My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 120




“wu wu wu ~”

Lu Chen tried his best to support Tong, crying and laughing, the attack lasted from afternoon to late night, and finally stopped. The two stopped fighting and cultivated for a while. With Tong Xin into the White Bone Mountain Village.

The rouge tiger Tongxin changed into a new suit, which was the First Rank robe given by Lu Chen.

The full name of this robe is [Juansha Gold Embroidered Yunjin Palace Skirt], and there are two sets of First Rank runes inscribed in it, namely [Wugou] and [Yunteng], of which Wugou and Lu Chen’s robe’s [Dangchen] is similar, and it has a dust removal effect, while [Yun Teng] can make people step on the void without falling, which is very practical.

As soon as the two entered the White Bone Mountain Village, Tong Xin saw the mountain squatting at the foot of the mountain at a glance.

“This is the Spirit Beast. It’s been mad at me. I haven’t eaten or drank for several days.”

“Master, let me try it?”


Seeing Tongxin be eager to have a try, Lu Chen nods, said with a smile:

“If I can make it Obedient, I’ll stay by your side.”


Tong Xin’s big eyes were bright, and there was still a blush on his delicate cheeks, Lu Chen reached out his hand After pinching it, Tong Xin Hong Snake vomited softly and let out a coquettish groan. Lu Chen almost got angry again, and quickly suppressed it:

“When did I tell a lie?”

“Master, you are so kind!”

Tongxin adored with eyes full of admiration, hugged Lu Chen’s arm, dilly-dallying, and walked towards the mountain for a while, not yet approaching, usually ignoring Lu Chen The mountain withered, but opened his eyes.

Tong Xin approached step by step.

Zhou Shanti’s eyes moved along with it, and when she came to the front of Za Shanti, which was more than ten meters high, she looked up at the huge monster in front of her, and raised her slender jade hand.


Zuo Shanti let out a cheerful cry, and even lowered his head on his own initiative, like a grass chicken, flapping his wings gently, unbelievably docile.


Lu Chen was a little speechless, then grinned:

“As expected of our woman!”

Tong Xin has innate talent [Wild Xing Affinity], Lu Chen had great expectations for her to conquer the mountain, but didn’t expect it to be so smooth, not a while, the mountain was withered Zhu Tongxin started flying back and forth in Secret Realm.

“Master, come up quickly!”

Tong Xin stood on the back of a mountain, cheering excitedly, and waved to Lu Chen.


Lu Chen Yujian flew into the sky, just approaching, Zuoshan withered his eyes and raised his huge wings, wanting to fan Lu Chen away, However, seeing Tongxin’s pretty face, she screamed:



Zuoshan cried out in grievance , turned his head away, stopped looking at Lu Chen, Lu Chen laughed, retracted his sword and landed on the back of the mountain, which was more than ten meters high, and its wings were nearly a hundred meters, and the wide back was enough to hold more than ten meters. There are more than enough people and it looks very spacious.

Tongxin’s brows and eyes are like spring, and she pulls the skirt with her slender hands:

“Master, do you want to…”

“…. ..”

Lu Chen was shocked, and said:


Then shock the head, said resolutely:

“Forget it, try again when you have time, let’s do business first.”

“Listen to the Lord!”


The mountain let out a cry and swooped down. Lu Chen and Tong Xin jumped down together and landed on the pavilion in the heart of the lake. He turned over and took out a golden talisman, which was exactly [ Pulse Shifting Talisman], reach out and tear it.


With a light sound, the talisman paper turns into fly ash.

A wiggling shadow fell into the lake, and then the entire Secret Realm shook. The huge movement caused the sleeping Third Young Lady and the others to run out of the room.


The loud noise got louder and louder, and the Jade Bone Mountain trembled.

From time to time, boulders rolled down from the mountain. Lu Chen comforted the girls and took them to the high circular platform in the villa to take shelter. It wasn’t until one hour later that the vibrations gradually stopped. , The whole villa was in a mess, except for the three or five main halls that stood, most of the other rooms were half collapsed.

The Water Spiritual Vein is completely integrated into the Jade Bone Mountain, forming a new spiritual spring in the pavilion standing in the middle of the lake. Holes side by side.

So far.

White Bone Mountain finally has two First Rank spirit veins, Earth Attribute and Water Attribute, with extraordinary heritage.

The girls looked at each other in blank dismay.

Third Young Lady Du and Azhu Abi have already started to cry. Lady Du Third Young stayed in the villa for six years, and Azhu Abi stayed for a long time. Chen Qiaoer and the velvet witch Shan Duoduo didn’t feel much.

