My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 110

Lu Chen laughed dumbly and said:

“The left hand of the ghost, Wu Andi, hehe, is really fate.”

“You Is it?”

“Fengxian Town, I fought side by side with Fang Yuqi that day, you Junior Brother Giant Spirit God Tu Shan is still working in the Guard Soldier camp, and now you are leading hundreds of soldiers. , is more prolific than your boss.”

“My Master…”

“I’m already dead!”

“Then It’s good.”

With two greetings, Wu’andi heard the news of Daoist Wu’s death, as if sighed in relief, and Gusan in the distance also surrounded Lu Chen with his subordinates, Wu’andi looked around Lu Chen, Di Gu said:

“Just yourself?”

Lu Chen faint smile, nodded:


Wu Andi is eager to have a try, behind the giant sword raised high:



….. .

“Aiya, stop fighting! Stop fighting!”

“It hurts~”

“Forgive your life, ah, spare your life!”

A moment later, Lu Chen was wearing Yanyang armor and pressed the Wu’an enemy to the ground and rubbed the Wu’an enemy. The Wu’an enemy was beaten with a bloody nose and swollen face, screaming and screaming. The ancient three who were watching originally wanted to take advantage of the chaos. Chen Qiao’er took it away, and when she saw this ghostly appearance, she was so frightened that she fled away in a puff of smoke, and did not dare to turn her head back.


“Good fight!”

Chen Qiaoer cheering excitedly, beaming.

Until the enemy of Wu’an was dying, Lu Chen finally stopped, looking at the enemy of Wu’an who was paralyzed on the ground, Lu Chen bewitched:

“Why don’t you let your mountain wither down to help? ?”

“Don’t think about it!”

Wu Andi raised his eyelids, like a dead dog.

Lu Chen complexion sank, said ruthlessly: “I’ll give you one more chance, the last chance, if I don’t let the mountain fall down, I’ll chop you up and feed the tiger.”

“รกo hว’u~~”

Hu Niu took the opportunity to step forward, her mouth slightly opened, and bursts of tiger roars came out.

Wu Andi’s body trembled, his eyes closed, but he stopped making a sound, and let Lu Chen deal with him, because he knew in his heart that as long as the mountain fell, he would have no way to survive.

An enemy.

A mountain withered.

Lu Chen naturally doesn’t care about the life and death of Wu’an enemy, but he is very concerned about this mountain. It can be said that this mountain can grow so big. It can be said that it is very rare. How the enemy got it, if it can be subdued, it will be the best.

If he wants to capture the mountain alive.

With his cultivation base.

It is not difficult.

The real difficulty is how to make the enemy of Wu’an surrender. The other party holds the order of the beast-controlling of the mountain. Once he is determined to die, the order of the beast-controlling of the mountain can be disintegrated with a single thought. If the order involves the soul, once it is destroyed, it will not cause the mountain to die immediately, but it will also have a great impact.

How exactly, Lu Chen is not quite clear.

After thinking about it, Lu Chen carefreely smiled:

“We don’t seem to have any grudges?”

“It seems so…”

Wu Andi opened his eyes again, the revenge of killing his master was not in his heart at all.

“Since that’s the case, how about using a mountain in exchange for your life?”


The enemy in Wu An thought for a while and staggered. He stood up, chose to compromise, and exchanged animal life for human life. It was not a loss. If he wanted to blame, he only blamed himself for being unlucky, how he met this evil star.

As long as you survive.

Humph, there will be opportunities for revenge in the future.


The mountain was withering and screaming, flapping its huge wings and slowly falling from the sky, the huge body is more than ten meters high, it is simply a huge monster , it hung its big head and wanted to show closeness to Wu Andi, but was slapped away by Wu Andi with a dark face. Lu Chen said to Chen Qiaoer who was stunned beside him:

“You leave with him. , come back with the Imperial Beast Order.”


Chen Qiaoer nodded, hesitant to say anything.

“Don’t worry, he won’t dare to touch you!”


Hearing Lu Chen’s comfort, Chen Qiaoer mustered up her courage, trembling with Fear followed Wu An Di away, and soon returned with a brown imperial beast order.

“Immortal Master, I got it~”


Chen Qiaoer came running happily, Zuoshan withered eyes, suddenly attacked, bowed his head He pecked at Chen Qiaoer, trying to steal the Imperial Beast Order.


Lu Chen coldly snorted, swept to Chen Qiaoerโ€™s side in an instant, and punched Zuo Shantiโ€™s head.


“hu hu~~”

The mountain staggered, flapping its wings in a hurry to fly away, just flew into the air, As soon as Lu Chen stretched out his hand, Second Rank’s dust whisk appeared in his hand, and he flicked it gently, only to see the dust tail stretched out, wrapping the mountain all over his body and pulling it gently.


The huge mountain fell, no matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t break free.

Lu Chen ignored the other party, took the Beast Repelling Order from Chen Qiaoer, and started refining, the time it takes half an incense stick to burn before finishing the refining, take a breath, and the Beast Repelling Order will become smaller , fly into the mouth.

“shua ~”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand, the dust tail retracted, and the mountain was freed again. Eyes closed.

