My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 104

After dinner, Jiang Hong’e went back to his room and was about to close the door when Lu Chen suddenly broke in, and surprisedly said: “Tomorrow that girl will leave, why don’t you come with me? She?”

“No hurry!”

Lu Chen closed the door and put it down:

“Let’s cultivate first.”

“Aren’t you afraid of missing the time?”


Lu Chen’s cultivation technique is perfection, Jiang Hong’e may not be able to grasp it, It is very easy to fall into it, but he can barely grasp it. Jiang Hong’e is moved, and the two of them are deeply involved in the cultivation. The taste is naturally wonderful.

In the middle of the night.

Lu Chen woke up and saw that Jiang Hong’e was fast asleep, so he put on the quilt and quietly went out the door. A tassel armor, with a red tassel spear in hand.

“Tong Xin?”


Tong Xin turned around, three thousand green silks were hanging down, and in the quiet moonlight, it looked extraordinarily soft.

Lu Chen stepped forward and held a pair of small hands:

“Why is this dress up?”

“I don’t like it?”

“I like it, let’s go, let’s go back to the house.”

“Is it alright here?”


Lu Chen was shocked and looked at the gazebo , um, the scenery here is good, it is indeed a good place, and hesitantly said: “But… this red tassels don’t seem to be very convenient.” :

“Master, what about this?”


Lu Chen was dumbfounded and his throat rolled:


Lu Chen lifted Tong Xin and slowly sat in the pavilion. He clenched his arms and bit Tong Xin’s delicate ears. : “Crazy girl, for a while… keep your voice down…”


The sky was bright, Lu Chen helped Tong Xin to re-dress and put on armor, the red tassel helmet covered the three thousand blue silk, he took the person in his arms, warned repeatedly:

“Don’t do anything by yourself, if there is something Just instruct Guard Soldier to do it, you have five strings of silk, and you have [circling your fingers soft], build a pontoon bridge with no difficulty on the 800-meter Nie Shui River, and come back as soon as possible when it is completed, the thousand corpses are no better than the previous battlefield. , don’t face him, in my heart, even if those Guard Soldiers die, they can’t reach a finger of a crazy girl.”


Tong Xin forcefully nodded, tears crackled down, hugged Lu Chen tightly with both arms, reluctant to let go, and cried while choking: “Master, remember to give me Communication Talisman every day, and use the imaging method every night in the middle of the night. Look at others, and there are…”


Tong Xin babbled, until a horse neighed outside Long Spring Temple, which was a step. San turned around and left, then headed south with five hundred Guard Soldiers, and at the same time took a seal ball, which contained a refitted tidal boat.

Tong Xin left.

Lu Chen spent another day at Long Spring Temple and rode out of Fengxian Town on a tiger girl, driving along the south bank of the Akutagawa River.

Encountered by mountains and surrounded by mountains.

If you meet the city, you will not be able to enter.

Until the ninth day, Lu Chen traveled east for nearly two thousand miles and finally approached the Qingcang mountain range.

In the past nine days, Lu Chen used the Qiankun image method to pay attention to the thousands of corpses, and he was relieved when he saw that he had not left Fengpo City. In the wilderness, cultivators can be seen from time to time rushing, staying, and sometimes cultivators fighting, fighting, and even looting.

More than that.

The chaos of the Great Hao Dynasty was also revealed to Lu Chen for the first time.

There are evil cultivators burning, killing and looting, cults fanning the flames, doing evil things, all kinds of natural disasters, rivers bursting, droughts, monster calamity, insect plagues, many people are displaced, selling their children and selling their daughters , Lu Chen has witnessed a lot along the way.

“There are still more than ten miles, Yaoyao, let’s go to the front and take a break.”


It will be dark, Lu Chen Not in a hurry, he threw the whisk in his hand, rode a tiger girl, and took Meng Yao to a deserted village ahead. This brown yellow whisk was obtained from the Second Rank weasel, Monster Wolf, in Meng Yao’s house. Help, just refining yesterday.

This whisk is called [dust whisk].

The handle is a Second Rank demon bone, and the dust tail is a long hair on the tip of the tail accumulated by the yellow rat Monster Wolf for hundreds of years. Second Rank rune.

They are 【Ruyi】and 【Xingzhi】.

Ruyi can make it elongated and shortened.

The torture is even more severe. As long as it is touched by the dust tail, every hair will stick to the prey like a claw. Just a flick can make people all split up and In pieces, unfortunately, this Second Rank whisk usually requires mana to activate, although Lu Chen has refined it, but it consumes a lot of Spiritual Qi.

It can’t hold up a few tricks when used.

