today, the front hall is explaining the scriptures. This monkey is already able to sit down and listen to the scriptures carefully.

The performance is outstanding.

Speaking of teaching monkeys, apart from creating an atmosphere of equality, freedom, and kindness for Xianyue Sanxingdong, Li Changshou has not done much for the time being.

With more than ten years of hard work in mortal, Sun Wukong quickly became one with the senior apprentice brothers and sisters.

With the acquiescence of Li Changshou, Sun Wukong has mastered the introductory cultivation method by virtue of the Way Method learned from senior apprentice brothers and sisters; and in just half a month, passed the ordinary Qi Refiner Ten years or decades are not necessarily a path that can be traversed.

At this point, Li Changshou can no longer watch the show, and must start to take over the guidance.

Otherwise, you will miss the ‘prime time’ when the monkeys become stronger.

He has many ways to open a small stove to the monkey; when he explained the scriptures in the hall today, he had solved this problem perfectly.

What did he do?

In fact, it’s just taking advantage of the trend to give the monkey a hint.

At that time, after Li Changshou finished the Way Scripture Way Method, he asked each discipline if there were any problems.

Several ‘class representatives’ disciplines who performed normally in the class spoke up and asked some regular scripture explanation questions, and Li Changshou one after another explained their doubts.

That Wukong couldn’t hold back after all, and took the initiative to ask a question.

“Master! Hey hey hey, Master is here, can you inquire about the discipline, now the discipline of cultivation is the Eternal Life method?”

Li Changshou expressionlessly replied: “The Supreme Law of the world, three thousand Great Way reminders, every Great Way can enter the realm of Eternal Life, relying on your opportunity and good luck.”

Why can’t Wukong hear that this is actually a perfunctory statement?

He was busy making a way greeting, kneeling on the praying mat and said:

“The disciple doesn’t mean to disobey at all, nor dare to arrogantly discuss the Great Way.

It’s just the Master, the discipline is dull. It has been more than ten years since it came out, and the shadow of the Long Life Immortal method has not yet been seen.

If the Master has the law, can you give the discipline a quasi-confidence, so that the discipline can be at ease. “

“Why,” Li Changshou slightly frowned, “Listen to what you mean, if you don’t have the law of Eternal Life as a teacher, you will betray you?”

“How dare the discipline, how dare the discipline,” Wukong bowed his head, “disciple didn’t take any gifts, Master, you accepted the discipline, the discipline is not such a heartless creature!

Just, Master, you…

Disciple just wants to know whether Eternal Life is hopeless or hopeless in the future. If it is hopeless, the discipline will first return to Flower Fruit Mountain to arrange monkey grandchildren, and then come back to honor the Master! “

Li Changshou indifferently said: “How old do you know as a teacher?”

Wukong was startled suddenly.

There is a senior apprentice brother said with a smile on the side:

“Junior apprentice brother, you came from mortal. I don’t know that our Teacher’s name is also understandable.

Teacher is the almighty in the world, Great Desolate walks, self-esteem an ancestor, and is called Senior.

Although there are not many people in Long Life Immortal like that you envy, you have to be respectful when you meet the Teacher, and they will disappear when the teacher points to them. “

Goku’s eyes lit up: “Oh? Seriously?”

“You Hohen!”

Li Changshou really laughed at the monkey head, and flicked at Wukong with his fingers.

A little picture suddenly appeared in Wukong’s eyes, and he felt a wave of Cang Ming, the ancient Dao Rhyme. This Dao Rhyme has existed for a long time between Heaven and Earth.

The stone monkey no longer doubted, and bowed down and confessed.

Li Changshou said: “Cultivation is not about being competitive. Cultivation is the path for creatures to follow the Great Way.

Wukong, when you entered my door, you had already embarked on this road, and where you can go, where you can go, it is up to you to grasp.

Being a teacher can teach you the method of cultivation, but it cannot help you pass the bottleneck.

My teacher can teach you to feel the Great Way, but I can’t put this Great Way in your arms.

Therefore, being a teacher does not talk to you or to you about the Eternal Life Way and how to make Eternal Life.

What you are cultivating is the Tao, what you are looking for should be the true self, return to the true self, be at ease, seek the true meaning in the void, and explore the self in the illusion.

Do you know? “

The disciples simultaneously bowed their heads and said yes, Wukong was also repeatedly arching his hands.

Li Changshou continued:

“Now that I’m here, let me say a few more words.

Wukong, you have been a hundred days since you started, and you can be considered sincere and motivated. I see it as a teacher and admit that you have learned your discipline.

As a teacher today, you will teach the method of cultivation. You can also make your own choice. “

Sun Wukong chuckled: “Master, what you teach and discipline will naturally learn.”

“Cannot be a beast, listen well.”

Li Changshou said resolutely: “I have a method called the way of resolutely emptiness, to understand the principles of emptiness and meditation, and to revise the original mind from time to time, to see TRUE in illusion, and to reveal illusion in TRUE.

Do you want to learn? “

Wukong asked: “Master, how long does this method take for Eternal Life?”

