My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 112

I fell in love with, left Daoist Priest student, my spell is infinitely upgraded

Everyone has their own aspirations, and he canโ€™t say anything, but Jiang Lanโ€™s pursuit is afraid of going astray , I really want to covet these, cultivation a serious Dual Cultivation method is the right way, no matter how bad, go to cultivation a Body Refinement Art door.

After working hard on the body, the effect will not be too bad.

It’s really like Lu Chen’s two ways to cultivate together, even if you listen to songs every night, there’s nothing wrong with it, just imagine on the Toad Island, which day is not the killing of the old prostitute Jiang crying and screaming.

Lu Chen pondered then said:

โ€œYou asked me for help, but you also need to do me a favor?โ€

โ€œFellow Daoist and say.โ€

“There is a Spirit Beast in this haunted nest. My goal is this Spirit Beast. After you capture the ghost ghost, you need to lend me these two speeding ghosts.”


The two agreed, and Jiang Lan began to seduce the ghost. He spread out two pieces of white paper, took out the pen and ink, and began to paint. The wisps of beauty pictures appeared on the paper, and he summoned the two fast-moving ghosts, removed the yellow paper attached to their faces, and replaced them with two pictures of beauty.


Then, with a wave of his hand, they both jumped into the haunted nest together.

“This can lead to it?”


Jiang Lan nodded, proudly said: “How many times has this Jiang fought with the ghost ghost? This guy’s temperament is the clearest, but he has been in Xu Family Village several times before, and this Jiang always asked the villagers to treat him with a sow, and two pictures of beautiful women are enough to draw him out.”


Seeing that Lu Chen didn’t speak, Jiang Lan was warned repeatedly:

“The monster will come out in a while, and please ask Fellow Daoist to help this Jiang hold back for a while. , wait for this Jiang to activate the [Ghost Wrapping Spell], and he will be able to defeat the enemy with one move.”


After waiting for Lu Chen’s nod, he was relieved, and he put the belt on his body. Untangle, cut palm, drip blood on belt, mutter incantations in mouth.

โ€œwu wu wu~~โ€

Soon, a cloudy wind began to blow over the ghost’s nest, and the two fast-walking ghosts quickly escaped from the ghost’s nest, one left and one right, and fell. On Jiang Lan’s side, he raised Jiang Lan’s arm and fell on the sedan chair in the distance. Jiang Lan sat cross-legged on the sedan chair, solemnly cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“Just please Fellow. Daoist.”

“Don’t worry!”

Lu Chenp nodded, and Peach Wood Sword appeared in the palm of his hand.

When I turned around, I saw a short silhouette crawling out of the ghost’s nest, five short stature, with a clown-like face, flushed skin, like a monkey’s butt, but the most conspicuous thing was the other side’s body, hanging down. It swayed back and forth with a huge black object, half the length of a leg.

[Name]: Ghosts

[Information]: Second Rank Ghosts


“You What a dog!”

“wu wu ~”

Lu Chen cursed, turned around and saw two ghosts tearing off the beautiful pictures on their faces, raised the sedan chair and quickly went to Xu Family Village ran to him, and the Second Rank’s spooky ghost rushed towards him directly.

“Five ghosts chasing the heavens!”

“wu wu wu ~”

The yin wind whistled, and the monsters swept in quickly, rampaging.

โ€œรกo hว’u ~โ€

Hu Niu roared, and a mouthful of black tiger evil spewed out.

Seeing that he was about to be caught by the opponent, Lu Chen finally finished casting the spell. Five ghosts appeared around him.

The ghost staggers.

He turned his head and looked around, but couldn’t find Lu Chen’s silhouette, so he gave a ghost whistle and chased after Jiang Lan’s sedan chair.


“Almost got trapped.”

The scorpion left, and the tiger fluttered its wings and flew out of the ghost’s nest, and after landing , Lu Chen sneered, chased towards Xu Family Village.

Not long after the sun went down, many people were still lighting oil lamps, Hu Niu settled down silently, ran quickly in the small village, searched, and came to the two vermillion gates.

It is Jiang Lan’s home.

Lu Chen put Hu Niu in the White Bone Mountain Village, jumped up the high wall, and saw Jiang Lan was drinking in the spacious yard, and in the dark room, there was a high-pitched voice. howling.



Lu Chen floated down from the wall, Jiang Lan, who was drinking, froze suddenly, saying with a smile:

“Dao…Fellow Daoist is here.”


Lu Chen nodded, looking at the dark room, asked Dao:

“The scorpion is inside?”


Jiang Lan put down the wine glass, Lu Chen frowned:

“Your mother-in-law is also inside?”

“Yes, all five are in!”


Jiang Lan nodded bowed , with a smile on his face, he didn’t dare to make too much movement, his intuition told him that as soon as there was a change, he would die immediately.

“Can people hold it up?”

“It’s measured, gentle, and understands the truth of long-running water.”

