My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 1

“Eighty-two years old, no temple,”

“Sixty-nine years of trouble.”

“The world is tough,”

“Longevity is not easy.”

“Yin and Yang are reversed in a dream, and in the next life…please ask for it!”

The afterglow of the sunset, the bleak autumn wind, the Great Hao Dynasty, Long Inside the Spring Temple, Daoist Azure Cloud had gray hair and bleak, but he didn’t change his original intention. He screamed three times and died.

โ€œhu~ ~โ€

Lu Chen woke up leisurely on the bed, wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, and said sadly:

โ€œItโ€™s been three days.โ€

After three days, Lu Chen was muddleheaded, and only got better today. He remembered the past and his predecessor. He drank a bowl of herbal tea and turned his head to look around.

The view is still that view.

Several houses, three acres of mansions, mud walls and blue tiles, young men in thin shirts.

“So…how did the original owner die?”

Lu Chen frowned slightly, only remembering that after the original owner secretly cremated Daoist Azure Cloud, he returned to the Taoist temple with the ashes in his arms. , As soon as the door was opened, a black shadow suddenly rushed towards him and he lost consciousness.

“Ghost shadow?”

“Or evil?”

Lu Chen sat up slightly, rummaging through past memories, but still to no avail.

“Leave it alone.”

Lu Chen shook his head, stretched out his hand in front of him, and a light curtain appeared out of thin air.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master

[cultivation technique]: None

[ spell ]: None

[spirit root ]: False Spiritual Root

[Fist]: Rejuvenation Fist Mastery (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

… ….

“False Spiritual Root…”

Lu Chen murmured, a bit bitter, saying that the good sound is False Spiritual Root, and the bad sound is no spirit root, no spirit root is not impossible to cultivate, but there are difficulties.

You need to open [Spirit Orifice] first, in order to accept people who have no attribute Spiritual Qi into the body, but have spirit root, Spirit Orifice is opened by Innate.

Opening Immortal Orifice is difficult but not difficult.

Have a backer.

You only need one [Orifice Opening Pill], or let your elders perform a [Opening Spirit Method]. If it doesn’t work, you can have a chance. If you hit it by accident, the Opening Immortal Orifice is not there. few.

Unfortunately, the original owner has nothing.

Even the Master Daoist Azure Cloud is just a half-assistant on the third floor of Qi Refinement, unable to perform the spiritual magic.

“Fortunately…I can level up.”

Lu Chen smiled slightly, and pointed at the words [Rejuvenation Fist Mastery]. Suddenly, a light curtain extended from below. come out.

[Rejuvenation Fist upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice boxing for half a day (not achieved!)

[2]: One soul essence (not achieved) !)

[3]: Ten tael of silver (not achieved!)


“Three conditions.”



Lu Chen looked thoughtful, it was easy to practice boxing for half a day, with the foundation of Azure Cloud Monastery, ten tael of silver is also simple, but that one soul is not calculated, it is a bit troublesome if you want to kill.

If it counts as animals, it’s easy.

The Azure Cloud Monastery covers an area of three acres. Apart from his single family, he raises more than a dozen chickens, ducks and a live pig.

Lu Chen excitedly ran out of the room, picked up a short blade at the door, and went straight to the duck ring in the southeast corner. This short blade was still the spoรญls of war left by the robbers when they attacked the city three days ago. .

The place where he is located is the Yuluan Prefecture in the north of the Great Hao Dynasty.

Fengxian Town.

Now is the last year of the dynasty, the world is in turmoil, internal trouble and outside aggression, there are even more demons, ghosts and monsters.

didn’t expect.

That group of robbers got the news in advance, and the [Wu Dao Ren] headed by them spoofed a shot, took advantage of the emptiness, and directly led people to break through Fengxian Town, looting, burning, killing and looting, if it wasn’t for Guard Soldier in time Returning to the aid, the entire Fengxian Town will be destroyed.

Daoist Azure Cloud died in that battle.

