My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 12

all around is empty.

The fog is hazy.

Lu Chen had a feeling in the heart, and immediately understood that this was the Spirit Orifice that opened.

Spirit Orifice, Futian, Wisdom, the secret of the human body, the spiritual treasure of Innate, the breath of Heaven and Earth, the basis for derivation, ordinary people can’t feel it, ordinary people can’t see it.

It is invisible.

The bit is undefined.

And once it is perceived, Spirit Orifice is opened and Spirit Orifice is set.

As soon as he thought about it, Lu Chen realized that his Spirit Orifice was fixed at dantian, and with his thoughts, he felt the dots of aura between Heaven and Earth around him.

It is Spiritual Qi, the non-attribute Spiritual Qi other than Five Elements Spiritual Qi.

Lu Chen has no spirit root, so he can only absorb these without attribute Spiritual Qi for the time being. The cultivation speed is twice as slow as the one with single spirit root, and even slower than the one with multiple spirit roots. is several times.

However, Lu Chen is not afraid.

He can quickly upgrade Qi Refinement Art, Mastery, Great Accomplishment, Perfection, then Promote Level, Promote Grade, his cultivation speed will only get faster and faster.

Keep those geniuses out of reach.

“Let’s start!”

Lu Chen sank his mind and started Qi Refinement for the first time in his life as described in Qi Refinement Art.

“When the arms fall, the body is empty, and I enter the country with no self and no action~”

“The righteousness subsides and the spirit rises, and the hand holds the spiritual machine on both sides~”

“Two hands are connected to Shengtianlu, and the air source appears in the headspace~”

“With both hands together, the air enters the orifice, and the aura is slowly stored in the middle~”


Let it go!


Finally, I practiced Spiritual Qi for my own use. After a whole small circulation, unconsciously after a small one hour, the Spirit Orifice, which was empty and empty, finally had more wisps of spiritual light.

“Good! Good!”

Lu Chen was so excited, his mind moved, Spirit Orifice’s Spiritual Qi covered the surface of his fist along the muscles, he waved I punched a few times and felt that the formidable power increased by at least three points when I punched.

Wait for him to calm down.

The first thing that comes to mind is refining Magical Artifact Peach Wood Sword, but Peach Wood Sword is not around for the time being, so I can only wait.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master /Weapon Suppressing Mansion worship

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement Realm First Layer

[spirit root]: False Spiritual Root

[cultivation technique]: Master of Eternal Spring Art (upgrade conditions can be expanded!); Introduction to Qi Refinement Art; Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra not getting started

【spell】: Radiating Light Technique not getting started; Sword Control Technique not getting started

【Palm Method】: Kasyapa Hand getting started

【Blade Technique ]: Introduction to Buddhist Blade


With the cultivation base, Lu Chen is finally a Qi Refiner of Qi Refinement First Layer.

The salted fish turns over!

It’s not what it used to be!

Lu Chen turned his attention to the spell row and reached out a little:



【Radiating Light Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]: A ray of inspiration (not achieved!)

[2]: One day of cultivation (not achieved!)

[3]: Five spiritsand (achieved!)


[Sword Control Technique upgrade condition]:

【 1]: A sword (not achieved!)

【2】: One day of sword practice (not achieved!)

【3】: A spiritsand (achieved! )


Sword Control Technique

The Radiating Light Technique is an Authentic Level, and if you want to practice it, you still need a ray of [aura], which is hard to find and usually only appears at the moment when the morning sun is born.

In a flash!

Moreover, it dissipates very easily.

If you want to store, you also need a Magical Artifact of the bottle type. If there is no such Magical Artifact, you can only choose to refinish on the spot.

In the beginning.

Daoist Azure Cloud worked hard on the lightning tower for half a year in order to perfect this Radiating Light Technique.

But the tossing is enough.

Lu Chen’s cultivation will be much easier. When he meets the conditions for one day of cultivation, he can start preparations. However, the lightning tower collapsed last year, and he needs to find another high ground.

This is not in a hurry.

[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: five days of cultivation (0/5 not reached!)

[2]: a dead soul (0/1 not achieved!)

【2】: Ten spiritsand (0/10 not achieved!)


It used to take a long time to practice, that is because Spirit Orifice was not opened, and now it is Qi Refinement Realm.

Upgrading is simpler.

