My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 113

In the blink of an eye, two days passed.

On this day, Lu Chen was concentrating on making seal balls in the yard. When he turned his head, he saw the girls returning. Four of them looked at each other and knelt down in front of Lu Chen with their heads on the ground. :

“Please have mercy on the village owner!”

Lu Chen put away the sealed ball and said indifferently:

“What’s the matter?”

“Slave… slave and maid want to stay in Qianmu City.”

Blossoming flowers and charming eyes, red dust three thousand intoxicating sleep, all four of them are beautiful, want to live in the prosperous Qianmu City It is not difficult to settle down. Lu Chen had expected this. The reason why he stayed in Thousand Eyes City was not a test for everyone, so he was not angry. He turned his head to look at Du Third Young Lady and Ah Zhu. Abby Chen Qiaoer asked:

“What about you?”

Du Third Young Lady looked resentful and saluted:

“your servant follows The owner’s.”

“Our sisters are the same.”

Du Third Young Lady is ambitious, while Aju Abi, the twin, regards themselves as White Bone The half-owner of Mountain Village has been thinking of renewing the “leading edge” with Lu Chen. Chen Qiaoer was wearing a long green dress and looked youthful. She rolled her big eyes and said seriously:

” Qiaoer wants to cultivate with Immortal Master.”


Lu Chen’s expression softened slightly, and he said to the four women kneeling:

“Let’s get up, after all, I won’t embarrass you.”

“Thank you, Zhuangzhu!”

The four daughters stood up nervously, and Lu Chen no longer had any more. Said that he gave the other party some silver taels of jewelry, and asked the Third Young Lady Du to send them away.

So far.

White Bone Mountain Villa is downsizing again. There are only five people left in Lu Chen himself. Five people are not enough to take care of Nuoda’s villa. Lu Chen wanted to add some more staff and thought about it. Still give up.

It may not be trustworthy in the first place.

Secondly, it is not easy to manage.

He plans to help a few girls get enlightened after a while, and then pass on the cultivation method. When he returns to Fengxian Town, he will let Jiang Hong’e make more paper figurines and let them control them without asking them No matter how high the cultivation base is, one person can control more than a dozen paper figurines.

Now Jiang Hong’e cultivation origami has been a long time, and it can be considered a small achievement.

Sufficient material.

It is not troublesome to fold more paper figurines. Although the battle strength is not enough, it is still competent to take care of the garden every day.

My thoughts turned, Lu Chen waved his hand to release the White Bone Mountain Village, instructed:

“You guys go in, I’m going to Fangshi, and I’ll release it when I get back to Fengxian Town. Come out.”

Azhu was a little reluctant, and said coquettishly:

“Can you let us stay for two more days, and then bring us back together when the villa owner returns.”

“No way!”

Lu Chen directly vetoed. The four daughters left before, which may reveal his whereabouts. This Qianmu City is quite close to Qianmufang City, and there are cultivators. It’s hard to guarantee that no one will have a vicious mind. Lu Chen has always been cautious and will never give anyone a hand.

“Okay, okay.”

Azhu just said something casually. Seeing that Lu Chen didn’t allow it, she went in with Du Third Young Lady and the others with large and small bags. Villa.

Lu Chen will not delay.

I took out the pass and got a sense of it, and sat on Hu Niu’s back.

β€œhu~ ~”

β€œhu~ ~”

Hu Niu spread its wings and flew into the air, all the way to Fang City.


The next morning.

Lu Chen re-entered Qianmufang City, and saw the cultivator crowded in Fang City, the store doors were wide open, and there were many loose cultivators flying from the loose cultivator Cave Mansion on the mountain, or Bring servants, or three or five friends.

Laughing and talking all the way.

It’s a great journey all the way.

Meng Yao stood on Lu Chen’s shoulders, turning her little head around, and said happily:

“big brother, it’s so lively~”

” en!”

Lu Chen nodded with a smile and walked through the crowd with Meng Yao.

