My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 115

Lu Chen tore the velvet girl off her body, took off the other party’s clothes, and checked it several times to make sure there was no secret hand. White Bone Mountain Estate, in the care of Third Young Lady Du.

I sat down on the bed.

Organize the results.

Auction and his party, Lu Chen photographed a total of five things, First Rank Secret Realm Liuli Huahai, three spiritual objects, detailed explanation of Pill Dao, seven-inch copper coffin, and velvet girl.

He took out a jade box.

After opening it, I saw three small things lying there, all tied with red ropes, two earthen-colored little turtles and a Phoenix-like fire bird.

“Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit.”

Lu Chen has a little regret, he is already three spirit roots of water, gold and fire. Root is considered complete with Five Elements. He doesn’t think much about it now. He opens his mouth and swallows a tortoise, sits cross-legged, and slowly refining.


Lu Chen was shocked, Earth Spirit Root finally merged with Spirit Orifice, three spirit roots were completely transformed into four spirit roots.


spit out one mouthful of impure air, Lu Chen put away the remaining two spiritual objects, turned over and took out a one-foot-high blue and white porcelain vase, It was Secret Realm’s glazed sea of flowers, he held the porcelain vase in his hand and began to refining.

After a while, Lu Chen got up, raised his feet, and stepped towards the blue and white porcelain vase.


silhouette disappears in Cave Mansion, Lu Chen appears out of thin air In Secret Realm, blue sky, low sky, intoxicating floral fragrance, meandering The meandering streams, as far as the eye can see, the ten-mile space is full of colorful and colorful.

It’s like a fairytale world.


Sneezed, Lu Chen happily said:

“It’s full of vitality.”

Although there is no Spiritual Qi here, its inner vitality is too strong, no wonder it can accelerate the growth of flowers and plants, but I don’t know, his green wood longevity function can’t play a role here.

“Try it!”

Lu Chen emptied his mind, punched and kicked, and started practicing.

“Hold Kunlun with both hands~”

“Left and right drums~”


“Hey~ “


A large area of flowers and plants withered around him, and endless vitality gathered. The second longevity pill on Lu Chen’s chest grew rapidly. After a while, he opened his eyes and opened his eyes again. Surprise and joy, if you cultivate the Aoki Longevity Gong several times a day, you will be able to get the second Longevity Pill Perfection for at most five days.

If things go on like this, the third longevity pill won’t last long.

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was so excited, it was a pleasant surprise, and after being cultivated several times, Secret Realm came out, and the blue-and-white porcelain vase was collected. He got up, stretched out his hand and waved, and a small copper coffin fell to the ground.

This bronze coffin is seven inches long and three inches wide.

Although the shape is not large, it looks quite heavy, with a lot of patina growing on all six sides, and the mottled feeling is full of years. On the top, there are also two lines of small characters:

A seven-inch copper coffin and a handful of soil, you and I are both people in the coffin!

[Name]: Seven-inch Bronze Coffin



Six Eyes Bodhi Seed Only one name can be seen, and no other information is known. Since Sifang Pavilion said that this coffin cannot be opened and cannot be destroyed, Lu Chen will naturally not bother to study it any more. He stretches out a light curtain:

” Expand!”

【Nine Heavens Grave Entry Upgrade Condition】:

[1]: One Coffin (Achieved!)

[2]: One Spirit plant (unreached!)

[1]: One mysterious crystal (achieved!)


“Already Achieved!”

The condition of [a coffin] has been fulfilled, which means that the seven-inch copper coffin in front of you can be used as a coffin, so Lu Chen will not touch it, after all, the copper coffin is unknown. , three people died at its hands.

Lu Chen has his back, but he is not pretentious.

Just in case.

He made a new seal ball and sealed the seven-inch copper coffin in it alone. As long as the planted [Lingyun wood] took root and sprouted on the Toad Island, it could be made into this. 【Nine Heavens Tomb】Divine Ability.

Lu Chen is looking forward to this.

After dealing with these matters, Lu Chen took out the [Pill Dao Detailed Explanation] that was filmed, and read it carefully. Soon, the light curtain in front of him trembled, and a change occurred.

[Pill concocting method upgrade conditions]:

[1]: a pill furnace (achieved!)

[2]: a red fire (already achieved!) Achieved!)

[3]: One Fire Spirit Stone (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

【spirit root 】: Water, Metal, Fire, Earth four spirit root

【cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement ninth layer

【Spell】: pill The concocting method is not yet introductory (upgradeable!)+


The [Dragon-Tiger Pan Jin Furnace] that has been refined for a long time has finally come into use. He also had it long ago. He also had 21 Spirit Stones, and one of them happened to be Fire Attribute. As a result, the conditions required for this [pill concocting method] were completely satisfied.


Lu Chen was very happy and reached out a little:




The only Fire Attribute Spirit Stone was consumed, and the Dragon-Tiger coiled gold furnace flew directly out of the Spirit Orifice. With a “clang dang” sound, it fell in front of him. Lu Chen spit out a mouthful of red fire. When he came out, he instantly enveloped the one-foot-high Dragon-Tiger golden furnace.


