My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 117

I fell in love with, left Daoist Priest student, my spell is infinitely upgraded

It was still early February when I left, and now it is the end of February, after half a month, Lu Chen once again When I saw Fengxian Town, it was just that Fengxian Town at this time was both familiar and unfamiliar.


The dust was flying, and a group of cavalry escorted a group of victims to Fengxian Town. The clothes were ragged and stumbled, and it was only when he approached Fengxian Town that he showed a new-born expression.

Or cry with joy.

Or ecstatic.

“big brother, there are so many people.”


Meng Yao, standing on the head of Hu Niu, tiptoed towards Fengxian Zhen Zhang Wang, Lu Chen nods with a smile, he performs the Qiankun image method several times a day, and has a general understanding of the situation in Fengxian Town.

When I left, Fengxian Town had only a population of over 50,000.

As the pontoon bridge over the Nieshui River was erected, the victims of Fengpo City began to move north continuously, and now the population of Fengxian Town is probably close to 100,000.

For this reason, Fengxian Town began to expand.

The original Fengxian Town has gradually turned into an inner city, and a wider and majestic outer city is being built. Everything is in full swing. In a frenzy, tens of thousands of military and civilians have started construction.

“Let’s go, Yaoyao, let’s go home!”


Lu Chen rode a tiger girl to Fengxian Town, not yet approaching , I saw a team of cavalry marching out to greet him. The first one was wearing white armor, with a sword hanging from his waist, and he was riding a White Tiger. His heroic appearance was Fang Yuqi.


The cavalry stopped, Fang Yuqi stepped forward alone, with picturesque eyebrows, unable to hide his joy.

The eyes meet each other, and everything is silent.

“wu wu ~~”

“wu wu ~~”

The little White Tiger fairy is slightly shorter than the tiger girl, but she wears protective clothing The key silver white beast armor, that is the Spirit Beast Magical Artifact, the two sisters reunited after a long absence, bumped each other’s big heads, and walked to Fengxian Town side by side, Lu Chen stretched out his left hand, Fang Yuqi stretched out his right hand, and held both hands tightly , making the cavalry onlookers widen their eyes.

The two entered Fengxian Town.

Fang Yuqi talked about Fengxian Town all the way, and Lu Chen also briefly talked about the things on the road.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank White Tiger


“Small White Tiger has also become a Spirit Beast?”


Fang Yuqi nods with a smile, explaining: “Xianxian just advanced three days ago and has awakened. The ability [White Tiger Sha], very difficult to deal with, eh, how come Hu Niu has an extra pair of wings?”

Hu Niu’s wings are normally tucked at the sides of the body, and are easily covered by hair , you can only notice it if you look closely.

“It’s Hu Yi Dan!”

Lu Chen took out the remaining Hu Yi Dan and said with a smile:

“When Long Spring Valley My party, I was fortunate to meet a small square market, good luck, I bought two Tiger Yidan, Hu Niu ate one, this one is reserved for the little White Tiger.”

“White Tiger Wings?”

Fang Yuqi was overjoyed when he took the Tiger Wing Dan.

The two talked and laughing all the way, until they approached Long Spring Temple, Fang Yuqi rode away on the little White Tiger, she was the Guard Lord of Fengxian Town, the core of the entire Fengxian Town, now Fengxian With the expansion of the town, there are so many things going on, and she cannot be separated from her for a moment.

“Temple Master!”

“I have seen Temple Master!”


Lu Chen turned from the tiger’s back Jumping up and down, raised their feet to the gate, the two Small Daoist Children guarding the gate hurriedly bowed and saluted, Lu Chen lightly forehead, walked into the Long Spring Temple, and saw the little white fox Yingying running in a panic , a sudden brake stopped in front of Lu Chen.


Small Fox screamed and ran to the backyard in a hurry, while running, shouting:

“mother, bastard is back , bastard is back~~”


Lu Chen touched his nose and quickly ran after him. I saw someone come out.

This person has a pair of Danxi Divine Phoenix eyes, two curved willow leaves and hanging eyebrows, an enchanting figure, a coquettish posture, a pink face that does not reveal spring power, a red lips that hide a smile, and is wearing a bright red dress. The skirt is tied with a bean-green palace sash, a mandarin duck pendant hangs from the waist, three thousand blue silks are tied into a bun, and the head wears a morning sun and five phoenix hanging bead hairpins.

What a beauty, Fairy!


Jiang Hong’e rushed towards Lu Chen like the wind, full of fragrant jade, Lu Chen picked up the person by the waist, stretched out his hand to pull out the bead hairpin, let With three thousand blue silk dangling, he hurried a few steps and kicked the door open.

“Yeah, it’s noon now.”

“It’s noon, it’s just dark.”

“So fierce?”

“hehe ~”

Jiang Hong’e smiled, Lu Chen laughed three times, and with a “peng”, raised his foot and closed the door, blocking the infinite rays of light. The spring breeze was rippling, and only the faint shouts of killing could be heard, which made Qing He and Qing Cao blushed when they heard the news.