“áo hǒu~”



Hu Niu roared and abandoned There was a burst of panic and screams in the village of Lu Chen, and when all the local dogs and chickens escaped, Lu Chen entered the village, found a relatively clean yard, cleaned it a little, and lit a bonfire in the yard.

“crackle ~”

Night falls and the bonfire burns.

Lu Chen took out the last bit of the green ant corpse, put it in a clay pot, and began to stew the soup. Hu Niu lay lazily on the side, her eyes closed and opened. As he grew older, his shoulder height was already at the same level as Lu Chen, and even if he was lying down, he was half human height.


Meng Yao got off Lu Chen’s shoulders, dragged her cheeks, and waited for the green ant soup to be stewed.


“It’s getting dark, let’s take a break here.”

“There should be no one.”

“Young Master, do you see?”

Soon after, a team came to the outside of the village, a dozen men, dressed in strong clothes, carrying knives and guns, surrounded a carriage with curtains. Opening it up, the young Young Master looked towards the village.

“Okay, let’s rest here for the night and drive tomorrow.”

“gu lu gu lu ~”

carriage twisted into the village and passed by When Lu Chen was in the yard, he stopped.


“Not good, there is someone here!”

“Cang Clang!”

A dozen men raised He drew his gun and looked alert. After seeing Hu Niu, he was even more nervous. Seeing Lu Chen glanced at them, he ignored them. Then he was sighed in relief, guarding the carriage and quickly away, and stopped on the other side of the village. down.

Meng Yao looked at the crowd and asked:

“big brother, who are they?”

“Young Master from a rich family.”


“What are you doing?”

“Ask the immortals to ask.”

Not far to the east is the Qingcang mountain range. In this chaotic world, everyone wanted to go there to ask for a teacher, and Lu Chen had met a lot along the way, and he had long been surprised.


Meng Yao lost interest, shook Lu Chen’s arm with her little hand, and said coquettishly:

“big brother, Yaoyao wants to hear Red Wolf~”


Lu Chen laughed, poured the stewed green ant soup, and while feeding it, he said: “Speaking of the gray wolf again Leaving the house, thinking of the starving Red Wolf and Little Huihui, I secretly cheered, this time, I must grab a sheep and go back…”

Meng Yao held her small cheeks, Listen very carefully.

It wasn’t until I heard that the wolf had gone through all kinds of difficulties and dangers, and finally caught a fat stupid sheep, and then got into Lu Chen’s long hair and fell asleep satisfied, Lu Chen cultivated for a while, and saw that it was getting late. , and began to perform the Qiankun Imaging Method according to the order.

The picture on hand keeps changing.

First came Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi from Fengxian Town, followed by Qing Cao Qinghe, then a thousand corpses, and finally the rouge tiger Tongxin.

The image method has just been used, Tong Xin in the tent has already sensed, and his red lips lightly opened:


Lu Chen’s Dao Heart Instantly unstable, I saw Tong Xin quickly remove the red tassels, lying on the couch, and posing in various poses, which was breathtaking.

“This crazy girl…”

Lu Chen laughed and watched with relish before canceling it after a while.

Cultivated again for a while, Lu Chen sat down and let [Yuanxi Jue] voluntary revolving, and fell asleep after a while, the tiger next to him opened his eyes, sharp claw restrained, Gently wrapping his forelimbs, he hugged Lu Chen’s entire body into his arms, and the long hair automatically draped over Lu Chen’s body.

Like satin.

Very comfortable.


The night was dark, Lu Chen felt different, opened his eyes, and saw Hu Niu sticking out her tongue on his face, The movements were extremely gentle, and even the barbs on the tongue shrank back.

“What’s wrong?”


Hu Niu whimpered and looked all around vigilantly.

Lu Chen turned his head and saw that the whole yard was shrouded in pink mist. He quickly got up and tried to take a deep breath. He felt his body was hot and quickly held his breath.

“What the hell?”

“wu wu ~”

Lu Chen frowned, the tigress on the side whimpered a few times, suddenly got up, and suddenly He threw himself to the ground, his tongue splattered across his face, and his claws tore at his clothing.

“What a joke!”

Lu Chen was startled, and waved Hu Niu into the little Yin Sector, just got up, he saw the dilapidated courtyard door open, two The figures came out side by side, the belts fluttering, and the palace clothes were skirts.

“The sky is the bed~”

“The ground is the bed~”

“The starlight is the candle, the sun and the moon are the lamp~”

“To live for eight hundred years in the sky is not as happy as one night in the world!”

The two figures are all in heavenly colors, like Fairy, with fluttering clothes, singing and dancing, along with the dance, each piece The clothes are falling, the lotus flowers are blooming, and the body is fully displayed.

