My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 100


Lu Chen nods and takes the two back to Fengxian Town.


The night was dark, Lu Chen finished teaching the exercises, and after admiring the postures of the four women, he left the room. Outside the pavilion, the rouge tiger Tongxin Still on duty, she looked up at the bright moon in the sky, wondering what she was thinking.

Lu Chen walked into the pavilion, opened the mouth and said:

“Take you to a place tonight.”



Lu Chen squeezed his sword fingers, and Yujian flew into the air.

“I…I can’t fly.”

“It’s really troublesome.”

Lu Chen murmured and stretched out his left hand, fingers five strings. Si Fei shot, wrapped around Tong Xin’s slender waist, pulled Tong Xin lightly, and pulled Tong Xin to the Peach Wood Sword, Yu Jian flew south.

Tong Xin looked complicated, and said faithfully:

“I already owe you three lives, why do you want to help me?”

“Yuqi is right. , Fengxian Town needs a Method Release Immortal Master who supports the facade, which will save a lot of worries, I think you are quite suitable.”

Tong Xin bit her red lips tightly, muttered:

“Just like this?”

“What are you thinking about?”

Lu Chen turned around and saw in the cool night wind, rouge tiger tongxin full head fine black hair dancing wildly, face Delicate, but his eyes are like a wolf like a tiger, he shuddered, this bitch is a bit evil, and suddenly remembered that the other party’s innate talent seems to be called [Wild Affinity].

Lu Chen frowned , warned repeatedly:

“Don’t go too far, I have a bottom line.”

“hmph ~”

Tong Xin lightly snorted, turned his head away.

Lu Chen didn’t think about it anymore, Yujian flew all the way to the south, and soon saw the mass grave, but a few days later, thousands of corpses had already been born, and the mass grave became a mass grave. Ordinary giant pit, blood and broken limbs have long disappeared.

“This is the place where the weirdness was born?”


Lu Chen nods, frowned

“It is now I left, and I don’t know where I went.” He was a little worried, it was not a good thing to let a third rank terrifying monster run around, and he might call the door one day, and he didn’t know if Heisha had contact people.

“Be careful!”


Just flew over the Nieshui River, Tong Xin criticized out in surprise, and the Nieshui River suddenly exploded When it opened, a huge monster broke out of the water, stretched out its arms dozens of meters long, and grabbed the two of them in the air.


Tong Xin casts a short spear, Lu Chen squeezes sword art in his hand, Spiritual Qi in his body suddenly urges, and the speed of Peach Wood Sword under his feet climbs several times in an instant, dangerously dangerous After avoiding the big hand, before he could relax, he heard a “weng weng” sound, and countless flying heads flew from the river.

“Nine Heavens slaying demons!”


Lu Chen was not afraid, and the Peach Wood Sword suddenly turned around, and the seven sword stars Flying out quickly, he stretched out his hand to hold the upside-down hilt of the knife, waved his hand and it was a knife, the shrill rainbow of the knife cut across the night sky, dividing countless flying skulls into two, at least hundreds of flying skulls died instantly.


Tong Xin was deeply shocked and stunned.

She had never seen such a terrifying knife, as if even her soul was shaking, she licked her red lips, her eyes getting brighter and brighter.


Countless flying heads roared with their mouths open, their voices roaring, and thousands of corpses stepped on the surface of the Nie Shui River and ran with great strides. Lu Chen didn’t dare to stop. The sword fled south.

Thousands of corpses were chased to the south bank of the Nieshui River before they sank into the water.


Lu Chen stopped in the distance, reached out and beckoned.

The seven sword stars flew back upside down, and the tip of the sword was stained with sticky blood. Just now, he used the sword star to sneak attack the body of a thousand corpses. Lu Chen smiled slightly, hands form a secret art, quickly performed the Qiankun image method, reached out and beckoned, and captured a dark black breath from the blood.

I am satisfied with the nodded and continue to fly south.

Not long after, they finally came to the sky above Fengpo Lake. The two overlooked the White Cloud View on Lake Heart Island. Tong Xin was slightly excited: “Is it here to break through?”


Lu Chen nods his p, and explains:

“I’ll teach you an Authentic Level Breathing Technique in a while, how confident are you? “

Tong Xin thought about it seriously:

“Fifty percent!”

“Fifty percent? A little low.”

Lu Chen frowned slightly and asked:

“If there is a Secret Treasure Level secret art, would you study it?”


Tong Xin shook his head and said resolutely:

“There is no such thing as perfection in the world. I have a 50% chance that I will work hard. If I miss today, I may never have such an opportunity again in my life.”

She licked her red lips and urged:

“Go on, I can’t wait.”


Lu Chen Without further ado, Yujian fell down, and the two quietly landed on the attic of a second layer. Lu Chen looked at the entire Baiyun Temple and saw that there were many Black Armor Army guards in it, and whispered:

“Don’t shoot, leave it to me!”

