My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 121

The Dangchen robe was tattered and tattered by the water of the Nie Shui River, but Lu Chen himself was unscathed.

It’s all because he became a Body Refinement of the Second Realm, and it has changed from what it used to be. Not only is his hair as long as ink, black and shiny, but also the First Layer skin has faded from his body. He tore off the skin, and the skin below Centennial cowhide is even more flexible, comparable to Magical Artifact.

“It’s amazing!”

Lu Chen was speechless, closed his eyes and felt his body.

I immediately discovered that a large amount of black liquid had accumulated in my stomach, which contained a large amount of dead energy, and then it swelled up, like a pregnant woman, and in the center of the dead energy was the [prisoner barrier] swallowed by him. , this thing is like the afterbirth, turned into a circle, between the visible and the invisible.

It’s like a heavy Formation, in which something is being conceived.

“What would it be?”

Lu Chen was a little confused, and after a little sense, his expression suddenly became exciting.

There is actually a life in the prison barrier. No, it is his other body. At the moment of sensing that body, Lu Chen’s consciousness naturally merged into it.

“This is…”

[Lu Chen] opened his eyes and found himself transformed into a fetus, a weird fetus.

Mysterious lines of black and red all over the skin, black hair and red hands and feet, thick and powerful, although still a fetus, but his body is two meters in size, he reached out and touched his cheek, feeling very Rough, but almost exactly the same as Lu Chen.

The nose is like a nose.

The eye is the eye.

However, there are a bunch of black sarcomas on the forehead, which converge into a strange shape, like a hanging crown. It is very scary to look at any one organ alone, but it is full of is majesty.

Don’t be angry!

Swept up the mountains and rivers!

Only I Am Supreme!

“Pluto’s body!”

In an instant, Lu Chen clear comprehension, his thoughts moved, and his consciousness returned to his original body, only to see his belly squirming a few times, the black liquid and All the dead energy poured into that layer of afterbirth and turned into the nutrients that nurtured the Pluto body.

Lu Chen sighed and looked at the light curtain in front of him.

【Name】: Lu Chen

【cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement Perfection / Erjing Body Refinement

【life essence 】: 17/211


[cultivation technique]: Introduction to Pluto’s Immortality Technique (upgrade conditions can be expanded!); Yuanxi Jue Perfection (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)


The cultivation base is still Qi Refinement Perfection, but the Body Refinement is the second realm.

Comparable to Method Release Immortal Master.

The original Aoki Longevity Art may be due to the fusion of [Nether Wolf Howling Moon True Picture] and [Hooked Python Swallowing Innocent Picture], or it may have devoured too much water in the river before. , Actually Promote Grade has become the Second Rank Body Refinement skill [Pluto Immortal Art], and it is still giving birth to [Pluto Body].

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen grinned, squeezed his fists, and immediately found that his body’s strength was not bad, it had doubled several times to 31,000 Too many pounds is terrifying.

But if it is compared with the Pluto body, it seems to be insignificant.

However, this Pluto body is still being conceived, and it is still a while before he is born. He suppressed his excitement, washed his body, and put on an azure daoist robe that Qiao Qinghe sewed for him by himself.

“gu lu ~~”

Just as I was about to leave, there was a sound in my stomach and I was hungry again.


The Qingyun sword flew out, and the sword nailed a stupid spore in a daze, opening its belly, cramping and peeling, Lu Chen opened his mouth and spit, and the roaring red The fire wrapped the steak that was erected, and the aroma of meat filled the air in a short while. He collected the red fire and began to eat it.

“creak creak ~”

As soon as the mouth opened and closed, the teeth were gently ground, the meat was rotten and the bones were broken, and the whole spore leg with the meat and bones was swallowed, In the blink of an eye, he devoured 50 catties of roe deer meat.

“Three full.”

Lu Chen murmured, frowning again.

Three points of fullness is enough to consume his body for a few days. Because he has stronger strength control over his body, even if he persists for more than a month, it will be easy. inadequate measure.

Too far.

Once the nutrients are not enough, the birth time of the Pluto will be prolonged, which is what Lu Chen does not want to see.

“That’s not possible!”

Lu Chen put away the Qingyun sword, came to the side of the Nie Shui River, squatted down, and looked at the dark river water, his face changed, in the past. The black liquid that was dismissive, even disgusted, smelled a little mellow at this moment, just because it contained a lot of dead energy.

And the birth of the Pluto body requires death energy.

