My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 116

This boy was hired by the manager of loose cultivator Cave Mansion to spread the news. There were also loose cultivators gathered in small groups around, talking with each other, Lu Chen didn’t care about anything else, after checking out, Yu Jian flew to the market below and walked straight into the Sifang Pavilion.

In the Sifang Pavilion.

Lu Chen and Han Yuchun met again and asked, “Is it still about the establishment of the Sifang Pavilion branch in Fengxian Town, has the Four Seasons Villa responded?”

Han Yuchun smiled bitterly:

“Sorry, little friend, there is no news from the villa yet.”


Lu Chen sighed, I don’t know what the other party said true or false, There are no more than two situations, one is that the other party is concerned about his face, and it is inconvenient to refuse in person, and the other is that Four Seasons Villa really did not respond.

He didn’t think much, and asked again:

“I heard that the auction will be cancelled in two days?”


Han Yuchun nodded, explaining:

“The daoist has the ambition to eradicate thousands of corpses, and invites all of you to participate. Of course, our Sifang Pavilion will show your support. Many resources must be mobilized from the Ruins Mountain. If the auction is cancelled, two days later, it is estimated that not many people participated, so the auction can only be cancelled.”

“Is there spiritual object in Sifang Pavilion?”

“Not yet.”


Lu Chen was a little disappointed, and he left a communication mark with Han Yuchun, and said specially:

“If your pavilion has a Wood Spirit item , Old Han, please remember to inform Xiaodao.”


After receiving Han Yuchun’s reply, Lu Chen said no more, walked straight out of the Sifang Pavilion, and chose an exit. Fly out of the Secret Realm in [Hasumi Ghost Valley].

In the wilderness, Lu Chen flew out of the ground with the Peach Wood Sword, and when he looked up, he saw an iron mesh under his hood.


With a thought, Yan Yangjia appeared out of thin air, stretched out his hands, grabbed both ends of the big net, and his arms were violently blue. Get up and tear it hard:

“Tear and pull~~”

With a cracking sound, the entire iron mesh was torn into pieces by Lu Chen.

He hangs in the void, turns his head and looks around, and he sees a low hill not far away. On the low hill is a wooden table. There are five people sitting around the wooden table, all dressed in strange clothes. Each with a deer head and mouse eyes, it doesn’t look like a good person.

Five people hehe haha, changing cups, as if no one else was around, in fact, everyone was watching Lu Chen from the corner of their eyes.

One of them lowered his voice and said:

“Big… big brother, this person is so fierce.”

“Yes, it seems not to Be trifled with, don’t capsize.”


The bald man headed by, secretly made a gesture of silence, warned repeatedly:

“Don’t make a sound, don’t make a sound…”

“He’s coming…he’s coming!”

Lu Chen is wearing a Yang Jia, stepping on the void, came to the low hill step by step and asked:

“You cast the iron net?”


A guy with a hood raised his head and explained a sentence, as if afraid that Lu Chen would not believe it, he cursed fiercely: “Whoever scatters will be raised by donkeys, and whoever scatters will give birth to children without skins. Eyes, whoever scatters it has pus on its head and maggots on its feet.”

“A group of silly!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted and flew straight west.

The five of them looked at each other and relaxed at the same time, one of them stammered:

“Big…Big brother, he…he scolds us for being silly.”


“I didn’t hear!”

The other person clenched his fists tightly, gnashing teeth said:

“Ah, you seem to be scolding me just now.”

“Is there…is there…”

Lu Chen traveled ten miles to the west, but no one was killed. Just after relaxing, I saw a person standing in front of a white cloud. This person seemed to have been waiting for a long time, wearing a gray scribe gown, a jade pendant hanging from his waist, a dog face mask on his face, his left hand behind his back, right hand Holding a black and white brush.


[Information]: Second Realm Method Release Immortal Master


“You Yes…”

Lu Chen frowned, and saw the other party raised his hand, a white line like a sword qi slashed head-on, Lu Chen squeezed the sword art, and the sword fell a foot. , the white line slashed across the top of his head, and the sharpness made Lu Chen feel cold.