If it wasn’t for Lu Chen experienced and knowledgeable, I would have been confused.

Wait for the two women to stop singing, one left and one right, surrounded by Lu Chen, trying to push him down, but Lu Chen stepped like a mountain, motionless, the two were still working hard, Lu Chen raised his hand Pressed on the top of the two women’s heads and exerted light force.

“hmph, evil monster!”


two figures fell to the ground and turned into two pink skeletons.

[Name]: Bone Charm

[Information]: First Rank


“Illusion Technique? It turned out to be this thing.”

Lu Chen picked up the two crystal jade bones and found that the red mist all around still did not dissipate.

Red fog like smoke.

Time to gather.

Lu Chen held his breath and walked out of the yard, only to see that the entire village was already shrouded in red mist.

“It’s a little troublesome.”

With such a large range, there must be a Second Rank casting spells. I don’t know if it’s a ghost or an evil cultivator. Lu Chen walked out quickly, not wanting to make a big deal. After walking a section of the road, I found that I could never reach the entrance of the village.

“The ghost hit the wall?”

Lu Chen frowned, walked in the opposite direction, and soon came to the other side of the village, and saw a carriage parked in a room. Outside the courtyard, an extravagant voice came from the courtyard.

He jumped up on the low wall, and when he looked inside, he saw white flowers, which was an eye-opener.


“I’ve never lived so comfortably before.”


Man They laughed, but did not know that death was imminent.

“Save or not?”

“Forget it!”

Lu Chen hesitated a bit, and finally called the head and gave up the plan to save people, after all It’s what you want and I want, he can’t be strong, and soon, each man lost weight at a speed visible to naked eyes, and soon turned into mummified corpses, and he didn’t even know it.

Even the rich Young Master is no exception.

The team left the yard and went to the distance.

Lu Chen followed carefully.

I walked around and around for a long time, but I never left the village. Soon I came to a dilapidated archway, and Gu Mei walked in one by one, disappeared under the archway, and disappeared completely. .

“This is…”

Lu Chen walked out of the corner, quietly stepped forward, and saw four large white characters engraved on the archway.

“White Bone Mountain Village?”

Lu Chen thought about it carefully and made sure that Jiang Hong’e had not mentioned it before. When stepping into the archway.


disappeared under the archway.

In the open space, Lu Chen appeared at the foot of a mountain. The mountain is not high, about 100 meters. There is not a green leaf on the mountain, but there are many trees, each of which is white. As ice as bones, there are also skeletons hanging on the tree, swaying, looking particularly terrifying.

“Secret Realm?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, looked up and saw a black crow flying from the top of the mountain, opening his mouth and shouting:

“Where? A Fellow Daoist broke into White Bone Mountain Village?”

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Dark Crow

…. ..

I have heard of the name of this dark crow, Lu Chen. It flies extremely fast, and likes to feed on death energy. Although its battle strength is scum, it has a unique ability. UU reading www.uukanshu. It’s quite peculiar that com can entrust the consciousness of the owner.

Since entering Secret Realm, if you want to go out, you must get the permission of the owner here, otherwise you can only push in hard. Lu Chen’s self-confidence is not bad, so he is not worried, but he will not be arrogant and conceited. , he took a few steps forward and said:

“The trail made a mistake in White Bone Mountain Village, please forgive me from Fellow Daoist.”


The Dark Crow landed on a bone tree at the foot of the mountain, looked at Lu Chen for a while, and called out:

“Fellow Daoist can enter the villa for a chat, come up!”


After he finished speaking, he flew up again and flew to the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye.

“Like an evil cultivator.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, walked up the stairs step by step, and soon came to the top of the mountain, where he saw an exquisite villa sitting on it. The White-Bone Sect opened wide, he stepped straight into the villa, and saw a sheep intestine trail behind the door, with rows of women standing on both sides of the trail.




“hu hu ~”

Lu Chen took a few steps forward, and the women on both sides spit out a mist of lipstick at him, and Lu Chen took a few steps forward. Chen stepped one stopped, and continued to go forward, and two more puffs of mist blew. Although he held his breath, he was still a little out of breath. After walking a few more steps, Lu Chen’s face turned red and he couldn’t hold on.

The women on both sides made fun of them recklessly, waiting for Lu Chen to make a fool of himself.

“shua! “

The thought moved slightly, and the Yanyang armor appeared on the body surface.

The women turned pale in fright, Lu Chen sneered, strode forward, not afraid of any obstacles, and wore it smoothly. I crossed the path and walked to the end in one breath. When I looked up, I saw a hall in front of me. There was a high platform in front of the hall. On the high platform, a white-haired woman was playing the piano. The essence.

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