Dragon-Tiger pan-gold furnace vibrates gently in the red fire, the one dragon one tiger on the furnace cover seems to be wandering, and there are faint dragon’s The cry tiger’s roar echoed in his ears. After a long time, he opened his mouth and took a breath. The glowing red pill furnace flew into the entrance. Lu Chen’s face was flushed red, and it gradually subsided after a while.

“hu~ ~”

Lu Chen opened his mouth and spit, a fire bird flew out from his mouth, like a Fire Phoenix, stretched his wings and flew up and down around him. As soon as Lu Chen’s thoughts changed, the fire on fire bird’s body flashed, and he transformed into a Fire Dragon.


Fire Dragon roars and flies around Cave Mansion with a long tail of flames.

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen is very satisfied, this pill concocting method can not only be pill concocting, but also control the flame. The Pill Fire has also transformed, and it has a good power.


[Pill concocting method upgrade conditions]:

[1]: pill concocting half a month (not achieved!)

[2]: Five Spirit Stones (Achieved!)


Currently Lu Chen is still specializing in [Seal Method] and [Seven Star Royal] Sword Art], this pill concocting method can only be temporarily slowed down.

The sun and the moon are flowing,

Blink of an eye.

Three days left!

Three days of meditation, Lu Chen did not step out of the Cave Mansion. With the assistance of Meng Yao’s prayer, two cultivation arts first achieved the upgrade conditions. Lu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, slowly opened his eyes. :



[Aoki Longevity Art Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Practice for half a month (achieved!)

[2]: Fifteen spirits (achieved!)

[3]: five hundred spirits and (achieved!)


[Upgrade Condition of Yuan Xijue]:

[1]: Half-month cultivation (achieved!)

[2]: Fifteen Souls (achieved!)

[2]: Five hundred spiritsand (achieved!)


[name] : Lu Chen

【cultivation technique 】: Yuan Xi Jue Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+; Aoki Longevity Gong Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+

….. .



Lu Chen sat quietly on the bed. After a long time, everything calmed down. Jue and Aoki Changshenggong finally upgraded to [Perfection], he reached out and tapped:


[Aoki Changshenggong Promote Grade Conditions]:

[1]: A cultivation technique (not achieved!)

[2]: Three Longevity Pills (not achieved!)

[3]: Ten thousand jins of vigor (not achieved!) !)

[4]: Thousands of pounds of flesh and blood (achieved!)


[Yuanxijue Promote Grade conditions]:

[1]: A sect secret art (achieved!)

[2]: Five Elements complete (not achieved!)

[3]: Qi Refinement Perfection (not achieved!)

[4]: A Spirit Stone (achieved!)


If Aoki Longevity Gong Promote Grade, according to Lu Chen’s guess, will most likely be directly promoted to Body Refinement II.

However, there is still one Body Refinement cultivation technique missing for the time being. Three longevity pills have only been refined into two, and the third one has not yet been formed, and his strength can only reach 8,000 pounds. It will take some time to meet the conditions.

The same is true for Yuan Xi Jue.

Because I have a copy of [Corpse Refinement], I have no shortage of secret art, but the Five Elements spirit root is only one Wood Spirit Root, and Qi Refinement is only the ninth layer, which is far from complete Perfection. Some.

What surprised Lu Chen most was that Yuanxijue’s Promote Grade didn’t need a spirit vein, but only a Spirit Stone.

To this.

Lu Chen was naturally overjoyed. This alone made it much easier than a normal cultivator.

“Continue to work hard.”

Lu Chen snorted and felt that a body was wrapped around her back. It was a velvet girl with white hair. After three days, she concluded Out of the three major benefits of velvet girls.

“Sword Comes”

One is boneless.

Boneless does not mean that there are no bones, but the bones in the whole body are extremely small. The average person only has 306 bones, while the velvet girl has as many as 973 bones. All kinds of difficult movements, naturally have the words at hand.

The second is flexibility.

The velvet girl looks soft skin and tender meat, but the flexibility is excellent.

The third is superb martial arts.

Rongnv got the true inheritance of Hualou, she is proficient in all eight kinds of martial arts, and because of her own advantages, all kinds of martial arts have been practiced to the realm, extraordinary and refined. Eye-opener.

He put the fleece girl on his back in front of him, instructed:

“Let’s continue.”

“Yes…the master.”

The velvet girl has never been cultivated.

But the bloodline of the Great Demon has been engraved into the bone marrow, and she belongs to the Mang Rong part, and the Totem of faith is Divine Beast [魑 evil hook python], even if there is no cultivation of any method, the ancient mysterious The power has long been integrated into the flesh and blood, so that it can change freely between the human form and the python form.

There is a price for this change.

And the price is very high. It is the lifespan of the velvet girl. Why the velvet girl is full of white hair is not only because she can incarnate as White Python, but also because she consumes too much life essence.

She is like a dying flower, trying her best to show all the beauty before she dies.

What Lu Chen will do.

It’s not about having tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, it’s about finding out the information.

Long time.

The light curtain in front of you is softly trembled and has changed.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation technique]: Hook python swallowing naive pictures not getting started (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

…. ..

