My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 10

โ€œhmph! โ€

Jiang Hong’e stretched out his hand, and a three-foot red silk appeared in his hand, and with a flick of it, the red silk wrapped around like a long snake On Lu Chen’s waist, Lu Chen wanted to resist, but he had a lot of strength, but it was difficult to break free for a while.

I understand.

Hong Ling is Magical Artifact, Jiang Hong’e is not simple, it must be Qi Refinement Realm.


I am not afraid in my heart. It is not far from Weapon Suppressing Mansion. There is no reason to kill a witness to silence them just because of one sentence.

“Why, if you can’t say anything, then you have to do it?”

Jiang Hong’e’s face was frosty, but he didn’t answer, the red veil fluttered, he flew up, and with a flick of the red silk, he hoisted Lu Chen up on the beam.

Qing He, who was outside, heard the movement and ran in in a hurry. He was stunned when he saw this scene, and quickly persuaded him:

“What’s wrong? Young Master but Guest, mother, don’t neglect others.”

“Yes, I’m a guest, so don’t let me go.”

“Go out, it’s none of your business here, my mother today. You must teach this shameless brat a lesson!”


Said, he swiped the other end of the red silk and slammed it on Lu Chen.


Lu Chen screamed, his head drooped, and passed out.


Jiang Hong’e’s second whip had already been raised, and he was startled for a while when he saw this scene. whispered: “This kid is too useless, the old lady is not working hard, so… this is not going to work?”


Small Fox Squinting his eyes, he snickered under the screen.

Qing He rolled his eyes and complained, “Young Master is weak and weak, how can he bear the whip of mother, the mother is not quick to put the person down, don’t do anything wrong. .”

“Okay, okay.”

Jiang Hong’e laughed embarrassingly, the little bit of anger in his heart had already completely dissipated, he shook the red silk in his hand, Lu Chen was on the ground.

As soon as the red silk was put away, Lu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and threw the other party to the ground.





As the lingering sound fell, the whole room was silent for a while!

Jiang Hong’e’s face almost dripped with blood, Qinghe little girl opened her mouth slightly, she couldn’t believe it, Small Fox stood up, her big eyes widened.

“So soft~”


“Young Master, please use fruit.”

previous When the matter came to an end, a girl slightly older than Qinghe walked in, quietly, and put the fruit plate she was holding on the wooden table.

This person is Qing Cao, also Jiang Hong’e’s servant girl.

“many thanks Qing Cao girl.”

Lu Chen was not polite, picked up a peach and took a big bite, it was crisp and sweet, but her eyes were slightly red and swollen, That’s the price of impulse.

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Qing Cao covered his mouth and chuckled, and Shi Shiran backed out.

Lu Chen looked at the reclining chair not far away while eating peaches. Jiang Hong’e on the reclining chair had returned to his original state. He was lying lazily with Small Fox in his arms, still wearing that dress. In red gauze, her slender legs were slightly upturned, revealing a little spring.

See Jiang Hong’e in sight.

Lu Chen quickly glanced away.

“A thief is not a thief!”

Jiang Hong’e lightly snorted, leaning on Bai Nen’s right arm, asked:

“What do you think about it? How’s it going?”

“I haven’t figured it out yet.”

“When will I figure it out?”

“At least…tomorrow morning. โ€

Lu Chen came to Scarlet Chamber Garden for two purposes, one is to discuss with Jiang Hong’e about the purchase and sale of [Radiating Light Technique], and the other is to avoid Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk revenge.

He killed Hui Sheng today.

Yuan Zhen, who flew into a rage out of humiliation, can’t guarantee that he won’t do it himself. Lu Chen barely managed to become an immortal Eternal Spring Art, and there is no Qi Refinement. Avoid it.

“As you like.”

Jiang Hong’e got up with Small Fox in his arms, walked behind the screen with his naked jade foot, took off his thin gauze, and lay on his side On the show bed, the exquisite curves show a beautiful silhouette on the screen.

“What a goblin…”

Lu Chen muttered in his heart and asked aloud:

“You are practicing What kind of evil art?”

“puchi ~”

Qinghe, who had just entered the door, pursed her lips and chuckled, put down the teapot she was holding, poured a cup of tea for Lu Chen, and whispered. Answer: “Mother is like this, Young Master don’t care about her.”

The Jiang Hong’e inside was so angry that his chest heaved and heaved.

Lightly snorted.

Just no longer paid attention to .

Lu Chen took a sip of the tea, took out a porcelain vase from his arms, poured out a spiritsand, handed it to Qing He, and explained: “Please help me to exchange some gold and silver, Miss Qing He, If there is any expense here, it can be deducted from it.โ€

โ€œYoung Master has thought a lot, since mother invited Young Master, it is naturally different from those vulgar people, so there will be no expense.โ€

“That’s a girl.”

“It’s okay, copper coins can be exchanged for gold and silver, but gold and silver can’t be exchanged for spirits and slaves. It’s better for slaves to take advantage of it, Young Master, wait a moment. “

Qing He left, and soon returned with a hundred tael of silver.

Lu Chen piled the gold and silver aside, chatted with the articulate Qing He, and took the opportunity to ask, “What happened to your mother, is it a monster?”

“puchi ~”

Qinghe shook her shoulders and smiled, warned repeatedly:

“Don’t say that, mother will hear you and beat you again, mother is a fairy, not you The monster in the mouth.”

“Then why open this Scarlet Chamber Garden?”

Qing He carefully glanced at the screen and saw that there was no movement inside, then whispered:


“Young Master knows about cultivation talent?”

“Know some.”

“As for the mother, I heard that there is also an innate talent named.. .ใ€matchmakerใ€‘.”


Lu Chen was speechless for a while, it turned out to be this reason, no wonder he wanted to help people get married, it was probably beneficial cultivation, the purpose of UU reading to open a brothel is probably the same.

Lu Chen lowered his voice and continued to ask:

โ€œHow old is your mother?โ€

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Qing He He giggled and teased:

“Master Young is probably interested in my mother. Well, Master Young is also a cultivator, so maybe she is the one who is waiting for her mother.”


Lu Chen’s face was embarrassed, and he felt embarrassed.



โ€œHoo hoo~โ€

Itโ€™s getting dark, Scarlet Chamber Garden On the third floor, most of the glazed lamps were extinguished, and only a few remained, reflecting the hazy night. Jiang Hong’e woke up leisurely, put on a tulle, and secretly looked outside.

I saw Lu Chen sitting on the horse, pulling out the short blade from his waist again and again, over and over again, as if tireless.


Jiang Hong’e stretched and lay back on the show bed, resting his forehead with one hand and his belly with the other… , and soon, the slightest strands of red mist slowly gathered.

Small Fox on the side sat cross-legged like a villain, opening and closing his small mouth.

His sound.

โ€œhu~ ~โ€

Lu Chen spit out one mouthful of impure air, put the short blade back into the scabbard, and rubbed the slightly sour right hand, whispered:

โ€œhu~ ~โ€ p>

“Upgrade again!”

He glanced back at the screen and raised his hand slightly:


ใ€Buddhist Blade upgrade conditions]:

[1]: One day of sword practice (achieved!)

[2]: Twenty tael of silver (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Blade Technique]: Buddhist Blade is not beginner (upgradeable!)+


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