My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 119

After a fight, Jiang Hong’e started to sleep in again, Lu Chen had breakfast, bid farewell to Fang Yuqi, rode a tiger girl and took Meng Yao all the way to the south.

Soon, it flew over the 800-meter Nieshui River.

Bending down and looking down, I saw the black liquid churning on the Nie Shui River, a floating bridge connecting the north and the south was swaying, and there were sparse people helping to cross the river, Lu Chen glanced and found the evil A military village on the north bank of the Shuihe River, reached out and patted Hu Niu’s big head, instructed:

“Go down!”


Tiger The girl let out a low roar, and just as she was about to fall towards the military camp, she saw a person flying up from the sky.

This person is wearing red tassel armor, wearing a red tassel helmet, with a red tassel pistol sticking behind her back, fluttering in the wind, hunting loudly, she stood cheerily in the air, looking at Lu Chen with tears streaming down her face, Biting her red lips tightly:

“Master, I miss you so much~”

Speaking, he took off the red tassel helmet, and let the three thousand blue silks float, flying and landing on Hu Niu On his back, he got into Lu Chen’s arms like a little milk cat.


Lu Chen caressed the other person’s back, comforted softly, and stopped sobbing after a while.

Meng Yao blinked her big eyes and said innocently:

“Tongxin elder sister, why are you crying?”

“elder sister happy!”

“Why do you cry when you’re happy?”

“puchi ~”

Rouge Tiger Tong smiled through tears, and scratched Meng Yao’s small Qiong nose with a slender hand , the two frolic for a while, and Tong Xin asked:

“What are you doing here?”

“Go to Baiyun Temple.”

Lu Chen briefly stated his plan to relocate the spirit vein, warned repeatedly: “The pontoon bridge here has also been built, and your brother Tongguan seems to be in the military village. When I come back, let your brother guard it, and you can follow me back to Long. Spring Temple.”

“Listen to the Lord~”

Tong Xin was seriously nodded, and the two exchanged for a while. Lu Chen said goodbye to Tong Xin for a while and flew all the way across the Nieshui River. , When approaching Fengpo City, she let Hu Niu fall to the ground, and saw a thousand corpses in the ruins from a distance.

[Name]: Weird

[Information]: Third rank Thousand Corpse


Today Thousands of corpses are still third rank, but their size has increased by nearly half, reaching a height of more than 150 meters. The entire ruins are like its toys. Looking at it from a distance makes people’s scalp numb and heartache. fear.

What’s even more terrifying is the flying skull, which is black.

It’s boundless.

It’s like the end.

The other party is no longer what it used to be, and Lu Chen does not dare to provoke it easily.

Seeing that Qianshou’s corpse had no plans to leave Fengpo City, he didn’t care. He rode Hu Niu to Fengpo Lake in the Western District of Fengpo, and waited for Hu Niu to land on Lake Heart Island. Lu Chen looked around and saw that everything was as usual, and he was relaxed immediately. He just arrived at the Ancestral Hall in Baiyun Temple, and his face changed slightly.

Just outside Ancestral Hall, there are two people standing on the left and right, lazily basking in the sun.

The two are young, both in their twenties, wearing identical taupe robes, one holding a whisk and the other holding a magic sword, both of which are cultivation bases on the second and third floors of Qi Refinement.

“This is… being occupied in advance?”

Lu Chen frowned, seeing that the two of them didn’t pay attention to themselves, so she asked Hu Niu to take a few steps back and waved her hand in. After visiting White Bone Mountain Village, he reached out and wiped his face again, changing his face.

This is how to move forward.

“Two Fellow Daoists.”

“Two Fellow Daoists…”

Lu Chen called out several times, two The sleepy guy opened his eyes slowly and looked at Lu Chen who was near Chi Chi, and was startled.

“Watch the fight!”

“Eat a certain sword!”

One picks up the whisk and strikes, the other picks up the magic sword and stabs, Lu Chen Reaching out and grabbing the whisk, he blocked the stabbing magic sword with the whisk, and pulled it gently.



The two of them screamed in pain, and the bottle gourd fell to the ground, rolling all over the floor. .

“The banker’s handle?”

Lu Chen was speechless for a while. Although the two had some cultivation bases, they had no spell and no enemy experience. The whisk and magic sword were just good-looking. They’re all like goods, um, these two people and Qing He are similar to Qing Cao, and most of them are the roles of serving tea and water.

