My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 106

“Very good!”

Lu Chen is satisfied with the nodded, with this White Bone Mountain Village, whether it is standing in Long Spring Temple or carrying it with you, The effect is great. After all, it can make people stay here without delaying cultivation, which is not comparable to Yin Sector.

He was in no hurry to leave.


Release his palm, White Bone Mountain Village hangs in the air by himself, Lu Chen walks in with his foot raised, his thoughts change, and he immediately knows a few bone charms The hiding place of his, his silhouette passed through the temples, and quickly killed all the bones.

Two quarters of an hour later.

Apart from Mrs. White Bone, everyone in the White Bone Mountain Village gathered. They were all women, old and young. There were nearly a hundred people. They looked at Lu Chen standing on the high platform.

I was apprehensive.


Lu Chen was at the top, and his eyes swept over the girls one after another. Among these people, except for a few who had a cultivation base, the rest were all ordinary persons. He stretched out his hand and waved. Large pieces of gold and silver jewelry appear out of thin air, these things are collected in the temple, and they are useless to him.

He said loudly:

“Demon Monarch White Bone has been killed by me, you have two choices, one is to stay and help me take care of this White Bone Mountain Village, One is to leave on your own, and those who stay will serve me as master, life and death will be taken by me, and those who leave, these jewels are your entanglements, now, choose!”

Lu Chen’s voice Falling down, the bottom suddenly became noisy.

“The Demon Lord is dead?”

“Yes, I heard that he died last night!”

“I haven’t been out for several years, I. ..I want to leave and don’t want to serve anyone anymore.”

“wu wu wu, I want mother…….”


After the commotion, the crowd began to make their own choices, and they were quickly divided into left and right places, one occupying the overwhelming majority and intending to leave. Most of these people were plundered or bought by the Demon Monarch White Bone. In order to choose, he naturally wanted to leave. There were only seven people left, and the pair of twins from last night were impressively listed.

Lu Chen stood on the high platform and called:

“Azhu, Abi!”


The two bowed their knees and stepped on the high platform excitedly. They fell into a coma last night and thought they had a good relationship with Lu Chen. Seeing that Lu Chen was in power, they naturally wanted to attach themselves, but they didnโ€™t know that Lu Chen just moved his hands and didnโ€™t go too deep. friendship.

“Let’s divide these jewels.”

“Yes, the owner!”

The two began to distribute the jewels, and Lu Chen took a few others with them. The women of the cultivation base called over alone, divided three hundred spirits and some low-level talismans, and told them to escort the women to the nearest village and town for resettlement.


The crowd dispersed until noon.

At this point, there are only nine people left in the entire White Bone Mountain Village, including Lu Chen. Lu Chen called seven people to him, and Aju Abi stood directly beside Lu Chen.

Raised the jade neck.

With honor.

Lu Chen looked at the remaining five and asked:

“What do you think?”

A beautiful woman twisted her waist, He took two steps forward, bowed his body, and said with a smile: “Back to the village owner, your servant and several sisters have no relationship outside, and the outside may not be safe. Since the village owner allows it, I want to spend the rest of my life here in peace. Well, if…if the owner wants to, he will be happy to take a seat.”

This beautiful woman is in her thirties, with a good figure, although far less than Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi, There are also some colors, especially sounds, that have a peculiar magnetic property.

Lu Chen indifferent expression and asked:

“What’s your name?”

“Du Third Young Lady.”

” How did you end up here?”

“your servant used to be a singer, and she was a wanderer for half her life. When she was selling and singing in Thousand Eyes City, she was spotted by Demon Monarch White Bone and bought back White Bone Mountain Village. In charge of teaching everyone to sing and dance.”


Lu Chen nodded, looked at the others, and instructed: In the future, this villa will be handed over to you, except Aju Abi, everyone else will follow your orders.”

“Master Xie Zhuang’s letter is very important!”

“en. โ€

Lu Chen lightly forehead , raised his feet and walked into the distance, his hands behind his back, like a lion king who was patrolling his territory for the first time. Du Third Young Lady let a few people go away, and followed behind him every step of the way, pointing and explaining every place he went.


Meng Yao, who slept until she woke up naturally, crawled out of Lu Chen’s long hair, jumped onto her shoulders, rubbed her big eyes, and said in surprise:



“big brother, where is this?”

“New home!”

“New home?”

Meng Yao’s face was excited and tiptoed Embroidered shoes looked all around and said happily:

“Big brother, Yaoyao likes it here, it’s not stinky.”

“It’s good if you like it.”

“big brother, where is Niuniu?”

“shua ~”

Lu Chen waved his hand, Hu Niu appeared out of thin air in front of him, and Du Third Young Lady behind him was horrified With a jump, her face turned pale, the red fog from last night had no effect on Hu Niu, Hu Niu kissed Lu Chen’s hand, Meng Yao jumped on Hu Niu’s back, and said happily:

” Niuniu, let’s go, let’s look at the new home~”

“รกo hว’u~~”

With a roar of a tiger, Meng Yao rode the tiger girl and ran into the distance for a while. Cheers and frolic.