“Haha, I have a bit of ability.”

The other party laughed, waving a thick pen, and the word “kill” in Lingkongshu.


With a light shout from the other party, the word [kill] fell and hit Lu Chen quickly, like a murderous-looking sword. The sword cut off Lu Chen’s head.


β€œpeng peng~~”

Lu Chen squeezed his sword fingers, and the Peach Wood Sword under his feet vibrated gently, seven sword stars Continuously stabbed the word [kill], but only made the word kill a little darker, Lu Chen was not afraid, with a thought, Yan Yangjia draped over his body, lifted his foot two steps forward, single fist smashed out.


The huge [kill] word exploded in the air, and a large white light flew.

The man didn’t care, he continued to write in the sky, and soon another word “death” was formed, and he saw that the originally sunny sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, the gloomy wind whistled, and the air was dead, and the word “death” merged into the dark clouds. In the middle, it is like a giant palm, and when the head falls, it is like the sky is falling.

Lu Chen looked up, motionless.

The other party was about to swipe and write again when the seven sword stars and Peach Wood Sword came together.


The dark cloud above his head hit Lu Chen’s head, Lu Chen only felt his head sink, his body sank three feet again, and the word [Death] above his head Then, under the action of Yanyang Jia’s [Defiant Law], it instantly melted away.

“That’s it?”

Lu Chen smiled wildly, strode forward, and jumped to the front of the opponent, punching out a punch.





The four [mountain] characters were written in an instant, blocking Lu Chen like a mountain.


Lu Chen threw out his fists, smashed the four [mountain] characters in the blink of an eye, slammed his feet, and looked down to find a chain entangled Both feet, it turned out that the man took the opportunity to write a [lock] again, Lu Chen was not afraid, his body shook, and the word [lock] was directly broken.

“Writing the universe horizontally and vertically, one swipe and one hold the soul!”

With a light chanting, a dazzling white light poured out in front of him, and Lu Chen’s body instantly stiffened. Even thinking became slow, Peach Wood Sword and Jian Xing also became turtle speed, the man raised his foot and stepped forward, holding a black and white brush, and pierced Lu Chen’s eyebrows with the edge of the brush.


With a sharp sound, there was a shallow white mark on Yanyang’s armor.

“It’s so hard…”

After a few breaths, Lu Chen returned to normal, only to see that silhouette driving away in the distance, looking back, his face Dog Face Mask Faint Smile.

Lu Chen hung in the air and touched the white mark between his eyebrows.

When I turned around, I saw that the Peach Wood Sword and the seven sword stars were all gone. After a little sense, I found that all the marks had been erased, and it was already imperceptible.

“This person… is a bit difficult to deal with.”

Lu Chen looked solemn, this was the first time he was so passive.

Although he only lost one piece of First Rank Magical Artifact, it was not worth mentioning to him, but he still felt a little distressed. The Peach Wood Sword from the very beginning was by his side, not only to take advantage of it, There are still feelings, so it is difficult to be snatched away by others.

The Great Tooth Sword has been sold by him.

Lost Peach Wood Sword, Lu Chen couldn’t even Controlling Sword Flight, released Hu Niu, Lu Chen rode on Hu Niu’s back, did not continue westward, but turned back the same way.

Soon, I returned to the exit of Chimebo City.

“Big… big brother, that man is back.”

“Calm down!”

The bald man took a sip of his drink and said with a smile: “Come here, we brother should eat, they are great characters, they won’t care about us.”


“Big brother said Yes, listen to eldest brother.”


After a while, there were five more corpses on the low hill, Lu Chen let out a long sigh of relief, and said:


Then rode a tiger girl and headed into Qianmufang City.

Second layer of the Sifang Pavilion, after the maid’s notification, Han Yuchun hurried over with a cane and said surprisedly as soon as he entered the door:

“Why did my little friend come back?”

