My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 109

I fell in love with, left Daoist Priest student, my spell is infinitely upgraded

Lu Chen glanced at two small things, reached out and flipped over the token on the booth , These tokens are big or small, and the colors are not standard, but they are all the same shape, all hexagonal, so he asked:

“Why are these imperial beast orders all hexagonal?”

“The hexagonal array has stability.”



The rough-faced man is serious Nodding, Lu Chen looked thoughtful and asked again:

“You know the method of Taming Beasts?”

“You know [Beast Taming Technique].”

“Oh, can you sell me?”



Lu Chen was not disappointed, and then asked:

“You made all these beast-guarding orders yourself?”

“Not all of them, some purchased at a low price.”

“How to use them?”

“First suppress the Spirit Beast so that it cannot resist, and then activate the beast-controlling order to activate the [taming beast] rune, which can be subdued for a period of time, and then the [contract] rune will automatically take effect, It was explained in advance that there is a chance of failure of the Imperial Beast Token. Once it fails, the Imperial Beast Token will shatter and cannot be used again.”


“Yes! “

“What’s the price?”

“Fifty spirits and one piece!”


Lu Chen picked After paying for the three beast imperial orders, paying spirits and continuing to wander around, holding one of them and looking in front of him, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

[Name]: Order of the Beasts

[Information]: First Rank, contracted



Among all the beast-control orders, only this one shows the contract, that is to say, this is a used beast-control order, and the contract is A Spirit Beast, but after the owner’s death, the Beast Token becomes a masterless object again.

“I don’t know what Spirit Beast it is? Where is it?”

Lu Chen couldn’t wait to refinish the Imperial Beast, so that the Spirit Beast would be He would automatically let him be the master, but he was forced down and unhurried for a while.

As for the other two blank orders, Lu Chen didn’t plan to use them.

First, Hu Niu gets along very well with him, so there’s no need to do this; second, he didn’t make the beast-proof order himself, so I can’t be completely assured; third, will the beast-proof order be right? The damage caused by Spirit Beast is unknown, so try not to use it if you can.

“Come and see, don’t miss it!”

“New scriptures unearthed in Long Spring Valley~”

Lu Chen stopped by another booth When I came down, the stall owner was a middle age person with a goatee beard, a sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, and a philistine face. Moreover, there was no cultivation base. He was an ordinary person. The other party saw Lu Chen and stopped to accompany him with a smile:

“Immortal Master, are you interested?”


Lu Chen nodded, glanced over a book, and asked:

“It’s all from Long Spring Valley?”

“Isn’t it!”

Lu Chen rolled the eyes and asked:

“Can I see it first and then buy it?”


“Then how can I tell the truth from the fake?”

“Okay, okay, but , you can only read the first three pages.”


Lu Chen was about to flip through the pages when the girl behind him took out a book from her arms and turned her head to the middle age. person smashed it away and said angrily: “liar, the Royal Dragon Sutra I bought is useless at all, Immortal Master, don’t buy it, he is a big liar!”

middle-aged neither anxious nor nervous, Unperturbed said:

“Little girl, you can’t talk nonsense, cultivation is the most important thing about karma, good Fortune is superficial, can’t cultivate anything, what’s wrong with the scriptures?”

“You you…”

The girl had never quarreled with anyone, and she was speechless in anger.

“Dragon Royal Scripture?”

Lu Chen picked up the book, turned two pages, was speechless for a while, and returned the Royal Dragon Scripture, why don’t you go to heaven.


As soon as Lu Chen spoke, the girl didn’t dare to speak any more. Seeing the middle age person’s sullen expression, her cheeks swelled with anger, and she almost exploded. Lu Chen ignored the other party and read through the books. > “Yes, yes.”

The middle age person nods. Lu Chen holds up a stack of them in front of Lu Chen, there are more than a dozen books.


Lu Chen picked up a copy and found it was called [Yu Nu’s Heart Sutra], and then picked up a copy called [Yin-Yang Dual Cultivation]. Not bad, it should be the cultivation technique circulated in Eternal Spring Art, but unfortunately the content is too fake, it is all made up.

Lu Chen was about to leave when the middle-aged man suddenly stopped him, mysterious and secretive said:

“Immortal Master, the villain has a scripture.”

“The scripture?”


“Take it out and see.”

“That’s… expensive.”

“How much is it?”

The middle age person stretched out three fingers and said seriously:

“Three spiritsand, no two prices!”

Lu Chen almost burst out laughing, but suppressed his laughter and urged:

“Take it out and see, it won’t let you suffer.”

” Good!”

The other party was nodded, and pulled out a crumpled book from under a tattered bag, solemnly handed it to Lu Chen, Lu Chen took it, and saw four words written on the cover:

“The secret of the Jade House!”

He turned two pages, looked positive, and asked:

“Where did you come from?”