As night fell, the food was ready, Fang Yuqi looked all around, willow brows wrinkle:

“Where’s surname Jiang’s? “

Lu Chen ate his head down and said vaguely:

“I’m sleeping late.”

“hmph ~”

Fang Yuqi turned over Rolling his eyes, he complained:

“It’s not important…”

And asked again:”What’s your plan next?”

“I will go to Toad Island tomorrow, by the way, I will also go to Baiyun Temple as soon as possible. I have a vein-shifting talisman, just to move the Water Attribute spirit vein there. The ruins are gathering loose cultivator, so it’s late. , I’m afraid that the early bird will catch the worm.”

“Where is Lu Lang going to put the spirit vein?”

Lu Chen put down the tableware and looked at Fang Yuqi glanced at it and asked:

“You want to put it in Fengxian Town?”


Fang Yuqi nominated and explained:

“Some time ago, Shi Qingyun, the [Xiyi Lang], sent a city-building order to repay father life-saving grace. If the spirit vein can be integrated into the city, Spiritual Qi will be able to improve. A lot of them can also attract loose cultivators to gather, and the city of Fengxian can be upgraded to an immortal city.”

The city building order is a kind of token issued by the emperor.

The real use is very small, but it is more than the nominal recognition of the First Layer Great Hao Dynasty. Even if there is no city building order, there is no obstacle to upgrading Fengxian Town to Feng immortal city. With the city building order, it is more Just right.

Lu Chen thought for a while.

I still don’t feel right.

He didn’t explain much, got up, took Fang Yuqi’s wrist, said with a smile:

“Take you to a place.”

” What?”

“shua ~”

Fang Yuqi hadn’t reacted yet, Lu Chen took a step forward and led him directly into White Bone Mountain Village, where he appeared at Yugu Mountain. At the foot, a small archway is left hanging by the dining table.

“This is…”

Fang Yuqi’s eyes widened, Lu Chen said with a smile:

“First Rank Secret Realm White Bone Mountain Village, with a radius of five miles, has a soil spirit vein and a small piece of spirit farm. I plan to put Water Spiritual Vein on the mountain. Once here, Spiritual Qi will be more intense, which is beneficial to our cultivation. The spiritual water can directly irrigate the spirit farm, and this will be our real heritage in the future.”

Fang Yuqi was extremely shocked, and followed Lu Chen to visit the Spirit Beast mountain sculpture, and then climbed the mountain to meet Du Third Young Lady Azhu Abi, as well as Chen Qiaoer and Rongnv, finally entered the Secret Realm Liuli Huahai, listening to Lu Chen’s detailed words, the whole person was in a trance and couldn’t believe it.

“It’s all…we’re all?”

“It’s all!”

The two sat side by side on the majestic chair, cuddling each other , Fang Yuqi raised his head and stared blankly at Lu Chen, a little dazed. Once upon a time, the young official who was maintained by her.

Unconsciously, there is such a weather.




All kinds of emotions surged, she gently pillowed on Lu Chen’s chest, two lines of tears dropped from the corners of her eyes, and sobbed: “Lu Lang, I…I feel I don’t deserve you…”

“silly girl ~”

Lu Chen hugged Fang Yuqi tightly, comforted:

“ These are all foreign objects, we are a family, you are the heroine of my Lu Chen, don’t talk nonsense in the future.”


Lu Chen grinned, picked him up by the waist, walked towards the big bed at the back, and said in a low voice:

“Yuqi, tonight… help you relax.”



In the early morning of the second day, Fang Yuqi, Jiang Hong’e and Qing He Qing Cao visited White Bone together Mountain Village, and Lu Chen flew to Toad Island with Meng Yao Yujian.


Passing through [Tibetan Mountain] and [Sea of Fog], Lu Chen landed on Toad Island with his Qingyun sword.

As he was about to go to the place where Lingyun wood was planted, his expression suddenly changed, and he immediately sensed that something was trapped in the [Sea of Fog] of [Sea of Fog Hidden Mountains].

He looked up at the sky, stretched out his hand, and saw the sea of fog in the sky changing, and the trapped thing suddenly escaped.


The overwhelming majority are all seabirds, they fled immediately after getting out of trouble, but there are two different ones, one with dark gray feathers. Birds, with curved beaks, eyes like falcons, blood red, and the size of a human head.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Night Owl


Another It’s just a human shape, with fangs and eyes, hands like claws, gray and black nails sticking out half chi long, and a pair of black flesh wings on the back, which looks extremely hideous.

[Name]: Heterogeneous

[Information]: First Rank Flying Dead


Two guys They were all ferocious. Ye Xiao danced in the air, slaughtering seabirds, flying so fast that they could kill one with just one paw, and the flying jerk flew directly towards Lu Chen.

Lu Chen squeezed his sword fingers and pointed at Fei Zong at a distance:


With a sword cry, The Azure Cloud Sword shot out instantly.

