My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 122

“Zhang Yu…Xu Shan…”

“March 20th!”

Today is On March 17, there are still two days before the fair, and the trip is only a few hundred li. With the speed of Lu Chen’s current Great Accomplishment’s sword, even the senior Method Release Immortal Master is not afraid of it.

It will take at most one hour to go to Xushan, so there is no rush.

“big brother, come and come~”

“Come here!”

Meng Yao turned around and waved her little hand at Lu Chen .

Lu Chen smiled slightly, and gave a slight shock, the Communication Talisman in his hand suddenly burned and turned into fly ash, then followed behind Meng Yao’s little butt, holding a teapot, facing the sprouting spiritual medicine and spirit. rice one after another poured spiritual water.

The two are busy.

Azhu ran over gasping for breath, stood outside the spirit farm and shouted:

“The farmer, it’s not good, the Third Young Lady is sick.”


“Third Young Lady?”

Lu Chen was a little surprised, frowned:

“How could the Third Young Lady fall ill?”

“People I don’t know, the Third Young Lady was cleaning the Wuxiang Garden just now, and somehow passed out on the ground, and the younger sister was taking care of the Third Young Lady in the yard.”

White Bone Mountain is very big, and Lu Chen will build it. The good villa is divided into three adjacent small courtyards, each with seven or eight houses. Lu Chen lives alone in the middle of the [Changchun Garden], which also reserves rooms for everyone, except for Tong Xin often sneak attack, we usually do not live in Changchun Court.

On the left of Changchun Garden is [Wuxiang Garden] where Tong Xin and Du Third Young Lady and the others live, on the right are Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi, and [Moxiang Garden] where Qing Cao Qinghe lives. ].

“Okay, Ah Zhu will take me there to see.”


Lu Chen and Meng Yao talked, following Ah Zhu. Go to Wuxiangyuan.

Azhu and Abi are a pair of twins who are very similar in appearance. They have outstanding faces and good posture. The reason why Lu Chen can distinguish the two is because Azhu’s chest is slightly more bulging than Abby’s. One point, Lu Chen’s eyes are very poisonous, and one is accurate.

Azhu walked in front, her small buttocks twisting.

Youthful vitality.

The scenery is infinite.

Lu Chen took two quick steps and reached out to grab it.


Azhu creded out in surprise, but she was filled with endless joy.

Since they came to Fengxian Town, although the two sisters said they were at ease, did not worry about food and clothing, and made the best use of everything, they were also apprehensive, because Lu Chen had never been favored since that day. Having drowned them, the two even wondered if it was because they only cared about themselves that night and failed to serve Lu Chen well.

So often worry about gain and loss.

Nowadays, Lu Chen’s hand makes Ah Zhu happy, sweeter than eating honey.


Azhu blushed and shouted, Lu Chen grinned, reached out to hold a Rouyi, said resolutely:

“Let’s go!”


Azhu jumped up and down, feeling that her steps were a little brisk, and she had hope again.

The two came to Wuxiangyuan, walked straight to Du Third Young Lady’s room, gently opened the door, and the fragrance of flowers was immediately intoxicating. Flowers, red, purple, ordinary, exotic, colorful petals competing for beauty.


Abi came up to greet her, bowed down to pay respect, and then dragged elder sister Azhu out of the room, waiting outside the door and whispering in a low voice.

Lu Chen sat down in front of the bed and saw Third Young Lady Du lying on the bed, covered with a brocade quilt, her eyes were closed, she was still in a coma, Third Young Lady Du was pale, Sickly pale, First Layer sweat appeared on his forehead.

It looks like she is really sick.

Lu Chen reached out and grabbed Du Third Young Lady’s left hand. Spiritual Qi rushed in her body, and immediately circulated in the opponent’s body. Du Third Young Lady was stimulated by Spiritual Qi and immediately woke up. Although Chen has never studied medicine, due to Cultivation, he has a clear insight into all parts of the body, and he also knows the cause of the other party’s coma: Heart!

“Zhuang… Zhuangzhu?”


Du Third Young Lady struggled to sit up, Lu Chen comforted:


“There are no outsiders, so just lie down.”


Du Third Young Lady is no longer stubborn, leaning weakly on the bedside, wondering Said:

“What’s wrong with your servant?”

“You passed out outside just now and checked your body for you. You’re sick.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Heart failure!”


Du Third Young Lady cried out in surprise, almost scared Fainting, heart failure, is an incurable disease for an ordinary person. Once it occurs, even if it is strong enough, the body will not be as good as before. The weaker limbs are weak, and the brow beaded with sweat after walking two steps. Bedridden, not two years to live.

“Don’t panic!”

Lu Chen comforted:

“Third Young Lady, your illness is not serious, I can cure it.”

