My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 123

After another period of time, the two Divine Beasts disappeared above Nine Heavens, and the battle between the people ended. Everything stopped and returned to normal.

Although Lu Chen witnessed the whole process, he was lost in the lake and was not very clear.

I don’t know who got the benefit and who suffered the big loss.

Seeing that all around was safe as usual, Lu Chen did not rush to the Xushan, but turned back to Fengxian Town, seeing that everything was as usual in Long Spring Temple, and the girls were safe and sound, so he flew all the way to the southeast.

Wait for Lu Chen to arrive at Xushan.

It was almost evening.


It’s cold in spring.

The Ruins Mountain is about thousands of zhang high. It used to be a large sect thousands of years ago. This sect flourished for a time. It was rumored that it was envied by the immortal in the sky. Incineration, no one was spared, and even the name of sect was drowned in the years.

Only ruins and scorched stone ruins remain.


After all, this sect is very prosperous for a while, and its background is not small. It is said that there are many secret rooms hidden in the mountain, which makes many loose cultivators linger and can’t go back. Occasionally discoverers, are they soaring to the sky and soaring. .

It’s just that this has been rarely heard in the past several decades, and it has gradually cooled down and is no longer in the past.

It wasn’t until the Tianmu daoist convened that this ruined mountain gradually gained popularity.

β€œbig brother, there are so many people~”


Lu Chen and Meng Yao are one big and one small, two figures are standing on Hu Niu Looking at the ruins from the body, the ruins are as high as thousands of zhang, the highest point is approaching the wind, looking at a sharp sword that pierces the sky from a distance, dangerous and steep, difficult for mortals to reach, and because of the constant tossing of loose cultivator, Many holes have been dug out on the mountain, which looks dilapidated.

The early market barren.

In the past several decades, it seems to have regained some vitality, and some vegetation has grown.

There is a cultivator on the top of the mountain, and a densely packed silhouette at the foot of the mountain. The Xushan is only a hundred li or so away from Fengpo City. After Fengpo City was destroyed, most of the survivors fled. Here, there are nearly 100,000 people, but the conditions are relatively simple, and it looks like a large village.

Without a city to live in and no strong character to manage, one can imagine the chaos.

“Let’s go!”


Lu Chen gave an order, Hu Niu flapped her wings and flew to the Xushan, around the Xushan, Fly up a little bit.

Lu Chen glanced at the mountain and saw that many mortals were climbing to the top of the mountain, but because the mountain was too steep and dangerous, some people screamed and fell into minced meat from time to time.

Meng Yao frowned and said doubtfully:

“big brother, what are they doing?”

“Let’s ask for immortality. “


Meng Yao tilted her head, seeming to understand.

In the early years, the idea of cultivation may not be strong. Now that Fengpo City has been destroyed, I don’t know how many people have been destroyed. I don’t know how many people have come up with the idea of cultivation.

It’s a pity.

Immortal fate is hard to find, but it’s not nothing serious.


A scream resounded above his head, Lu Chen frowned, stretched out his hand and held it lightly, a ragged boy landed on his hand, the boy Before he could respond, Lu Chen waved his hand and threw it into a cave in the mountain, letting the other party yell, kowtow his head and bleed blood, and didn’t look back.

“big brother, there!”

Suddenly, Meng Yao’s big eyes shined, and her little finger pointed to a mountain wall above.

“What’s the matter?”

“There’s something shiny there~”


“Hmmmm~ ”

Lu Chen was delighted, flicked his fingers, and the Qingyun sword flew out, piercing the thin stone wall, breaking a hole, and slashing a few times to form a passage .

Tigress put away her wings, fluttered forward, and got into the hole.

This is a stone chamber, three feet in size. There is an offering table in the corner. There are three things on the offering table, a book, a lamp, and a box.

Before Lu Chen approached, a breeze blew into the stone chamber, and the booklet turned into fly ash.

“What a pity!”

Lu Chen jumped off the back of the tiger and came to the offering table. The oil lamp was just an ordinary lamp, the box was covered with dust, and there was a The talisman paper, he gently picked it up with the Qingyun sword in his hand, the talisman paper on it fell off, and the box opened with a sound.

I saw that there were tens of thousands of spiritsand piled up in the box.

Unfortunately, because the talisman paper has long since expired, most of the Spiritual Qi in the spiritsand have escaped and become white sand grains, less than 10% of which can be used normally.

“Hundreds of spirits and not bad.”