Jiang Lan smiled bitterly and sighed. :

“What this Jiang said before is true. If Fellow Daoist came two months earlier, this Jiang would definitely join forces with Fellow Daoist. Alas, I used a sow to fool each other before, but I didn’t want to be self-defeating. The other party helped. Just over a month ago, the other party actually promoted Grade. Since then, it seems that he has become aware that using sows will not work, and even the village girls have begun to dislike it. This is not… I fell in love with my five ladies .”


What a big hat, Lu Chen has seen it, said with displeasure:

“You just Looking at it like this?”

“What else can I do…”

Jiang Lan’s face was full of bitterness, she wiped away the bitter tears on her face, and explained: “I invited five like-minded friends before. I wanted to be ashamed. Who would have guessed that the six people combined are not its opponents. All five people died at its hands. I survived by luck.”


Lu Chen was speechless and asked:

“Tell me about the ability of this monster?”


Jiang Lan did not dare to refute, and said eloquently: “This monster’s body is extremely powerful, when it is hard, it is as strong as gold and iron, and when it is soft, it is like water, and it can transform between reality and reality. , you can also turn into a ghost fog, and if you throw a pounce on a person, that person will become a human skin, which is extremely terrifying.”


“No more. !”


Lu Chen nodded, turned to look at Jiang Lan, and looked indifferently, “So useless, what’s the point of living?”


Jiang Lan’s eyes widened, and she reached out to touch the storage bag around her waist, but Lu Chen’s big hand was already on top of his head , how could the other party resist, he twisted gently:


Jiang Lan’s head was tilted, and she was lying on the table in front of her, unable to rest her eyes.

Lu Chen tore off the other party’s storage bag and quietly came out of the door. Spiritual Qi injected his eyes into his eyes and secretly broke the window paper. A magical scene unfolded in front of him.

ย โ€ฆ

Time passes slowly, and the sound in the room rises and falls.

It went on all night.

It wasn’t until the sky was about to dawn that the sound in the room finally stopped, and the ghost was finally enjoying himself. His body turned into a black shadow and passed through the door, dragging his tired body to the outside of the village. He will come soon. Arriving at the ghost’s nest, just as he was about to jump into the ghost’s nest, a soft moan sounded from behind.

“Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demons!”

The ghost turned his head suddenly, and saw a scarlet blade glow swept over.


The voice is still echoing, the ghost ghost has not yet reacted, it has exploded into a black mist, Lu Chen strode forward, the scarlet hilt behind him slowly Hidden away, you will see the place where the ghost ghost died, a black crystal lying quietly on the ground.

“What is this?”

Lu Chen frowned and picked up the thing.

[Name]: item

[Information]: Second Rank Ghost Crystal


“Ghost Crystal? โ€

Lu Chen took it in his hand and looked at it carefully. This ghost crystal is the size of the belly of a thumb, black and shiny, and has a total of eight facets, which looks quite delicate.

I couldn’t figure out the purpose of the ghost crystal for a while, so Lu Chen simply put it away.

He took out Jiang Lan’s storage bag, Spiritual Qi urged him, stretched out his hand and waved lightly, and with a sound of “Shua”, a large number of items fell on the ground, including the small sedan chair that Jiang Lan was riding before.

Tossing useless things into the haunted nest.

After some picking, there are only a few items left, a black wine jar, a pale-gold rope, and a small pile of bottles and jars.

“Aphrodisiac Pill!”

“Blood Replenishment Pill!”

“Divine Dragon Pill!”

“Blood Replenishment Pill!”

“Lao Nu Wan!”


Lu Chen pulled the bottles and jars and found that they were all aphrodisiac Medicine pill, his face darkened, he threw them all into the haunted nest, these things had no use in his hands.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Immortal Binding Rope


โ€œ This is not bad.”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, put away the immortal-binding rope, and put the wine jar in front of him.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Ghost Altar


“Even It’s still a Magical Artifact.”

Lu Chen was a little surprised. He opened the mouth of the jar and saw three silhouettes emerge from it. After landing, they were motionless. There is a drooping tongue, disheveled hair, a long tongue ghost.

The three ghosts didn’t run away, let alone attack, they just guarded the ghost altar in front of Lu Chen.

Lu Chen understands.

These three ghosts were obviously controlled by the ghost altar. He sat down straight and began to refining. The time it takes half an incense stick to burn, and the refining was completed. The ghost altar with the big head turned into a small one, flew into the mouth, frowned, and spit it out again.

Stomach nausea.

This ghost altar is made of First Rank dirty soil and has a pungent smell.

There is a set of First Rank [Servant Ghost] rune engraved in it, and you only need to seal the ghost in it for one day and one night, you can be controlled by the ghost altar, whoever refining the ghost altar can drive the ghost in it.


โ€œCome in!โ€

Lu Chen patted the ghost altar, and the long-tongue ghost immediately got in, and he drove the remaining two The speeding ghost explored the ghost’s nest. After several repetitions, it felt that there was no danger before jumping into the ghost’s nest, and the Peach Wood Sword sank all the way.