Lu Chen looked into the distance with a smile, turned to Third Young Lady Du and said:

“The black tiger is called Hu Niu, and the one riding the black tiger is my ghost wife. , see you later, don’t make a fuss about nothing.”

“your servant knows.”

Du Third Young Lady came back to his senses, hurriedly saluted, Lu Chen took the opportunity Asked:

“Third Young Lady, tell me about this Lady Bone.”


Third Young Lady Du did not dare to neglect, He said: “Mrs. White Bone is the nominal wife of Demon Monarch White Bone, your servant has been in White Bone Mountain Village for six years, Lady White Bone came earlier than your servant, devastatingly beautiful, and her identity is the difference. Between Heaven and Earth, I have heard Demon Monarch Drunk mention by chance, the lady seems to be called [Hua Baixue], it seems to come from a sect…”

“How is Demon Monarch White Bone treating her?”

“The devil has one wife and twelve concubines, but he only favors one wife, but he is very jealous, and he beats and scolds at every turn. I’m afraid it will not be satisfactory.”


Lu Chen glanced at the Third Young Lady Du and said with a faint smile:

“Has the devil ever spoiled you?”

“shua ~”

Third Young Lady Du blushed and said shyly:

“Ha…was once.”

“oh? ”

Lu Chen was a little surprised, and said surprisedly: “Human bones are far away, Demon Monarch White Bone is an essence of white bones, do you have that equipment?”

Du Third Young Lady did not dare to hide, Truthfully said:

“The devil has… a bone whip.”


Lu Chen flipped his palm lightly, a bone whip Appearing in the hand, this bone whip has a total of twelve sections, one meter two in length, as white as jade, as crystal as snow, one section is shorter than one section, it seems to be made of arm bones, and it looks quite good. Last night Demon Monarch White This is what Bone used to beat Lady White Bone, and it was the only item left after the death of Demon Monarch White Bone.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: Second Rank White Bone Whip


“Yes …Yes!”

Du Third Young Lady glanced at it, then lowered her head quickly.

The corners of Lu Chen’s mouth were slightly upturned, and when he flicked the white bone whip, the white bone whip was instantly stretched straight. He held one end in his hand and tapped it on Du Third Young Lady.


Du Third Young Lady screamed and slumped on the ground.


Lu Chen touched his nose, speechless saying:

“Get up.”

“Slave…your servant has no strength.”


Lu Chen helped Third Young Lady Du to stand up, but saw her legs shaking. Stopped, leaning on him before barely standing, puzzled:

“This is you?”

Du Third Young Lady blushed and stammered: “Slave. ..your servant is born with a strange disease, but if he is touched by a man, he will lose his strength, the time it takes half an incense stick to burn to recover.”

“… …”

Lu Chen looked strange, looked up and down at Third Young Lady Du, his eyes lighted up slightly, and said warmly:

“Third Young Lady, you are sick.. .I can cure it!”


Du Third Young Lady was pleasantly surprised, but Lu Chen said:

“However, it can only cure the symptoms. Can’t cure the root cause…”

“That’s fine too.”

Du Third Young Lady relaxed, gratefully said:

“There is a laborer .”

“It’s easy to talk about…”

It took a while for Du Third Young Lady to recover, leading Lu Chen to continue wandering around White Bone Mountain Village. After an hour, he was sent away by Lu Chen. Soon, Lu Chen came to a side hall with Aju Abi standing at the door.


“Get up.”

Lu Chen lifted the two up and asked:

” Mrs. Bone is awake?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.”

“Okay, I’ll go in and have a look, you guys are watching outside.”


The two women answered in unison, Lu Chen pushed in the door, the footsteps echoed in the great hall, and soon came to a gorgeous show couch, and saw Madame White Bones lying on her back, His eyes were closed, his white hair scattered.

Lu Chen sat down in front of the show couch.

Scrutinize carefully.

Mrs. White Bone really has a devastatingly beautiful appearance. In terms of appearance, she is slightly better than Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi. It is no wonder that Demon Monarch White Bone will marry her.


Lu Chen chuckled and gestured to the other’s cheek.

Before it was touched, the other party opened his eyes suddenly, gave Lu Chen a cold look, turned his back, and said nothing, only revealing half of his jade back.

Lu Chen retracted his palm and called:

“Hua Baixue!”

The other body trembled, did not answer, did not turn around, but As if being reminded of the past by this name, he shook his shoulders and sobbed softly.

“Do you still want to leave here?”


Hua Baixue sat up, weeping beauty, arousing pity.

Lu Chen remained unmoved, coldly said: “If you want to, don’t show your face to me.” After speaking, without looking back, he strode out, and Hua Baixue got out of bed quickly and stopped him Lu Chen’s white hair was scattered, white clothed Sheng Xue, and asked:

“Are you willing to let me go?”