“Buy news!”


Han Yuchun got interested and asked:

“Let’s talk about it, little friend. “


Lu Chen nodded and said: “Someone uses a black and white brush, it should be Second Rank Magical Artifact, the cultivation base is not weak, It is the Method Release Immortal Master of the Second Realm, which can write in the air, although it has its own shape, its power is not small, um, tall and thin, with a dog-face mask on his face.”

Han Yuchun thought about it for a while, and replied:

“Little friend, wait a moment, old man will go back.”


Lu Chen Forehead, Han Yuchun left with a cane. Soon, he pushed the door and entered again, with a note in his hand, said with a smile:

“The old man has this person’s information, which is worth a piece of Spirit Stone.”


It is related to Method Release Immortal Master, a piece of Spirit Stone is also considered appropriate, not lion’s big mouth, he took the note and just Seeing the black and white characters, a few words were written:

β€œMagic pen scholar Guan Chengzi, born in loose cultivator, Method Release Immortal Master in the second realm, uses a Second Rank Magical Artifact [Sentence Pen], cultivation one [Exclusive character method], Lingkong calligraphy, the pen is powerful, the date of birth is unknown, the birthplace is unknown, the address is unknown, there is a friend, there is a confidante, the friend’s name is He Qiao, good divination, Hongyan is Hualoutou brand Huajieyu, a prostitute. “

“Good divination…”

“Hua Jieyu…”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, seeing Han Yuchun Reaching out to ask for the Spirit Stone, grinning:

“This person’s information is too common, but Xiaodao knows that the other party has a secret technique, which is very powerful. If you add a sum, this person’s information can sell two Spirits. Stone, is Old Han interested in buying it?”



“What price? “

“A Spirit Stone!” ”



Lu Chen prostituted a piece of information for nothing and wrote it down on the note Added:

“There is a secret technique, which can determine the soul! “

trifling the eight characters, worth a Spirit Stone, Lu Chen laughed, handed the note to Han Yuchun, and asked, “Does Sifang Pavilion still have a Magical Artifact for swords? I’m going to buy some handles. “

“Yes. ”

Han Yuchun put away the note and walked out of the room. Soon, several maids entered with sword boxes in hand and placed swords one by one on the long table. A black clothed maid Qiao Xiaoyanyan, introduced:

“Immortal Master, please see, there are five swords in total, the Second Rank sword is the only one, the sword name Gouyue. “

The whole body of the Moon Gou Sword is as bright as jade, but there is a crease in the middle of the sword body, which is actually a strange curved sword. Lu Chen picked up the magic sword, put it down, and shook his head:

“It’s not easy! “

“Immortal Master and look at this handle, the sword name is Lianxing.” “

“Too small! “

“This is not right! “

“Too light too light!” “

Five magic swords, Lu Chen didn’t like one, it’s not that the magic sword is too bad, but he has been using the Peach Wood Sword for a long time, and he always feels uncomfortable when using other swords, so he asked:

“Is there a wooden sword? “


black clothed maid was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer.

At this time, Han Yuchun came from the door , waved his hands, the maids were relieved, picked up the sword box and walked out, Han Yuchun said with a smile:

“Do you want to use a wooden sword? “

“Yes! “

“There is indeed a wooden sword in the pavilion, but it is just a sword embryo, which has not been polished, nor rune inscribed. “

“Oh. “

Lu Chen was interested and asked:

“What’s the origin? “

Han Yuchun stroked his beard lightly, and said:

“More than 20 years ago, there was a first-class worshiper in Sifang Pavilion, named Cang Yu, who is an Artifact Refining Master , I made many famous magic swords during my lifetime. This wooden sword is the last one made by this person. The material is the whole second rank cloud thunder sword bamboo. It has been preserved until now. “

“Can you take a look? “

“No problem. “

Soon, Han Yuchun returned with a dusty wooden box, opened the wooden box, and saw a three-foot-three-inch blue and white object lying in it, it really was a sword embryo. The shape of the sword can only be seen, very rough.

apart from this .