The middle age person sneaks around all around and whispers:

“The villain lives in Eastern Forest Village outside a dozen or more li, and his ancestors are also Immortal Masters of Long Spring Valley. On the day Long Spring Valley was destroyed, the villain happened to be in the vicinity to collect firewood, and when he heard the screams of killing, he rushed over. It happened that someone escaped from the valley and died outside, so he touched an Immortal Master. corpse.”


Lu Chen faintly smiled and said:

“Where’s the storage bag?”

“No …I didn’t dare to touch it!”

The middle age person turned pale and trembling with fear said:

“There is an Immortal Master sitting in Eastern Forest Village, and you can’t hide it even if you take it. Live.”


Lu Chen didn’t say more, left five spirits and left with the book, this [Jade House Secret] is indeed It’s a real double-break cultivation technique. Although the level is not high, it is enough to make [Plain Wo man Secret Dao Sutra 】Promote Grade.

And so on.

This eastbound goal is yet another achievement.

While looking at the secrets of the Jade House, he wandered in the mountains. Seeing that there was nothing else to gain, he rode a tiger girl and ran out of the valley. The girl behind him tried to catch up, running with sweat all over his head.


When Lu Chen arrived at the Long Spring Valley pass, the girl shouted and finally couldn’t hold on anymore and fell to the ground , Lu Chen rode back on Hu Niu, stretched out his hand and pulled gently, pulling the person onto Hu Niu’s back.

“hu hu~~”

The girl lay on Hu Niu’s back, and said shyly:

“Immortal Master, I have… Something.”


The girl untied the worn clothes on her body, and she saw that the back of Xiu was full of welts from densely packed, which had scabbed over, and in the On the shoulder, there is also a gray eagle head tattoo the size of a copper coin.

“What’s this?”

“A kind of mark, I was caught by the Grey Eagles, they branded me and forced me to steal, I didn’t follow, I ran away several times. They took them back.”

“They also hit the wound on the back?”


The girl nodded hard , without seeing the slightest sadness, as if he was used to it, Lu Chen asked:

“What’s your name?”

“Chen Qiaoer!”

“Your parents What?”


Lu Chen didn’t ask why his parents were gone, it’s normal for parents to die these days, he didn’t help to remove the mark, he wanted to see What kind of existence is this [Grey Eagle], after thinking about it, he said:

“Follow me in the future.”


The girl complied, hadn’t noticed the change of identity, Lu Chen didn’t say much, and rode the tiger girl all the way to the wilderness.

“ao wu ~”


As night falls, a cluster of bonfires are lit, and the roars of beasts in the wilderness are rising and falling, There is also the terrifying cry of Spirit Beast from time to time. It is located in the Qingcang mountain range. All around Spiritual Qi is strong, and Spirit Beast is also more common.

Chen Qiaoer sat by the campfire.

Turning and roasting the meat in his hand, constantly swallowed saliva, Lu Chen turned his hand and took out a porcelain bottle, and poured out a medicine pill. Hu Niu next to her suddenly cheered up, her faint eyes brightened.

Meng Yao sat on Hu Niu’s soft belly and asked:

“big brother, is it for Niu Niu?”

“Well, Tiger Wing Dan!”

Meng Yao held her small cheeks and licked her small mouth, feeling a little greedy, Lu Chen smiled and put a Qi Recovery Pill into Meng Yao’s small mouth, Meng Yao suddenly When she was happy, her big eyes narrowed into beautiful crescents:

“big brother, sweet~”


Lu Chen grinned He smiled and instructed at Hu Niu:

“Hu Niu, open your mouth!”

“wu~ ~”

Hu Niu was very obedient and opened her mouth immediately Mouth, showing the sharp white teeth, like the blade of a blade, Lu Chen put a tiger wing Dan into Hu Niu’s mouth, Hu Niu swallowed it immediately, shaking her big head, as if wondering, why there is no taste.

“Niuniu, let’s go around in circles~”

“ao wu ~”

Hu Niu got up and played with Meng Yao around the bonfire. Chen stared at it for a while, and seeing that Hu Niu was normal, he felt relieved, turned over to take out the imperial beast order, and started refining.


After a while, Lu Chen opened his mouth and took a breath. With a trembling sound, the imperial beast command flew into the mouth and sank all the way into the Spirit Orifice, ups and downs in it. Floating, Lu Chen sensed for a moment, opened his eyes, whispered:

“It’s a little far!”

The Spirit Beast of the Imperial Beast Order Contract is at least a thousand miles away from here, his sense It’s not clear, it just feels like a large Spirit Beast, not smaller than a tiger girl.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Chen plans to go to Qianqingzong to deliver the letter tomorrow, and then drop by.

Condition, reach out and point to the light curtain in front of you:


[Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra Promote Grade Conditions]:

【1】: Two Dao Companions

【2】: One Cultivation Technique

【3】: One Spirit Stone

…. ..

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement ninth layer

[cultivation technique ]: Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra Perfection +


“Promote Grade!”


A Spirit Stone disappeared out of thin air, Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra began to silently Promote Grade, Lu Chen only felt the breeze blowing on his face, and his body was indescribably comfortable, and unconsciously had something to support both heaven and earth.