He came to the market for two purposes, one is to dispose of the items he doesn’t need on his body, and the other is to buy the spiritual object that increases the spirit root and the spiritual coffin with the cultivation Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Tomb]. .

apart from this.

It is to help Du Third Young Lady and Aju Abi, who have no spirit root, buy the [Spirit Opening Pill], of course, if there are other good things that you like, you will not miss it.

Wandering around for a while, Lu Chen came to the familiar [Sifang Pavilion].

As soon as I entered the door, I saw a tall, beautiful azure clothed woman greeted me with a smile, revealing her neat eight teeth:

“Immortal Master Wanfu~ “


Lu Chen nodded, and without waiting for the other party to ask, he said:

“I’ll sell something.”


azure clothed woman understood, she slenderly said, “Immortal Master and follow the little girl to the second floor.” She twisted her waist and swayed to lead the way.

The two entered a delicate room. The woman pulled the hanging rope in the corner. After a while, an old man with crutches pushed the door and entered. A pulped sheep’s head wooden staff, with a crystal piece hanging from the left eye, said to Lu Chen with a smile:

β€œold man Han Yuchun, second-class enshrined in Sifang Pavilion, has seen little friends .”

“Lu Yuan, Old Han, please take a seat.”

azure clothed woman stood by the side, Han Yuchun sat opposite Lu Chen, put away her smile, and helped her down. , said solemnly:

“You can take out the items.”


Lu Chen nods and removes the items one by one. Put it on the table.

talisman, First Rank Magical Artifact, useless materials, and some odds and ends, Han Yuchun didn’t dislike it either. He picked them up one by one and carefully identified them. Every time he identified one, he opened his mouth.

β€œFirst Rank Divine Rune Talisman, ten spiritsand.”

β€œFirst Rank Earthquake Hammer, two hundred and ten spiritsand.”

β€œFirst Rank Rank…”

Inspecting everything, Han Yuchun stroked his beard and said, “Little friend has an extraordinary shot, a total of 1,110. Forty-three spiritsand, are you still satisfied?”


Lu Chen didn’t care about the bits and pieces, and took out a black crystal:

“Old Han, look at this.”

“This is…”

Han Yuchun looked shocked, and quickly took the crystal, after some identification , said: “Second Rank ghost crystal, this item is relatively rare, and the specific price has not yet been determined. It can be sent to the Quartet auction room on the third floor tonight. Would you like it?”

“What’s the use? “

“Ghost crystals are relatively rare, they can absorb negative emotions, and are useful in cultivator cultivation. Furthermore, they are required for refining some special Magical Artifacts. In addition, cultivators with special cultivation techniques are also in demand. Of course, maybe There are other functions as well.”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful, shook his head and said:

“Forget about sending photos, you Sifang Pavilion can use it What price to buy?”

Han Yuchun thought about it and replied:

“Up to fifteen Spirit Stones!”

“Forget it.”


Lu Chen shook his head. After the free appraisal, he took the ghost crystal back. Since it is useful for cultivation, it is also good to keep him on him. There is no need to easily sell it for a dozen Spirit Stones.

Han Yuchun’s mouth twitched, but she didn’t stop her.

Lu Chen put away the ghost crystal, took out a newly made sealing ball, and pushed it over:

β€œOld Han, look at this thing!”


Han Yuchun was intrigued. After some appraisal, he said with emotion: “Second Rank seal ball, this thing…this thing is unheard-of!”

Lu Chen grinned and asked:

“What is the value?”

“The value is undecided, refer to the storage space of the storage bag, the price of at least five Spirit Stones, tonight You can go to the Sifang Auction House on the third floor to send the auction.”

“It’s okay to send the auction.”

Lu Chen shook his head gently, seeing Han Yuchun’s eager expression, he opened the mouth and said: “I can sell you Sifang Pavilion for the price of six Spirit Stones.”

“Very good, very good!”

Han Yuchun relaxed, stroked her beard and smiled, and asked carefully:

“What is the origin of this seal ball?”

Lu Chen expression moved, replied:

“A Method Release Immortal from Fengxian Town Master.”

