My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 118

Lu Chen was almost stunned, but the moment he saw the other party, information came into his mind, and he immediately knew the other party’s identity, it was not him, but his Corpse thoughts.

One Qi Refinement!

Secondary Method Release!

Three realms of profound knowledge!

The four realms are the ultimate way, and then they will become immortals.

Before becoming immortal, Severing The Three Corpses is needed in the realm of the extreme realm to eliminate the nine insects.

[Hetu Life Talisman] There is a saying: “Those who seek immortality, go to the three corpses first, and have no desires.

Lu Chen touched the brand mark between his eyebrows and his expression became solemn.

In the seven-inch copper coffin was buried the corpse thoughts of a Taoist monk. After beheading three corpses, he somehow sealed one of the corpse thoughts in the copper coffin. If you touch the copper coffin for a long time, you will be affected by the corpse thoughts in it, and your corpse thoughts will jump out to do evil. The previous three people died of their own corpse thoughts.

Lu Chen took three steps back, frowned:

“If I can come out, I’m not restricted to you, why can’t I stay?”

“hehe! “

The corpse thought shook his head, sneered: “You don’t understand, I’m just a split thought. If I want to be unconstrained and free, I can only kill you!”

【Yunji Seven Signs】Volume 81 says:

“After death, the soul ascends to the sky, and the soul enters the earth. Only three corpses wander, and they are called ghosts.”

“Suffer to death!”

Zi Nian roared, and the Qingyun Sword flew out from his hand, stabbing it along with the seven sword stars.

Lu Chen was not afraid, his arm shook lightly, the Qingyun sword also flew out, and instantly fought with the opponent. The two have the same Magical Artifact, the same cultivation base, the same spell, and the sword cry for a while. loudly.

evenly matched.

You come and I go.


Zi Nian was very dissatisfied when he saw this, grinned, and slapped his belly with a palm.

“puchi ~”

Lu Chen opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood, and there was a colicky pain in the five internal organs of the body. Seven sword stars flew around for a while.


Zi Nian laughed and hurriedly controlled Qingyun Sword to kill Lu Chen.

Volume 2 of “Youyang Zazu” says: “There are three corpses in a person, the upper corpse is green and the human eye is cut, the middle corpse is white and the five Tibetans are killed, and the lower corpse is the blood and the stomach is killed.”

“Aunt Bai?”

Lu Chen wiped the bloodshot from the corner of his mouth, and looked at the sword God of Qingyun with a calm expression.

This corpse thought is the white girl among the three corpses.

Lu Chen can use most of the means that the opponent can use. Even if he wears a suit of yang-yang armor, it is estimated that the opponent can change and kill people’s internal organs. It is no wonder that the three of them died before. In the hands of his own corpse, it seems that if you want to get rid of it, you can’t use ordinary means.

In this case, only two Divine Ability can be used.

He doesn’t believe that the other party can also transform Divine Ability. Nine Heavens slaying demons will kill them with a knife, but Lu Chen is not sure whether this corpse will be considered a living being. In this case, he can only use Great Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Tomb].

I don’t hesitate anymore, reach out and slap the forehead, scolding softly:

“Get out!”

Spiritual Qi in my body flocks to the eyebrows, consuming most of it in an instant, The mark between the eyebrows from virtual became real, a black coffin appeared, the black coffin turned upside down, and flew high into the sky in the blink of an eye.


Lu Chen lifted his foot and stomped hard on the ground.


The black coffin trembled, the mouth of the coffin slowly opened, and in an instant, it was pitch black, and the entire Toad Island turned into night, The stabbed Qingyun sword and the seven sword stars were directly put into the black coffin.

“What the hell?”

Aunt Bai screamed in horror, and quickly swept away. The coffin, a scarlet arm suddenly protruded out of the coffin and pinched Zhan Nian’s head.

“wu wu wu~~”

The corpse thought screamed, but was completely unable to break free, and the arm instantly retracted into the black coffin.

“creak ~creak ~”

Then, chewing loudly.

“Dao Jun’s corpse thoughts!”

Lu Chen’s throat rolled, his hands and feet were cold, and he pointed at the hanging black coffin:


“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!~”

The black coffin flew back, quickly reduced in size, printed on Lu Chen’s eyebrows, and slowly closed with trembling, seeing It was about to close. At this moment, the azure arm stretched out again and grabbed Lu Chen’s head.

“hmph ~”

Lu Chen was on his guard, coldly snorted, nine dark chains protruded from the black coffin and wrapped his arms around him.


With an unwilling roar, the arm was forcibly dragged into the black coffin.

It turned into a black coffin mark and left it between Lu Chen’s eyebrows. The black coffin is responsible for suppression, the chain is responsible for refining, and the black coffin and the chain are integrated, which is the Great Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Tomb] The appearance of Lu Chen immediately sat cross-legged, urging Spiritual Qi in his body, and using the chains in the coffin to refine Dao Transformation Jun’s corpse thoughts.

“It’s so difficult!”

After one hour passed, Lu Chen shook his head helplessly.