“wu wu wu ~”

Du Third Young Lady is already a weeping beauty. At the age of 30, she is the most familiar. Different charms:

“The owner of the village should not console your servant, since your servant has this incurable disease, it is better to die early, wu wu wu ~”

“How could it be so serious? .”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly and explained:

“I have two ways to cure your disease, one is slow medicine and the other is fast medicine.”

Du Third Young Lady has already taken【Orifice Opening Pill】, ordinary person often takes effect with one pill, but unfortunately the other party failed to take two pills. Now it seems that most of them are dragged down by this disease.

The incurable disease of the ordinary person is easy to cure in the eyes of the cultivator. There are two kinds of slow medicines. One is the [Autumn Cicada Slough] of the Four Seasons Villa. It is said that all diseases can be cured. Unfortunately, Lu Chen didn’t have it, and the other was the [Cure Disease Pill] recorded in [Pill Dao’s Detailed Explanation].

However, there is a missing First Rank spiritual medicine [Hundred Coconut Grass], which cannot be refined for the time being.

Seeing that Third Young Lady Du hadn’t reacted yet, Lu Chen asked:

“Third Young Lady, do you choose slow medicine or fast medicine?”

Third Young Lady Du was apprehensive, wiped her charming cheeks with a handkerchief, and asked:

“How long will this slow medicine take effect?”

“Not good said, if it goes well It will take three to five days, and it will not go well, so it will take two weeks.”

“What about the quick medicine?”

“It is the medicine to cure the disease!”

Third Young Lady Du pondered for a moment, then said seriously:

“Then choose fast medicine for your servant!”


“Hmmmmm ~”


Lu Chen grinned, lifted the quilt, stretched out his hand to remove the long skirt that Du Third Young Lady was wearing, and revealed a pair of jade lotus root before him. Third Young Lady finally reacted and replied shyly:

“The village owner…is this what?”


【Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra】can heal wounds, and Second Rank’s 【Jade Maiden Ginseng Tongqi】 goes a step further. It can not only heal wounds, but also cure poisons and diseases.


Du Third Young Lady was shy and happy, and said in a panic:

“Slave…what should your servant do?”

“It’s good to lie down!”

Lu Chen finished the fit and started to run [Jade Female Ginseng Tongqi], a vast breath rushed into the other party’s body, and in an instant, Du Third Young Lady Soul Flying Nine Heavens, Lu Chen took the opportunity to help each other sort out the meridian and get rid of the root of the disease.


“Until today, your servant… did not know that there is an Immortal Realm in the world.”

The two fell on the bed Head, Du Third Young Lady seems to be reborn from ashes, and a pair of beautiful eyes seems to overflow with water.

Lu Chen laughed, Du Third Young Lady was born as a singer, and he has seen it today, the voice is really wonderful, and because of the special physique, it is a lot of fun, but the other party is a normal girl after all, and After recovering from a serious illness, he is not good to over-exploit, comforted:

“Help me take care of White Bone Mountain Village and Long Spring Temple in the future, and don’t talk about immortality. I wish you a peaceful and happy life. It can be done without any worries.”


Du Third Young Lady seriously nodded, and her eyes shine brightly:

“So , your servant is also content!”


Lu Chen looked at the light curtain in front of him, raised his hand and tapped:

“Expand! ”

[Upgrade conditions for the Jade Ginseng Covenant Deed]:

[1]: Three Dao Companion (achieved!)

[2]: Weekend Hundred times (achieved!)

[3]: Two Spirit Stones (not achieved!)


【Jade Ginseng The same contract] is just an entry, the first two conditions have been met, only the Spirit Stone is one, there is no one on the body, temporarily unable to upgrade, slightly regrettable.

Through this, Third Young Lady Du also gained a lot.

Not only removes the root of the disease and gets a healthy body, but also accidentally opens the Spirit Orifice, which has the conditions for cultivation.


There is still a huge gap between meeting the conditions of cultivation and practicing. It is impossible for him to become a cultivator once, but he still needs to read the Taoist book and accumulate knowledge of cultivation.

Once you make a mistake, it’s too late to regret it.

The current Azhu, Abi and Chen Qiaoer are all exploring at this stage. Fortunately, Tong Xin, who is the Method Release Immortal Master, can often ask for advice, and Lu Chen occasionally gives advice, which is unusual. Daoist is so much better.

As for the velvet girl.

Not listed here.

What she cultivates is [Hooking Python Swallowing Innocent Picture], the system is different, and ordinary people can’t give pointers.


Du Third Young Lady cry out in surprise, Jiao Tian said:


“What do you call me?”

“Lang…Lang Jun!”

“Third Young Lady, come and sing a cappella for me again.”


“Liyu Fanglin is facing the high pavilion, and the new makeup is so beautiful. Hanlu, the jade tree flows into the backyard~”

A song was sung, high-spirited and intermittent, embarrassing the sisters who were eavesdropping outside the door.