Li Changshou said: “If you have a deep understanding, successful cultivation and no bottleneck, 5,000-6,000 years may be Eternal Life.”

“It’s too long and too long, and the discipline still wants to help those old monkeys extend their life essence.”

Li Changshou nodded, and said: “There is another way to be a teacher, which can illuminate the temperament and enhance the essence of life.

Simply perceive it all the time, think a lot, and comprehend for three or four thousand years. If everything goes well, you can get Eternal Life. “

“Too long, or too long!”

Sun Wukong’s eyes are full of expectation. First, he keeps apologizing, and then asks: “Master, is there a way to get Eternal Life for tens of hundreds of years?”

Most of the disciples on both sides can’t help but laugh.

If there is a discipline, I can’t help but say: “You are going to practice magic, and it is impossible to cultivate Eternal Life Way Fruit for hundreds of years.”

“Goku, you can’t make Teacher angry…”


Li Changshou changed his face on the spot, coldly said: “Wukong, your temperament is impetuous, looking forward to Eternal Life, and come forward!”

Sun Wukong trembled a few times, but still walked forward quickly and knelt down in front of Li Changshou.

Li Changshou stood up, brought a wooden whip and hit Sun Wukong’s back three times on the important place, reprimanding:

“Take this as a warning, let’s go for a good understanding!”

Later, Li Changshou’s figure dissipated quietly, leaving a crowd of disciplines looked at each other in blank dismay, and came to Sun Wukong for a while.

They were all saying that Sun Wukong was rude and annoyed the Teacher.

Sun Wukong is a hippie smiling face, and there is no shame.

On the contrary, they both overlooked two issues.

First, the monkey said that he wanted to quickly become Long Life Immortal, and then went back to bring his own monkey grandchildren happy immortal cultivation. This means when a man attains the Way, even his pets ascend to heaven, which is a taboo of Qi Refiner.

One is the Great Desolate tradition that cannot be passed lightly, and the other is to act like this will add a lot of variables to Master Sect, maybe it will cause karmic hinderance.

Secondly, when this group of disciplines got started, the Teacher didn’t ask them what method they were going to practice, and just threw a copy of the cultivation method on their faces. Today they even gave different choices.

Hey, it’s old discrimination.


It’s late at night, people are quiet, longevity rests.

In the oblique moon three-star cave, a way body shadow dangling sneakily, and finally rushed to the window of Li Changshou’s ‘high-end cave dwelling’, yelling softly there:

“Master, Master ~”

It is Sun Wukong.

Seeing that there was no movement inside, Sun Wukong opened the window very carefully, crawled in tiptoe, kneeled beside Li Changshou’s bed, knocked a few heads without saying a word.

“Master, I don’t know if you mean it, let the disciple come here to see you in the middle of the night.”

“you guy, not too stupid.”

While speaking, Li Changshou quietly activated this Earthly Immortal force array, got up from the bed, and looked at the monkey kneeling in front of the bed.

Sun Wukong also raised his head and looked at him, his eyes still so clear and clear.

Li Changshou said: “Get up, you don’t need so much etiquette in the future.”

“Thank you Master, thank you Master.”

Sun Wukong said repeatedly.

He speaks quickly and likes to repeat short sentences, for fear that others will not hear them.

Li Changshou said: “Since you have realized it, you can teach yourself as a teacher, the Immortal Method you want.

But Wukong, before passing on your Immortal Method, I will ask you a few questions for the teacher, and then agree on three laws with you, how? “

“Disciple listens to Master’s arrangements.”

“Goodness,” Li Changshou smiled and raised his beard, “First, why are you cultivation, except for long life without getting old, and happy at ease, do you have other ideas?”

Sun Wukong said: “I don’t think much about the discipline, I just want to learn the Immortal Method, so that the monkeys and grandchildren can long life without getting old.”

Li Changshou asked in a warm voice: “Your monkey grandchildren are very important to you?”

“Disciple has no father or mother, and I don’t know what seven emotions and six desires.”

Sun Wukong’s expression is a little low, but he pretends to be as happy as it is in normal. “But those children respect the discipline, and the discipline cannot ignore them.”

Li Changshou said: “You know, even if you bring back the Immortal Method, your clansman of the overwhelming majority can’t even be repaired by Origin Immortal.”

“This…there is always an opportunity, not even a chance.”

Sun Wukong said with a smile: “Master, have you ever been a king?”

“I haven’t done it, how do you feel?”

“Very comfortable.”


Li Changshou chuckled softly, “that’s all, as a teacher, I will give you some Monster Race cultivation methods, but don’t say anything about it. If you pass on your things for the teacher, you must not spread it lightly.”

“many thanks Master! many thanks Master!”

“Get up,” Li Changshou added a whisk in his hand and swept the whisk. Sun Wukong was pushed onto the praying mat beside the bed, and a buttocks sat down.

Li Changshou didn’t hide his personal secrets, so he took out the cultivation technique given by Way Ancestor and led Sun Wukong to get started quickly and consolidate the Way Foundation.

