My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 108

I fell in love with, left Daoist Priest student, my spell is infinitely upgraded

As for why Daoist Azure Cloud wants to bury his ashes here, Lu Chen only knows a little bit. He heard from a female cultivator named Xiao Qian in Hualou that Long Spring Valley is most famous for two things.

One is the weekend!

One is the Heart Pill!

The Heart-Returning Fruit from the Heart-Heart Tree is the main medicine for refining the Second Rank [Heart-Heart Pill]. This Heart-Heart Pill is a life-saving dive medicine. After death, it takes to burn a stick of incense. If you take it, you can also [return to the origin and return to life]. More importantly, taking this medicine can give the cultivator another chance to break through again after the failure of the breakthrough Method Release environment.

The latter point is invaluable.

Any cultivator who wants to break through the Method Release environment probably wants to get a Heart Pill.

There is even a legend that as long as the ashes are buried under the tree after death, there will be a chance for reincarnation. As for the true or false, it is unknown. It is estimated that Daoist Azure Cloud is also for the so-called reincarnation.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Chen rode Hu Niu back, not far away, Hu Niu suddenly stopped, Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw the left On a cliff in the side valley, two corpses were nailed to it with iron nails, one man and one woman, looking extremely miserable.

The woman’s face looks sinister.

The man’s limbs are all broken, which is even more terrifying.

“It’s so cruel!”

Lu Chen was speechless, seeing a few loose cultivators gathered below, so he rode a tiger girl and rushed over, politely:

“Ask Fellow Daoist, who is this dead man?”

“Dong Xuanzi!”

“Valley Master of Long Spring Valley?”

“Yes !”

“Where’s the woman?”

“The Elder of Tianmu Sect.”


Lu Chen looked Thoughtful, it seems that the news he has heard is probably true. The demise of Long Spring Valley is mostly because the Valley Master Dong Xuanzi was involved with the Elder, the daughter of Tianmu Zongzong, and then was killed by another person who held a grudge.

Lu Chen was a little speechless, seeing a few people who were unwilling to leave, surprisedly said:

“This is you?”

“hehe ~”

A short and fat Taoist stepped forward, looked up and down at Lu Chen, harboring malicious intentions and said: “Elder Cui has something to say first, whoever collects the corpse for Dong Xuanzi is the remnant of Long Spring Valley, all remnants deserve to die, every kill Everyone has a reward, Fellow Daoist can’t go, is he here to collect the corpse?”

“Collect the corpse?”

Lu Chen shook his head and said calmly:

“Xiaodao just came to see the fun.”

“I don’t think so!”

The man looked bad, seeing Lu Chen wanting to leave, loudly shouted:


Hu Niu’s body froze, and three silhouettes instantly surrounded Lu Chen in the middle, one holding a talisman, the other holding a small copper hammer, and the squat Taoist approached With a swipe on his waist, he took out a burang drum and held it up ahead. The three of them glare like a tiger watching his prey.

Lu Chen remain unmoved, coldly said:

“Get out of the way!”

The tiger girl under her body moves forward step by step, contorts one’s face in agony, Don’t be afraid, seeing Lu Chen’s posture, the short and fat Taoist is a little unsure, and clenched the teeth:


“dong dong dong ~”

As he said that, he shook the prang drum in his hand, and a circle of sound waves hit Lu Chen. The other two were also slow to take action. One took out the copper hammer, and smashed it into Hu Niu’s head several meters away, while the other urged talisman. , turned into a fire snake.

β€œΓ‘o hΗ’u ~”

Hu Niu roared, and a black tiger suffocated the short and fat Taoist, thinking slightly, Yan Yangjia appeared on Lu Chen, directly sending sound waves Isolation, he did not dodge or evade, and reached out to catch the smashed copper hammer.

This bronze hammer is a First Rank Magical Artifact.

It’s called “Earning Night Hammer”, Spiritual Qi has 5,000 jins of mighty force under the urging, not only that, but it also has the First Rank [Stun] rune, which is difficult for ordinary First Rank to withstand a single blow.

It’s a pity that Lu Chen was wearing Yanyang armor, which was unusual. He caught it easily and punched it out.


The incoming fire snake exploded.

The two were horrified and were about to run away when Lu Chen swept over in an instant, and dropped two hammers in a row, bursting the brains of the two of them. Not only was his clothes ragged, but he was also coughing up blood. The other party rushed out of the black tiger, turned his hand and took out a paper horse, hurriedly climbed on the back of the horse, hugged the paper horse’s neck and fled in panic.

While fleeing, he yelled:

“Fellow Daoist and stop, misunderstanding, it’s all misunderstanding~”

Lu Chen ignored it and was about to push Peach Wood Sword, saw Meng Yao’s little hand pointing, and said in a crisp voice:


A black snake flew out from the cuff at a very fast speed, catching up in a blink of an eye. The paper horse was entangled in its two front legs.