Tong Xin gave Lu Chen a deep look, nodded:



Lu Chen gently shook the Peach Wood Sword, seven sword stars flew out, flying around, one by one Black Armor Army died silently, killing dozens of people in a row, finally After cleaning up the Black Armor Army on the surface, the two jumped down from the attic. Lu Chen manipulated the sword star and rummaged through the houses. It took a little one hour to kill all the black armored soldiers.


[Nine Heavens Promotion Level Condition]

[1]: Four thousand dead souls (1751/4000 not reached!)


“It’s not far from Promote Level.”

Lu Chen grinned and followed Tong Xin all the way to Ancestral Hall, Tong Xin pushed open the door, and saw a large number of tablets scattered on the offering table, all in a mess.

Tongxin introduced:

“The entrance to Water Spiritual Vein is behind this Ancestral Hall, where four sets of First Rank [Qi Snake Array] were previously arranged. First Rank Water Spiritual Vein, can transform into four cymbals Spirit Beast to guard here, after the attack of the Black Armor Army, Baiyun Guan knew that it was hard to resist, and hurriedly dismantled the Formation and moved into Fengpo City.”


Brother Lu nodded, “Yaoyao!”

“big ~”

Meng Yao drilled out of Lu Chen’s long hair, rubbed her big sleepy eyes, sniffed with her small nose, and her big eyes immediately lit up:

“It smells so good~”

Without Lu Chen’s instructions, Meng Yao opened her cherry mouth:


“wu wu wu!”

A cloudy wind blew into the lobby, causing the spirit tablet on the table to roll to the ground. The accumulated incense quickly gathered towards Meng Yao, and prayer coins were generated.

“crash-bang ~”

At this moment, several portraits hanging on the wall suddenly trembled, getting louder and louder, and a silhouette stepped out from the portraits, this man All white hair and beard, wearing a blue daoist robe, carrying a sword, with a solemn expression, loudly shouted:

“Bold monster, dare to disturb Ancestral Hall!”

[Name]: Yin Spirit

[Information]: First Rank


Lu Chen has no talisman on his body, but he still sees this Talking about the silhouette, he was not quite clear whether it was because of Meng Yao, or because of refining the six-eyed Bodhi Seed.

Tong Xin seemed to have sensed something, looked all around, but found nothing, wondering:

“What’s wrong?”

“There is a head Yin spirit!”


When the Taoist saw Meng Yao’s non-stop movements, he was furious, right hand and pointed like a sword, lowly shouted:

“Look at the sword!”

“Cang 唷” made a sword cry, the sword behind his back was unsheathed, turned into a sword light and stabbed at Meng Yao, Lu Chen frowned, reached out and grabbed Meng Yao’s lifeless sickle, gently Swipe to block the sword light.

The Taoist was slightly taken aback and shouted:

“You are also a demon!”

“Then what are you?”


Lu Chen sneered, the Taoist who refuted was speechless, he stopped talking nonsense, pointed at Lu Chen, the sword struck again, but was Lu Chen blocked again.

After lingering for a while, Meng Yao finally turned all the incense into prayer coins, and let the prayer coins fall on the ground. Hit you!”

The money with the red brows disappeared out of thin air, and fiercely smashed the Taoist’s forehead.

“Aiya ~”

The Taoist screamed in pain and fell from the air.

Lu Chen took two steps forward, and the lifeless sickle slammed towards the Taoist. With a scream, one of his thighs fell off. The Taoist contorts one’s face in agony in agony, and fled towards the portrait in horror.

Just as he was about to fly into the portrait, Meng Yao pointed his little hand again, a black snake flew out from his sleeve and wrapped the Taoist all over his body. The Taoist screamed and fell to the ground from midair. .


“puchi ~”

As Lu Chen swung down his sickle, the Taoist corpse was divided into two parts and turned into a plume of blue smoke .


Meng Yao’s small mouth opened slightly, and the blue smoke passed through the square hole of the red coin and flew into the mouth. Two blushes appeared on her small face. The little body also swayed:

“Big brother, Yaoyao is so dizzy~”

“Go to sleep first.”

“Hmmmm~ “

Meng Yao nodded her head and got into Lu Chen’s long hair.

Lu Chen jumped onto the offering table, stretched out his hand and took off the portrait. As the Taoist died, the silhouette on the portrait disappeared, leaving only a blank scroll.

[Name]: Nether Tool

[Information]: First Rank Scroll, Soul Wood


First Rank Scroll of Soul Scroll, made of Soul Wood.

Lu Chen suddenly, no wonder there are Yin spirits here. It turned out to be raised with Soul Wood. He rolled up the scroll a little bit and put it in the seal ball, intending to wait for Meng Yao to wake up and send it to him. Give it to the other party, then jump off the offering table and pick up the prayer coins on the ground one by one.


The total is seven 19, which is also a pleasant surprise.