Stayed at Long Spring Temple for another day. In the early morning of March 19th, the girls sent each other off, and Lu Chen took Meng Yao to ride on the tiger Girl, quietly flew away from Fengxian Town, all the way to the southeast.

Here goes to Xushan.

The biggest task is to get the spiritual object [Heart of Wood] at any cost, and also, to upgrade Perfection’s Lesser Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demons] to Great Divine Ability.

apart from this.

Lu Chen still has a grudge.

“big brother, how far is it?”

“I can get there today.”


Meng Yao stood on Hu Niu’s head, with her hands on her hips, letting the breeze caress her cheeks, her hair neatly coiled on her head was not messy at all, she overlooked the thousands of miles of river, and her little head melon didn’t know what to think.

Lu Chen was sensing the Pluto body in the afterbirth when he heard Meng Yao shout:

“Look, there is a big bird~”

Lu Chen opened it His eyes and complexion suddenly changed, and he saw that above Nine Heavens, two fierce birds were fighting. Zhou Void was trembling, and countless densely packed space cracks appeared on the top of Qingming.

Life and death.


[Name]: Divine Beast

[Information]: Yusui Heavenly Peng


[Name] ]: Divine Beast

[Information]: Shaking the Sky Crane


“Two Divine Beast ah…… ”

Lu Chen looked horrified. This was the first time he saw the real Divine Beast. Fortunately, it was all above Nine Heavens. Let Hu Niu stop, and together with Meng Yao, look up and eat melons silently.

Just then.

all directions, a stream of light rises into the sky, there is a white rainbow, a dragon shadow, a sword light, a tiger shadow, a black wind, and an azure glow, the farther the distance, the more the streamer, the more Mohu seems to be spread over the entire Great Hao territory.

Lu Chen turned to look at Fengxian Town.

I saw a golden light rushing into the night in Fengxian Town, and I vaguely saw a silhouette hiding in it.

[Name]: Ji Changshou

[Information]: Four Realms Changshou Daojun


“ It really is him!”

Lu Chen knew that the so-called longevity immortal in the Immortal Palace was the Daoist Longevity, and he looked to the east, to the south, to the north, and to the west. Everywhere, everywhere, there are golden light rushing to the night.

“Grand Era of Rebirth”

“It’s all Daojun!”

Lu Chen’s scalp is numb, frowning for a while, he is a Daojun It’s also too worthless. There are no less than six people who can only see it. As for Tongxuan Daoist, there are more.

“Looks like it’s better to keep a low profile.”

Lu Chen sighed, stretched out his hand to touch the [blue-patterned face] on his face, and changed his face again, flicks with the finger on the waist Azure’s little turtle-shaped [Yin Ling Pei], the Qi Refinement Perfection’s cultivation base, instantly became the Qi Refinement fifth layer.

“Low-key, low-key!”

Whispering twice, Lu Chen wondered again:

“So…what are these guys doing?”

Countless silhouettes soared into the sky, flying higher and closer, and battles began to break out. Daoist knocked down Daoist, daoist chased after him, Daoist and Daoist fought fiercely, all kinds of, All kinds of aura exploded in the sky, and UU reading was vigorous.

Lu Chen hangs at a low altitude.

Hidden the dazzling rays of light with my hands, I didn’t see it really, I could vaguely guess the reason, since there was a fight, it was nothing more than chance, and this chance came from two Divine Beast, Divine Beast fights, it’s possible to get hurt.

“Divine Beast True Blood!”

Lu Chen understood and sighed:

“Unfortunately my cultivation base is too weak!”

Lu Chen has the Great Accomplishment’s [Seven Stars Imperial Sword Art], can fly thousands of zhang, and above the thousands of zhang, there is a strong wind, cutting flesh and deboning, hurting the heart and soul, there is no mysterious light to protect the body, only the Pluto body is born, He dared to get involved.

Lu Chen took out a plate of melons and fruits, sat on the back of Hu Niu, and ate melons together with Meng Yao, talking and laughing.

After one hour.

Suddenly I saw a golden light fall from Nine Heavens and hit the west. There was a muffled “boom”, and several hundred li rivers and mountains trembled. A grape in Lu Chen’s mouth rolled down and hit him. shivered, stunned:

“This…is this the fall of Daojun?”

tone barely fell, a mysterious wave spread all over the place, and all cultivators could perceive: “Wei Yesheng, Cultivation four hundred and twenty-seven years, one hundred and twenty years of cultivation, the honorable Yayoi Arhat, today If you die, you will return to the sky!!!”


The originally clear sky suddenly became overcast, and there was the sound of “wu wu” from the wind, as if we were crying, and the light rain was dripping from the sky.

Meng Yao took a drop with her little hand, stretched out her little tongue and put on her coat, and pouted her little mouth:

“big brother, it’s hard~”

“Heaven and Earth are sad!”

Lu Chen pinched Meng Yao’s small face with a complicated expression. It was a Buddhism Arhat that fell, too suddenly.

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