“Rumored! Ruthless!!”

There was a mournful scream in his mouth, as if he did not recognize Lu Chen as the new owner.

“Open your eyes!”

“Take off!”

“Take off!!!”

“…… โ€

Let Lu Chen command him, Zuoshan just closed his eyes and made a scream.


Lu Chen was helpless, he could only develop his feelings slowly in the future, and he didn’t know when he would be able to ride it. He took out the White Bone Mountain Village, stretched out his hand and waved, The huge mountain is still standing in place.

“Don’t resist!”


“Tell you not to resist!”



Lu Chen couldn’t, so he jumped up and smashed the mountain with a fist, only to get it into the Secret Realm, and then rode on Hu Niu and took Chen Qiaoer all the way to run, out of a dozen or so more li then slowly stopped.

Bidi Pavilion

Chen Qiaoer was lying on Hu Niu’s back, wondering:

“Immortal Master, what are we doing here?”


Lu Chen complied, pinching his sword fingers.


Peach Wood Sword swept away, and instantly swelled up to about 100%. The sword cut off a giant tree in front of it, the giant tree fell down, and Wu An who was hiding in it. The enemy jumped out and fled forward in horror.


Lu Chen grinned, squeezed the sword art in his hand, the Peach Wood Sword shrank to a small size, flew quickly, and came behind the Wu’an enemy in the blink of an eye.


“You don’t keep your word, you are so cruel!”


I was hurt The heavy Wu’andi barely supported a few moves, only to see the sword light flickering slightly, he was hanged by a sword from Peach Wood Sword, the dough softened like a ghost hand, the giant sword fell to the ground with a “dang bang”, and the headless body fell with a “peng” in the grass.

Chen Qiaoer’s eyes lit up and excitedly said:

“Sir Immortal Master, how do you know the Boss is hiding here?”

“hmph, what is the means of Immortal Master? It’s a little girl and understandable.”

Lu Chen glanced at the other party with a profound mystery on his face.


Chen Qiao’er stuck out her sweet tongue and grunted:

“Bad uncle, clearly said to spare someone’s life.”


Lu Chen rolled the eyes, no matter whether it is old grudges or new hatreds, there is no reason to let the enemy of Wuโ€™an live, he has the image of the universe Law, before fighting with the opponent, it is easy to absorb breath, even if the opponent escapes for a whole day, it is difficult to get rid of his pursuit.

Lu Chen took back the Peach Wood Sword and Hu Niu stepped forward.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Giant Tooth Sword


” Giant tooth sword?”

Lu Chen jumped off the tiger’s back and picked up the giant sword. The giant tooth sword was nearly two meters long. I could find time to deal with it, put away the giant tooth sword, and found a storage bag on the corpse. I didn’t look at it much, and waved a ball of pill fire and released it, igniting the corpse.

There is Chen Qiaoer who is facing Hu Niu’s back warned repeatedly:

“I still have something to do, I will send you to a place first, don’t resist.”


Chen Qiaoer nodded, Lu Chen waved and led the tiger into the White Bone Mountain Village, and then took Meng Yao, flying all the way to the Qinqing Zong outside the several hundred li.


Qianqingzong is located in the middle of the Qingcang mountain range, facing the [Hundred Flowers Palace], which has been extinguish sect, and one is located on the top of Purple Jade Mountain. , One is at the top of Saintess Peak. It is said that Lizong Ancestor Master of Baihua Palace is an Elder of Qingqingzong. It is because of this that the relationship between the two sects is extraordinary and has been supporting each other for hundreds of years.

The extinguish sect of Baihua Palace has a great influence on Qianqingzong, and the Cuixueping halfway up the mountain to welcome guests has been closed.

hours to noon.

Lu Chen came all the way with his sword and landed at the foot of the mountain. Meng Yao looked up at the majestic mountain gate, his mouth opened into an “o” shape:

“big Brother, it’s so tall.”

“This is called Shanmen, the face of a sect.”


Meng Yao seems to understand but does not understand, Lu Chen stepped forward quickly, and soon came to the door of Bai Yushan, and saw two female disciples on duty under the mountain gate. These two people were all dressed in white shirts, with long hair and brocade belts around their waists. They looked quite handsome. Skilled.

“I have met two Fairys.”

“Fellow Daoist is polite, what does it mean to come to my love sect?”

“Xiao Daoist Lu Chen, your sect Disciple Jiang Hong’e of Yu Linglong Elder, gave Xiaodao a letter, and Fairy Qing helped to pass it on, Xiaodao wanted to hand over the letter to Yu Elder.”

Jiang Hong’e is a The orphan girl was brought up by her Master Fairy Maiden Ling Long. It can be said that she is like a teacher and a mother. Lu Chen not only wanted to send letters, but also sent a Second Rank seal ball on his behalf to express his feelings.

“Do you have a certificate?”


Lu Chen took out Jiang Hong’e’s Disciple token and gave it to the two of them. The two checked it out and looked at each other, one of them took out a hidden sword, Spiritual Qi urged, and with a whistle, the hidden sword flew up to the top of Purple Jade Mountain.