Lu Chen grinned, picked up the box and jumped on the tiger’s back. Just as he was about to go out, he saw someone blocking the hole. This man is around 30 years old, with long hair tied behind his head, his feet on a bamboo-leaf-shaped Magical Artifact, his eyes are squinting at the box Lu Chen is holding, he is not smiling, and he cups his hands:

“Brother Good Fortune is not shallow, congratulations~”


Lu Chen opened the box, stretched out his hand and copied it, it was full of white sand, anyone who could use it But three or five grains, he said humbly:

“Congratulations if I can’t be a Fellow Daoist, it’s not bad to have dozens of spiritsand.”

“That’s not bad.”


The two were intrigued, Lu Chen exchanged a few words, and continued to fly to the top of the mountain while riding a tiger girl. What Lu Chen said was true, and he was immediately disappointed and foul-mouthed away.

Meng Yao is a wraith and can see through some obstacles, but unfortunately his eyesight is limited after all, and there is no gain after that.

When Hu Niu flew halfway up the mountain.

loose cultivator has increased. Many people choose to open up Cave Mansion here, or talk about mysticism, or fight wine and recite poetry, or silently meditate. Of course, there are also some outliers. They picked some women from the bottom of the mountain, gathered a crowd in Cave Mansion, and the sound of extravagance spread far and wide.

There are also some, one person hugs a dozen people from left to right.

What’s more, humiliating people in public, or after playing tricks, throwing people directly from Cave Mansion is extremely humiliating. What’s more terrifying is a female cultivator. In the name of accepting apprentices, this woman deceived dozens of strong men from the bottom of the mountain. After sucking up the yang energy, she did not know how to turn all of them into human chrysalis and hang them in Cave Mansion. outside.

The scene is extremely bloody.

“Smoke and miasma!”

“It’s dirty!”

“It seems that all kinds of bulls, ghosts, snakes and gods are coming.”

Lu Chen sighed With a bang, riding a tiger girl and flew up to the top of the mountain. In a short period of time, a small market has been built on the top of the mountain. There are many cultivators, the stores stand in great numbers, and the cultivators of Tianmu Sect are law enforcement. .

Riding around the tigress.

Lu Chen soon found Sifang Pavilion and met Han Yuchun.

“The little friend is finally here.”

“Old Han, do you know where is Zhang Yu who is holding Mu Xin at the moment?”

“This is …..”

Han Yuchun smiled wryly, wondering why:

“There are many people on the mountain, although Sifang Pavilion has some eyes and ears, but there is no way to find out the exact location of a cultivator. .”


Lu Chen had expected this for a long time and was not disappointed. Give me a portrait of this person.”

“That’s fine.”

Han Yuchun bowed her head and smiled shyly:

“That, the seal of the little friend The ball…”

“It’s easy to talk about it.”

Lu Chen was not surprised, he took out the extra five sealed balls, and it was about to be handed over to the opponent. Suddenly, he grinned: “Old Han, our friendship is friendship, the price is…eight Spirit Stones.”

“This…wasn’t it six before?”

β€œThat’s not the same.”

Lu Chen laughed and explained:

β€œThat is on the premise that Sifang Pavilion agreed to set up a branch in Fengxian Town. The pavilion is unwilling to set up, six yuan per piece is impossible, and it can only be used at this price.”

β€œThe old man can’t do anything about dividing the pavilion.”

Han Yuchun smiled bitterly. , put down the crutches in his hand, gritted his teeth and said:

“Eight is just eight.”



Lu Chen left the Sifang Pavilion with five seal balls missing, forty Spirit Stone more, and a large page of paper. A black-and-white portrait of a middle-aged man, wearing a jade crown, had a dignified appearance, and relatively large earlobes, almost down to the chin.

This person is Zhang Yu who has spiritual object [Mu Xin].

“How do I find this?”

Lu Chen stood in the market, looking at the bustling cultivator, a little dazed, sighed, and just wandered on the street, his eyes were Everyone was swept up and down.

“Ah, kill me!!”


Not far away, I heard screams above my head, When I looked up, I saw that there was a strong wind raging 100 meters above the sky, and three people were hung in the air, letting the strong wind linger.

Shape pins are thin!

It’s miserable!


Lu Chen shook his head and continued to stroll on the street. Xushanfang City was just established. These three people were just unlucky bastards who were used by the Tianmu Sect to gain power. , most likely not a good bird.

Wandered around for half the night.

Lu Chen, who had nothing to gain, came to a loft, and saw the big red lantern building hanging high, the colorful lights singing and dancing together, it was the [Flower Building] that was moved from Qianmufang City.

Only people enter.

No one came out.