“Fengxian Town??”

Han Yuchun asked with question marks on her face:

“Where is this Fengxian Town?”

Lu Chen didn’t answer immediately, but leaned back in his chair to think, and after a while he said:

“Two thousand miles westward to Fengxian Town, in the former Fengpo City North, if Sifang Pavilion can open a sub-pavilion in Fengxian Town, Xiaodao can make the decision, and we will provide you Sifang Pavilion with five seal balls every month, all of which are the purchase price of six Spirit Stones.”


Han Yuchun sneered and said ashamedly:

“This old man can’t be the master.” There is a lot of involvement in it, as Han Yuchun, who is a second-class worshiper, naturally does not have that power.


Han Yuchun left, not long after, and then turned back, accompanied by Jia Yin, the steward of Sifang Pavilion, but the other party couldn’t do the same. Lord, I just said that I have responded to the Four Seasons Villa, and I can only reply when the Four Seasons Villa has the result.

There is nothing that Lu Chen can do about it.

Simply took out all the six sealed balls made in the past two days, plus the more than one thousand spirits and spirits and exchanged for a total of 37 Spirit Stones, which was a lot of money.

Lu Chen put away all the Spirit Stones and asked:

“Can Sifang Pavilion have spiritual objects for sale?”

Jia Yin is about forty years old, The body is medium, and the cultivation base is already the Method Release Immortal Master of the second realm. Seeing that Lu Chen has made a lot of money, but he can’t figure out the details, he will not show the style of the Method Release Immortal Master. Is he:

” Yes, there are, but all spiritual objects are put on the auction tonight, and the list has been reported to Qianmuzong, couldn’t be changed, if you really need it, why not show your skills at the auction.”

“That’s the only way to do it.”

Lu Chen took the wooden token handed over by the other party, exchanged a few words, and left the Sifang Pavilion.


In the rest of the time, Lu Chen began to wander around the entire market, which was an eye-opener. The Spirit Fruit, there is the Spirit Opening Pill that Du Third Young Lady and the others need, there are gifts for Jiang Hong’e three girls, three different styles of First Rank women’s robes.

apart from this.

Lu Chen also bought some spiritual rice and spiritual medicine seeds, intending to make use of the spiritual farm in the villa, all of which only cost more than 1,000 spiritsand, counting the previous value, Lu Chen still has thirty-seven Spirit Stones left.

It can be said to be rich.

Even in the Second Realm Method Release Immortal Master, I’m afraid it’s not at the bottom.

It was not until it was dark that Lu Chen took Meng Yao back to the Sifang Pavilion. Under the guidance of the maid, they boarded the auction venue on the third floor. Lu Chen came earlier, the auction has not yet started, and it was sparse. A dozen people were seated.

“Seat 23 Binggeng.”

Looking at the wooden token on hand, Lu Chen quickly found his seat.

The whole auction hall is like a big circular stage, except for a corridor with a red carpet, there are densely packed seats on all sides, enough to accommodate three hundred cultivators.

Soon, cultivators are coming.

The auction finally started at 3:00 a.m., and there were more than 100 people sitting in the entire venue, and at least more than half of the seats were vacant.

“Immortal Masters, Fairy, welcome to tonight’s auction. This auction is authorized by Qianmuzong and organized by Sifang Pavilion.”

“Please, the first auction Good quality!”

The person who hosted the auction was a woman in white clothed palace dress with a refined appearance, and the cultivation base was the Method Release Immortal Master of the Second Realm.

Especially the sound, it is particularly pleasant, like the sounds of nature.

Falling with the sound.

There is a woman with red makeup falling from the sky. This woman is wearing revealing clothes, holding a jade plate in her hand. The most peculiar thing is that the woman has a long snow-white tail hanging from her back.

Obviously , which is a Banshee.

Banshee put the jade plate on the raised column, and then pulled it down. The woman in the palace dress stepped forward, lifted the brocade with her delicate hands, and saw a white silk handkerchief placed in the jade plate. Sipa unfolded, and saw a poem written on it.