“Hooked python swallows the sky?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and patted the python on his body lightly:

“That’s it.”

The velvet girl was ordered to restore her body instantly, like a dying beautiful snake.

[Name]: Velvet Girl

[Information]: lifespan greatly decrease


Lu Chen also I can’t see the specific lifespan of the other person, but judging from his experience, even if the other person’s lifespan is much longer than the ordinary person’s lifespan, he can support it for a year or two at most.

After a year or two, I’m afraid it will disappear.

Lu Chen picked up the velvet girl, got up, and stepped into the Secret Realm glazed flower sea.

In the sea of glass flowers.

Meng Yao is flying around on a tigress, high and low, shouting loudly. Ever since there was a sea of glazed flowers, Meng Yao has fallen in love with this fairytale Secret Realm. God is in it.

Because it is full of vitality.

Even if Lu Chen’s daily cultivation of the Aoki Longevity Gong has caused many flowers and plants to wither, and often return to their original state overnight, the impact on this place is actually very small.

“big brother big brother ~”

Meng Yao flew over riding a tiger girl and waving her little hand. After approaching, she said mischievously:

“big brother, do you have any? A present for Yaoyao?”


Lu Chen took out a garland that had been prepared in the seal ball and put it on Meng Yao’s small head.


Meng Yao was so happy, she stamped on Lu Chen’s face, her little face was flushed, she held the red wedding dress in her little hand, and shyly said:


“Big brother, is Yaoyao good-looking?”


Lu Chen grinned, but saw Meng Yao’s little hands on her cheeks, pretending to be cute Tian said:

“big brother, I hate it~~”

After finishing speaking, he rode away with a tigress, a burst of happy laughter and cheerful voices.


Lu Chen was speechless for a while, and after reacting, he gritted his teeth and said, “This Third Young Lady Du, teach some crooked ways, if you have time It looks like it needs to be rectified properly…”

As he said, he put the velvet girl in his arms in the sea of flowers, walked a few steps away, and started the cultivation of Aoki Longevity.



Waiting for the velvet girl to recover a little, she just stood by and stared blankly, Lu Chen cultivated again and recruited Beckoning:

“Come here!”


The velvet girl took a few steps forward, pitiful, Lu Chen instructed:

“Follow me to practice.”


The velvet girl screamed, hurriedly lowered her head, scared to the point of shivering, Lu Chen didn’t speak, stretched out her hand and pulled the velvet girl into her arms, guiding the other party cultivation Aoki Eternal Spring Art.

The velvet girl gradually calmed down, her blue eyes lit up slightly like stagnant water.


After teaching it three times in a row, the velvet girl can barely perform the move, but the rest of the breathing and the mind are more troublesome. A Secret Treasure Level Body Refinement cultivation technique requires esoteric teaching and cannot be learned in a short time. The two sit cross-legged in the sea of flowers, and Lu Chen’s big hands are pointing fingers on the velvet girl.

The velvet girl is sometimes nodded, sometimes shaking her head.

The delicate hand gestures to and fro, and a pair of blue eyes are like two gems, which seems to be captivating.

At this time.

Lu Chen expression moved, flipped his hand and took out a small token, it was the pass order handled in Qianmu City, this pass order is a small Magical Artifact, which contains 【Guide the way】 And 【Wonder】two sets of rune.

Just now.

The pass was shaken, and Lu Chen received a message:

“UU reading The Divine Province, majestic and vast, today there are thousands of strange corpses Born, destroying Fengpo City, and endangering Yuluanzhou, my Qianmu Sect is the head of various sects, and I have a duty to do it. I sincerely invite all of you to gather in Xushan to discuss the major event!——-Qianmu daoist”

“Xu Shan…”

Lu Chen knew the location of this Ruins Mountain after a little sense, just south of Nieshui River, Fengpo City is right To the east, it is only two hundred li or so from Fengxian Town.

Although he didn’t want to participate, Fengxian Town needed him to sit there, and was about to leave the Liuli Huahai, but the velvet girl stretched out a slender hand and grabbed the front of his shirt.

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Chen turned back, the velvet girl pointed at herself, opened the mouth and said:

“Master, I, Duo … Duoduo.”


“Wushan… Duoduo!”

“Wushan Duoduo, your name ?”


Seeing the velvet girl nodded, Lu Chen reached out and squeezed the other party’s white pretty face and grinned:

“I Got it, stop here today, and continue to teach you tomorrow.”


Lu Chen picked up the velvet girl and lifted her feet out of the sea of glass flowers. , sent the person to the White Bone Mountain Village, handed it over to the Third Young Lady Du to take care of it, cleaned up by himself, and left Cave Mansion directly.

As soon as I came out, I saw a child running past the gate of the mansion, shouting while running:

“Latest news, latest news, Luo Laoguai ate Zhuoyang Pill by mistake. , slumped, Hua Jieyu stayed alone in the empty room, the first night was not lost, the latest news, Qianqingzong opened the gate again, Ling Sword Mountain moved westward, the latest news, the latest news, the Sifang Pavilion canceled the auction, Qianmuzong published a heroic post.. ….”

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