There are still some things in the wooden box, a pile of scattered sawdust, a few small pieces of sword bamboo, and There is a small piece of the rhizome of the thunder sword bamboo, and it has never withered.

Lu Chen expression moved, holding the sword embryo in his hand.

In an instant, it felt extremely smooth, and the blade was on the edge of the sword. You can also see some [Moire Pattern] and [Lightning Pattern], these two naturally generated natural patterns.

“That’s it! ”


After some bargaining, Lu Chen bought the sword embryo with five Spirit Stones, including the few small pieces of cloud thunder sword bamboo and rhizomes , although it is a Second Rank material, it is only a sword embryo after all, strictly speaking, not even a First Rank Magical Artifact.

After all.

There is even a Dao Mark on this sword embryo. Not yet.

Lu Chen did not leave in a hurry, and borrowed the room to start refining. As Spiritual Qi circulated in the sword embryo for the first time, the sword embryo was softly trembled, waiting for Lu Chen to completely refining it. Dao Mark is naturally generated on the blade.

So far.

This wooden sword has transformed from a sword embryo into a First Rank Magical Artifact.

“Okay! ”

Lu Chen was overjoyed, his right hand stroked over the blade, and saw the sawdust fluttering. In a blink of an eye, the crude sword embryo became a Magical Artifact similar to the Peach Wood Sword. Because of the pattern and thunder pattern, the blue and white wooden sword is far more prominent than the original Peach Wood Sword.

Lu Chen did the same.

Reluctantly used the rest A few pieces of cloud thunder sword bamboo made seven small sword stars. As for the remaining rhizome, he planted it into the spirit farm of White Bone Mountain Village, and instructed Du Third Young Lady to water it every day.

Use the Qixingyu Sword Art to re-enhance the wooden sword and the sword star, Lu Chen stroked the sword body lightly, and said to himself:

“Since it is blue and white, then Let’s call it [Qingyun Sword]. “

“Zeng! “

After he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and threw it, and he saw Qingyun Sword dancing flexibly around his body. From time to time, UU’s reading was slow and urgent, not inferior to the original Peach Wood Sword. Half a point, and, because of the material, it is more flexible.

“Good! ”

Lu Chen laughed heartily, stepped on the Qingyun sword and flew out of the Sifang Pavilion, and slowly landed in front of an attic, which was the famous [Flower Building].

“Dong Dongdong, is there anyone??”


Lu Chen rang the outer sect of Hualou for a while, The closed wooden door slowly opened, and a milfy old mother came out and asked:

“Is there something wrong with Young Master?”

“It’s been a long time. The name Fairy Maiden Hua, I came here because of it, and I came here to ask for some advice.”

β€œpuchi ~”

The old mother pinched the orchid finger in his hand, and held the jinpa to cover his mouth and chuckle: “Look at what Little Young Master said, but unfortunately, the girls all went to Xushan in flying boats, and now there is no one to entertain them. If Little Young Master is impatient, your servant is willing to ask Little Young Master for advice. Ask for advice~”

Speaking, holding Lu Chen and pulling him into the flower building.


Lu Chen’s scalp was numb, he shook off the opponent, and fled with his sword, the old mother behind him said with a lovable smile: “Does Little Young Master still dislike your The servant failed. Thinking back then, your servant was also a well-known Fairy figure. I don’t know how many Immortal Masters came here because of their fame, and they were defeated under the pomegranate skirt, their legs and feet were weak.”

β€œIt’s a pity that the beauty is not old. The color fades first, and the most ruthless and heartless person~”

The voice of the old mother became smaller and smaller, she sat down on the steps in front of the flower building, looking at the half-setting sunset in the sky, her heart was infinitely melancholy.


Lu Chen left Qianmufang City and flew westward all the way. Two days later, he finally saw the familiar town.

“I… came back”

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