โ€œwu wu wu ~~โ€

โ€œhu hu ~โ€

The wind whistled in my ears, and it was pitch black all around.

Lu Chen sank a thousand meters, and felt that Spiritual Qi was no longer around him. For some reason, he felt dizzy for no reason, and then sank a thousand meters. Chill on the back of the neck.

Lu Chen paused to rest for a while, released Meng Yao from the White Bone Mountain Village, and asked:

“Does something feel wrong?”

“No big brother.”

Meng Yao looked around and shook her head lightly at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen relaxed, feeling that the environment here was too dull and depressing, so he forced himself to sink for a thousand meters, and when he got here, his ears were ringing, and his spirit was incapacitated. Concentration, and occasionally hallucinations, the whole person is flustered and panicked.

“Let’s go here.”

Lu Chen didn’t dare to go any further and stopped, afraid that he would go mad if he went on like this, and only then did he sink in all. After thousands of zhang, there are still more than two thousand meters away from the bottom. It seems that it is not easy to explore the ghost nest.

He took out the beast imperial order, Spiritual Qi urged it gently.


The imperial beast command began to vibrate, and a circle of slight ripples spread downward.


I don’t know how long it took, a drum-like roar sounded from below, and soon, a huge silhouette floated up from below. The lion is as black as ink, and the mane extends from the top of the head for most of the body. The body is extremely exaggerated, at least twice the size of the tiger girl.

Looks very majestic.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Ghost Lion


Four Eyes Relatively speaking, they were all silent, forming a strange atmosphere. Lu Chen tried to step forward. Seeing that the other party did not resist, he felt a little relieved. Then he raised his right hand and stretched forward, and lightly touched the mane of the ghost lion. .

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Lu Chen grinned and asked:

โ€œWill you come with me?โ€

“wu~ ”

The ghost lion whimpered, shook its big head, and Yin Qi on his body splashed all around like sticky ink, covering Lu Chen’s body.

Lu Chen wasn’t angry either, and took out the ghost altar.

Gently clapped, the long-tongued ghost emerged from the mouth of the altar, the ghost lion’s eyes brightened slightly, and when it opened its mouth to suck, its huge mouth was like a vortex, and it swallowed the long-tongue ghost in one bite.

“wu~ ~”

The ghost lion whimpered again, stretched out its big head, lowered its head and rubbed against Lu Chen’s chest, expressing closeness, Lu Chen was just overjoyed, The ghost lion suddenly turned around and plunged deeper into the ghost’s nest, leaving him with a firm back.



Lu Chen was silent for a while, but still didn’t choose to use force, ghost lion He has heard of this kind of Spirit Beast. It is very rare, and it feeds on ghosts. In this ghost nest, it is like a fish back in water.

If you leave the ghost’s nest, you will grow slowly because you can’t get food.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Chen felt a little regretful in his heart, sighed, and flew upwards on his sword, Meng Yao on his shoulder looked thoughtful, and asked with a small cheek. :

“Big brother, won’t the big lion leave with us?”

“Yes, it’s still reluctant to let go of this comfort zone for the time being.”


Meng Yao seemed to understand, but asked again:

“Will you come again in the future?”

“Yes, when it is promoted to Second Rank, let’s talk again. Come on, UU Reading will not refuse when you want to come.”


Meng Yao nodded her head hard and said happily:


“Then when the time comes, Yaoyao must give it a nice name, cool.”

“Haha, good!”

Lu Chen laughed heartily, flew out of the ghost’s nest, didn’t stop, and flew back all the way with Yujian.

In the early morning sun, Xu Wancheng, the woodcutter who got up early, came to the two Zhu gates with a bottle gourd and found that the Zhu gates were not closed tightly, so he pushed the door and walked in, seeing Jiang Lan motionless on the table, So said with a smile:

“Immortal Master, why haven’t you woken up yet, yesterday the old man was fortunate enough to meet Black Tiger, the old man told you, that black tiger is amazing, it’s actually a Spirit Beast .. ….”

“wu wu wu ~~”

The woodcutter was talking each minding their own business when there was a sound of weeping in the room, and he lifted his foot up. Before he reached out and pushed open the door, he saw five women with big stomachs leaning on the bed and sobbing.



Waiting for Lu Chen to return to Qianmu City from the south, a distance from Qianmu There were still two days before the market opened, he did not rush to go, but rented a small courtyard in Qianmu City.

The small courtyard is close to the outer city wall, covering about one mu, and looks quite elegant.


Lu Chen released all the girls in the White Bone Mountain village to let them breathe. Everyone was excited. Even Chen Qiaoer was cheering excitedly. I have rarely seen a place as prosperous as Qianmu City.

Meng Yao walked around Qianmu City with her daughters, while Lu Chen didn’t go out the door.

One-hearted cultivation.

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