My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 101

“dong dong!”

At this moment, there was a sudden burst of drums on the ground. Lu Chen frowned, came out of the spiritual spring, and walked quickly to the ground. On the ground, the Black Armor Army who came to change the garrison finally found the tragic state of Baiyun Temple. Someone beat the war drums by the lake without the slightest hesitation as a warning.

“Who? Dare to kill the Black Armor Army!”

“Kill Sha!”

When Lu Chen came out of Ancestral Hall, he saw two teams The Black Armor Army was coming here, saw Lu Chen loudly shouted, and directly killed him. Lu Chen shook the Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and seven sword stars came out. In just a few breaths, the two teams were killed. .


The movement of the fight attracted more attention from the Black Armor Army, and hundreds of people rushed forward.

Lu Chen is not afraid.

Walk all the way, kill all the way, when he kills to the lake, the two hundred Black Armor Army who just arrived, only the last person who beat drums by the lake, that man was about to jump into Fengpo Lake, With a “puchi” sound, a sword star passed through his heart.


Lu Chen retracted the sword star, looked up at the sky, and saw a black shadow flying from Fengpo City.

“Who is running wild in my Fengpo City!”

The other party’s roar spread throughout Fengpo Lake, and the person who came was the Method Release Immortal Master Heisha, aggressive, Murderous-looking, Lu Chen’s thoughts moved, Yan Yang armor draped over his body, raised his feet to the void, and greeted Heisha step by step.

Since I dare to come to Baiyun Temple.

Lu Chen naturally imagined the situation of opposing Heisha, and was not afraid at all.

Heisha looked down and saw a familiar silhouette coming in full body armor, his heart skipped a beat, he flew to Fengpo City without turning his head, and shouted while fleeing:



Lu Chen stopped in mid-air, laughing dumbly:

“It’s boring, It’s really boring!”

When Lu Chen returned to the stone chamber where the underground spiritual vein was located, there was no silhouette of Tongxin in the spiritual spring.

“crash-bang ~”

Lu Chen was wondering, the rouge tiger Tongxin drilled out from the spiritual spring, like Surpassingly beautiful, the body was shrouded in First Layer light, there was a With an unusual aura, she stood in the spiritual spring, with no wisps, the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, and she hooked her fingers at Lu Chen:

“Come on~~”

[Name]: Tongxin

[Information]: Two Realms Method Release Immortal Master


“…… “

Lu Chen saw this, turned around and walked back.


The new Method Release Immortal Master Tong Xin was furious, slapped the spiritual spring with his slender hand, and a water whip flew, instantly wrapping around Lu Chen’s waist Up, with a gentle pull, Lu Chen was dragged into the spiritual spring, Tong Xin sneered:

“Look where you are escaping this time!”

Said, riding On Lu Chen, started tearing his clothes.





“You never follow?”




Tong Xin jumped on the horse and whipped the whip, tossing for an hour, but he couldn’t succeed. He was angry and aggrieved, hugged Lu Chen wu wu and cried bitterly:

“You heartless man , wu wu wu ~”

“You have no conscience, wu wu wu ~”

“You…you’re not a man!”

Lu Chen was agitated Furious, he rolled over and pressed Rouge Tiger under his body, raised his right hand, and slapped the opponent’s raised part with a slap fiercely.


Tongxin screamed in agony, his face full of ecstasy, and provocatively said:

“Come on, come again!”







Lu Chen looked at the painful and happy rouge tiger below, his face was speechless. But the Method Release Immortal Master, the dignified Method Release Immortal Master… actually likes this tune.

What a demoness!

After tossing for another hour, Rouge Tiger was satisfied, put on his clothes and armor, bit his red lips, and warned:

“The matter between us , don’t tell outsiders, I mean anyone, including your women.”



Tong Xin reached out and raised Lu Chen’s chin, coldly said:

“I won’t give up, just wait, I will conquer you!”


Lu Chen almost laughed out loud, this woman really doesn’t remember to hit, it seems that she still packs it lightly.

The two of them dressed neatly and went out of the stone chamber together. They flew all the way to Fengxian Town with their swords. When the sky was bright, they finally returned to Long Spring Temple.

Lu Chen hurriedly returned to the house regardless of Tongxin, when he saw the big bed, neatly lined up with four daughters, all of them were sleeping soundly, he lightly picked up Jiang Hong’e, tiptoeed, Stepping into a secluded wing room, Jiang Hong’e awoke leisurely, with hazy eyes, surprisedly said:

“My enemy, what’s the matter?”

“Forget it. “

Lu Chen sighed, whispered:

“Provoked by a girl.”

“gē gē gē ~”

Jiang Hong’e smiled flamboyantly, wrapped his arms around Lu Chen’s neck, and grinned:

“Is this if you put fire on me?”

“I don’t mean to Reward me? It’s still dark, so you have to talk.”