“Just take a sip…”

Lu Chen sighed, feeling a little depraved, and brace oneself stretched her head toward the Nishui River.

“Gudu Gudu~Gudu~”

“It’s really fragrant!”

The blazing sun above my head slowly sinks to the west. From noon to evening, Lu Chen’s He never raised his head, but he drank it long enough. The sun was about to go down. At this moment, a white crane flew from the south, with a dwarf standing on the crane’s back.

This man has a short stature, with a long temple, and his face is mature, but his height is less than one meter.


With a crane chirping.

The man looked down at the Nie Shui River, and immediately found Lu Chen drinking water, his face was blue and white, then he clenched the teeth, made a hand seal, and pointed at Lu Chen:

“Heaven and Earth Promise, Borrowing the Laws of the Universe Art, I am Ancestor Master, give me Divine Might, the sky will descend the gods, the lightning spell, the evildoer will die! 呔!!!”


A thunder boom exploded overhead, Lu Chen was alert, got up instantly, exerted force under his feet, and instantly retreated more than ten meters and returned to the shore, only to see a thunderbolt landed on the shore. At the position just now, a piece of black liquid exploded.


[Information]: Qi Refinement 8-Layer


Lu Chen face Gloomy, seeing that person is still seal, opened his mouth and spit:

“crash-bang ~”

A large black liquid sprayed out, flying towards the white crane like a rain of arrows, Bai He tried his best to dodge, but failed to dodge, his white feathers were stained with black marks.


With the scream of the white crane, the white body was corroded by black liquid little by little, and it recovered its original appearance and turned into a paper crane. , fluttering his wings and falling from the air, the dwarf above screamed, jumped down in a hurry, rolled a few times on the ground, and fell into a mess.


Lu Chen swept over in an instant, flattened the paper crane with his left foot, and put his right foot on the chest of the dwarf. With just a little force, this Qi Refinement 8 -Layer’s dwarf will die instantly, he withdrew his killing intent, pointed to his nose and said:

“Me, evildoer?”

“You…you drink evil Water, it’s just… a demon!”

The dwarf wanted to struggle, but he felt a big mountain pressing down on his chest, panicked in his heart, and stubbornly stuck his neck, unwilling to admit his mistake.


Lu Chen slapped the opponent in the face, knocking out two bloody molars.

“I, the evildoer?”

“I’m the evildoer!”


“I, the evildoer?”



“I, the evildoer?”

“wu wu wu ~”


“Me, the evildoer?”

“Nothing, nothing to pinch, I am the one, we [Yunxiao School] 】Walking is a monster, wu wu wu ~~”

The dwarf’s speech was slurred, his head was swollen into a pig’s head, he finally couldn’t hold it, and began to feel soft, Lu Chen was satisfied, put his feet away, and walked away with his hands behind his back. , leaving the dwarf holding the crushed paper crane, sitting on the ground collapsed and crying.

“wu wu wu~~”

“Yunxiao School? I don’t think I’ve heard of it.”

Lu Chen murmured, no more thinking, Yu The sword flew all the way to Fengxian Town.


It was getting dark, and there was a gathering in Long Spring Temple, everyone ate their meals in silence, all frowning, Lu Chen only left for just four God, everyone seems to have lost their backbone.

Jiang Hong’e was rummaging through his normally favorite red shrimp, but he didn’t have the slightest appetite. He put down his chopsticks and left the main hall first. Not in the spirit.

Qing He, Qing Cao, looked at each other and frowned.

Rouge Tiger Tongxin took a few bites at will, then left, sitting in the pavilion in a daze, Du Third Young Lady and Ah Zhu Abi left together, stayed together, sighed, Chen Qiaoer held a roll Dao Shu, shaking his head aside.

Fang Yuqi was the last to leave.

After sitting in Lu Chen’s room for a while, he returned to his bedroom next to him to sort out the official documents, and then started working all night again.

“big brother, where are you?”

At the top of the city, Hu Niu is sleeping soundly beside, a small silhouette staring into the distance, motionless, like a statue.

It was late at night.

The little silhouette is still waiting, holding a pair of small hands.


At this time, a silhouette stepping sword fell on the city head.

“big brother?”

The little silhouette softly trembled, with big red eyes, jumped into Lu Chen’s arms and sobbed:

“Big brother, don’t let Yaoyao go in the future~”


Lu Chen nodded hard and reached out to wipe the tears on his little face, but he couldn’t. At the end of the day, the two were snuggling at the top of the city, Hu Niu rested on Lu Chen’s lap, and opened a pair of tiger eyes comfortably.

