My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 102

After a while.


As Fang Yuqi cry out in surprise, Lu Chen stopped.

“What’s the matter?”

Fang Yuqi looked up at him and said apprehensively:

“Father is newly mourned, I think… want to help father Mourning.”


Three years of mourning and three months of mourning, that is to say, within three months, one should not break the precepts. The custom is snort disdainfully, but he respects his wife’s choice very much, but well, as a past person, he has some workarounds.

So comfortable:

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

After most of the night, both of them were tired.



Lu Chen looked smug, but a little unfinished, Fang Yuqi lightly snorted, his eyes revealed Tenderness:

“Lu Lang~”

“What’s wrong?”

“surname Jiang’s is next door, why don’t you go over there?”



Lu Chen shook his head:

“Tonight is our newlyweds, only with you.”

“Lu Lang ~”

Fang Yuqi was so moved, hesitantly said:

“Would you like to…call surname Jiang’s in?”

“Really. …..”

Lu Chen almost laughed out loud, seeing Fang Yuqi faint smile, quickly changed his words:

“No, just us!”

“hehe ~”

Fang Yuqi covered his red lips and chuckled, Lu Chen whispered a few words, Fang Yuqi stared wide-eyed, and said incredulously:

“Really ?”

“Try it.”

Lu Chen smiled mysteriously.

“hehe ~”

The smirk like the Great Demon King echoed in the middle of the night, making Jiang Hong’e next door toss and turn, unable to sleep, she got up wearing red-clothed, With two little girls big eyes staring at small eyes sitting at the desk.

As the sky just came up, Lu Chen sneaked into the room.

Jiang Hong’e turned around and said angrily:

“You seem to be very proud?”

“How can… Yuqi said to Keep your filial piety!”

Lu Chen’s face was depressed, Jiang Hong’e “puchi” and laughed out loud:

“Take me again to spread fire… “

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen picked up Jiang Hong’e, ignored the two little girls with their heads down In his arms, he said softly:

“Hong’e, I’ve wronged you.”

“I’m not wronged.”

Jiang Hong’e shook his head and looked up. He looked at Lu Chen with his phoenix eyes, and said seriously:

“As long as I can be with you for the rest of my life, I will be content.”

Lu Chen was moved and whispered. Said: “It’s a lifetime, and it’s good for you. After a few days, we’ll worship at Long Spring Temple once, and it’s a fresh one!”

“You have as many tricks!”


Qing Cao blushed and ran out of the room with her head lowered. Qiao Qinghe stood there stupidly, staring at the two of them in shock, her small hands tightening. Loose, loose and tight.

“Yeah, why are you this girl still here?”

Jiang Hong’e cried out in surprise, Qiao Qinghe gathered up her courage and took two steps forward:

“Qing…Qinghe is here to serve Young Master.”

“Dead girl…”

“Come up!”

With Qing He’s exclamation, Lu Chen pulled him over, stretched out his hand and scratched Qiong’s nose, and said proudly: “Qing He, take a good look at today, and let you see the spirit of this Temple Master. .”



Lu Chen smiled proudly, killing Jiang Hong’e rout!


After a fight, Jiang Hong’e began to trim, Lu Chen raised Qinghe’s delicate little chin, lightly stamped it, He stepped forward.


Jiang Hong’e groaned behind him and fell asleep.

After leaving the room, Lu Chen got back into the new room, lying on the bed, experiencing the voluntary revolving of Yuanxi Jue in the body, and when Fang Yuqi woke up, the two looked at each other and smiled.


The Weapon Suppressing Mansion began to hold Fang Hong’s funeral, followed by Fang Yuqi’s succession as Guard Lord, followed by the screening and reorganization of thousands of Guard Soldiers, Fang Yuqi was busy, However, with Tong Xin, the Method Release Immortal Master on the surface, and Lu Chen behind him, everything went smoothly.

Wait for it to end.

It has been three days.