β€œxu lu lu ~”

The paper horse neighed, and the short and fat Taoist fell to the ground, the Taoist was covered in dirt, just got up, Meng Yao rode a tiger girl Already chasing, Hu Niu rushed forward, biting the opponent’s skull in one bite.


The chubby Taoist screamed and died on the spot.

Lu Chen quickly scoured the three of them, flew up the cliff, and fumbled on Dong Xuanzi’s body a few times.

Not far away, Lu Chen and Meng Yao on the shoulders snickered and began to organize the harvest.

Three storage bags, two First Rank Magical Artifacts, one night hammer, one echo drum, more than a dozen First Rank talismans and hundreds of spiritsand, as well as a lot of sundries.

“Poor ghost, talk is better than nothing.”

Lu Chen put away the valuable things and saw Meng Yao holding a small painting scroll, staring at her big bright eyes, Pick and choose among the clutter.

β€œbig brother, look~”

Seeing Lu Chen, Meng Yao happily unfolded the scroll.

I saw that there were paper figures and horses on the scroll. This scroll is exactly the [Scroll], which is a storage bag, similar to a cultivator’s storage bag, but it can also hold living things. , When Meng Yao was playing with Hu Niu, he would often put Hu Niu in the scroll.

Lu Chen laughed and pinched Meng Yao’s little cheek:

“Your elder sister Hong’e can also do [origami], wait until you go back and ask her to fold more for you. .”


After packing up, Lu Chen rode out of the valley on a tiger girl.

When he was about to leave Long Spring Valley, he suddenly found a lot of people gathered in a distant mountain col. , some shouting, some pick and choose, it seems to form a small trading market.

“The Magical Artifact is incomplete, and the old man is innocent. Come and have a look if you are interested.”

“Liang Qing Dan, Liang Qing Dan~”

” You provide materials, I will pill concocting, success or failure depends on the sky, old man Dan Chengzi, pill concocting for fifty years, excellent reputation, Cheng Dan is guaranteed, don’t ask for anything else, just earn some hard work.”

“Selling Spirit Beast, a golden-eyed beast!”


“There is such a place.”

Lu Chen’s eyes shined, he turned over and jumped off the back of the tiger, and walked in with the tiger girl. After just walking a dozen steps, his face changed slightly, he turned around abruptly, and squeezed a palm that he wanted to retract.

“You…what are you doing?”

The man screamed, looking flustered.


[Information]: Dual Spiritual Roots, innate talent


This man is not very old, no more than fifteen years old, with a dirty face, a hood on his head, and a worn gray linen shirt with a few holes in it. nimble.

Lu Chen didn’t speak.

“Let me go.”

This man suddenly felt confident and wanted to break free, but he was no match for Lu Chen’s great strength.


Lu Chen smiled slightly, put his hand into the other’s arms, fumbled for a while, and finally took out a storage bag, which is exactly what Lu Chen owned, In order to hide people’s eyes and ears, he was specially hung on his waist. This person has no cultivation base, relying on his own innate talent, he almost succeeded.

“How do you say?”

“It’s over…”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, this person’s face instantly changed pale, his eyes Frightened, he slumped on the ground, forgetting to beg for mercy, and just shiver coldly.

A mortal who tried to steal the cultivator’s storage bag was caught on the spot.


According to the rules between cultivators, it is an irreconcilable situation. Since the other party is an ordinary person, Lu Chen can handle it at will, even if the person is killed at will. drop, it should be.

Because Lu Chen is in charge.

Lu Chen reached out and tore off the hood the other party was wearing, and saw that the other party’s long messy hair was falling down, and he was still a girl.

“Dual Spiritual Roots, innate talent!”

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen grinned and threw the hood into each other’s arms, Instructed: “Get up, follow me, if you dare to run away, you should know your fate.”

After finishing speaking, Lu Chen ignored everyone’s strange eyes and continued to walk forward.

The girl suddenly came back to his senses. She was both apprehensive and frightened. She stood up trembling, put on her hood in a hurry, and followed Lu Chen closely, for fear of being killed on the spot.

After wandering around for a while, Lu Chen stopped in front of a booth. The booth was filled with bottles and jars, some of which were stained with mud and dirty. He took a few glances. Asked:

“Fellow Daoist, what are you selling?”

“medicine pill!”

The stall owner is a middle-aged male practitioner. The cultivation base of Qi Refinement fifth layer, sitting cross-legged on the futon, has been practicing assiduous cultivation. Hearing Lu Chen’s question, he was finally willing to open his eyes.

“What’s the point?”

“These are all dug up in the ruins of the valley. There is no label, so I can’t tell the efficacy of the medicine, so I just sell them separately.”

β€œWhat’s the price?”

β€œThirty spirits and a bottle.”


Lu Chen squatted in front of the booth , unplug the bottle one after another to check.

There are enough ten-twenty bottles in this booth. Each bottle can range from three to five pills to as many as seven or eight medicine pills. The number of drugs is mostly a mix of true and false, mixed with many cheap medicine pills.

