My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 114

“Twelve Spirit Stones!”


“Eighteen Spirit Stones!”

Lu Chen shouted and directly raised the price of the three spiritual objects to 18 Spirit Stones. The whole auction room was silent for a moment, and many people turned their attention to Lu Chen. Don’t move, it took a while for someone to increase the price again.


“Twenty-one Spirit Stones!”

Lu Chen spoke again, and many cultivators began to whisper .

“Looking at the face…”

“Unlike the Method Release Immortal Master of the Second Realm, the shot is so generous, and the value is definitely not cheap, I don’t know what to do How many people are staring at.”

“The Point Guard Is Here”

“Forget it, the Poor Daoist will not fight.”

…. ..

Most bidders for spiritual objects are Qi Refiners, and only a few are Method Release Immortal Masters. At this price, ordinary Qi Refiners are beyond the reach of ordinary Qi Refiners. Method Release Immortal Masters are not used by themselves, nor Reluctant to continue raising the price.

“No one has increased the price, these three spiritual objects were obtained by Immortal Master Binggeng No. 23!”


Lu Chen relaxed, Soon, a maid walked over with a jade box in hand. There were a lot of people around, and he didn’t look at it much. After paying for the Spirit Stone, he took the seal ball directly. At this point, he finally felt relieved.

The auction continues.

“Bidding on the 11th item below, Second Rank Fairy Robe and Fairy Dress, starting price of thirty Spirit Stones!’

“Thirty… .”

Lu Chen smiled bitterly, he was still a little excited just now, hearing this immediately dismissed the idea, after two shots, there were only six Spirit Stones left on his body, and the spiritual coffin could not be obtained, which was already inconvenient. Bidding.

“The seventeenth auction item [Pill Dao Detailed Explanation], including [pill concocting method], and twelve Pill Recipes, including nine First Rank Pill Recipes and three Second Rank Pill Recipes Kind, the starting price is five Spirit Stones! “

A wooden box is placed on the column, and a thick book is placed in the box, which is exactly [Pill Dao’s detailed explanation].

People are hearing this.

There was a commotion.

Someone took the opportunity to ask: “I dare to ask Fairy, this Pill Dao detailed explanation can be accompanied by a cultivation technique that generates Dan fire? “

“No! “

Seeing the woman shaking her head, the cultivators were greatly disappointed.

“It turns out that there is no success, no wonder five Spirit Stones started shooting. “

“Yes, yes, there are methods without success, it’s a bit tasteless, and most of those who can stimulate the fire of pills have inheritance, and there is no shortage of this pill concocting method. It is estimated that there are only a few Pill Recipes. value. “

“Linglu Fairy, which Pill Recipe may reveal? “

“No! “

The woman shook her head and explained: “The person who sent the photo specially instructed, among them, Pill Recipe was not allowed to disclose it in advance, and those who were destined were content. “

“Hey, it’s probably some ordinary Pill Recipe.” “

“I think so too! “


Seeing everyone discuss spiritedly, no bidding, Lu Chen was a little moved, his [Original Breath] combined with [Dragon Tiger Pill] , it has long been able to give birth to a red fire, but unfortunately I have not practiced the Pill Refinement Technique, which is a meritorious deed. Now the [pill concocting method] is right in front of me. If I miss it, I am afraid that I will regret it. Can’t stop saying:

“Five Spirit Stones! “


Zhong Xiu looked at each other in blank dismay, but no one was willing to bid, and finally Lu Chen started the auction with five Spirit Stones After bidding for [Pill Dao Detailed Explanation], the transaction was completed, and there was only one Spirit Stone left in hand.

“The eighteenth auction item, Second Rank is beautiful! “


“The twenty-first auction item, the Second Rank Magical Artifact Yuxiao Sword, is engraved with two sets of Second Rank rune, which are [ There are 54 Dao Marks for Speed] and [Chasing Light], and the starting price is 30 Spirit Stones. “

Lu Chen was moved again, but unfortunately it was too expensive, so he had to give up.