The Guard Soldier battalion was divided into two battalions, north and south, each with 3,000 soldiers and horses, and another 300-person Shexian battalion. Fang Yuqi became one of the 6,300 Guard Soldiers and more than 50,000 civilians. Just in name only, but also in reality Sovereign, Rouge Tiger Tongxin withdrew from the army and became the chief worshiper of Weapon Suppressing Mansion, and also the face of the entire Fengxian Town.

As for Lu Chen.

As the man behind Fang Yuqi, except for a few people, few people know, and his exposed identity is still the ordinary worship of Temple Master and Weapon Suppressing Mansion of Long Spring Temple.

Less known.

Fang Yuqi moved directly into Long Spring Temple on the second day of his succession as Guard Lord.


“Hold Kunlun with both hands~”

“Left and right drums~”

“Ape back Shaking the Heaven Pillar~”

“Red Dragon Stirs Water~”



Di Kang Six years, the fourth day of February.

Lu Chen worked hard outside the city to cultivate the Aoki Longevity Gong, and the longevity pill in his lower abdomen gradually became fuller, while on the side, Tong Xin was wearing a Tsing Yi Yan Luo skirt, playing with Meng Yao and Hu Niu, and from time to time it was said There was a few laughs, but there was no sign of the Method Release Immortal Master.

After a while.

The yellow leaves were falling all over the sky, and Lu Chen seemed to be more and more casual and natural. With a light inhalation, endless vitality gathered, the first longevity pill was finally fully developed, and his strength climbed to 6,500 pounds. He opened his eyes, unable to hide his joy, and opened his mouth:


A golden pill flew out of his mouth.

golden light.


[Name]: Longevity Pill

[Information]: One Longevity Pill, 30 years of life extension


“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was so happy that he opened his mouth and swallowed the longevity pill. With this longevity pill, his lifespan reached one hundred and fifty-one years old. Can be called Renrui, extraordinary people can be compared.

“big brother, let’s go home?”

Meng Yao saw that Lu Chen had stopped to practice and ran over on a tiger girl.


Turning over and riding on Hu Niu’s back, Meng Yao became small and landed on his shoulder, happily saying: “Niu Niu, let’s go home, Hong E elder sister made delicious food.”

“áo hǒu ~”

Hu Niu growled and ran slowly towards Fengxian Town.

Tong Xin, who was not far away, was very aggrieved. He flew behind Lu Chen and hugged Lu Chen with his slender hands. Dilly-dallying, Lu Chen got angry and dragged the person in front of him with his backhand.

Four eyes met, Tong Xin’s face was delicate, and provocatively said:

“Hit me~”


“Ah, come again!”


Meng Yao pouted on her shoulders and said innocently:

“Elder sister doesn’t hurt?”

Tong Xin hurriedly restrained his expression and shook his head with a smile:

“Temple Master is measured and doesn’t hurt.”



Meng Yao seemed to understand, but her little hands wrapped around a strand of long hair on Lu Chen’s temples. She always felt that Tong Xin’s elder sister was strange. Tong Xin didn’t dare to impudent again. She didn’t wake up until she got close to Fengxian Town. , hurried away.

Meng Yao asked:

“big brother, why doesn’t Tong Xin elder sister come home with us?”

“She is sick.”


“What’s wrong?”

“mental disorder!”


Meng Yao didn’t know why, so she worried:


“The big brother can help elder sister heal?”


Lu Chen laughed and pinched Meng Yao’s small face , Meng Yao laughed happily and said seriously: “Tong Xin elder sister is very good, big brother should help elder sister heal as soon as possible.”


Lu Chen nods with a smile.

It is strange to say that although Meng Yao gets along well with Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi, they rarely show too closeness. Instead, they can play together with Rouge Tiger Tongxin. As for the reason, he One can guess a few, one is that Tong Xin is indeed childish, and the other is that his face is tender.

And the most important thing is that the innate talent [Yuki Kinho] played a role.