As soon as I thought of this, the thought of being ruthless was extinguished in my heart.

“You are so unreasonable, how dare you fight against our senior and junior brothers.”

“You wait, you wait~”

The two climbed up from the ground, all in a state of embarrassment, yelling, and ran into the Ancestral Hall with each other’s hand. Lu Chen ignored it and stood there and waited silently. For a while, the two were surrounded by an Old Daoist Priest. came out.

“Master, it’s him!”

“This person hurts people, Master wants to stand up for us~”


The two fought back and forth, indignant.

This Old Daoist Priest is over fifty years old, with gray beard, wearing a gray robe, and carrying a wooden sword. Lived the gossip of the two and made a bow:

“Poor Daoist has no face to see Fellow Daoist.”


Old Daoist Priest is only the cultivation base of the fifth layer of Qi Refinement. Lu Chen lost his interest at a glance, and said:

β€œThe spirit vein has no owner, and the virtuous live in it, you… can’t keep it. !”

“Yes yes~”

Old Daoist Priest complied, said with a bitter smile:

“Poor Daoist is leaving.”

Seeing Lu Chen dissented and said “en”, Wuyanzi took the two ciples whose face turned red and left, the two sides intertwined, Wuyanzi suddenly made a secret art.



The two discles behind him screamed and exploded into a blood mist, covering Lu Chen.

“Looking at the blood, Spirit Sword begins!”

Wuyanzi loudly shouts, a wooden sword on his back, a talisman in his left hand, a sword in his right hand, and a wooden sword in his right hand. The sword passed through the rune paper, raging flames instantly ignited on the blade, his face was fierce, and a sword stabbed Lu Chen’s back.


However, this inevitable sword stabbed into the hard armor, Wuyanzi’s face changed suddenly, and he hurriedly retracted the wooden sword, Squeeze the fingers of the sword, step on the body of the sword, and quickly escape to the distance.

“Is it bad to be alive?”

Lu Chen turned around wearing the yanyang armor, the stomach of the armor rattled, obviously, this blood mist carried a very strong Corrosiveness, even if the usual Method Release Immortal Master was suddenly attacked, I’m afraid it wouldn’t feel good, but it’s a pity that I bumped into Lu Chen.

At this time, there is no face.

The cultivation base has turned into Qi Refinement Perfection, and the cultivation base is even hidden. Seeing Wuyanzi fly farther and farther, Lu Chen is not in a hurry. A sound:



With a crisp sword cry, Qingyun Sword roared away, chasing behind the opponent in a blink of an eye , Wuyanzi panicked, and quickly stimulated a piece of jade in his arms, and saw an azure mask appear outside the body. However, after only being stabbed twice by the Qingyun sword, the mask was completely broken with a “Katha” sound.

Wuyanzi was frightened and hurriedly waved his sword to intercept it, but Qingyun Sword split into eight, instantly stabbing the opponent into a hole.



With a scream, Wuyanzi’s body fell into the Fengpo Lake below, There was a large splatter of blood.

Lu Chen squeezed sword art in his hand, Qingyun sword and seven sword stars cooperated, quickly salvaged the corpse, and flew to it with the corpse, Lu Chen gently shook Yanyang armor, blood mist around him It finally dissipated, leaving only a few stumps and minced meat scattered all around, which looked extremely terrifying.

Lu Chen touched the corpse and found a magic sword, a jade pendant, a storage bag, and a three-inch token.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Qingying Sword


[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Hidden Spirit Pendant


The magic sword is called [Qingying Sword] , Yujue is called [Yin Ling Pei], and the token is engraved with three characters:

Ling Sword Mountain!

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, Spiritual Qi rushed, opened the storage bag, his face suddenly brightened, he stretched out his hand and waved, a large piece of things scattered on the ground, including at least seven First Rank Magical Artifact, apart from this, and a small pile of spiritsand no less than three thousand grains.

“Good guy!”

Lu Chen was a little moved, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is a Method Release Immortal Master.

He looked back at Ancestral Hall, and suddenly recalled that this shameless man was afraid that he had killed a lot of people here. This kind of method is considered powerful, but it was a pity that it was cheap for others.