Tong Xin looked at the clouds and mist, and felt that Lu Chen was like a person dancing a great god. It was not until Lu Chen returned to normal that he asked:

“Yin spirits” What?”



Tong Xin looked thoughtful and said meaningfully:


“I heard…you have a ghost wife?”

“How do you know?”


Tong Xin smiled without saying a word, pushed aside the stone gate behind Ancestral Hall, and walked along a downward stone stairs, Lu Chen followed closely from behind, and after a while, the two came to a spacious place the stone chamber.

There is a spiritual spring in the center of the stone chamber with a radius of 30 meters, and there are many futons all around, among which Spiritual Qi is abundant.

Tong Xin took off the short gun on the back, carefully put it away, and took off the armor one by one, then the inner shirt, until there was nothing left of himself, and then he twisted his slim waist, Step by step into the spiritual spring.


Lu Chen was stunned. This woman’s figure is too exaggerated, and she doesn’t even think she is wearing armor. At first glance, it’s simple, rich What’s going on…

Lu Chen looked away and said:

“I’ll help you protect the law outside.”

“crash-bang ~”

Tong Xin came to the center with a spiritual spring, the water depth just submerged her upper legs, she turned her back to Lu Chen, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised: “I want to break through the second realm, the opportunity It’s rare, you don’t need to observe it carefully?”


Lu Chen step one stopped, and suddenly remembered that he hadn’t even taught the Nine Breaths Art. .

“Okay okay.”

Lu Chen turned around, and bronze oneself walked into the spiritual spring.

Tong Xin sat cross-legged in the spiritual spring, the spring water submerged half of his chest, the clear spring water, everything was clearly visible, Lu Chen sat behind the other side, closed his eyes and began to explain [9 Breathing Jue], the clothes on my body were wet, and it was a little uncomfortable.

Over and over again.

Tong Xin looked serious and practiced the Nine Breaths again and again. After a long time, he opened the mouth and said:

“I have mastered it.”

“ It’s good!”

Lu Chen couldn’t help but opened his eyes, and saw that Tong Xin had turned around at some point, the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, with a faint smile, everything was revealed, Lu Chen hurriedly He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and gritted his teeth:

“You… I suspect you are trying to lure me.”


Tong Xin shook his head, his whole body sat on Lu Chen’s legs, standing tall and low, and said earnestly:

“I just want to conquer you!”

“Don’t even think about it! ”

Lu Chen is strict in his righteousness and absolutely unyielding.

Tong Xin sneered, stretched out his hand to tear Lu Chen’s clothes, his full body twisted and twisted around him, Lu Chen couldn’t hold on, helplessly said:

“You just Can’t you break through?”

Tong Xin was stunned for a while, then suddenly hugged Lu Chen and burst into tears:

“Wu wu wu, I’m afraid of death, I’m afraid No one will remember me after I die…”

“You’re not in the right mindset.”

Lu Chen sighed, opened his eyes, and looked at Bazuo The rouge tiger wrapped around him like a fish, persuaded: “Although I haven’t broken through the Second Realm, I know that your state is not right, so don’t wait any longer, I feel that you will really die here.”

Tong Xin fell silent, got off Lu Chen, hugged his legs and curled up in the spiritual spring, motionless.

Between life and death.

There is great horror.

One step to live, one step to die, who can take it lightly!

After a while, Tong Xin finally moved, she got up, stretched out her hand, pushed Lu Chen down in the spiritual spring, and rode on Lu Chen:

“I owe it to me. You have three lives, anyway, it’s not clear, so I’ll give you myself, the right should not owe each other.”

Said, lying on Lu Chen’s body and biting frantically, crying and laughing.


Lu Chen was speechless for a while, this woman was crazy, he punched Tong Xin on the back of the neck, and Tong Xin rolled his eyes. Turned over, lay on top of him and fell asleep.


Lu Chen sighed, holding Tong Xin and getting up, he put the person down in the spiritual spring, posed a pose, and tapped his fingers on the other side Go, start teaching the [Yuanxi Art].


After one hour, UU reading Tong Xin woke up, surprisedly said:

“How do I sleep? In the past?”

“If I don’t knock you out, you’ll be crazy.”

Lu Chen rolled the eyes.


Tong Xinfaint smile, stretched out in spiritual spring, said happily: “I feel… The current state is better than ever, and I want to break through. “

Speaking, he sat down directly in the spiritual spring.

My eyes closed.

No movement.

Lu Chen was angry and laughing. Just as he was about to repair someone again, he saw that in the spiritual spring, with the rouge tiger Tongxin as the center, a circle of ripples rippled all around, and the endless Spiritual Qi spewed from the spiritual vein below. And come out.

“Really want to break through? “

Lu Chen’s expression became solemn, knowing that it was Tong Xin who started to extract Spiritual Qi from the spirit vein. He didn’t dare to disturb any more, and observed it carefully.

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