True. Open a small stove.

This is actually one of the few opportunities for Li Changshou to have close contact with the stone monkey. Li Changshou carefully observed the stone monkey’s aptitude, and soon seemed to be bored with a mouthful of Old Chen vinegar.

This monkey, aptitude is so good that the ordinary Golden Immortal Way can break down!

However, cultivation must be steadily and surely after all, step by step; the situation of opening a small stove like a monkey will become the norm in the future.

This agreement on three laws is also quite interesting.

That are the rules that Li Changshou told Sun Wukong to follow-don’t hurt the same sect, don’t show off your magical powers, and don’t tell others anything related to your own cultivation.

Sun Wukong knew that the cultivation technique he was taught was not quite the same as that of senior apprentice brothers and sisters cultivation.

And Sun Wukong also gave a soul torture:

“Master, why not teach such a profound method to the senior apprentice brothers and sisters together?”

Li Changshou groaned softly, said resolutely: “Do you think this is a bit unfair?”

“The disciple feels…it is indeed unfair.”

“But you are the beneficiary of this injustice.”

“That’s still a bit unfair,” Sun Wukong puzzled said, “Teacher, your cultivation technique, always impossible is tailored specifically for the discipline.”

Li Changshou said with a smile: “This method was born before you were born. Those who are not fleshly body cannot be cultivation, and those who are not spiritual body are filled cannot be cultivation. Those who can cross such a threshold, you are the only one in the view.”

Sun Wukong accepted this statement.

On the first night to open a small stove, Sun Wukong officially began the road of cultivation, and since this night, this guy’s cultivation base has been layer upon layer.

Which cultivation plug-in is strong, Hong Jun is busy at Purple Firmament Palace!

As Li Changshou told, Sun Wukong not at all to show off to anyone.

This makes Sun Wukong very uncomfortable.

But for the Eternal Life Way Fruit, Sun Wukong can only hold back and endure; he takes advantage of the night to find Li Changshou every few days, the cultivation base realm is rising rapidly, and there is no danger of overturning.

Just like that, when you don’t feel it in the mountains, there are no waves in the long river.

In a blink of an eye, it was another sixty years.

In the past sixty years, Li Changshou took the time to go out and wandered once, and found a place to hit dozens of nails, which is also regarded as “not forgetting the right career”.

Although Heavenly Way keeps observing this place, the focus is on monkeys, not his Bodhi ancestor.

There is no major event happening between Heaven and Earth in a peaceful environment.

Southern Continent mortal is stable everywhere. In the Great Shang country hundreds of years ago, few people mentioned it, and most of it was criticized.

For example, Emperor Xin, at this moment in Mortal, has been scolded as the Great Uncle Lord, and given the evil posthumous title ‘纣’, and all the crimes have been placed on this King Wu of Zhou.

And Emperor Xin’s TRUE situation at this time is to be a Loose Immortal God in Heavenly Court, and to have a happy life with Daji.

Although I didn’t win, it wasn’t a big loss.

Heavenly Court is also developing steadily. Heavenly troops and generals did not expand indefinitely, but maintained at a steady level as suggested by Li Changshou.

A batch of elite soldiers is better than masquerade as having an ability.

Three Thousand Worlds is generally stable. Facing Heavens Hall and Xianmeng have become the right arm of Heavenly Court and assist Heavenly Court administration Three Thousand Worlds.

The reputation of these two forces has gradually become “stinky” in Qi Refiner’s mouth.

This is actually unavoidable.

Order will restrict individual freedom, and excessive freedom will in turn overwhelm order.

For the creatures of Three Thousand Worlds, Facing Heavens Hall and Xianmeng represent order; and Qi Refiners feel uncomfortable in them and won’t give a good face.

Back to Spirit Mountain.

In just sixty years, the monkey’s cultivation base has reached the True Immortal Realm late stage.

Of course, the monkey doesn’t know what True Spirit is immortal at this time, but just follows Li Changshou’s guidance and walks through realm after realm.

The hidden spiritual power within the body has been mobilized, and he moved towards Eternal Life stepped forward.

It’s not just Way Realm. The monkey has learned all kinds of fighting method magical powers in the past sixty years. 72 Changes is an official entry. Ride the clouds and fly on the mist is nothing difficult.

The monkey entering the territory like this inevitably planted two lemon trees on Fang Cunshan…

For example, today, before Li Changshou was about to start the preach way, a male discipline told me that Wukong’s junior apprentice brother had been getting started for a long time, but he still looked like a monkey and refused to change form to be an Innate Way Body .

Li Changshou just smiled and shook his head, watching Sun Wukong playing with several disciplines in the mountains, and said slowly:

“No harm in doing it, he can choose his own way and the Great Way, or how to live.

disciple, your heart is upset. “

The disciple looked embarrassed, bowed his head and hurriedly retired.

Li Changshou was looking thoughtful, and then pinched to calculate, and quickly chuckled.

With a steady hand, tomorrow will arrange this male discipline to go out to avoid any teaching accidents.

Teach the monkey, he is serious.

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