My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 11

“shua! ”

The twenty tael of silver in front of him disappeared out of thin air, Lu Chen felt that his right arm was cramping, numb, and there were The two blue veins bulged and slowly calmed down, and I had a new understanding of Buddhist Blade Blade Technique in my mind.

This【Buddhist Blade】is an Authentic Level Blade Technique, and there is only one trick to make a knife:


Horizontal split, vertical split, oblique split, jump split, reverse split…

Moreover, only the first knife has the greatest formidable power in the Buddha Blade Quite a few people will basically kill with a knife. If they can’t kill the enemy with one knife, they will be weak and the knife will be short, and subsequent moves will be embarrassing and useful.

“No wonder Hui Sheng abandoned the knife and ran away.”

Lu Chen felt the wound on his right chest, because of the knife practice, there was a little blood oozing there, fortunately No big deal.

Buddhist Blade is successfully started, naturally happy, and a little light curtain:


[Buddhist Blade upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Three days of sword training (unreached!)

[2]: One soul essence (unreached!)

[3]: Thirty tael of silver (not yet achieved!)


“Three days of sword training, I still need spirit, so I’m not in a hurry for the time being.”

Lu Chen I took off the short blade around my waist and started practicing Qi Refinement Art. I didn’t take off my shirt until I got another day’s progress, and I lay down on the reclining chair to rest. I forgot to take a look at the light curtain before going to bed.

【Upgrade conditions for Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra】:

【1】: Qi Refinement First Layer (Not reached!)

【2】: Dao Companion One (achieved!)

[3]: Dual Cultivation ten times (not achieved!)



Heart beating disappointingly, Lu Chen took a deep breath, quickly closed his eyes and rested, whispered in his mouth:

“What a goblin~~”


The next day, it was twilight.

Lu Chen felt itchy in his chest. When he opened his eyes, he saw Qing He was helping him with the wound on his chest. The little girl was very serious, wiping blood, cleaning, bandaging, in one go.

Really ingenious.

“It’s troublesome girl.”

“It’s okay.”

Qing He wiped the sweat from his forehead, smiled happily, and helped again Lu Chen put on his inner shirt and neatly dressed his outer garment. Jiang Hong’e on the side hugged Small Fox, restored the old lady’s dress, gave Lu Chen a sidelong glance, and asked:

“How are you thinking?”

She wants to exchange for [Radiating Light Technique], and the condition given is a spell of the same Authentic Level, called [Azure Vine Technique], which is an offensive spell.

It stands to reason that it is an equivalent exchange.

But Lu Chen doesn’t have Spiritual Qi now, so he can’t practice. The value of Azure Vine Technique is greatly reduced for him, and he is naturally reluctant. Seeing that Lu Chen didn’t speak, Jiang Hong’e raised his eyebrows and joked:

“Or, plus our oiran from Scarlet Chamber Garden, and give it to you.”


Lu Chen rolled the eyes, he had never even seen the face of the oiran, and he had no thoughts at all, he might as well ask for a more affordable one, and he didn’t answer , ask directly:

“Can I change a [Spirit Opening Pill]?”

“You haven’t Qi Refinement yet?”

“No, I It’s False Spiritual Root, the martial arts that you practiced first.”

Jiang Hong’e pondered for a moment and replied: “Spirit Opening Pill does not have it, but there is a Clear Spirit Grass, which is used to refine Spirit Opening Pill. The main medicine is also effective when taken alone, and there is a 50% chance of opening Immortal Orifice.”

“50% chance?”

Lu Chen hesitated, the 50% chance is not low. , but if you fail to open the Opening Immortal Orifice, it will be a big loss, and you are hesitating when you see the light curtain in front of you begin to shake.

“Shua is new?”

Lu Chen’s heart skipped a beat, waited for the light curtain to stabilize, and pretended to light it as if nothing had happened, silently saying:


[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice for three days (3/3 has been achieved!)

[ 2]: Three spiritsand (3/3 achieved!)

[3]: One Clear Spirit Grass (not achieved!)



Lu Chen has long known that the conditions given by the light curtain are the best choice for him. Now that he refreshes again, there is only one Clear Spirit Grass missing. This is not a 50% chance.