“Once upon a time, there was a pair of men and women, the woman was the moon in the sky, the man was a scholar on the ground, and the man was poor, and he reluctantly lit the lamp at night. Reading, the woman watched from the sky, until one day, it was cloudy for more than ten days, and the man was looking forward to the sunny sky, but he didn’t know that the moon secretly descended to earth…”

Lu Chen whispered the story.

It wasn’t until sleepy that Meng Yao got into his long hair, Zhongmeimei, and went to sleep, while he rode a tigress to Long Spring Temple.


The tip of the pen falls on the page, brushing constantly, but there are only two words in the whole article:

Lu Lang!

Lu Chen quietly appeared behind him, reaching out and hugging the silhouette in front of him.


Fang Yuqi’s body suddenly tensed, Lu Chen tightened his arms and said softly:

” Everything is going well!”

“hu~, that’s good!”

Fang Yuqi relaxed, completely relieved, and hurriedly used official documents to cover up the paper under his men, Lu Chen did not Expose it, pick him up by the waist, and take a breath:

“Little lady, it’s getting late at night, Xiaodao will help you relax.”

“wu wu wu~~”


Lu Chen didn’t walk out of the bedroom until Fang Yuqi was tired and fell asleep, soothed everyone, and pushed the door to Jiang Hong’e’s room.

“Young Master~”

“Young Master is back!”

Qing He and Qing Cao are still guarding Jiang Hong’e, see Lu Chen go When I came, I was surprised, Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“It’s so late, why haven’t you slept yet?” Feeling happy, she took a few steps forward and carefully helped Lu Chen smooth the folds, explaining:

“Mother hasn’t eaten much these days, and she can’t keep her spirits up, she seems to be sick.”


Lu Chen came to the head of the bed and saw Jiang Hong’e had woken up after hearing the movement, but his face was paler, he turned over, and complained:

“My enemy, you’ve come back.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, but I’m a little tired and can’t keep my spirits up.

Lu Chen understood, he reached out to hold the graceful jade hand, and pressed his index finger on the pulse, Jiang Hong’e surprisedly said:

“You still see a doctor?”


“I know a little about it!”

“Then tell me what kind of disease I have?”

Lu Chen said with a serious expression:


“There is no cure for this disease, it’s a terminal illness, but… I have one side that can be cured, but… I need to back away.”

“What’s the disease?”



Qing He and Qing Cao laughed out loud, hurried out of the room, closed the doors and windows, Jiang Hong’e His small fists slammed into Lu Chen’s chest, and Jiao Tian said:

“Fellow, you are the only one who can make fun of people!”

Lu Chen’s expression remained unchanged, and he said solemnly:

“The left and right have retreated, Fairy Qing removed the cover.”

Jiang Hong’e winked and smiled. Said:

“Fairy Qing is still lying on the couch.”

“Lift it up!”

“Take it up!”

“It’s so good, Xiaodao will help Fairy heal!”


 … …

Jiang Hong’e was very ill, Lu Chen treated him all night, and when the sky was getting bright, he asked:

“Fairy’s condition has improved? “

“Okay, okay~~”

After that, Jiang Hong’e finally fell asleep exhausted. When he woke up, his face was really radiant. It can be seen that Lu Chen’s medical skills were proven. , the medicine will cure the disease.


The sky is bright, the inner courtyard of Long Spring Temple is in the main hall, and the dishes are served, full of happy laughter and With cheerful voices, Qing Cao Qing He and Azhu Abi walked around, busy, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi Jiang Hong’e sat at a table, and Tong Xin, who was originally the Method Release Immortal Master, could also come.

It’s a pity that Tongxin is timid.

I couldn’t let go in front of the two girls, so I sat down at another table.

There were a lot of people sitting at the other table. People, in addition to Tong Xin, Du Third Young Lady Chen Qiaoer and Rongnv, Qing He Qing Cao and Azhu Abi, who had finished their work, also sat down there, which was even more lively than here. As for Meng Yao, it was the children’s temperament. Flying back and forth between the two tables, tasting this, grilling that, giving this a mouthful, feeding the other, just like the two Small Foxes.

As for Xianxian and Hu Niu, they eat a lot.

, needs to be fed alone.