“gē gē gē ~”

Jiang Hong’e smiled tenderly, red lips on Lu Chen’s forehead, Provocatively said:

“Come on then.”


“Yeah! What a big anger!”

Jiang Hong’e cried out in surprise, entangled and began to go deep into cultivation, at this moment, a silhouette quietly appeared out of the window, she stretched out her hand to open the thin window paper, and looked at a man and a woman in the house, her teeth were tight Bite:

“hmph, stinky man!”


late in the morning, Lu Chen just started to get up and stretched out Lazy, looking at Jiang Hong’e who was in a deep sleep, he smiled proudly, put on his clothes and walked out of the room, and rode a tiger girl to the outside of the city, cultivating Aoki longevity as usual.



When Lu Chen came back riding a tiger girl, he saw a white-haired old man standing at the city gate, Blocked the way into and out of the city.

“Is this person ill?”

“You can’t tell good from bad when you’re old enough to get in the way, it’s disrespectful to the old!”

“Get out of the way!”

The people pointed fingers, and Guard Soldier couldn’t stand it any longer. He started to drive away, but he didn’t meet anyone. Leg cramps generally fell to the ground, screaming non-stop.

Everyone sees this.

There was an uproar all of a sudden, and everyone looked terrified.

The old man remained unmoved, with his hands behind his back, looking into the city, he just didn’t want to take a step.

[Name]: Tianmu Daoist

[Information]: Three Realms Tongxuan Daoist


“ This Old Guy…”

Whispering, Lu Chen rode a tiger girl forward and said:

“Old man, let’s meet again.”

Tianmu daoist turned around, saw Lu Chen laughing, and finally let go of the city gate, complaining: “Boy, it’s not easy for an old man to see you.”

” Anything?”

“Find someone.”

“Or your Junior Brother?”


The two go Going to the side, Lu Chen had already expected, and glanced at Tianmu daoist, so he thought:

“Last time… it seems that it hasn’t been settled yet.”

” hmph!”

Tianmu daoist coldly snorted, foul-mouthed:

“It’s really a chicken intestine, what kind of status is an old man, I still owe you fifty Spirit Stones without paying it back.”

“That’s not good.”

“unable to tell good from bad!”

Tianmu daoist was furious and raised his hand to fight, see Lu Chen Sitting on the tiger’s back, he sneered, but he was a little unsure. He glanced at Fengxian Town behind him, put down his palm, and turned it over in his sleeve, wondering:

“Or… next time?”

“No way!”

Lu Chen sternly refused, with a dull expression:

“No payment, no news!”

Rolling his eyes, he said again:

“If you don’t have a Spirit Stone, you can use the mysterious crystal to settle the bill. I don’t dislike it.”


Tianmu daoist complexion ashen, coldly said: “The old man has worked hard for several months to get three profound crystals. You brat is really a lion’s big mouth!”

Lu Chen spread out both hands:

“It’s ok if you don’t give it, plus this time, a total of 100 Spirit Stones!”


Tianmu daoist gritted his teeth, palm lightly Turning, a multi-colored spar appeared in the palm, and threw the spar to Lu Chen. In the middle of the pain, he said with an old face:

“Boy, tell me the news quickly. “

“This news can’t be said if there is any. It needs to make great efforts to inquire. You leave a mark first. If there is news, I will send you a message immediately.” “

Lu Chen rolled the eyes and took out Thousand Miles Communication Talisman.

Tianmu daoist couldn’t, and left a mark on it, Lu Chen saw that he was going to leave with a black face, and his heart moved. , and asked again:

“You know that weird one in the south? “

“A thousand corpses?” “

“Yes! “

“I heard that, but…it’s hard to deal with.” “

“So what? “

“The old man has discussed with other Fellow Daoists and is looking for a way to get rid of it. After a while, he will take care of himself.” “

“It’s hard to kill?” ”

“It’s not just hard to kill, all the weird ones have Immortal Body!” “

“Oh! “

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and said with a smile:

“It’s getting late, so I won’t leave the old man for dinner.” “

“You think old man is rare? ”

Tianmu daoist with a stinky face, flicked his sleeve robe, turned into a white rainbow and left, Lu Chen touched his nose, looked at the spar in his hand and laughed suddenly.

[Name]: Xuanjing

[Information]: third rank


Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Tomb] There are three conditions that need to be met. He has managed to make two, and he is just short of a coffin. He put away Xuanjing, and Lu Chen rode a tiger girl into the city gate.

In front of Long Spring Temple , Tong Xin stood with a gun.

The eyes of the two crossed each other, in a flash, Tong Xin’s mouth was slightly upturned, Lu Chen’s forehead was sweating, whispered:

“This girl is afraid of another Crazy…”

When night came, Lu Chen finished teaching the practice and walked out of the room. Seeing that there was no silhouette of Tongxin in the pavilion, it was slightly relaxed. Going to a wing room, just sitting down on the bed, a silhouette emerged from under the quilt, without a piece of clothing, she imitated Jiang Hong’e last night, lying on the quilt, straightening her body:

“Come on, my friend~~”


Lu Chen sighed and practiced spell with his eyes closed.