“The old won’t go and the new won’t come.”

“Don’t be sad!”

Lu Chen comforted a few times, but there was no regret. I just disliked the layout of this villa, but now it’s better, it can be rebuilt, and it’s better to build one that you are satisfied with.

After setting everyone up properly, Lu Chen and the rouge tiger Tongxin walked into a surviving main hall hand in hand.

“Master, you are so domineering~”

“Master, you are so rude~”

“wu wu wu ~”


One night, the tiger subdued, and at dawn the next day, Lu Chen and Tong Xin led more than 1,000 victims to the north, circled Quyu Mountain, crossed the Yueshui River, and walked for two On the same day, I returned to the familiar Long Spring Temple.

After that, Lu Chen never left Long Spring Temple.

In addition to catching E and Tiger from time to time.

Concentrate on cultivation.

Two days later, Lu Chen consumed 14 Spirit Stones, and the [Seven Star Imperial Sword Art] and [Seal Method] were upgraded to [Great Accomplishment] at the same time; After finishing, Lu Chen’s cultivation base finally reached [Qi Refinement Perfection]; 5 days later, the third [Longevity Pill] was initially formed, and his strength has reached 9,500 catties.

Ten days later, a loose cultivator Method Release Immortal Master took a look at Fengxian Town.

Tongxin took off in the first battle, with five strings in his left hand and Chen Fuzi in his right hand. With the support of the Shexian Camp, they barely remained unbeaten.

On this day, Lu Chen was very quiet and thoughtful, and came to the front yard of Long Spring Temple. He saw Chen Qiaoer in a daoist robe sitting on the verandah with a scroll of Taoism in his hand. A Small Daoist Child is literate.

He looked at it from a distance, a little lost for a moment.

At this time, Fang Yuqi returned to Long Spring Temple from the Guard Lord’s house. Seeing Lu Chen absent-mindedly, he asked:

“What’s the matter today?”

“It’s nothing.”

Lu Chen came back to his senses, perfunctory, seeing Fang Yuqi staring at it, he had to explain:

“The third longevity pill is this It will be completed in two days, and during the cultivation just now, for some unknown reason, I suddenly felt a little restless, frightened and uneasy, as if I had overlooked something, but I couldnโ€™t remember it for a while.โ€

Fang Yuqi heard this and became serious:

“Heavenly Dao has a spirit, and the outside world can take care of him when he changes his life. Lu Lang has two Divine Ability body protection, and so, he must pay attention to it.”


“You are right!”

Lu Chen nodded, he also had this concern, so he asked:

“Can you have a good idea?”

“Since it was caused by Longevity Pill, why didn’t Lu Lang suspend his cultivation Longevity Gong for two days.”


Lu Chen readily accepted, and for the next two days, he No longer cultivating the Aoki Longevity Technique, and using the free time to refinish the Taoist corpse thoughts between the eyebrows, a day later, the Great Divine Ability Nine Heavens Entry to the Tomb will finally be upgraded.


ใ€Nine Heavens Grave Entry Upgrade Conditionใ€‘:

ใ€1ใ€‘: Refining Thousand Skills (1000/1000 Achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Tomb Entry (Upgradable!)+



Lu Chen took a long breath, reached out and tapped:


“Buzz ~~”

The mark between the eyebrows trembled slightly, and a black coffin slowly emerged. There were scattered light spots on the black coffin, like scattered stars and fragments of mysterious crystals, followed by strips of light. The turquoise pattern climbed up the black coffin, like the roots of the growth of Lingyun wood, and then the black coffin slowly disappeared, turning into a shallow imprint on the eyebrows.

Lu Chen was shocked, opened his eyes suddenly, muttered:

“Ji Ming!”

Nine Heavens was successfully upgraded to [Proficient] ], during this process, Lu Chen collected a little bit of information scattered about Dao Transformation Jun Corpse Thought, this Dao Jun is named Ji Ming, the word longevity, known as Longevity Dao Jun, this person is eight years old Qi Refinement, ninety-three years old Method Release, Tongxuan was 186 years old, and he was 297 years old when he became a Taoist.

Each step, almost all of them can’t break until the end of their lives.

“Longevity Daoist.”

“Why does it feel a little familiar…”

Lu Chen murmured a few times, and his head “boom” The explosion finally reminded him of a place that he ignored.

“Shou Immortal Palace!”

“Shou Immortal!”

“Shou Immortal…”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered and he felt a full of malice. He suddenly realized that he seemed to be being watched. Although he still didn’t understand whether this longevity Daoist and Shou Immortal were the same person, and he didn’t know whether it was true or not, he was vigilant in his heart. .