Looking at the upgrade conditions of Qi Refinement Art after entering Sect, Lu Chen didn’t wait any longer. He cleaned up the silver and spirits on the ground, and Shi Shiran walked out of the room. When walking, he always felt light under his feet. of.

high-spirited and vigorous.

High spirits!

“hehe, Young Master is getting more and more handsome.”


In Qing He’s congratulations and Jiang Hong’e’s white eyes, Lu Chen said goodbye to the two and floated down the third floor when he appeared on the stairs on the first floor.

In an instant, a pair of angry eyes looked over.

“That’s the kid.”

“It was he who spent the night on the third floor, and Miss Yiyi’s innocence must have been stained by him.”

” Get him, get…kill him!”


The silent scene instantly rioted, dozens of people attacked and aggressively rushed towards him.

Girl Yiyi.


Lu Chen felt wronged, stepped back two steps, and hurriedly explained:

“Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding!”


A big man with a hair on the temples rushed the fastest, stepped up five steps, saliva splashed across, and roared loudly: “I waited for Miss Yiyi for two years, and I didn’t touch my hand, but you This damn guy smashed to death you son of a turtle all night!”


The wooden chair in his hand slammed down on Lu Chen.


With a light spin under his feet, Lu Chen easily dodged a blow, made a clever effort, and pressed a palm on the opponent’s chest, the big man walked from the stairs. It fell from the top and flew upside down for nearly ten meters. With a “clang dang” sound, the wine table in the center of the hall was all split up and in pieces.


“Stop, stop!”

Everyone screamed and stopped in a hurry, one by one scared witless.

Lu Chen is not what it used to be, he doesn’t want to care about a bunch of brainless guys, and hugs a cup one fist in the other hand: “Everyone, last night was in Jiang Hong’e Mother Jiang’s room. I haven’t seen any Yiyi girls, and I’m not interested.”



Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and hurriedly made way for a passage.

Lu Chen floated away, but the Scarlet Chamber Garden exploded.

“Jiang…Mother Jiang, sigh~~”

“A fierce man, a peerless fierce man, he was able to subdue Mrs. Jiang, and I’m taking it!”

“I don’t believe it~”

Meanwhile, on the third floor of Scarlet Chamber Garden, Jiang Hong’e stood leaning against the window, his chest heaving up and down, looking at the back of Lu Chen who was dashing away, with silver teeth Biting zhi zhi:

“I dare to take advantage of my mother, next time… I will have a good time!”


Lu Chen left the Scarlet Chamber Garden, ate three bowls of mutton noodle soup on the street, and packed another bowl. Instead of going directly back to Long Spring Temple, he stopped in front of a courtyard.

Three houses, half an acre of mansion, and in disrepair, even more dilapidated than Long Spring Temple.

“dong dong dong ~”

Lu Chen knocked on the courtyard door, UU read www. Not long after, a thin little head poked out of it. It was the little girl who sent him a letter before, called Meng Yao, nicknamed “Yao Yao”.

She saw Lu Chen and said happily:

“Daoist Priest big brother ~”


Lu Chen nodded with a smile and handed over the packaged mutton noodle soup:

“I bought it for you, it’s delicious.”

“Thank you big brother~”

Meng Yao showed a big smile, rubbed her small hand on the long gown, took it carefully, and led Lu Chen into the house, she put the noodle soup into the kitchen, and her little feet deng deng deng ran into the main room , rustled for a while, and took out a hidden burden.

It’s Lu Chen’s Peach Wood Sword inside.

“Daoist Priest big brother, here~”


Lu Chen took the burden, looked at the yard, and asked:

“Where’s your grandfather?”

“grandfather went to the mountainside to chop wood.”


Lu Chen to the old The man’s impression changed a lot, and he chatted with the little girl for a while, left a tael of silver, and left the courtyard.

From street to alley.

Lu Chen unlocked the door, pushed open the gate, and saw a long and narrow door panel stuck in the middle of the yard like a sword, scratched with a fingernail on it:

Bring Maiden Scripture, otherwise, you will die in three days!

“Three days? Oh, it won’t take that long!”

Lu Chen pupils shrank, then sneered, it seems that Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk really came last night, and he waited all night for nothing. Fruit, unwilling to leave, simply leave a message to threaten.

The target of the other party turned out to be Authentic Level “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra”.

Little lady.

Pretty nun.

Remembering Yuan Zhen’s preferences, Lu Chen was no longer surprised, closed the gate, took out the Peach Wood Sword and seized the time to refining.

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