“What do you think?”

“I…I thought…I thought you’d be like it, keeping…in captivity.”


Lu Chen laughed dumbly and grunted:

“This idea seems to be a good idea.”


Range When the other party spoke, Lu Chen said: “You are my prisoner now, you can leave if you want, but you must redeem yourself.”

Hua Baixue met Lu Chen last night Even though he was the Method Release Immortal Master of the Second Realm, he did not dare to attack Lu Chen because she was afraid of death.

She was full of humiliation and gritted her teeth:

“How… how to redeem?”

“Everything of value.”


Hua Baixue nodded, thinking: “There is a spirit farm behind the villa, which I cultivated by myself, and I also have a cultivation technique and a spell, Are [Hundred Flowers] and [Shen Mian Song], are these enough?”

“Not enough!”


Hua Baixue fiercely Glancing at Lu Chen, he pulled out a bright yellow talisman from his purse, and handed it to Lu Chen ruthlessly:

“This is the [pulse-shifting talisman], I only have this one.”


“The Pulse Shifting Talisman?”

Lu Chen is overjoyed, the Pulse Shifting Talisman is said to be able to migrate the spirit vein.

He remembered that the Lou Cultivation Family in Yefangcheng, Beimang Prefecture, used this to move their veins northwards. If they encountered an unowned spirit vein, Lu Chen could use it to transfer their veins to the north. It moved into White Bone Mountain Village, maybe one day, White Bone Mountain Village can be transformed into Second Rank Secret Realm.

This is a rare spirit talisman after all, and this one alone is worth a fortune.

Baibai needs to be distressed to death and ask:

“Is it enough?”

“It’s a little bit worse.”

“What? ?”

“Don’t worry!”

Lu Chen put away the pulse-shifting amulet, stretched out his hand to lift the opponent’s beautiful chin, and grinned: “Go to the main hall at night to find me, when the time comes. Let’s talk more, remember…dress up nicely.”

Not waiting for the other party to refute, Lu Chen laughed and walked away.


Night fell, Hua Baixue was wearing a white clothed palace skirt, standing outside the main hall, looking at the open door of the hall, she didn’t dare to step on it. Entering, after hesitating for a while, she gritted her teeth and walked in. When she entered the great hall, she saw all around brightly lit, and Lu Chen was sitting on a majestic seat.

“Come, come up!”


The lotus flower is like a proud white swan, step by step Stepping up the steps, Lu Chen looked down at each other and ordered:

“I heard that your dance is not bad, come on, jump on one.”



Hua Baixueโ€™s face was full of humiliation, but she didnโ€™t dare to resist. She started dancing, like a puppet, over and over again. Lu Chen admired it silently, watching it with gusto, and said:

โ€ Can you show your singing voice?”


As time passed, Lu Chen became more and more unsatisfied, and after midnight, Huabaixue’s palace dress was half unraveled, and tears were streaming down her face. , stumbled out of the hall door, behind him was the Great Demon King’s general laughter echoing, like a dream demon.

“It’s been a long night~~”

Lu Chen sat on the large chair, recalled the previous scene, faintly sighed, then sat down and meditated silently. When I opened my eyes, I saw a silhouette wandering back outside the temple gate. UU reading

“Third Young Lady?”

“en. โ€

Du Third Young Lady took up the courage and walked in, shy Said:

“It’s late at night, your servant…comes to serve the owner…” After deliberately grooming, the Third Young Lady Du looked more and more beautiful, and she refused to return. Hugh’s appearance almost aroused Lu Chen’s anger.

Lu Chen waved his hand:

“Go to sleep by yourself.”


Du Third Young Lady Very knowledgeable, dare not be unsatisfied anymore, and leave quickly.


In the early morning of the second day, Lu Chen walked out of the palace door and saw Hua Baixue, who had changed into an azure palace dress, and was waiting outside. Seeing Lu Chen When he came, he quickly asked:

“Can I leave today?”


Lu Chen didn’t say more, stretched out his hand and waved, a crack appeared in the sky above Secret Realm, Hua Baixue glanced suspiciously, seeing that Lu Chen didn’t seem to be cheating, he waved his sleeve and sprinkled a handful of petals, and his footsteps Gently moved, stepping on the petals and flying into the air, disappearing in the Secret Realm in the blink of an eye.

“People from Hundred Flowers Palace?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and when he left White Bone Mountain Village, he saw the morning sun at the beginning of the day, and the silhouette of the other party was long gone, and he didn’t. After thinking a lot, I found a place with dense vegetation, and began to cultivate Aoki Longevity as usual.

โ€œhu~ ~โ€


Soon, the yellow leaves were falling all over the sky, Lu Chen took a deep breath and slowly finished his work , Endless vitality gathered in the chest, and the second longevity pill slowly took shape.

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was overjoyed and ate a hearty breakfast at White Bone Mountain Village, without further delay, riding a tiger girl all the way Going east, before noon, we came to the famous Qianmu city.

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