But it must be able to open the Opening Immortal Orifice.

“Calm down!”

Lu Chen chanted silently and chuckled:

“Clear Spirit Grass is just Clear Spirit Grass, but I want to add you The oiran of the Scarlet Chamber Garden.”

“No way!”

Compared with a book of [Azure Vine Technique], Clear Spirit Grass is undoubtedly more valuable, it was just a joke before, Jiang No wonder Hong’e is willing.

“Okay, then… add your Qinghe.”

“hehe ~”

“You wishful thinking!”

The little girl laughed while shaking her shoulders, Jiang Hong’e glared at Lu Chen, and Small Fox in her arms stared at the play.

Lu Chen shyly laughed and asked:

“What is your cultivation base?”

“Qi Refinement ninth layer!”

Jiang Hong’e hesitated, but did not hide it after all.


Lu Chen was a little surprised, Qi Refinement Realm is only ninth layer, First Layer is more difficult than First Layer, his Master has worked hard for half his life to reach the third layer of Qi Refinement , This Jiang Hong’e deserves to be the head of the Scarlet Chamber Garden, but he is already Qi Refinement Peak at such a young age.

Go one step further.

That is the rumored 【Method Release Immortal Master】.

One Qi Refinement, two Method Release.

This is the only two realm that Lu Chen knows. When it comes to the Method Release, there will be mana, then flying through the Skies or escaping through the ground, moving mountains and suppressing seas, and even establishing the sect, are all nothing difficult, and they are truly a big boss.

Lu Chen thought about it for a moment, opened the mouth and said:

“You have to do me a favor.”

“What’s your favor?”

“Help me…kill someone!”


The two sides make a deal.

Qinghe went to the screen to get a wooden box and handed it to Lu Chen. Lu Chen was not in a hurry to leave. She asked Qinghe to arrange a room for him on the third floor and walked in alone. .

Eighty tael of silver.

Forty spiritsand.

After setting things up, Lu Chen opened the wooden box again, and saw a half-withered grass, lying quietly in the wooden box, shaped like bluegrass, with neat roots and leaves, and could faintly smell a Share herb fragrance, it is First Rank spiritual medicine Clear Spirit Grass.

“Upgrade again!”

Lu Chen grinned and stretched out a light curtain:


【 Ageless Eternal Spring Art Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Practice for three days (3/3 has been achieved!)

[2]: Three dead souls (3/3 has been achieved!) )

[3]: Ten spiritsand (10/10 achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation technique]: Ageless Eternal Spring Art (upgradeable) +



Ten spirits and disappears, but the upgrade of Eternal Spring Art is far less intense than the last time, and it has reached [Proficient] calmly. There is not much obvious improvement in the body, and the vigor has only increased slightly. UU reading


The effect is still very good.

First of all, he is more proficient in the cultivation of the immortal Eternal Spring Art, and secondly, the mouth of [Pure Yang Breath], which is only half of the original, has been fully replenished, and it is obvious that he has accumulated nine pure Yang Breath. progress accelerated.

Much faster than before.

In this case, the time to make [Pure Yang Body] will be greatly shortened.

In addition, in the next few days, his appetite will increase, and his vigor will also be greatly improved. It is not known how much he can improve.

“Very good!”

Lu Chen is quite satisfied, although it doesn’t have the rough feeling that was instantly improved before, the effect is prolonged.


[Eternal Spring Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Five days of practice (0/5 not reached!)

[2]: Five souls (0/5 failed!)

[3]: Twenty spirits (0/20 failed!)



[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice for three days (achieved !)

[2]: Three spiritsand (achieved!)

[3]: One Clear Spirit Grass (achieved!)

. …..

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation technique]: Qi Refinement Art is not beginner (upgradeable!)+

.. ….

“Finally… Finally, Qi Refinement is available!”

Lu Chen was slightly excited, gently put out a breath, calmed down and stretched out his hand:



“shua ~”

Three spiritsand disappeared out of thin air, one Clear Spirit Grass shattered into powder, Lu Chen was in a trance, Consciousness sinks into an inexplicable place.

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