“ding ding dong dong ~”

“Dang ding ding ding~”

Fei Zong waved his nails and fought with the Qingyun sword in the air, every collision , the nails will burst into small gaps, and they have collided dozens of times in just five breaths.


Fei Zong roared angrily, abandoning the Qingyun Sword and heading straight for Lu Chen.

Qing Yunjian suddenly became smaller and caught up from behind. Fei Zong hurriedly turned around to block him. Maybe Qing Yunjian passed between his fingers and stabbed into the eye socket, spattering black blood.


With a painful roar, Fei Zong fell from the sky, and with a “bang”, it smashed a hard rock, and the night owl above seemed to be Frightened, he abandoned the seabird, flapped his wings, and quickly flew into the distance.

“Where to escape!”

Lu Chen snorted softly, and took out the Second Rank [Dust Fudge].

Spiritual Qi was turbulent, flicked the dust gently, and saw that the dust tail stretched, rushed into the sky in the blink of an eye, wrapped Ye Xiao all over his body, and retracted instantly.

Lu Chen stretched out his right hand, pinched Ye Xiao’s pair of wings, put away the whisk of his right hand, flicks with the finger, and smashed his head heavily on Ye Xiao’s head.


Ye Xiao screamed and fainted instantly.

“It’s worth some spiritsand.”

Lu Chen grinned and took the seal ball directly.

“Big brother is coming, the little tree is sprouting~”

“Come, come~”

Meng Yao waved her little hand in the distance, Lu Chen took it back Qing Yunjian, regardless of Fei Zong’s corpse, walked over quickly.

“Look, big brother.”


Lu Chen looked down and saw a small sapling burrowed out of the ground. The small leaves are like semi-circular clouds. There are only five leaves in total. The tender stems are extremely fragile, as if the wind blows, and the whole small tree is only five inches high. Grass is not too much.

[Name]: spirit plant

[Information]: First Rank Lingyun Wood


“When It’s a pity that people don’t know Lingyunmu, and it’s a pity to wait for Lingyun to be high.”

Lu Chen sighed, and reached out and tapped on the light curtain:


[Nine Heavens upgrade conditions]:

[1]: A coffin

[2]: A spirit plant

[ 3]: A Mysterious Crystal


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Getting Started+


At this moment, all the conditions for Divine Ability Nine Heavens to enter the tomb have been fully satisfied, but Lu Chen is not in a hurry to upgrade, he opened the mouth and said :

“Yaoyao, big brother has something to do. Would you like to play with Niuniu first?”


Meng Yao got up from the ground, patted her hands, and said seriously:

“Yaoyao goes to Niuniu, big brother remember to tell Yaoyao a story~”

“Okay! “

Lu Chen breathed with a smile, waved Meng Yao into the White Bone Mountain Village, he took a deep, took out the [seven-inch copper coffin] and the mysterious crystal in turn, and placed them carefully. put it in front of you.

Sit down again and meditate for a while, then open my eyes and stretch out my hand a little:




The whole Lingyun wood disappeared from the sky, Xuanjing exploded directly, and the seven-inch copper coffin “weng weng” trembled, rising into the sky in an instant, horizontally in the void, slowing down Open slowly.

The blazing sun is in the sky.

rays of light ten thousand zhang.

The opened copper coffin was like an open abyss, absorbing all the light from several dozen li in the radius, and the whole sky suddenly darkened, and there was no light at all.

“What’s the matter?”

“It was fine just now, why is it suddenly dark?”

“Could it be that a demon was born? UU reading www.”


“Don’t panic, everyone, don’t panic!”


There was a riot in Fengxian Town. Fortunately, Guard Soldier was devoted to his duties. After lighting the torch, it was quickly suppressed. After half a quarter of an hour, the sky became bright again, and everyone was sighed in relief.

Lu Chen sat cross-legged on Toad Island, looked up at the sky, and saw that the original copper coffin had been turned into pitch black, and fell from the sky with a “bang”.


Lu Chen screamed, and a string of blood flowed from the eyebrows. He raised his hand and touched it, and found that the black coffin was gone, and there was a brand on the eyebrows. A black long border with a word engraved in the middle:

The tomb!

It is not the text of the Great Hao Dynasty, but the Taoist text.

“This is done?”

Lu Chen was a little dazed, everything went so smoothly, he didn’t think too much, closed his eyes and realized it silently, and it took a while to open his eyes , surprised and delighted, muttered:

“It turned out to be the Great Divine Ability.”

The Divine Ability is only divided into small and large, this Great Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Tomb], is better than his 【Nine Heavens Slaughter Demon Slash】 is even higher than Level 1.

“Great Divine Ability?”

A voice came from behind, making Lu Chen’s body instantly stiff.

He turned around silently, pupil suddenly shrink, and saw a person standing behind him. This person was wearing a temple, wearing an azure robe. Unconsciously close.

He also held a small blue and white sword in his hand, playing silently.

“Qingyun Sword!”

“This…isn’t he myself?”

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