“ga ga ~”

Lu Chen was aggressive, causing more than a dozen ducks to scream in panic. The slow one took another pottery pot and wiped it with a short blade:


Slit the duck’s neck with a knife, and when the duck stopped struggling, the light in front of him The curtain is softly trembled, and finally there is a change.

[Rejuvenation Fist upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Half a day of boxing practice (not achieved!)

[2]: A soul essence (achieved !)

[3]: Ten tael of silver (not reached!)


“Okay, very good!”

Lu Chen was overjoyed. He threw the dead duck on the ground and walked quickly to the middle of the courtyard. He excitedly put on a posture and began to practice Rejuvenation Fist.

Adjust your breathing.

Sit down on the horse!



Raise your foot and punch!

Punches and kicks.

Tossing and turning.

The more you play, the more proficient you are and the more fun you are.

Hand waving the lute.

Step on the sparrow’s tail.



The Rejuvenation Fist that the original owner practiced since childhood gradually merged with Lu Chen until he was tired of gasping for breath, Hungry dazed, Lu Chen was willing to stop, hurriedly cooked a pot of stewed duck, and ate three bowls of rice.

Practice again.

It wasn’t until after noon that the conditions for [half-day practice of boxing] were finally fulfilled.

Lu Chen washed his face, walked quickly into the room, held a short blade, dug a stone brick under the bed, and took out a rectangular object.

Opening the sackcloth reveals a wooden box.

The wooden box is slightly wider than the sword box.

Houses all the relics that Master Daoist Azure Cloud left him.

Open the wooden box. The most conspicuous one is a three-foot-two-inch Peach Wood Sword. This sword is the only one Magical Artifact of Daoist Azure Cloud. It is said that it was made by five hundred years. Made of peach wood.

It can ward off evil spirits and exorcise ghosts.

There are four tadpole-like Dao Marks at the sword jaw.

Beside the Peach Wood Sword, there are three yellowed books, a delicate small jade bottle, a letter, apart from this, and a small pile of scattered gold and silver.

Lu Chen counted.

Found a total of fifty-five tael of silver and three tael of gold.

He will hold the ten tael of silver in his hand, the light curtain suddenly trembles in front of him, and the data panel changes again.

[Rejuvenation Fist upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Half a day of boxing practice (achieved!)

[2]: A soul essence (achieved!) !)

[3]: Ten tael of silver (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen


[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master

[cultivation technique]: None

[spell]: None

[spirit root] : False Spiritual Root

[Fisting]: Rejuvenation Fist Mastery (Upgradable! UU Reading



Lu Chen was slightly excited and stretched out his hand [+].

Trembling all over, he only felt a cool air rushing to his forehead. In an instant, a villain appeared in his mind, and he began to practice Rejuvenation Fist one by one. Lu Chen seemed to be in the scene. Fist’s understanding is deepening.

โ€œcrackle ~โ€

A series of violent sounds came from his body.

The fist became harder, the limbs became more powerful, the body became stronger and slender, the complexion became more ruddy, and at the same time, a trace of energy began to be generated in the body.


Lu Chen felt refreshed and wished to look up to the sky for a long whistle, waiting for him to come back to his senses, the original owner of Rejuvenation Fist who has been standing still for three years.

It is already ใ€Great Accomplishmentใ€‘!

Great Accomplishment!

Great Accomplishment!

“The feeling of upgrading…it’s so refreshing.”

Lu Chen took a long breath and gradually calmed down. It was already not bad, he looked at the light curtain and stretched out his hand lightly.

[Rejuvenation Fist upgrade conditions]:

[1]: One day of boxing practice (not yet achieved!)

[2]: Five Essences (not yet reached) Achieved!)

[3]: Twenty tael of silver (not achieved!)


“Continue to work hard! โ€

Lu Chen grinned and turned his eyes to the three books in the wooden box, the three books were named “Rejuvenation Fist”, “Qi Refinement Art” and “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra”.

ps: Mengxin opens a book, ask for support, ying ying ying ~~

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