“Where can I find the soul of the dream today, it’s still like Feihua into the bridal chamber!”

The woman recited the verse and smiled cleverly:

“The first An auction item, the first card of Hualou… The first night of Huajie Fairy Speech.”

The voice fell, and there was an uproar in the auction house

“Hahaha, it turned out to be from Fairy Maiden Hua. The first night.”

“This Sifang Pavilion is always so unexpected, not bad! Not bad!”

“The price is not cheap, right?”

“Ai, it is still difficult to win a beautiful smile. Who makes the old man shy? This Fairy Maiden Hua’s top prize is probably hopeless. Fortunately, after tonight, it may not be impossible to kiss Fang Ze.”

“Amitabha ~”


Lu Chen was speechless for a while, this Hualou really knows how to do business, and even took the business to the auction of Sifang Pavilion Yes, what a talent.

“The starting price is 500 spiritsand, now the auction starts!”

“600 spiritsand!”

“800 spirits!”

“This Young Master produced one Spirit Stone!”


“The old man produced three Spirit Stones!”


After some fierce bidding, a skinny old man finally bought the silk handkerchief at the price of three Spirit Stones. For a moment, the atmosphere in the auction hall became quiet. There seems to be a murderous intention brewing.

The second auction item came up soon, the woman tore off the brocade, and a cross-legged corpse appeared.

Woman introduced:

“This is the remains of a senior, from an ancient tomb, which has not rotted or rotted for hundreds of years. It is suspected to be a daoist of the Three Realms Tongxuan before his death. Anyone who is interested Auction is available, and the starting price is ten Spirit Stones.”

The third item is a blue and white porcelain vase.

A foot high.

Quite elegant.

The woman’s soft voice was introduced: “I believe many people have heard the name of this thing, but haven’t seen it, this is a First Rank Secret Realm [Liu Li Hua Hai] that flows out of the Bai Hua Palace. , there are ten miles of space, magnificent, all flowers and plants can accelerate the growth, the starting price is three Spirit Stones, bid now!”

“I will give out four Spirit Stones!”


“Six Spirit Stones!”

Lu Chen’s heart moved, UU reading He has the “Hundred Flowers Technique” left by Hua Baixue, which is a cultivation technique for women’s cultivation. After cultivation, not only the appearance is outstanding, but the body will also emit a unique floral fragrance, which is an excellent choice for female cultivator.

Du Third Young Lady and Azhu Abi have no cultivation technique yet, so this Hundred Flowers Technique is perfect.

Think about it.

Lu Chen reached out and raised his wooden token, the first bid:

β€œTen Spirit Stones!”

β€œβ€¦ ”

The scene quieted down in an instant, and the cultivators shook their heads one after another, no more bidding, and soon a maid sent the Secret Realm. After Lu Chen paid for the Spirit Stone, he finally got the Secret Realm [Liu Li Hua Hai] .

Stroking the blue and white porcelain vase.

Lu Chen rejoiced in his heart, and with a thought, he took in the sealed ball. If it was a storage bag, he could only hold the Secret Realm in his arms. Having this sealed ball would be too convenient.

“The fourth auction item below, a loose cultivator Cave Mansion near the top of the mountain.”

“The fifth auction item, a Sealed Ball of Second Rank, this item Not only does it have various functions of the storage bag, it can also be used as an Imperial Beast Bag, and it is also a simplified Secret Realm…”

“Five Spirit Stones!”

“Seven Spirit Stones!”

“Old man gave ten Spirit Stones!”

Sifang Pavilion is very thief, just took out a sealed ball for auction, In the end, the price of thirteen Spirit Stones was sold at a high price. If you took out six at a time, it would definitely not reach such a price.

Lu Chen is not jealous.

After all, he is also making a steady profit.

“The tenth auction item, three spiritual objects are auctioned together, the attribute is not listed, the starting price is ten Spirit Stones, now bidding!”

“Come on!”


Lu Chen looked shocked and sat up straight.

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