Another day.

Lu Chen bid farewell to the girls, Yu Jian flew to Toad Island.

I still felt unsafe, so I flew all the way to the Nieshui River, put the White Bone Mountain Village and the Liuli Huahai into the seal ball, and then made all the remaining five Spirit Stones into the seal ball. , The first layer is put down, the fifth layer is superimposed, and the head is drilled in, and the sealing ball is allowed to fall into the bottom of the Nieshui River. Since then, the retreat has begun!

“Hold Kunlun with both hands~”

“Left and right drums~”


Two days later, As Lu Chen slowly recovered, the sea of flowers around his body withered, and endless vitality gathered in Lu Chen’s mouth. The third longevity pill was completely perfect. Seeing that there was no abnormality in the sea of glazed flowers, Lu Chen was completely relieved and reached out his hand to tap:


[Aoki Changshenggong Promote Grade Conditions]:

[1]: A cultivation technique (achieved!)

[2]: Three Longevity Pills (achieved!)

[3]: Ten thousand catties of vigor (achieved!)

[4]: One thousand catties of flesh and blood (achieved!) Achieved!)


cultivation technique There is [Hook Python Swallowing Innocent Picture], the three longevity pills have just been prepared, and the ten thousand jins of strength have also been eaten by mirages. Frog’s flesh and blood, the first step to achieve, thousands of pounds of flesh and blood is the easiest, prepare it in advance.

He stretched out his hand and waved, and the two fish carcasses stored in the storage bag fell to the ground, each weighing less than 500 pounds, enough for Promote Grade.

“Second Realm!”

Lu Chen sighed and sat down beside the fish corpse.


A wood house opened in the distance, and the velvet witch mountain blossomed from the sea of flowers, full of white hair hanging down to the naked jade foot, a slender body The thin plain clothes cover the body, like a flower elf who is not interested in mundane affairs.

Since returning to Fengxian Township, White Bone Mountain Village has been rebuilt.

Du Third Young Lady and the others all live in Long Spring Temple, but the velvet girl likes to stay alone in the sea of glazed flowers. Seeing this, Lu Chen built a wood house for her alone. Japan and the two people together cultivate Aoki Changsheng Gong.



Lu Chen smiled nodded and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

“Master wants to break through?”

“Not bad!”

The aptitude of the velvet girl is not bad. Hao said, she lowered her head, her white hair was scattered, and her voice was inaudible:

“Duoduo…I want to protect the Dharma of the Gang Lord.”

“Okay! “

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, reached out and beckoned:

“Come here!”


The velvet girl Before, sitting slowly in Lu Chen’s arms, Lu Chen combed the other party’s white hair and blew a breath:

“Help you organize your clothes…”

Speaking, she stretched out her big hand, and the velvet girl was accustomed to it. She narrowed her blue eyes comfortably, her thin red lips opened and closed, and she was fragrant. Lu Chen added:

“Tell me another cultivation technique.”


Lu Chen explained the [Hook Python Swallowing Heaven Chart] in detail while helping to organize his clothes. .

“Duo… Duoduo didn’t remember.”

“It’s okay!”

Seeing that the velvet girl couldn’t concentrate, Lu Chen didn’t care either, He explained it patiently, and only managed to write it down three times in a row. Although the skill was hidden in the other party’s body, Rong Nuo hadn’t actively cultivated it. At this time, even though she had not carefully comprehend it, she already felt a little familiar.

Lu Chen explained the reason, and the velvet girl suddenly understood.

Aoki’s longevity function helps the velvet girl to prolong her life, and this [Hook Python Swallowing Heaven Chart] can make the other party turn into White Python at will, without worrying about losing her lifespan.

As for the root cause.

Lu Chen is not very clear because he has no cultivation experience.

After a while, the velvet girl got up and sat down to the side to carefully comprehend the cultivation technique she had learned. Lu Chen closed his eyes and slowly calmed down.

โ€œhu~ ~โ€


Heaven and Earth are far apart, the soft breathing in the heart is infinitely amplified, Lu Chen becomes After being quiet, I suddenly felt the restraint of the First Layer on the body surface, like wearing a heavy shackle and carrying a mountain.

It is very heavy.

Tight, tight.

The more you feel it, the more you feel breathless, about to suffocate, and even breathing begins to become disordered and difficult. , the bondage between the two realms.

It seems illusory and illusory, and it seems invisible.