“The lonely yin is not self-produced, and the few yang is not self-produced~”

“Heaven and Earth are dense, all things become alcohol~”

“Yin and Yang are crystals. , upside down and breed~”


The mysterious scriptures kept reverberating in Lu Chen’s mind, making him immersed in it unconsciously. The qi was generated around her body, and Chen Qiaoer, the girl who had eaten the barbecue, noticed the strangeness and turned to look at Lu Chen.

“Immortal Master…”

Chen Qiao’er called softly, inhaling a few breaths without realizing it, her eyes became obsessed, and she only felt the Immortal Master in front of her. The adults are so stalwart, so fascinating.

Wait for Lu Chen to come back to his senses.

I saw Chen Qiao’er lying on his lap, already asleep, with frowning eyes, as if she was having a sweet dream.

Meng Yao stood on Lu Chen’s shoulders, looked up and down, her face was puzzled:

“Big brother seems to be different~”

“What? “

“It’s just…it’s different.”

Lu Chen pinched Meng Yao’s little cheek and asked with a smile:

“That big Is brother better or worse?”

“It’s better.”


Lu Chen grinned, 【Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra 】Promote Grade becomes 【Jade female ginseng tongqi】, get started directly, this is a Second Rank cultivation technique after all, unconsciously, his temperament has been improved, and his appearance has become more outstanding. As for the specific mystery, you can only practice. to know later.

“big brother, Yaoyao wants to hear a story~”

Meng Yao found a comfortable position, lying in Lu Chen’s arms, with a pair of small hands grabbing the front of his shirt, looking very close. Tired, the tiger girl on the side also got closer, her big head resting on Lu Chen’s lap, and the girl Chen Qiaoer was left and right, the faint tiger’s eyes did not blink.


Lu Chen nodded, thought for a while, then said slowly:

“Speaking of the tree grandfather has been harassed by Little Squirel for a whole month, Little Squirrel is always creak its ticklish flesh, the tree grandfather laughs out of breath, almost suffocated, this day, Nutty happened to be returning home from school, jumping and passing under the tree…”


After sleeping until dawn, Chen Qiaoer opened her eyes in a daze, and saw that she was hugging the Immortal Master’s leg, and instantly woke up and twisted. Twiddled and said:

“Xian….Immortal Master…”

“It’s not honest to sleep.”

Lu Chen Complaining, Chen Qiao’er looked down and saw that Immortal Master’s robe was wet with her own saliva. She blushed suddenly and almost found a seam to dig in. Just standing up, she saw a group of people foul in the distance. -mouthed chased after him, panicked in his heart, and quickly hid behind Lu Chen, tremblingly said:

“Immortal Master, they are from Gray Eagle, the bald head is Gu Tianshun, known as the ancient three, Murder without blinking an eye, it’s too dark.”


Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw a group of more than a dozen people parked not far away. They dared to go forward, because they saw Hu Niu standing up and were frightened by Hu Niu’s huge size, and the first person was a bald man.

A face full of flesh.

The eyes are fierce!

Holding two big double-edged axes in his hand, he was in a stance of slashing when he saw anyone. Seeing Lu Chen, his neck shrank.

“Xian…ImmortalMaster, the girl next to you is ours.”

Lu Chen saw a group of people who didn’t even have a cultivator, and immediately lost interest in shooting, coldly said: ” I’ll be mine in the future, get out!”

“Yes yes!”

Gu San let out a smirk and swung a big axe to lead people back to where they came from, but did not leave, but watched from a distance across several hundred meters.

Lu Chen frowned:

“UU Reading also has a cultivator in Grey Eagle Village?”


Chen Qiaoer patted her chest lightly, relaxed, and explained:

“Grey Eagle has a boss, which is very difficult to deal with.”

” Have you seen it before?”


Chen Qiaoer nodded hard and explained: “It is said that the Boss’ surname is Wu, and there is a Spirit Beast as a mount, a giant eagle, Immortal Master. You don’t know how big it is, but it’s scary, why don’t we run first.”


The two were talking, and a loud eagle croak was heard. Chen Qiao’er shuddered and exclaimed:

“Come here~”

Lu Chen looked up at the sky, and saw a shadow hovering and landing in the sky , that is a giant eagle, too big, with brown yellow feathers, like gold and iron, its wings are nearly 100 meters.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Mountain Sculpture


“ hu~ ~”

“hu~ ~”

The wind was raging, the mountain eagle did not fall to the ground, a silhouette jumped off the back of the eagle, and with a sound of “peng”, it fell on the ground. On the ground, a piece of smoke and dust splashed, and the mountain sculpture flew high into the sky again, circling back and forth.

The two were more than ten meters apart and looked at each other from a distance.

The other party is tall, with both hands crossed near chest, behind him a dark red cloak fluttering in the wind, a jet-black arm exposed under the cloak, holding a giant sword, he looks at Lu Chen, brows slightly wrinkle:

“We seem to have met??”

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