My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 105

“peng peng ~”

white haired woman raised her eyebrows, seeing Lu Chen approaching, flipping her fingers, a series of notes attacked Lu Chen, Lu Chen Chen stood still, letting the notes slam into Yanyang Jia, rumbling sound, but unscathed.

Wait for the note to slow down, Lu Chen flicked the dust in his hand.


The dust tail instantly extended for tens of meters, entangling towards the white haired woman.



The woman was caught off guard, and was entangled in her body and ancient zither by the dust tail, Lu Chen pulled gently, The ancient zither exploded, the palace skirt burst, countless rags fluttered in the sky, the woman flew upside down, her white hair fluttered, and she landed lightly on one foot, with only two shy clothes left on her body, but she did not show weakness, facing Lu Chen far away see.

The two sides try to end.

The air froze a little, and after a while, the white haired woman said coldly:


“Yes, ma’am!”

Several maids stepped forward, surrounded Lu Chen on the high platform, set down a table, and served precious fruits, Lu Chen sat cross-legged on the futon, cup one fist in the other hand against the woman:

“many thanks for the hospitality.”


white haired woman complied, accompanied by the maid, and left, and soon returned again, changing Wearing a Tsing Yi palace skirt.

[Name]: cultivator

[Information]: Second Realm Method Release Immortal Master


Women They took their seats and asked:

“Mrs. White Bone, what is the name of Fellow Daoist? Why did you break into White Bone Mountain Village?”

“Mrs. White Bone?”

Lu Chen pondered for a while, and was sure he had never heard of the other party’s name, so he turned his head, cup one fist in the other hand, and said:

“Xiaodao’s surname is Lu, he didn’t intend to force his way into Guishanzhuang. , I passed by this place and temporarily separated from my servants, and agreed to settle in an outer village. After I came in, I found that my servants were dead. After investigation, I found out that it was the bones of Guishanzhuang who killed them. here.”

The woman’s complexion changed slightly, and she beckoned to call a maid:

“Is there such a thing?”

“Madam, you are so charming just now. I did go out once, and brought back a mortal carriage.”

“Go on!”


The maid stepped back, the bones Madam was a little unnatural, Lu Chen laughed inwardly, put away the armor, and said cheerfully:

“It’s just a few mortal servants. After all, Xiaodao will not be held accountable, and please open the door and let Xiaodao leave.”


Mrs. White Bone thought that Lu Chen wanted to take the opportunity to attack, didn’t expect to be so reasonable, his face was a little less cold: “The visitor is a guest, since Fellow Daoist Lu entered the White Bone Mountain Village, it is also a fate, it is better to stay here for a few days. , it’s better to express your feelings.”

“Xiaodao still has something important to do, so it’s inconvenient to delay.”

“In that case, it’s better to stay overnight and leave tomorrow morning, so as not to neglect the Fellow. Daoist.”


Lu Chen no longer refused, chatted a few words, and followed the maid into a side hall, where the decoration was luxurious, the silver cup was gold Lamps, withered beams and painted buildings, there is nothing like the prince in the world.

Lu Chen sat cross-legged in the room.

After a while, a maid brought Spirit Fruit, a rare delicacy, and he didn’t dare to eat it, and put away everything with his sleeves.


The night was dark, the door of the hall opened again, and two women walked into the room with lamps in their hands.

Lu Chen opened his eyes slowly and said surprisedly:



The two girls cover up They chuckled lightly, their postures were varied, and their appearances were all good. The most rare thing was that their appearances were exactly the same. Obviously, they were a pair of twins. She is the highest singer of the villa, specially dispatched by the lady to serve Langjun, whatever means Langjun can use.”

Speaking, the two women were half-understood. Start dancing around Lu Chen.

Swing and wiggling.

Wandering around.


Lu Chen stretched out his hand, dragged the two girls into his arms, and stroked them with a big hand. In just a short while, the two girls became confused, Lu Chen Chen took the opportunity to ask:

“What’s your name?”



“Who is the owner of White Bone Mountain Village?”

“The owner and his wife.”

“The owner?”

Lu Chen looked Thoughtful, since he can be as famous as Mrs. White Bone, it is probably a second realm. Most of this person is not as good as Mrs. White Bone, so he asked:

“What is the name of the village owner?”

” It’s called… Demon Monarch White Bone.”

“Demon Monarch White Bone?”

Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle, asking:

“Today Not in the villa?”

“The owner of the villa went out to visit friends a few days ago, hmm~”

“How many charms and how many living people are there in the villa?”

“No…I don’t know.”


Lu Chen didn’t ask any more questions. He reached out and knocked the dizzy two girls on the bed, and stretched out his hand lightly. Point light curtain:


[Aoki Longevity Gong Condition]:

[1]: Ten days of practice (achieved!)


[2]: Ten souls (achieved!)

[3]: 100 spiritsand (achieved!)



[Upgrade Condition of Yuan Qi Jue]:

[1]: Ten days of cultivation (achieved!)

[2]: Ten dead souls (achieved!)