A silhouette falls from the top of the mountain, a step a lotus, every step of the way.

Meng Yao on her shoulders was dumbfounded, muttered:

“big brother, this elder sister is so beautiful~”

This person is wearing tight and luxurious clothes Purple robe, bare jade foot, full head fine black hair braided into a butterfly style, really is more charming than flowers, coquettish, the most exaggerated is the figure, like an inverted purple bottle gourd, called Top Grade in the world.

[Name]: Yu Linglong

[Information]: Second Realm Method Release Immortal Master


Seeing the other party, Lu Chen hurriedly bowed his head and gave a respectful salute:

“Junior Lu Chen, I’ve seen senior!”


Yu Linglong lightly snorted, as if Phoenix was screaming, which made people feel itchy, even the two female disciples on the side were stunned and forgot to pay respect for a while.

Yu Linglong looked at Lu Chen and asked:

“I’m a disciple of Hong’e, how are you now?”

“Okay, everything is fine.”

“Bring the letter.”


Lu Chen took out the letter and handed it respectfully. Yu Linglong took it and opened the letter. The seal ball rolled out, Yu Linglong took a few glances, put it away carefully, and looked at the letter carefully.

When Jiang Hong’e wrote the letter, Lu Chen was by his side, and the content of it was naturally known for a long time.

Yu Linglong read the letter, looked at Lu Chen again, and asked:

โ€œAre you Hongโ€™e Dao Companion?โ€

Lu Chen heart slightly startled , didn’t mention it in the letter, didn’t expect the other party to guess his identity, but he didn’t panic, replied:


“Hong’e’s innate talent Changed?”


Lu Chen brace oneself nod.

“What innate talent?”

“Inconvenient to disclose.”


Yu Linglong lightly snorted, waving A transparent circular barrier was formed between them, separating the two from the outside world. She explained, “This is the silent Dharma Realm. You can rest assured that the sound cannot be transmitted to the outside world.”

“Okay. .”

Lu Chen nods, the other party and Jian Hong’e are probably more closely related than him, there is no reason to hide: “Hongluan!”

“What about the specific effect?”

Seeing Lu Chen’s hesitant expression, he urged:


Lu Chen could only be oneself. Dao:

“It is related to…and Dual Cultivation.”


No response from the other party, Lu Chen Carefully looked up and saw that Yu Linglong was stepping on the void and was in a trance, as if something was difficult to decide. After a while, she came back to his senses. She turned over and took out a storage bag, waving her hand, and the mana became silk. Wrap the bag over and over again.

Then threw it to Lu Chen, warned repeatedly:

“There is something I gave to Hong’e. You are not allowed to take it apart. You have to hand it to Hong’e.”



Yu Linglong was still worried, and warned: “If you take it apart, I will know immediately, don’t blame me for punishing you.”


Yu Linglong was still worried. p>


Seeing Lu Chen’s serious expression, Yu Linglong was relieved.

The two talked for a few more words, and there was nothing left to say. Yu Linglong waved his hand to cancel the mute Dharma Realm, and waved his jade hand: “You go, remember to tell Hong’e that you must cultivate with all your heart, Don’t be greedy for a moment of happiness and not advance to the cultivation base, otherwise, you will be doomed to have red hair and white hair, and everything will come to nothing! Remember! Remember!!!”

How clever is Lu Chen, as soon as he hears it, he knows that this is an exhortation Jiang Hong’e, even beating around the bush to warn him Lu Chen.

“Junior Remember!”

“en! “

Yu Linglong turned around, lifted jade foot slightly, UU read www.uukanshu.coma step a lotus, turned back to Purple Jade Mountain, just walked into Cave Mansion, pretty face changed slightly, stretched out his hand and broke it A glass cup, angrily said:

“This shameless brat~~”


“This is…… .”

Lu Chen was far away from the mountain gate of Qingqingzong. Immediately used Spiritual Qi to untie the mana thread on the storage bag, and saw that there were two things in it, a small piece of red thread, and a A small thing made of Spirit Stone.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: Second Rank Cut Silk (Remnant)

.. ….

Lu Chen didn’t know why, so he took out what was carved out of Spirit Stone, and it looked like a small piece of jade stone.

[Name]: item

[Information]: Second Rank jade slip


โ€œjade slip? “

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and tried to stick the jade slip on his forehead, but found that it couldn’t be used, because the jade slip was banned and needed special means to untie it.

“Forget it! “

Lu Chen didn’t bother anymore, he put the things into the seal ball, and flew all the way with his sword, Meng Yao dragged a strand of his hair, swaying in the breeze, and asked:

Lu Chen p>

โ€œbig brother, where are we going? “

“South. “

“How far is it? “

“It’s still a few hundred miles away. Before the big brother refined a piece of Imperial Beast Token, a Spirit Beast has already recognized the Master. Let’s go over and see what Spirit Beast is.” “


Meng Yao nodded her head and said again:

“big brother, I’m going to find Niuniu~”

โ€œGood! “

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and Meng Yao entered the White Bone Mountain Village. As soon as he entered Secret Realm, he called out:

“big brother big brother, something happened to Niuniu~”

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