“The 25th auction item, First Rank spirit plant Xiaoxiang Jianzhu. “


” The twenty-ninth auction item, Second Rank Wuzhen Pill. “


“The thirty-second auction item, a seven-inch copper coffin! “

“Spirit coffin!” “

Lu Chen’s spirit was shaken, but he saw the whole auction hall was silent, and then the noise buzzed.

“Here again!” “

“This is the fourth time that the Sifang Pavilion has auctioned a seven-inch copper coffin. “

“Too much. “

“Last time, it seems that Zhuge Qian bought this thing. ”


The chatter of the crowd stopped for a while.

Fairy, the deer who presided over the auction, took a few steps back and seemed to be reluctant to approach the column. The little coffin on the top of the coffin is full of dread, she brace oneself introduced:

“It seems that you are not unfamiliar with this thing, this is also the fourth time I have auctioned this thing, please allow me to say a few more words, The seven-inch copper coffin cannot be refined, its origin is mysterious, its purpose is unknown, it cannot be opened, and it is difficult to destroy. In addition, it has been confirmed that the first three masters of the Sifang Pavilion have died. “


The cultivators were in an uproar, and the discussion became louder. Some people asked:

“So, why is your Sifang Pavilion?” Still going to auction? “

Linglu Fairy explained:

“Sifang Pavilion is just a place to do business. When guests come to the door, they will not be turned away. “

“Who sold you Sifang Pavilion? “

“The identity is inconvenient to disclose, but Sifang Pavilion can guarantee that this person just picked it up by accident and did not dare to touch it, so he sent it directly to Sifang Pavilion, no gossip, the starting price is ten Spirit Stones , start shooting now! “

“Eleven dollars!” “

“Fifteen Spirit Stones!” “


Although everyone is afraid, there are not a few cultivators who are interested. The price soon reached 20 Spirit Stones, and Lu Chen was on the verge of You must get it, you can only increase the price, opened the mouth and said:

“Twenty-five Spirit Stones! “

“Twenty-six dollars!” “

“Thirty Spirit Stones!” “

Lu Chen raised the price to 30 Spirit Stones, and the number of bidders dropped by half in an instant. Some people gave up and started taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“It’s this again. Boy, looks like a fat sheep. “

“It’s very courageous! “

“Hehe, I don’t know how many days I will live.” “

“Thirty-two Spirit Stones!” “


“Thirty-five dollars! ”

Lu Chen raised the price again, and finally no one followed him. The photo was taken smoothly. The cultivators looked at him as if they were looking at a dead man, but Lu Chen didn’t care, and waited for the maid to leave with the tray. Come on, wave your hand:

“Pick it up after the auction is over. “

“Okay. “

The maid understood and left with a tray, cautiously along the way.

Lu Chen only has a Spirit Stone left, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pay the bill, he still has A few good things, originally intended to be kept, now it seems that they can only be disposed of first.

“The thirty-third auction item, two female slaves of different races. ”

The voice fell, and an iron cage was pulled down from the sky. Inside the cage were two scantily clad women, with black hair and black eyes, with excellent looks, wheat-colored skin and petite stature. , the most peculiar thing is that there are two small sharp horns on their foreheads.

They have been specially trained.

Extremely submissive, twisting and twisting in a small iron cage Go, highlighting all kinds of attractive poses.

“Black sheep…”

Lu Chen recognized the heels of the two women at a glance, and he killed Feng Feng One of the four animals of the Armed Forces, the black sheep man [Sang Mo], knew a little about the black sheep people. His gaze stayed on the feet of the two women for a while, and he said:

“Male black sheep Humans are sheep’s hooves, females are human feet? “

“The thirty-fourth auction item, Marmoset! “

Another iron cage fell, and inside the cage stood a woman, not too old, only seventeen or eighteen years old. She was dressed in thin clothes, and her white hair was scattered, almost hanging down to the soles of her feet. Poor, she was doing all kinds of difficult movements in the cage, her whole body was weak and boneless, and it was extremely exaggerated.