It is precisely because of innate talent that the little White Tiger Xianxian and Hu Niu, as well as the two Small Foxes, are more docile towards Tong Xin. Although Meng Yao is a wraith, she should also be affected by some influences.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

As soon as I arrived outside the city gate, I saw a man galloping from the south on a horse, and Lu Chen quickly turned over and dismounted, cup one fist in the other hand said:

“I have seen the worship!”


Lu Chen nod, see all around, no one asked:

“What happened in such a hurry?”

“Back to worship, the humble post is Nanying scout Captain Cai Pei. , he told the humble post that Fengpo City encountered thousands of corpses and was destroyed!”


Lu Chen was taken aback.

Hands form a secret art, hurriedly using the Qiankun image method, the left hand is spread out, the light is interlaced, and a picture is presented, with a crisp sound of “ka-cha”, the whole picture is instantly broken.

Although it was only for a moment, Lu Chen still saw the portrait clearly.

It is the silhouette of a thousand corpses. The other party is sitting on the ground, surrounded by densely packed corpses. They are picking and choosing, integrating the corpses into their bodies, and the background is a ruined Fengpo. In the city, there are countless flying skulls hovering in the air.

Dark clouds rolled in.

Covering the heavens, shielding the sun!



Guard Soldier rode into the city, Lu Chen sat on the back of the tiger girl, looking south, A little heavy, Fengpo City, with a population of more than 300,000, was just ruined.


He let out a long sigh.

Even if he knew in advance, it would be useless. After all, the thousand corpses were too strong, and he himself was not strong enough. If one day, the other party came to attack Fengxian Town, could he stop it?


Lu Chen shook his head, not confident, but fortunately, he still had the option of retreating to Toad Island.

“The Imaging of the Universe!”

Depressing the emotions in his heart, Lu Chen cast spell again.

The left hand is spread out, the light is interlaced, and another picture is revealed, with yellow sand on all sides, a big city standing silently, above the city, two figures are fighting, one wearing a wide-sleeved daoist robe, disheveled hair, one Wearing a bright yellow monk robe, but not a monk.

The former is a Taoist priest with a thousand eyes, and the latter is unknown.

“Wangqiu City!”

Lu Chen guessed the name of the city. It should be the only big city in Mozhou. Thousand-eyed Taoists fluttered with their sleeves, and the wind was raging between their sleeves. The other person was obviously lost, and he raised his hands, but the sand was rolling.

The two did not fight to the death.

The time it takes half an incense stick to burn , the Taoist Thousand Eyes casts the Thousand Eyes Method, only to see two azure light lasing, the other hand knots the Vajra Seal, but is repelled several hundred Meters, the man didn’t make another shot, and got out of the way.



The picture was broken, and the thousand-eyed Taoist laughed and entered Wangqiu City.

“I actually ran to Wangqiu City!”

Lu Chen grinned, stretched out his hand and condensed a Communication Talisman, released his fingers, and the Communication Talisman turned into an aura and shot towards the east , Soon, the Taoist Tianmu received the news and turned into a white rainbow and went west.

Lu Chen stared at the flashing white rainbow, and performed the Qiankun Reflection Technique again.

The left hand is spread out.

On and off.


With a light sound, all the light goes out, but nothing appears.


Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle and casts the spell again:

“Heart has Kunlun~”

“Falian Bridgewater~”

“Achieving ~”

“The universe can be seen!”


The left hand is spread out , still no picture manifested, Lu Chen tried several times in a row, but with the same result, his heart sank, and suddenly thought of one thing that Tianmu daoist said, Qianmu Daoist can [avoid the moon].


Lu Chen couldn’t, and rode a tiger girl into the city gate.


The food was placed, and a circle of people sat down, Jiang Hong’e, Fang Yuqi, Meng Yao, Qing He, Qing Cao, and the third The Rouge Tiger Tongxin, the little White Tiger Xianxian and Hu Niu, who came to the table at one time, had a big appetite. They were eating at the side, and the two Small Foxes were running around on the table, which was quite festive.