It’s not that it can’t be refined, but the speed of refining is extremely slow. After all, Daojun’s corpse thoughts are the four realms. Although after a long time of sealing, they have become [remnant thoughts], and they cannot break free from the suppression of the black coffin. , but it is still extremely difficult for Lu Chen to use Spiritual Qi to refine it to death.

However, it’s not all good, he grinned, reached out and tapped:


【Nine Heavens Tomb Upgrade Conditions】 :

[1]: Refining Thousand Works (1/1000!)


According to Lu Chen’s understanding, this [work] ] actually refers to energy, that is to say, if you want to upgrade the “Nine Heavens Tomb” of just entered, you need to devour a thousand pieces of energy, and You Daojun’s corpse will be suppressed in it, Lu Chen has no shortage of energy at all , the only thing missing is refining.

“Dao Jun’s corpse reading, hehe, just don’t know how far I can upgrade my Great Divine Ability?”

Lu Chen grinned, the only regret is this Nine Heavens entering the tomb suppresses the corpse thoughts of Dao Jun, and every time it is used, it will affect its own corpse thoughts. If the Great Divine Ability is used to suppress corpse thoughts, it is equivalent to feeding the corpse thoughts of Dao Jun. In this case, use it with caution in the future.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen’s body suddenly froze. He just cast the Great Divine Ability once, will he…

“Guess me Who?”

At this moment, a pair of arms covered Lu Chen’s eyes from behind, the naughty voice still echoed in his ears, and the Qingyun sword in Lu Chen’s hand had stabbed behind him.

The opponent quickly withdraws his hand and takes a few steps back instantly.

Lu Chen got up, turned around, and saw another [Lu Chen] appeared. This person was dressed the same as him, even the appearance was the same, the only difference was that this person’s skin was dark Azure is a little weird.

“Aunt Qing?”

“Not bad!”

Aunt Qing grinned and said mischievously: “Come on, let’s have a fair duel !” Said, reaching out to wipe his eyes.


Lu Chen screamed, two lines of blood and tears flowed from his eyes, the eyes were pitch black, and he could no longer see the slightest scenery, and his heart suddenly felt cold, Qing Gu. Cut people’s eyes!


Qinggu laughed, and charged forward with the Qingyun sword:

“It starts, kill you, I will be free It’s over!”

The voice was erratic, and he slashed at Lu Chen’s head with a sword, but with a sound of “peng”, he slashed on Yanyang’s armor, leaving only a trace of white marks. Yang Jia, hurriedly threw out, and hugged Qing Gu.


With a muffled sound, Lu Chen hugged a hard stomach.

“The turtle shell, I have it too!”

“It’s over!”

Lu Chen’s heart was half cold, and he scuffled with Qing Gu directly.

Qingyun sword fluttered everywhere, all kinds of spells came out, Lu Chen stretched out his hand to seal the opponent, the opponent could break out of the sealing ball in an instant, and then turned back to seal Lu Chen, wherever he went, the reef It cracked, the ground shook and the mountains shook, and the two hit the water from the island, and then hit the island from the water.

The entire Toad Island is a mess.

Because he couldn’t see, Lu Chen was pressed and beaten by Qinggu soon, but fortunately, he was wearing Yanyang armor, and his life was temporarily safe.


The two fought fiercely for one hour, both gasping for breath, Lu Chen was rubbed on the ground by Qinggu, and punched his head with a fist. Down, each punch had thousands of pounds of strength, Lu Chen’s head was dizzy, and he almost fainted. He bit the tip of his tongue, and suddenly woke up, kicked Qinggu flying with one foot.

“hmph, let’s see how long you can last!”

Qing Gu sneered, and strode closer in her yang armor.

Lu Chen is no longer as panicked as he was at the beginning. He has confidence in his heart, and his corpse thoughts are special, so it is difficult for others to see him. Divine Ability, it will affect the mind of corpse, this is an endless cycle.

apart from this.

Actually, Lu Chen still had his back. With a wave of his hand, Meng Yao flew out from the White Bone Mountain Village.

“Hey, why are there two big brothers?”

Meng Yao was a little confused, and soon her little face became angry, her little fist clenched, her pretty face frosty:

“You…are…big…bad guy!”


The big red wedding dress swirled, and Meng Yao instantly turned into Little Demoness.

On this day, Lu Chen and Meng Yao fought side by side, fighting for a long time. Meng Yao held a lifeless sickle in his hand. Taking advantage of her unpreparedness, a sickle passed through Yanyang armor and hooked Qinggu to death!


“puchi ~”

The long lifeless scythe retracted, Qing Gu disappeared like a bubble, leaving nothing behind Anything, Meng Yao hid in Lu Chen’s chest and cheered:

“big brother, Yaoyao killed bastard!”

“It’s amazing!”

Lu Chen complimented him, put away his Yanyang armor, fell to the ground, gasping for breath, this time he was tossing him hard enough, I didn’t think that before, this time he was fighting against himself, and finally he saw his own Difficult to deal with, especially this Yanyang armor, it is worthy of blood refinement Magical Artifact, it is really a tortoise shell.