This is reality.

It’s not impossible to get a bargain, but you need to have the ability to do it. Otherwise, it’s not necessarily who will suffer.

[Name]: Spirit Pill

[Information]: First Rank Blood Replenishment Pill


[ Name]: Spirit Pill

[Information]: First Rank Qi Recovery Pill


[Name]: Spirit Pill


[Information]: First Rank Aphrodisiac Pill


[Name]: Spirit Pill

[Information]: First Rank 5 Poison Pill


Lu Chen took a deep look at the unassuming stall owner. Good guy, even Poison Pill has it. , there is no reason to say anything if you die, and if you want to make an accurate identification, you may not have that ability even if you are a good pill concocting expert, and the cost of identification is not cheap.

[Name]: Spirit Pill

[Information]: Second Rank Youth Preserving Pill


[ Name]: Spirit Pill

[Name]: First Rank Tiger Yidan


Lu Chen remained silent until he checked them all After once, he reached out and grabbed two of the bottles. One of the bottles contained a Second Rank Youth Preserving Pill, which was very valuable. The other bottle contained two Huyi Pills, the medicinal properties of which were unknown.

“Just buy these two bottles.”

“Sixty spiritsand.”


Lu Chen also No counter-offer, paid spirits and walked away with Hu Niu, the girl behind her followed suit, wanted to speak several times, but didn’t dare to talk too much, for fear of angering Lu Chen, and killed him at will.

Lu Chen stopped in front of a stall again. The stall owner was a thin old man. When the old man saw someone coming, he quickly stood up and said enthusiastically: “Old man Dan Chengzi, if you want a little friend. Pill concocting?”

Lu Chen grinned and asked:

“How about Old Mister becoming a pill?”

“It’s excellent, not old. A man exaggerates, there are several dozen li in the radius, but no older man is right.”

“several dozen li?”

Lu Chen rolled the eyes, and within several dozen li, I’m afraid it will be a meeting. Few pills concocting, the girl behind her summoned up the courage to step forward and said:

“Immortal Master, this is an old liar.”

“cough cough ~”

Dan Chengzi coughed a few times and quibble:

“Little friend, don’t listen to her, the old man’s reputation is excellent, and Cheng Dan is guaranteed.”

“I don’t believe it!”

Lu Chen shook his head, seeing the embarrassment on the other’s face, he changed the subject and said:

“I want to test you first.”

“Okay, let’s talk, little friend!”

Dan Chengzi rubbed his hands and was slightly excited. His pill success rate was indeed not high, but his theory was very solid. spirit.

Lu Chen pretended to think for a while, and asked:

“What is the medicine efficacy of First Rank Huyidan?”

“It’s hard for old man “

Dan Chengzi stretched out his hand and stroked his beard, as if endowed with extraordinary intelligence, and said:

“Although Huyidan belongs to the First Rank Spirit Pill, it is extremely rare. The main medicine is First Rank spiritual grass Tiger leaf grass, this grass is rare, it looks like a flying tiger, it is difficult to cultivate, only the wild Spiritual Qi will grow by chance. Anyone who eats it can be transformed into Spirit Beast in Nine Heavens. In other words, the grow pair of wings, tiger wings pill efficacy is even more, it needs nine kinds of blood essence as accessories.”

“What is the price?”

“At least 800 capsules spiritsand!”

Lu Chen saw Dan Chengzi holding his head up high, as if he had a plan, and asked again:

“May we make this pill?”

“Uh ……”

Dan Chengzi smiled shyly:

“Dan…PillRecipe is hard to find, old man is not yet.”

“UU reading Lianhuyidan will not, your Pill Refinement Technique is really not good.”

Lu Chen left a sentence and walked away, Dan Chengzi almost choked to death, The old face turned red with anger.

The girl behind her quickly caught up with Lu Chen, her big eyes rolled around, she stepped forward and said, “Immortal Master must have done it on purpose, I guess, there must be a tiger in the pill bottle I just bought. Yidan, right?”

“You’re the smart one!”

Lu Chen glared at the girl and continued to wander around the mountain.

The girl spit out her sweet tongue and patted her slightly bulging breasts. She felt inexplicably relieved, and she didn’t feel as scared as before, because he found that this young Immortal Master was not evil. generation.

One Second Rank Youth Preserving Pill.

Two First Rank Tiger Yidan.

This is Lu Chen’s first harvest in this small town. He took Meng Yao and Hu Niu around everywhere, and with the help of [Six Eyes Bodhi Seed], he looked around, looking for each other. a valuable item.

Soon, Lu Chen stopped again, looked at the small pile of tokens placed on the booth, and asked:

“What is this?”

“The Order of the Beast!”

The stall owner is a reserved beard man, with two little things standing on his shoulders, one looks like a Fire Phoenix, with colorful feathers, In particular, one has a long tail with five-color feathers, which is extremely beautiful, but one is black and looks like a chick.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Colorful Jinhe


【 Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Yin Bird


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