Meng Yao and Lu Chen sorted out, Lu Chen put away the things, handed the token engraved with [Sword Mountain] to Meng Yao, and said:

“Go to Help big brother throw this token into the lake.”

“Oh oh~”

Meng Yao took the token and didn’t ask any more questions, jumping and flying to Fengpo lake.

No matter what Wuyanzi’s footsteps are, I’m afraid it has nothing to do with the Sword Mountain. The Qingcang mountain range is divided into two parts, the east and the west. The dividing line is the mighty Akutagawa River. This spiritual river is originally Going east and west, after entering the Qingcang mountain range, it was blocked by Xianshan, and turned to the south, which divided the Qingcang mountain range into two.

This sect named Sword Mountain is located in the east.

Some time ago, Lu Chen had heard about his pulse moving westward, but he didn’t know the specific reason. He never wanted to cause trouble. Since he made a move, he naturally had to clean up his hands.

When Meng Yao flew back, Lu Chen took out the ghost altar and released two ghosts.


“wu wu wu ~~”

With Lu Chen’s order, the speeding ghost in black robe stood up Yin Feng flew into the Ancestral Hall, and Lu Chen performed the [Qiankun Reflection Method].

Spread your left hand.

Watch carefully.

The Swift Walker passed through Ancestral Hall and drifted all the way to the underground spirit vein, throwing stones from time to time to explore the way, and after flying not far, I saw smoke rising, and two ghosts began to spin in place. .


Lu Chen’s eyes shined and led Meng Yao into Ancestral Hall.

Walking along a downward stone stairs, and soon came to the place where the Speedwalker was trapped, I saw water vapor lingering in front of me, the smoke filled the air, and the Speedwalker was rampaging in it, and it was hard to break out. .

Lu Chen opened his mouth and spit:

β€œhu hu~~”

The raging red fire burned forward against the ground, and the water vapor made a sound , was quickly evaporated, and the two fast-walking ghosts suddenly got out of trouble and continued to explore the way down.

“Sign in to God Devouring the Starry Sky”

“This Formation … is just normal.”

Lu Chen shook his head and continued with Meng Yao Then, when the two ghosts came to the stone chamber where the spirit vein was located, they saw that water vapor was formed in front of the stone chamber. As the water vapor gathered, a huge silhouette gradually took shape.


This is a scorpion, with a whole body as crystal clear as jade, more than two meters high, and its huge size completely blocks the entrance of the stone chamber, which is close to five meters The long scorpion tail kept piercing at the two speeding ghosts, and spit out a light rain from time to time, but the speeding ghosts were ghosts and suffered very little damage.


Lu Chen asked the scorpion to contain the ghost, and took the opportunity to urge the Qingyun sword to launch an attack. It gradually became illusory, and finally exploded with the sound of “peng”.

Totally dissipated.

Lu Chen retracted his sword and took Meng Yao into the stone chamber.

I saw a pile of corpses, no less than ten, piled in the corner of the stone chamber, while on the other side, there was a huge hole, extending for dozens of meters, among which there were spots. The rays of light shone, astonishingly in spirits and grains.

“This is…spiritsand mine?”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly. It turned out that this man was not only ambushing the cultivator, but also secretly mining the spiritsand mine by himself. No wonder there are so many reserves. spiritsand.

“big brother, there is something here.”

Meng Yao flew down from Lu Chen’s shoulder, her little finger pointing to the central spring.

“It’s the array plate?”


Meng Yao nodded her head and sank into the spring without waiting for Lu Chen to make a sound , and soon flew out holding a disc the size of a fist, playful and cute, and his little body was not stained with water.

[Name]: Array

[Information]: First Rank Jade Scorpion Illusory Array


He took the array plate and sat down to refining directly.

A stick of incense passed by.

Lu Chen opened his mouth and sucked, the array disk became small, and flew into his mouth. The information in it was already known. The material of this refining array was the whole body skeleton of the Second Rank Spirit Beast Jade Scorpion Beast, and it was engraved inside it. There are two sets of combination Formation, namely [Jade Scorpion Array] and [Illusory Spirit Array].

The Phantom Spirit Formation can trap the enemy, and the Jade Scorpion Formation can attack and defend.

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen is satisfied with the nodded. He has just seen the formidable power of this array. In the state of no one’s control, it still has good power. If Some people control, the power is afraid to be stronger.