A happy breakfast, happy laughter and cheerful voices, in a blink of an eye, Lu Chen, who had eaten dinner, walked into his bedroom, only to see someone waiting for a long time

“cough cough ~”

Tong Xin pretended to cough twice, pulled the quilt with her delicate hands, revealing a piece of while light, she held her forehead with her hand:

“Master, are they sick too? “


Lu Chen was speechless for a while and asked:

“Is it serious? “

“Hmm, it’s very heavy!” “

Lu Chen faintly smiled and said:

“Master, help you take good care of it, and prescribe heavy medicine!” ”



Lu Chen had a pretty leisurely life for the next few days.

In addition to catching E and tigers from time to time, and diligently cultivating [Jade Nursing and Tongji], that is to practice [Seven Star Royal Sword Art] and [Seal Method] of Great Accomplishment, and then slowly breed [Pluto Body], Apart from this, the only thing Lu Chen can do is to wait for news from Sifangge Han Yuchun.

Now Lu Chen is Qi Refinement Perfection.

Promote Grade Method Release Immortal Master’s four conditions are met three, just one [Wood Heart] is missing. With the wooden heart, you can complete the Five Elements, not only him, but also refining the fire. Fang Yuqi of Tu Yuan, also transformed into four spirit roots, is also missing a wooden heart.

Three days later.

Under the tempering of Tong Xin’s mana, the Jade Scorpion Phantasm’s array was successfully promoted to Second Rank.

Lu Chen was about to erect White Bone Mountain outside the main hall of the inner courtyard. Relying on the two spirit veins in the inner courtyard and taking Long Spring Temple as the center, Lu Chen quietly set up a Second Rank Jade Scorpion Phantasm. , covering the entire Fengxian Town.

5 days later.

The White Bone Mountain Estate is finally complete, with its quaint setting.

The clear spring roars.

The pavilions and pavilions.


Like Immortal Realm.

Yugu Mountain also gradually grew flowers and plants under the influence of Water Spiritual Vein. Lu Chen took the opportunity to move the spirit farm into the villa and planted spiritual medicine and spirit rice seeds that he had bought earlier.

Lu Chen and others have also moved to White Bone Mountain Villa, and they go in and out of the Villa and Long Spring Temple every day, enjoying themselves at ease.

Two more days passed.

There was a loose cultivator Method Release Immortal Master who sneaked into Fengxian Town, but was detected in advance by Tong Xin, relying on the array, and decisively shot, with five strings in his left hand and a dust whisk in his right hand, fighting against that person. Regardless of the outcome, at the closing moment, Lu Chen opened the Jade Scorpion Phantasmal Array, and a five-meter-sized Jade Scorpion beast condensed over Fengxian Town and went straight to the loose cultivator.

Loose cultivator loses.

Fleeing with a broken arm.

But he was blocked by the phantom fog created by the phantom spirit formation. He couldn’t distinguish things for a while. Tong Xin took the opportunity to entangle the opponent with a dust whisk and launched [Execution], and the opponent’s body exploded all split on the spot. Up and in pieces, the blood gorillas are incomparable. So far, the reputation of Fengxian Town and Rouge Tiger gradually spread, and no one dares to underestimate them.

And Lu Chen is the man behind Rouge Tiger.

Still little known.

Lu Chen is so happy, otherwise, the murderer would not be Tong Xin, but Lu Chen.

Three days later, Lu Chen was watering the spirit farm with spiritual water in the villa, and his expression suddenly changed.

“What’s the matter, big brother?”

Meng Yao, who was squatting in the spirit farm, seemed to be aware, raised her little head, wiped her cheek with her dirty little hand, Zhang pretty face suddenly turned into a little cat.

“Someone sent news to big brother.”


Meng Yao seems to understand, but UU reading Continuing to carefully handle the spirit medicine and spirit rice that had just sprouted, the baby was tight, Lu Chen grinned, and stretched out his hand to make a move in the distance. Suddenly, an aura hovering outside the archway flew into the Secret Realm and whistled.

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed the aura in his hand.

The aura transformed into a pale-yellow Communication Talisman, and I saw a few lines of small characters written on the talisman paper:

“It’s been a long time since I sent a letter, so I miss it! “

“The matter entrusted by the little friend has finally come to the fore recently, but unfortunately it is not in the hands of Sifang Pavilion, so it is a pity that Tianmu Sect intends to hold a trade fair between cultivators. They communicate with each other, there is a cultivator surnamed Zhang, Mingyu, this person has [Mu Xin], and I wanted to auction it at Sifang Pavilion, but I learned that Mu Xin was taken away by the fair. The fair will be held on the 20th of this month. If you know the news, come to Ruins Mountain!——-Sifang Pavilion Han Yuchun!”

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