My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 107

Qianmu City has a population of 500,000, which is more majestic than Fengpo City, and there are countless small and large villages and towns in the city. There is not only a spirit vein in the city, but also a Second Rank array.

Compared to the chaos along the way, it is much more stable here.

The entire Thousand Eyes City is under the control of the Tianmu Sect. There are not only the strongholds of the various sects in the city, but also the Law Enforcement Team formed by the coalition of the various sects. Before they approached the city gate, they saw the rags that stretched several li outside the city. tent.

This is the disaster victims.

They all gathered from all directions, because they couldn’t pay the city fees, and they were greedy for the prosperity and stability here, so they were reluctant to leave.

“Master, please do me a favour, give me a stutter~”

“wu wu, I’m so hungry~”

“Immortal Master Wan An, I beg you to buy these two boys, just give me some food.โ€

โ€œcough cough cough~~โ€


Lu Chen rode a tiger girl forward, people coming, people going on the flat road, and on both sides of the road, there were disaster victims in ragged clothes, some kneeling and begging for alms, some selling sons and daughters. state.


A carriage sped past from behind.

A teenager stuck his head out of the carriage and deliberately threw two pieces of cake in the middle of the avenue, causing a commotion among the victims on both sides, but he looked frightened and no one dared to step forward.

“It’s boring~”

The teenager curled one’s lip and retracted the carriage.

At this time, the two silhouettes, one big and one small, couldn’t resist the temptation, squeezed away the crowd, and rushed towards the two cakes like crazy.



An iron sword flew up, directly nailing the two to the avenue. The victims on the side were horrified and scattered.

Lu Chen looked up at the sky, and saw a man flying on a flying shuttle with the word “Fa” embroidered on his chest. With the scabbard behind his back, he shouted:

“Anyone who is a disaster victim, enter Daoist without authorization, kill!”


From inside the carriage With the boy’s laughter, the Law Enforcer stopped making a sound, and walked away on the shuttle. A soldier came quickly and dragged the corpse to clean up the mess.

“Weak are prey to the strong, it’s the same everywhere, let’s go!”

Lu Chen sighed and patted Hu Niu’s big head, Hu Niu walked along the avenue, Moving on, Meng Yao raised her chin on her shoulders, showing a thoughtful look.

Lu Chen soon came to the city gate, and started to line up to enter the city. On the carriage in front, the teenager lifted the curtain, stuck his head out, and looked around, his nose was not his nose, his face was not. When he saw Lu Chen, his eyes lit up, and he said arrogantly:

“Do you sell this black tiger?”

Lu Chen sat on the back of the tiger girl, slightly Close your eyes and ignore it.

“Hey, what about you?”

The boy was a little angry, he picked up a bun and smashed it at Lu Chen, Lu Chen suddenly opened his eyes, reached out to catch the bun, Spiritual Qi stepped in and smashed it with his backhand. With a muffled sound of “Pa”, the lake landed on the opponent’s face.


The boy screamed, his face covered in blood.

“Little Young Master!”

“Well, you straight thief, you actually bullied my Little Young Master!!”

The driver of the carriage Angry, foul-mouthed, about forty years old, looks like a trainer, jumped off the carry, pulled out a big blade and killed Lu Chen, Lu Chen sat still, the tiger girl under him had a faint gaze, and suddenly roared:

“รกo hว’u ~~”

“Dang ๅ”ท~”

When the big knife fell to the ground, a string of blood came out of the driver’s ears, and he fell to the ground with his buttocks. People were muddleheaded, feces and urine flowed together, and it looked as if they had been fooled by Hu Niu.

“Who’s making trouble!!”


A team of soldiers came running and surrounded Lu Chen with a long spear. As if facing the enemy, but he did not do anything. After a while, the Law Enforcer who appeared just now flew over and glanced at it to understand what was going on. He ignored the crying boy and looked at Hu Niu a few times. , said to Lu Chen:

“Are you a cultivator?”


Lu Chen sat on the back of the tiger girl neither humble nor arrogant, gently cup one fist in the other hand :

“My surname is Lu, I first came to your land, and I came here to receive a pass from Qianmufang City.”

Qianmufang City It is not in the city, but scattered in the wilderness. It is not only shrouded in the Formation, but also very hidden. If you want to enter, you need to get a pass token. Lu Chen asked Jiang Hong’e in detail before leaving. Among them, Guanqiao is Clearly.

Law Enforcer’s face softened a lot, and he said:

“The cultivator doesn’t need to queue, and there is no need to enter the city, just go to the City Lord’s Mansion to apply for a pass.”

“many thanks!”

Lu Chen thanked him and rode a tiger girl directly into the city gate.

The pass is a thumb-sized hexagonal token, and it is also a simple Magical Artifact, which is engraved with two sets of First Rank runes, namely [Guide the Way] and [Wear the News], Lu Chen pays It took ten spirits and ten pills to get it. After refining, Spiritual Qi reminded and instantly sensed a position.