The woman fell on the ground, her body twisted and turned into a A white python.

“Mang Rong…”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, the Great Tamarin Dynasty has three most famous, legend has it Great Demon bloodline, They are Lang Di, Mang Rong and Long Kui (kuí). Lang Di has seen Alu Hengbo and can transform into a ghost wolf, and contributed to him [Dark Wolf Howling Moon True Picture], this Rong girl can actually transform into White Python .

His Aoki Longevity Skill wants Promote Grade, and he still needs a Body Refinement skill, and this velvet girl might be able to contribute another real picture to him.

“Ronge” The woman comes from a remote place in the extreme north. She has an outstanding appearance and a graceful posture. She is an excellent furnace cauldron for cultivation. After being specially trained by Hualou, she is not only extremely obedient, but also has a perfect body. Spirit Stone. “

“Four pieces! “

“Five Spirit Stones!” “

After a lot of competition, Lu Chen finally bought the cashmere girl for ten Spirit Stones.

“The thirty-fifth auction item, heaven’s spoiled daughter!” “

Soon, a baby girl who was still in swaddling was carried up. The baby girl didn’t cry or make trouble. She looked all around with her big eyes, and there was a hazy feeling all over her body. Light.


[Information]: Five Elements spirit root, innate talent shines the world (pseudo)


Linglu Fairy introduced: “This girl has complete Five Elements, innate talent [Yu Shi], and the starting price is 30 Spirit Stones! “

“Forty Spirit Stones!” “

“Forty-five dollars!” “

“Fifty Spirit Stones!” ”


This is the most intense auction in the whole auction, with swords drawn and bows bent, after you sing, I will appear, my identity is not simple In the end, it was photographed by a black robed cultivator for a high price of 97 yuan.

Lu Chen slightly frowned, the information he saw contained a word [pseudo], which seemed extremely unusual .


This matter has nothing to do with him, so he doesn’t think much about hooking the head.

The auction is still going on, and finally a total of auctions Fifty-three items, Lu Chen was excited several times, but unfortunately he was too shy to participate.

After the auction, Lu Chen followed the crowd and came to the second floor of Sifang Pavilion. room.

“Dongdongdong! “

As soon as I sat down for a while, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” “


The door opened, Han Yuchun walked in with a cane, said with a smile:

“The little friend has a big hand.” . “

“Win the prize~”

Lu Chen cup one fist in the other hand gently, replied: “I have to trouble Old Han to appraise it again.” “As he spoke, he took out the Second Rank’s [White Bone Whip] and placed it on the table in front of him.

“It’s good to talk! “

Han Yuchun sat down, helped the crystal chip he was wearing and began to make a serious appraisal. After a while, he opened the mouth and said: “Second Rank Magical Artifact White Bone Whip, this Magical Artifact has two sets of runes, thirty Two Dao Marks are worth twenty-five Spirit Stones. If you join the auction 5 days later, it will not be less than thirty Spirit Stones at least. “

“Twenty-five yuan…”

There was a Second Rank Magical Artifact Jade Xiao Sword, the starting price was thirty Spirit Stone, fifty-three The Spirit Stone was sold. Although the white bone whip was far inferior to the sword, the price of twenty-five yuan was indeed lower, and most of it was just the starting price. It was just that Lu Chen was in a hurry to buy the [Seven-inch Copper Coffin] and [Velvet Girl], and there was no such thing as a I can send it.

“That’s it. ”

Lu Chen sighed, and took out Secret Realm 【尛尛Yin Sector】and Second Rank Youth Preserving Pill.

Since there was 【White Bone Mountain Village】, little Yin Sector It’s not very useful anymore, and now there are Secret Realm [Liu Li Hua Hai], which is completely useless. As for the Youth Preserving Pill, it’s a pity, if there are two, Lu Chen will never sell it, only one. , can only make him in a dilemma between Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi.