Tong Xin took a small piece of dried fish for Meng Yao on the right hand, and silently tugged at the rice grains, his bright eyes flicked around Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi, feeling guilty for a while.

The atmosphere at the dinner table is harmonious.

Jiang Hong’e puts a piece of meat into Lu Chen’s bowl:

“More tonic~”

“Eat some green vegetables!”

Fang Yuqi brought a piece of green bamboo shoots, Meng Yao also brought a piece of her favorite dried fish for Lu Chen, Qing He Qing Cao helped to serve the rice, and Tong Xin also wanted to add chopsticks, but he was not confident enough. dare not reveal.

Lu Chen stuttered and asked:

“Yuqi, how are things going to be arranged in Fengpo City?”

“I’ve already sent a few waves. Guard Soldier headed south and planned to build a camp next to the Nieshui River as a bridgehead. First, it would be convenient to investigate intelligence. Second, to see if a pontoon bridge could be built. Although Fengpo City was destroyed, it had a population of more than 300,000. impossible if you say no.”

“Do you want to accept the population of Fengpo City?”

“There is a plan.”

“In that case, Black The offerings in the Armor Army can also be accepted. If Fengxian Town wants to develop, it can’t rely on the ordinary person alone. If Tongxin, the Method Release Immortal Master, is placed on the surface, I am not afraid that they will not accept it.”

“That’s how it should be, then…”

Fang Yuqi glanced at Tong Xin who was bowing his head and said nothing, Lu Chen followed the trend:

“Let Tong Xin Go, um, go tomorrow.”

“Mmm, okay!”

Tong Xin should be right, glanced at Lu Chen quickly, then lowered his head quickly.

“Lu Lang, you…”

“I plan to go to [Qianmufang City] in two days.”

Fengpo The destruction of the city gave Lu Chen a sense of urgency. He originally planned to go again after a while. Now it seems that it is better to go as soon as possible. The sooner the other two spiritual objects are collected, the sooner they can become Method Release. Immortal Master, in addition, depends on whether you can buy a coffin, and bury the ashes of his cheap master Daoist Azure Cloud under the tree of heart in Long Spring Valley, asking for a clear conscience.

apart from this.

His [Secret Path Sutra] is about to be perfected, and he needs to find another cultivation technique for Promote Grade.

Jiang Hong’e was a little dazed when she heard Qianmufang City, and when she saw Lu Chen’s concern, she smiled: “Since I came out, I haven’t returned to [Qing Zong] for more than ten years. I won’t go this time, wait for Lu Lang to become the Method Release Immortal Master, take me back to the sect, I want to go and have a look.”


Lu Chen seriously nodded and asked:

“Don’t you bring a letter to your Master?”

“That’s right!”

Jiang Hong’e responded. , phoenix eyes light up.

The itinerary was negotiated, everyone started to concentrate on eating, and when everything was cleaned up, it was already dark, Jiang Hong’e took Fang Yuqi’s hand and said to Lu Chen:

“I’m with Fang tonight, there’s no place for you.”


Lu Chen touched his nose and waited for the two to leave. He walked out of the main hall, came to a wing room, opened the door gently, and saw Rouge Tiger Tongxin standing, holding a piece of brocade to wipe the hanging red tassel armor, when he heard the door open, the brocade in his hand fell instantly.

She turned to look at Lu Chen and said happily:

“UUkanshu will leave tomorrow, I know you are not so cruel.” In Lu Chen’s arms, Lu Chen stroked the other’s soft blue silk, and Tong Xin hummed happily.

She looked up at Lu Chen:



Lu Chen nodded and threw Tong Xin on the wooden couch.

“Master, you are so savage~”

“Master, you are so domineering~”


“Method Release Immortal Master? Rouge Tiger? That’s it?”

On this day, a blood flower bloomed, Lu Chen stayed up all night, and finally subdued a Rouge Tiger!


I’ve been blocked again, and I deleted 600 words without lifting the ban. It’s so hard to be a scholar (cry~~)

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