Lu Chen took Hu Niu into White Bone Mountain Village, and Yu Jian flew out of Qianmu City.

Flying eastward for ten li or so, I finally entered the Qingcang mountain range. I saw that the mountain range in front of me was rolling, green, numerous mountains and hills, and Spiritual Qi was much richer than other places.


A giant eagle screamed in the sky, the sharp claw was stunned, flapping its wings and rushing towards Lu Chen, before approaching, countless wind blades attacked first, Lu Chen Without entanglement, it easily avoided the wind blade, and directly fell down with the sword. After stopping, it landed on a flat ground. There were countless weeds all around, but there was no shadow of Qianmufang City.

Lu Chen took out the pass, Spiritual Qi urged, and saw a light of aura flying forward, the sound of “peng” exploded, and a faint hole appeared on the ground,

Lu Chen didn’t delay and jumped into it.

The city of Qianmufang is not underground, but in a Second Rank Secret Realm. This Secret Realm is called [Basumi Ghost Valley]. There are many different entrances, and they can be changed randomly. Lu Chen I don’t understand the mystery, but I just heard Jiang Hong’e say that the reputation of Qianmuzong is not bad, and there is no act of killing people and stealing goods.

In the dark.

Lu Chen’s body kept falling, and soon, his eyes lit up, his feet stepped on the real place, and he appeared in a cave, three sides were dark, only up ahead, there was a stone gate, stone gate There are three characters engraved on it:

Sunda Southwest!

Just above the stone gate, a mirror hangs high, and there is a faint light sprinkled, which makes Meng Yao on Lu Chen’s shoulder manifest, and on the side of the stone gate, there is also a hood. Silhouette in black robe.

The other party rolled up his sleeves, motionless, and a hoarse voice sounded:

“One person, one ghost, twenty spiritsand!”


Lu Chen didn’t talk nonsense, he threw the spiritsand to the other party, the man accepted the spiritsand, and there was no movement, the stone gate opened automatically.

[Name]: Heterogeneous

[Information]: Second Rank Puppet


โ€œSecond Rank ?”

Lu Chen took a deep look at the other party and stepped into the stone gate with Meng Yao. Behind the stone gate was a huge space, filled with a sulphurous smell, and cracked ground under his feet. The sky is filled with smog, and in the cracks under the feet, you can see clusters of small flames rising from time to time.

The whole space is like a volcanic crater, without the slightest Spiritual Qi.

“big brother, there~”

Meng Yao looked around on tiptoe and pointed to the distance. When Lu Chen looked around, she saw an exquisite town standing in the distance. At the back of the town, is a towering mountain on which a densely packed cave has been opened.


“loose cultivator Cave Mansion!”

That town is Chimebo, where cultivators usually trade. , and the mountain is called [Ghost Valley]. It is rumored that there is not only a Second Rank spirit vein on the mountain, but also a Second Rank [Spirit Gathering Array]. The overwhelming majority Spiritual Qi is bound to the mountain, and a small part is scattered in the town. .

The Thousand Eyes Sect has opened hundreds of Cave Mansion on the mountain for the loan of loose cultivator, harvesting a large number of cultivation resources.


Lu Chen’s eyes shined, and Yujian flew forward.

After entering the market, I found that there were only a few cultivators, and most of the shops on both sides were closed.

“What’s going on?”

Lu Chen was puzzled. He was wandering in Qianmufang City. When he passed a pavilion, he saw a down-and-out cultivator walking out of it. Quickly took two steps forward, stopped the person, cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“The trail is polite.”

“Is something wrong?”

cultivator Tall and lanky, he stopped and yawned, carrying a wooden sword and a scruffy beard.

“Inquire about something.”


The other party saw that Lu Chen had a good bearing, rolled his eyes and grinned:

“One question, a hundred spiritsand.”

“Excuse me!”

Lu Chen face turned cold, flicked his sleeves and left.

“Hey, hey, don’t, it’s not a buy-in price. Fellow Daoist can also bargain.”

“No need!”

The other party still thinks The entanglement, but Lu Chen ignored it, turned and walked into the attic in front of him. This attic is called [Flower Building]. The walls are painted with red paint, and there are festive red lanterns hanging in front of the door. It looks quite delicate and is one of the few. The place where the door is still open to welcome guests, at first glance, it is known that it is a place for business of skin and meat.

Jiang Hong’e’s [Scarlet Chamber Garden] is probably also borrowed from here, but there are differences between the two. After all, they are aimed at different guests. One is for the ordinary person, and the other is for the cultivator.

“Immortal Master, please come in~”

Two young women stood at the door to greet them. One of them stepped forward, bowed and saluted, without deliberate flattery. Silk Immortal Qi, looks quite good.

Lu Chen took a closer look and found that this woman was actually a cultivator, the cultivation base of the second layer of Qi Refinement, but she was a little older.


Lu Chen nods, and the woman in azure clothes walks in, only to see that the whole flower building is quite elegantly furnished, and there is no extravagant sound. Starting, he looked at it and said:

“It’s really different from ordinary places.”