Sell it!

After some appraisal, Han Yuchun stroked his beard and said:

“Although this Yin Sector is First Rank, it is better than small, and it is unremarkable, which is more conducive to cultivator hiding. It is worth ten Spirit Stones, and this Second Rank Youth Preserving Pill is worth thirty Spirit Stones, plus this Bone Whip, a total of 65 Spirit Stones. “

“Yes! “

Lu Chen is satisfied with nodded, Shili [Liu Li Huahai] only costs ten pieces of Spirit Stone, and the little Yin Sector in Sanli can sell ten pieces, which is not a loss, plus he still has a Spirit Stone on him, It is 66 pieces. After the redemption, there are still 21 pieces of Spirit Stone left, which is enough for a period of time.


Han Yuchun will leave soon. Someone brought the seven-inch copper coffin and the velvet girl together. Lu Chen put away the copper coffin and walked away from the Sifang Pavilion with the velvet girl.

Outside the Sifang Pavilion.

The night is getting darker.

Lu Chen felt at least five lines of sight falling on him when he walked out of the main entrance. He stepped one stopped, turned to pick up the fleece girl, and flew directly to the loose cultivator on the mountain with his sword. Cave Mansion.

“This kid is really smart. “

“It’s gone, it’s gone~”

“Ai, it’s a pity, it’s a pity! “


The people with complicated thoughts shook their heads and left, and naturally there were also those who were unwilling to continue to squat. Before Lu Chen flew up the mountain, he felt that someone was behind him. After chasing, he looked back, but it was a white-haired woman with a veil on her face.

“Zeng! “

Lu Chen stepped on the sword and hovered in the air, wondering:

“Huabaixue?” ? ”

The white haired woman stepped on the petals and stopped in front of her, took off the gauze, revealing a beautiful face that could be broken by a bullet, it was the white snow leaving White Bone Mountain Village, she looked In Lu Chen’s arms, the velvet girl with the same white hair looks extremely complicated:

“Did you photograph the [Liu Li Hua Hai]? ”

“en. ”

See Lu Chen nodding, UU reading Hua Baixue hesitantly said:

“Liu Li Hua Hai is originally a hundred flowers Secret Realm of the Palace, I am actually the Elder of Baihua Palace…”

“I guessed it long ago. “

Lu Chen interrupted the other party’s speech, stared at Hua Baixue and said:

“The Hundred Flowers Palace is already extinguish sect. , Your personality is too soft, don’t think about rebuilding the Hundred Flowers Palace, and even if you want revenge, you have no hope. If you have nowhere to go, just leave with me, and the sea of glass flowers will live with you. “

“Become your pet in captivity? “

Hua Baixue’s face was full of humiliation, as if recalling the night she was teased by Lu Chen, Lu Chen grinned:

“If I want to keep you in captivity, why would I let you go?” leave. ”

“hmph ~”

Blossoms need to be lightly snorted and go away.

Lu Chen didn’t say much, he flew up the mountains and spent five hundred Grain spiritsand, rented a better Cave Mansion, plan to avoid the limelight.

“peng! ”

The heavy stone gate fell, and Lu Chen looked at the entire Cave Mansion. This Cave Mansion is extremely spacious, covering hundreds of square meters. It is divided into several partitions, namely the bedroom, the kitchen and the cultivation room. The top of the head is also dotted with one after another Luminous Pearl, which is quite bright.

Lu Chen walked into the bedroom, put the velvet girl in his arms on the soft bed, and asked:

” can talk? “

“Master. “

“What’s the name? “

“Master. “

“Say something else. “


Lu Chen wanted to ask something else, the velvet girl had wrapped around his body , it is really wrapped, although it is a human shape, but directly wrapped around Lu Chen three times, a pair of weak and boneless hands, rubbed around him, almost caught fire.

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