Only when one has ten thousand jins of energy can one see it. It is an obstacle and also a kind of opportunity for oneself. Once the cultivation base breaks into the second state, it will dissipate, and it will be difficult to see again. It is similar to a fetus. Time for a bite of Innate Qi.


Body Refinement people can go back to Qi Refinement no matter how far they go, but once Qi Refinement people miss it, no matter how high their cultivation base is, they will not be able to look back for this opportunity.

When ordinary people feel imprisoned, they need to try to break through again and again. The process is very painful and very torturous, but Lu Chen doesn’t need to do this. He opens his eyes and stretches out his hand to tap:


“Promote Grade!”

“shua ~”

“peng! ”

The fish corpse disappeared out of thin air, and the three longevity pills in the mouth, chest, and lower abdomen exploded instantly, turning into a torrent of golden, gathering Lu Chen’s will, forming a pair of illusory palms, and tearing it hard:


The prisoner’s body barrier was torn open directly.

In an instant, Lu Chen gasped for breath, as if he had been reborn, only the sky was clear. Ming, once the top of his head is loosened, he is no longer bound, and he seems to be able to grow indefinitely. He is blessed to the soul, and subconsciously opens his mouth and breathes.


The torn barrier is like The cicada clothes that were taken off were swallowed by Lu Chen in one mouthful.

Then, Lu Chen’s body seemed to be out of control, the skin was pulling wantonly, the muscles were beating at will, and the skeleton was crackling, appearing to be terrifying matchless. In the blink of an eye, his body was two inches taller.

Fortunately, it soon returned to normal.

โ€œgu gu ~โ€

When Lu Chen thought everything was right In the past, a strange cry suddenly came from his stomach, and a huge hunger surged, almost drowning his consciousness, he stumbled to his feet, and turned his head to see a White Python coiled around him.

“gu lu ~”

“Hungry, hungry, so hungry! “

There seems to be a vicious beast lurking in his stomach, Lu Chen kept swallowed saliva, threw himself on White Python’s body, and locked White Python’s body with both hands.

“Eat Eat, eat, eat! “

There was a voice urging in consciousness, Lu Chen opened his mouth slowly, wanting to bite down.

“Master? ? “

White Python lowered his head, his voice clear.

“No way!” โ€

Lu Chen suddenly woke up and hurriedly got up.

Struggling with the only remaining consciousness, he stumbled to the distance, walked out of the sea of glass flowers, and passed through the First Layer. The sealing ball, with a sound of “pu tong”, fell into the Nieshui River, unable to hold on any longer, and passed out directly, subconsciously opening and closing his mouth in the coma, swallowing the water of the black Nishhui River.


“Where is this? โ€

It was two days after Lu Chen woke up, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself submerged in the river water, surrounded by pitch blackness, and the [Dust Shaking Robe] he was wearing had been corroded into rotten cloth, barely Even more terrifying is that Lu Chen’s belly is bulging, like a pregnant woman who is pregnant in October.

Heavy, UU reading has a feeling of falling!


“What’s the matter with you? ? โ€

Lu Chen was almost stunned. He poured Spiritual Qi into his eyes, and when he glanced at him, he felt something strange in front of him. After looking carefully, he realized that they were two bronze doors, dozens of meters high. , the door is engraved with mysterious intricate patterns, most of which have been covered by dark silt, and only a small area is revealed.

In front of the bronze door, there are two tall statues, like Two hideous fish demons, each holding a Trident.

And himself.

It happened to be picked up by a Trident, and it was because of this that he was not caught in the water. Flush away.

Those with the Body Refinement of the Second Realm can take internal breathing.

Lu Chen soaked in the water for two days, and it was only through the subconscious use of internal breathing that he survived. He was proficient in the sun, and there was not much difference between the water and the ground. He swam forward with his stomach stretched out, and stretched out his hand to sweep the mud on the bronze door. Immediately, four majestic characters were revealed.

โ€œHe Boโ€ House? ? “

Lu Chen tried to push the bronze door, but he couldn’t push it. He wrote down the location, didn’t think about it, and swam to the water quickly.

“crash-bang ~~”

When Lu Chen broke out of the water, he saw the blazing sun in the sky, he happened to be close to the north bank of the Nieshui River, jumped on the bank, and slowly spread his left hand:

Wrong Novel Network

“The Qiankun Mapping Method! โ€

The image of Fang Yuqi appeared in his left hand, Lu Chen quickly determined his position with the help of Fengxian Town, not far from the original retreat location, just a hundred li or so to the east.

โ€œhu~ ~โ€

He opened his mouth and let out a black breath. Lu Chen sat down with his stomach straight and began to check his own situation.

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