“Immortal Master doesn’t know anything, we have First Rank [Silent Array] in the flower building. ], in every room, all sounds cannot be transmitted within two meters.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Lu Chen suddenly asked with a meaningful expression on his face. :

“What’s the specific price?”

“hehe ~”

The woman pursed her lips and chuckled, and finally had some fireworks, replied: “One capsule Spiritsand to a piece of Spirit Stone, both female and Fairy, what are the specific requirements of Immortal Master?”

“Well, choose Fairy.”

“Anything else? โ€

โ€œThe cultivation base is higher, and the price is around 100 spirits and grains.โ€

โ€œPlease Immortal Master move to Room 6, Jiazi.โ€


Lu Chen nodded, hung up, walked up to the second floor, pushed open the door, and saw that the whole room was quite spacious, the red silk was swaying, and the middle looked mysterious. There was even a small hot spring, which was a luxury. He coaxed Meng Yao, who was on his shoulders, into the White Bone Mountain Villa, and sat on a futon to wait silently.

After a while, a woman in white gauze pushed aside the red silk and walked in.

The other party has the cultivation base of Qi Refinement sixth layer. Although the appearance is not as much as Jiang Hong’e, the temperament is not bad. It is not comparable to a common woman. What is even more rare is that there is no dust on her body.

โ€œImmortal Master~~โ€

The woman curtseys with a natural expression.

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen nodded and lifted the person up, and the woman fell into his arms:

“I also ask Immortal Master Pity~”

“It’s easy to talk about it!”

Lu Chen laughed, picked up the person by the waist, and threw it on the soft show couch. But he insisted: “your servant has eighteen martial arts, and I haven’t had time to display it yet. Immortal Master doesn’t need to move, let’s watch your servant one after another show.”

“No hurry~”

Lu Chen stopped the other party and asked:

“What’s your name?”

“your servant Xiao Qian.”

“Oh, I think you also have a good cultivation base, why did you end up here?”

“It’s a long story.”

The woman heard this, her eyes suddenly darkened, and she was disappointed. Said:

“Cultivation for men is not easy, let alone women, your servant is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, so she has no worries about food and clothing, and she accepted Spiritual Qi by chance, and she is unwilling to teach her husband and his son Hutu. For the first time, I simply gave up my relatives, and came to this Qingcang mountain range by myself. Unfortunately, the sector was difficult to enter, and there was no one to rely on. In the blink of an eye, it was nearly ten years of hardship, but the entry of the cultivation base became more and more slow. Finally, I thought about it, so I just gave up this place. If you go into this flower building, you can always earn some culture resources.”

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Lu Chen With a sigh, he took the opportunity to ask:

“Why don’t you see the opening of Qianmufang City today?”

“hehe ~”

A woman named Xiaoqian In retrospect, rolled the eyes:

“Immortal Master, I’m afraid this is the first time to visit the market, right?”

“So obvious?”

“Although Qianmufang City can’t help but go in and out normally, it only opens once every five days. It just opened the day before yesterday, and it will reopen after four days. This is a well-known thing.”


“That’s right.”

Lu Chen was a little speechless. It wasn’t like this more than ten years ago. According to Jiang Hong’e, at that time, everyday all opened a workshop, which should have been in the last ten years. There are some changes, but fortunately he is very thick-skinned and does not suffer from deflation. UU reading tune said with a smile:

“I ask you about something, and I will give you a lucky gold later. .”

“Immortal Master, please.”


After some exchanges, Lu Chen got all the information he wanted to know, and at the same time , I also accidentally inquired about a piece of news. It is said that Long Spring Valley was extinguish sect two months ago.

He also inquired about the reason for the extending sect.

It’s because the Valley Master of Long Spring Valley molested a female Elder of Tianmu Sect, but she was smashed by the Dao Companion of the other side, and led people into Long Spring Valley, directly extinguish sect,

As for true and false.

No way to know.

“Extinguish sect is just extinguish sect, it doesn’t have much to do with me anyway.”


The woman in her arms squeezed her hand groaned, passed out, Lu Chen got up, left 150 spiritsand, quietly left the flower building, and then did not stop, left Fangshi directly, according to the news, Yujian flew all the way to Long Spring Valley, until Came outside Long Spring Valley at noon.

Long Spring Valley is a long and narrow valley with undulating peaks on both sides and a deep valley in the middle.

Lu Chen rode a tiger girl into the valley, and there were ruins in his eyes. Apart from this, and the cultivator in small groups flew in and out, seemed to be looking for valuable items, and it was very lively. .

Lu Chen kept running towards the valley.


I finally saw the heart tree like thunder piercing the ear, but unfortunately, the dignified Second Rank spirit plant, now only a burnt stump is left, on a low hill, it looks like a grave.


Lu Chen dug a deep pit under the low hill, turned his hands and took out the ashes of Daoist Azure Cloud, buried it in it, let out a long breath, felt Relaxed all over.

At this point, a wish has finally been fulfilled.

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