And there are nine Dao Marks, and most of the tenth Dao Marks have been formed.

The reason why I haven’t been promoted to Second Rank is just because of the lack of mana sacrifice.

A sea of fog hides mountains.

A jade scorpion ghost formation.

By then, there will be no shortage of Formation in Fengxian Town.


Put away the array plate, Lu Chen turned his hand and took out the [Pulse Shifting Talisman], took a deep breath, and began to enter Spiritual Qi into it , as Spiritual Qi continued to enter, the dark yellow rune gradually became brighter, and the rune on it also lit up.

Waiting for Lu Chen to pour Spirit Orifice’s Spiritual Qi into most of it, he couldn’t hold the talisman anymore.


As Lu Chen let go, the pulse-shifting symbol turned into a golden light, and with a β€œpeng” sound, it got into the spiritual cave formed by the spirit vein below.



The entire Lake Heart Island was shaken, and there was a faint dragon roar The groan reverberated, and the stone chamber shook as well. One after another crack in the ground arched, the walls also cracked, and rubble fell from time to time on the top of the head.

“Such a big movement?”

“Yaoyao is afraid!”

“I’m not afraid, there is a big brother!”

” Mmmmm~~”

Meng Yao was a little scared, hiding in Lu Chen’s arms and looking around secretly, Lu Chen took out the Second Rank dust whisk, slammed it hard, and sent a falling boulder flying, and stretched out his left hand:



A golden rune paper flew back, and there was a long bar on the rune paper , like a living thing.

Twist back and forth.


[Name]: spirit vein

[Information]: First Rank Water Attribute spirit vein



Lu Chen didn’t have time to take a closer look, put away the talisman paper, and flew out of the stone chamber.


Just after leaving, the entire stone chamber collapsed with a bang, and then, the scope of the collapse continued to expand, spreading rapidly from Ancestral Hall to further distances.

On this day, Lu Chen moved his pulse and captured his spirit for the first time, and the Lake Heart Island within a short distance sank into Fengpo Lake in a blink of an eye!


“What a big move!”

Lu Chen stood in the air with his feet on the Qingyun sword, looking at the surging phoenix Po Hu couldn’t help but stunned, and was about to fly away when a flash of light suddenly flew and landed not far away. It was a black clothed man with bared temples, stepping on a flat boat under his feet, and holding a slender slender in his hand. Thirteen bamboo poles and a bamboo hat on his head.

At first glance, I thought it was an ordinary fisherman.

However, the cultivation base is not weak, it is Qi Refinement Perfection, the other party swept around Fengpo Lake and Lu Chen, UU reading www. uukanshu.comcoldly said:

“Fellow Daoist may tell a certain family, what happened here?”


Lu Chen shook his head and said with a bitter smile:

“Frankly, Xiaodao came a few breaths earlier than Your Excellency.”


The other party obviously didn’t believe it, and the bamboo pole was faintly hidden in his hand. Point to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen complexion changed:

“Flying Head is coming!”


The big man shuddered, He hurriedly turned his head and looked towards the east. Sure enough, he saw a black cloud roaring and flying, among which countless flying heads flew up and down, roaring and screaming, terrifying matchless.

So he couldn’t care about anything else, he set up a small boat and fled in a hurry.

Lu Chen also took the opportunity to fly north to escape, just several dozen li, and met three waves of cultivators, but fortunately there was no conflict.

“There are more and more loose cultivators!”

Lu Chen glanced in the direction of Xushan, and looked the head, Yu Jian fell to the military village below.


The rouge tiger Tongxin had been waiting for a long time. Cheerful stood outside the military tent, and specially put on a red and yellow cigarette skirt. The blue silk was tied behind his head, not yet dry, as if he had just taken a bath.

The face is delicate.

It’s delicious.

Lu Chen was a little restless in his heart, Tong Xinqiao smiled and Yanyan, went forward, wrapped Lu Chen’s arm, dilly-dallying: “Master, it’s getting late, I’ll rest in the military camp for one night today. , let’s leave tomorrow morning, please rest assured, no one dares to approach within thirty paces of this military tent.”


Lu Chen Wang Glancing at the blazing sun just westward, silently nodding, seeing that there was really no one around, so he picked up Tong Xin by the waist, lifted his foot into the tent, reached out to touch it, and his heart suddenly warmed.

Really…really convenient!

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