Tong Xin refused to give up, and used various means to provoke Lu Chen again and again. Lu Chen sat still, and when he was about to lose his hold, he reached out and slapped Tong Xin with his palm:

“The Sealing Method ! “


Before Tong Xin could react, the whole person was put into the sealing ball, and he was released only when it was almost dawn, Jiang Hong ‘e Lian walked into the room, looking at the silhouette of Tong Xin fleeing, surprisedly said:

“Can you hold back? “

“en! “

Lu Chen was serious and nodded, and stretched out his hand to hug Jiang Hong’e on the wooden bed.

“Throw me on fire again~”

“Thank you for your hard work.” . “

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e lightly snorted, puzzled:

“Why don’t you accept people? Everyone is a Method Release Immortal Master. “


Lu Chen sighed, explaining:

“This girl has innate talent [wild affinity], too wild, no Obedient, adjust and adjust first. “

“Fan, are you worried that the surname Fang has an idea?” “


Jiang Hong’e drew circles on Lu Chen’s chest, rolled the eyes:

“Then You have to hurry up. “

Lu Chen smiled shyly:

“Go to Old Fang in a few days. “

“As soon as possible.” “

“What’s the matter? “

“I seem to have fallen ill yesterday, and I have been practicing [General Sha] for a lifetime. It is estimated that my body can hardly hold it.” “


It was just dawn, Lu Chen pulled Fang Yuqi, who woke up, and hurried to the Guard Lord’s mansion. After three days, we saw each other again. Fang Hong, Fang Hong was sitting on the bed, wrapped in a thick quilt, when he saw Lu Chen coming, he smiled and waved: “Boy Lu, needless to say, the girl has already taken you The idea was mentioned to me and I agree! “

“Then this day?” “

“Today happens to be the first day of February, just today.” “

Lu Chen’s heart sank, and he took two steps forward to grab Fang Hong’s hand, only to be opened by Fang Hong’s slap: “You are frizzy, why does my family Yuqi like you asshole?” brat. “

“Don’t make trouble, I have a Secret Treasure Level Aoki Longevity Technique, you can practice it with me, it can prolong your life.” “

“Don’t practice, don’t practice! “

Fang Hong waved his hand and sighed:

“Do you really think I cherish my life?” I’ve been fighting and fighting all my life, and I’ve already lived enough. The reason why I support it is because I’m worried that the girl won’t be able to support Fengxian Town. Now that I have your help, I can feel at ease. “


Lu Chen looked at Fang Yuqi beside him, Fang Yuqi shook his head slowly.

The two walked out In the room, Lu Chen asked:

“What’s going on? ”

Fang Yuqi’s pretty face was heavy and explained:

“Cultivation [General Sha], the body will be broken like a leak, and the older you get, the more desolate you are. There are very few people who can hold on to such an old age. Father has been holding on for nearly ten years. He has to endure great pain every day. He numbs himself with strong alcohol. Happy and mourning. “

“Okay! “

Lu Chen sighed, my heart is a little heavy, life and death are impermanent, people, after all, such a day is inevitable.


two people The wedding banquet was very simple. The venue was in the Guard Lord’s house. Except for some generals in the Guard Soldier and a few people from Long Spring Temple, not many people knew about it. The only outsider was Shi Qingyun. With a glass of water and wine, he said congratulations, then turned and left.

“first bow to heaven and earth ~”

“second bow to parents ~”

“husband and wife bow each other ~”

“father! “

“Father! “

“Good! ”

Fang Hong was wearing a robe and smiling, but the expression on his face gradually solidified.

On this day, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi got married, and Fang Hong smiled at Yellow Springs at the age of seventy-three! At the same moment, a thousand corpses attacked Fengpo City, Heisha fled without a fight, and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced!


The night was deep.

The same period of mourning and joy.

In the bridal room, Fang Yuqi was wearing a red wedding dress with a white sash around her waist. She was lying in Lu Chen’s arms and sobbing softly. Lu Chen hugged the bride and comforted her in a low voice. After a long time, the movement became smaller. Lu Chen ripped off the white sash from his waist, reached out and undid the happy button on the wedding dress, and peeled off each shirt, revealing an exquisite jade body in front of him.

Lu Chen rolled his throat, and his mouth was dry.



“It’s getting late, rest in peace!”

“Well~~ ”

Fang Yuqi blushed, and slowly put down a pair of jade hands that covered him. For a moment, Lu Chen’s eyes straightened, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Fang Yuqi was extremely embarrassed, and Lu Chen was white. With a glance, he opened his mouth slightly:



Lu Chen smirked, picked up Fang Yuqi by the waist, and placed it horizontally on the red bed.




After the words were finished, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi hugged Together, one up, one down, one up!

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