If it weren’t for Meng Yao’s lifeless sickle accompanying him, and his ability to seduce people’s souls, it would be really difficult to kill Qinggu.

“big brother, how are your eyes?”

“much better.”

Meng Yao flew out of her chest and hung in front of Lu Chen, Looking so worried, with the death of Aunt Qing, Lu Chen’s eyesight has recovered a bit. Although he still sees things very vaguely, he can already see things.

“Yaoyao help big brother blow, right?”


“hu hu~~”

Meng Yao stood on tiptoe and blew into Lu Chen’s eyes with her mouth open. It was soft, soft, crisp, numb, and very comfortable. Lu Chen took the opportunity to talk about the big bad wolf and little The story of white rabbit, the two of them frolic for a while, and then Yujian flew to Fengxian Town.

Seeing that it was getting late and Lu Chen was injured again, he could only postpone the trip to Baiyun Temple.

Have dinner.

Lu Chen accompanies Fang Yuqi to speak in the room, then helps the other party to pose, and continues to teach [Yuanxi Jue]. When Fang Yuqi enters the cultivation state, Lu Chen asks Little White Tiger to guard it. After leaving, he was busy teaching Qing Cao and Qing He to two girls, and finally came to Jiang Hong’e’s room.

Jiang Hong’e has fallen asleep, the thin brocade can’t cover the lithe and graceful curves.

Lu Chen crept in.

“Oh, my enemy~”

Jiang Hong’e cried out in surprise when she woke up, it was a lot of trouble.

It wasn’t until midnight that Lu Chen stopped and began to teach Jiang Hong’e [Jade Women’s Ginseng Tongqi], but this skill was as high as Second Rank, Jiang Hong’e could not comprehend it for a while, and in desperation, the two Fitting again, one cultivation【Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra】, one performing 【Jade Female Participant Tongqi】.

Jiang Hong’e soul flew beyond the heaven, breaking through to Qi Refinement 8-Layer on the spot, and the taste is indescribable.

Lu Chen also benefited a lot. Wearing a Qi Refinement ninth layer’s cultivation base, he strode forward to Perfection, and the injury on his body was also healing quickly. Until dawn, the two men woke up leisurely.

Look at each other and smile, everything is silent.

Lu Chen took out a storage bag and handed it to Jiang Hong’e.

“This is?”

“The things your master gave you, take a look, there is also a movement method gown I gave you, and there were originally two spiritual object, but you are the three spirit roots of fire, earth and water, and the two spiritual objects are one of [earth] and one of [fire], you have both, you can only use them for Yuqi first.”

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e lightly snorted, eat taste:

“Fang is really lucky.”

“Yes yes~”

Lu Chen sneered and didn’t know how to interface. Jiang Hong’e took out the things, namely the robe, the silk and a jade slip carved with Spirit Stone.

She put the robe and the love silk aside, released the restriction on the jade slip with the secret technique of Qingqingzong, stuck the jade slip between her eyebrows, and slowly opened her phoenix eyes.

The jade slip in his hand cracked inch by inch and turned into a small pile of jade powder.

“How is it?”

“It is a cultivation technique, called [Supreme Indifference Sutra], a set of inheritance methods that cut off emotional threads and repair ruthless emotions with sentient beings, running through the first three realms. , you can go directly to the Three Realms Tongxuan Daoist.”

Lu Chen was speechless, this is the advantage of having inheritance.

He always upgrades little by little. UU reading to see other people, one can get a whole set, there is no comparison at all, I think there must be limitations in this cultivation technique, it is difficult to pass on Outsiders, so I don’t ask too much, just warned repeatedly:

“This cultivation technique is good, but you Master is not at ease. Are you thinking of breaking us up? References are fine, no Random cultivation, when you become the Method Release Immortal Master, when the time comes, we will not lack cultivation techniques.”


Jiang Hong’e can naturally Seeing that there is Lu Chen in the doorway, how could she cultivate this forgetfulness scripture, but Yu Linglong is her master after all, so she is not good.

Lu Chen asked again:

“What’s the matter with the broken thread?”

“That’s an introduction, if you can become Method Release Immortal Master , I can use this as a guide, and in a short period of time, I will refine my [Ten Zhang Hong Ling] sacrifice into the Second Rank [Intercept Silk].”

“That’s not bad.”


Lu Chen raised his forehead and Jiang Hong’e raised his eyebrows with a smile:

“Have you seen my master?”



“How is it?”

“What is it?”

Lu Chen pretended to be stupid, Jiang Hong’e lowered his voice, bad said with a smile:

“How is it?”

“What is it?” p>

“What’s your body like?”


Lu Chen was a little embarrassed, and said:

“That’s your master…”

“Tell me~~”

Jiang Hong’e lingered, Lu Chen could only mumble:

“Top Grade, like a Down bottle gourd…”

“gē gē gē ~~”

Jiang Hong’e laughed, leaning back and forth, becoming more and more reckless, Lu Chen couldn’t bear it any longer, and suddenly burst into anger :

“No big or small, I can’t beat you hundreds of big boards!”

“Well~, spare my life, gē gē gē~~”

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