[2]: Hundred spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

【cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement ninth layer

【cultivation technique 】: Master of Aoki Longevity Gong (upgradeable!)+, Mastery of Yuanxi Jue (upgradeable!)+

[Spell]: Master of Seven Stars Sword Art; Master of Sealing Technique




Lu Chen sat for a long time, two cultivation arts successfully upgraded to Great Accom plishment, he realized silently, reached out his hand and tapped:

“Expand! “

[Aoki Longevity Gong Condition]:

[1]: Practice for half a month (not achieved!)

[2]: Fifteen dead souls (not achieved) !)

[3]: 500 spiritsand (achieved!)


[Upgrade conditions of Yuan Xijue]:

[1]: cultivation half-moon (unreached!)

[2]: fifteen dead souls (unreached!)

[2]: five hundred spiritsand (Achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement ninth layer

[cultivation technique]: Aoki Changsheng Gong Great Accomplishment; Yuanxi Jue Great Accomplishment

[Technology]: Qixingyu Sword Art proficient; sealing method proficient

.. ….

Lu Chen is satisfied with the nodded, and only needs to upgrade once more. The two cultivation arts can be Perfection, and then they should be able to Promote Grade II. As for other spells, they also have progress.

Except Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demons.

Among the five spells, due to limited energy, Lu Chen currently only specializes in two, one is [Seven Stars Royal Sword Art], and the other is [Seal method], as for other spells, you can only slow down first.

Seven Star Imperial Sword Art can fight and escape, and definitely can’t relax.

The seal method is just in case. , to prepare for a thousand corpses. Since he learned that there is an Immortal Body in the weirdness, Lu Chen had to take precautions and take precautions early. At present, these two methods have been upgraded to Level 1, which is the [Proficient] level, and it still needs some distance from the Great Accomplishment. Time.


Lu Chen was cultivating when a scream came from far away.

“Somewhat familiar. “

Lu Chen opened his eyes, eyebrows slightly frowned, and closed his eyes immediately, ignoring it.


Just a moment, and then again There was a scream, and it became clearer, Lu Chen thought for a while, quietly walked out of the side hall, saw no one around, walked in the direction of the sound, and soon came to a main hall, saw no one on duty, He quietly stepped forward and looked in through the gap.

With just one glance, Lu Chen’s eyes widened.

In the spacious and luxurious great hall, Mrs. Bone was surrounded by four people. A chain was hung in the air, and the veil covering his face had also been removed, revealing a devastatingly beautiful face, and in front of the other party stood a tall silhouette, waving a white bone whip, and whipping the white bone lady. There are bloodstains horrible to see on her body.

Behind her, she knelt down on the ground many enchanting females.

“Slut, how dare you take advantage of this devil’s absence to lead a male cultivator! “



that silhouette looks like a man, wearing a gorgeous long gown, but the head is a skull, while Abusive, while beating, with vulgar words, Madam White Bone let out a wailing, such a beauty, anyone who sees it will be unbearable.

[Name]: Alien

[ Information]: Second Rank White Bone Spirit


“White Bone Spirit? ”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, didn’t expect Demon Monarch White Bone, the owner of the White Bone Mountain Village, to be a skeleton. After watching for a while, Lu Chen felt something was wrong.尛尛Yin Sector], knows the Secret Realm very well. Since Demon Monarch White Bone is the owner of this Secret Realm, the other party should be able to sense his location.

In other words, Demon Monarch White Bone has long been I found him outside the gate of the palace, so why pretend to be ignorant?

“It’s a game? ”

Thinking about it, Lu Chen was vigilant and had no intention of having tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, so he quietly retreated.

Wait for Lu Chen to leave, Demon Monarch White Bone Put away the white bone whip, untie the chains on Madam White Bone, and accompany said with a smile: “Madam has suffered, this Demon Lord now believes that Madam is innocent. “

“hmph ~”

Mrs. White Bone turned her head away and didn’t look at each other.

Demon Monarch White Bone smiled shyly and waved her hand: “Farewell. , it’s all gone! “

“Yes! “

Everyone let out a sigh of relief and left respectfully. Demon Monarch White Bone sat down on the majestic seat with Madam White Bone and said with a smile: “Don’t be angry, Madam, it’s this Demon Lord.” I have wronged my wife, please forgive my husband. By the way, my wife, do you know how powerful that cultivator is? “


Mrs. White Bone had a cold face and deliberately didn’t answer.

Under the entanglement of Demon Monarch White Bone , I had to open the mouth and said: “He has a stomach, which is extremely hard. My [Shen Mianqu] can’t help it, and there is a whisk, which can be long or short, very powerful. “

“What’s the spell? “

“I don’t know! “

“Okay. “

Demon Monarch White Bone’s eyes flickered with Ghost Fire, and he pondered for a while before opening the mouth and said:

“Then I’ll bother Madam to go again.” “

Mrs. Bone was hearing this, with a sad expression, tears dripping from two lines, clenches the teeth:

“Good!” ”


“wu wu wu ~”

The night was dark, Lu Chen was meditating in the side hall, and bursts of choking came in In his ears, he opened the door and saw Madam White Bone sitting outside the door, weeping beauty, she was so pitiful, especially her flawless body was blue and purple, which seemed terrible to see.

Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“Madam, why is this? ”

“wu wu~~”

Mrs. White Bones just sobbed and didn’t respond. She stood up with the help of Lu Chen, and followed him into the room. The door closed tightly, turned around, looked at the very attractive Lady Bone, teased: “Ma’am, is this a sexual entrapment? “


Mrs. White Bones was stunned and panicked for no reason. She turned around and was about to run away. Lu Chen pulled the person back and said with a sneer:

“Let’s go if you want? “

“You…you dare…”



Mrs. White Bones screamed and was about to cast a spell, Lu Chen grabbed the opponent’s jade neck, one big hand was calm and powerful, and said indifferently: “Is it because you cast spells faster, or do I move faster? “


Mrs. Bone was terrified and dared not move again. Lu Chen pressed the person on the wooden table, becoming more and more reckless.


At this moment, the door of the room was kicked open, and the Demon Monarch White Bone, who came in a hurry, saw the scene inside the house, the eye socket cracked, it just made people test Lu Chen , but there is no plan to let his wife a lamb in a tiger’s den.

Lu Chen sneered, since the temptation of one after another was on him, it was obvious that the other party did not want to let him go easily. Only the first strike is stronger.

“Madam! ”

Demon Monarch White Bone shouted and strode forward with his subordinate bone charm, his body continued to rise, a Bone Armor covering the whole body, not only that, but also a root tip growing everywhere on the body Thorn, ferocious and scary.


Lu Chen turned back, a scarlet handle on his back manifested.

“Nine Heavens Slaughter the demon! ”

“Curacho! “

In an instant, the scarlet rays of light shone, the door blew open, and a ravine plowed forward several hundred meters from under Lu Chen’s feet. Not only was the Demon Monarch White Bone broken into pieces by a knife, but also Even the Bone Charm that followed was almost dead, and the remaining few fled in terror.


Mrs. Bone was completely stunned. He stopped, trembling all over.

I don’t know if it was excitement or panic, anyway, Lu Chen, who had been guarding the other party, didn’t see a trace of sadness in the other party’s eyes, thinking about it, this Demon Monarch White Bone is a White Bone after all. Bone Spirit and Mrs. Bone are a cultivator. Although the two are husband and wife, they may not have true feelings.

Lu Chen’s eyes were slightly red, turning around and looking down at Mrs. Bone.

Lu Chen’s eyes were slightly red. p>


Mrs. Bone’s complexion greatly changed, she wants to step back.

Lu Chen exerted a little force on his left hand, the other party rolled his eyes, and directly He passed out.

“hu hu~~”

Lu Chen looked at the disheveled Lady Bone, gasping for breath, before suppressing the distracting thoughts in his heart, he threw the person on the ground. On the bed, he lifted his foot and walked out of the room. Now that the Secret Realm has no owner, he can no longer be trapped. He stepped forward and appeared in the outside village, and saw that the archway standing beside him suddenly became smaller.

“shua! ”

Lu Chen reached out and beckoned, and the archway fell into the palm of the hand, half a palm-size.

It’s pocket-sized.

It’s quite delicate.


[Name]: Secret Realm

[Information]: First Rank White Bone Mountain Village


Lu Chen Personal experience, UU reading Although this [White Bone Mountain Village] is a First Rank Secret Realm, the biggest difference from [尛尛Yin Sector] is that it has Spiritual Qi in it. If he guessed correctly, it should be There is a spirit vein.


Lu Chen was about to refine Secret Realm when he saw a white bone drilled out of the ground, and then the sound became louder and louder , all directions, countless bones drilled out from everywhere, densely packed, and swayed towards Lu Chen.

[Name]: Heterogeneous

[Information]: Bone slave



“Bone slave? I’m afraid it’s Demon Monarch White Bone’s subordinate. “

“Zeng! “

He didn’t even have First Rank, so Lu Chen was naturally not afraid, his right hand shook, and with the sword cry of Peach Wood Sword, seven sword stars came out together, and after a while, hundreds of swordsmen appeared. The skeletons are all killed.

【Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Condition】:

【1】: Four thousand dead souls (2611/4000 not reached!)

“Not bad! ”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, and sat cross-legged among the broken bones and began to refining the White Bone Mountain Villa, the morning sun slowly rose, and the refining was not completed until one hour later.


Lu Chen opened his mouth and took a breath. The archway became smaller and flew into the mouth. He chewed it twice and spit it out again. The information in it was already well known. Like Yin Sector], they are all fragments of the virtual sky falling into this world, which is incompatible with Heavenly Dao and is naturally precipitated Secret Realm.

The difference is.

White Bone Mountain Village Not only is it bigger than the little Yin Sector, with a radius of five miles, in addition, it is also integrated into a First Rank soil spirit vein, and there is no shortage of Spiritual Qi, which is more complete than the little Yin Sector.

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