Lu Chen stepped on the steps and saw a red-clothed lady with a Luo fan in her hand. She greeted her crookedly and called out:

“Immortal Master, what do you need? Well?”

“What’s the point?”

“Ah, Immortal Master is still a baby, we are very particular about Hualou, no matter what Immortal Master needs, we can do it Satisfaction, like female, male, immortal, mortal, old, young, single, paired, humanoid, inhuman, everything.”

β€œSo many. What’s the trick…”

Lu Chen was stunned. The previous trip to his relationship was only half-open, he asked:

“This kind of person Inhuman, what’s the point?”


The little lady covered her face with a fan and said said with a smile:

“Looking at Immortal The Master is very accommodating, didn’t expect is a heavy mouth.”


Lu Chen touched his nose and was a little speechless, I was just curious That’s all, the little lady grabbed Lu Chen’s clothes and explained with a smile: “These kinds of people are the black sheep girl, the feather girl, the Kunlun girl, etc. They are not human, they are fox demons, deer demons, snake demons, etc. One category, guaranteed to make Immortal Master eye-opening and lingering.”

“Second Rank monster?”


Lu Chen surprisedly said: “Hualou is so capable? Even Second Rank monsters.”

“Aiya, Immortal Master really likes to get to the bottom of it, they are here voluntarily, but they are just for the sake of cultivation. Come on, come in, if you want to find out, why don’t Immortal Master try his own way~”


Lu Chen knew it, let the other party pull it, and his feet were hard. Without moving at all, he shoved a few spiritsands into the opponent’s chest, and asked again:

“What’s the price of your Hualou’s top card, Huajie Fairy Speech?”

“Hey, Immortal Master is still a big heart, Fairy Maiden Hua will not come out to receive, tomorrow is not a trade fair, but our Fairy Maiden Hua will be on stage.”

“Is that so…”


Lu Chen no longer stays, Turned around and left, leaving the little lady behind for a while.


I can’t find Zhang Yu, I can’t find Hua Jieyu, and Lu Chen can’t either. I can only try my luck at the fair tomorrow and leave the workshop. In the city, he flew down the top of the mountain on a tiger girl, and chose a cave as a base in a secluded place on the mountainside.

Learn from other loose cultivators.

A yellow incense stick was inserted outside the cave, declaring that there is a master.

The cave is relatively long and narrow, extending more than ten meters to the mountain. Lu Chen chose a clean place, took out a futon, sat down, and began to tell Meng Yao a story:

“The Ronin from Douluo”

“There is a Little Rabbit in the forest. He is very proud and thinks he can do anything. One day, three little fellows came to the forest, a little turtle, A puppy, a little kitty, and three little fellows found Little Rabbit and asked to stay, Little Rabbit proudly said, he can stay if he wants, but he has to beat me.”

“Little kitty said: ‘I will climb a tree with you!'”

“Little dog said: ‘I will run with you!'”

“The little turtle has one eyeball Turn around, and also said: ‘I swim with you!’, may I ask Xiao Yaoyao, the three little fellows, which one is the bad guy?”


” Big brother, Yaoyao is sleepy~”

The two frolic for a while, Meng Yao yawned a little, got into Lu Chen’s long hair to rest, Lu Chen repaired the Sword Art, waved and released a The blue-and-white porcelain vase with a foot height, this time, White Bone Mountain Village stayed at Long Spring Temple, and he only carried this Secret Realm [Glazed Flower Sea].

Lu Chen took out the ghost altar, released two fast ghosts to watch the night, lifted his foot into the sea of glass flowers, and pushed open a wood house with a “squeak”.

“Master? UU Reading”

The sleepy-eyed velvet girl woke up, her white hair was loose, and turned her head to look at the door.

Lu Chen came to the bed and grinned:

“Let’s go together?”


Jianrong The woman responded, Lu Chen lifted the quilt and lay in, the fluffy girl whispered:

“Duoduo serves the master…”

“No need.”


Lu Chen hugged the velvet girl in his arms, tidied up the loose white hair, and said softly:

“Just sleep.”

“Well~ ”

Full of jade fragrance, Lu Chen took a sip of the fragrance of the velvet girl, closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep. The velvet girl was lying on Lu Chen’s chest, staring at this alien Immortal Master, she ‘s owner.

When I was a child, Mrs. Sam said that Human Race were all bad people. After being kidnapped, she found that Sam was right. Human Race was really bad. It was not until she met Lu Chen that she realized that Human Race was a bad guy. Race can be so bad.


But why can’t I hate it?

The velvet girl hugged Lu Chen’s arm tightly, leaned lightly on his chest, closed her blue eyes, and quietly enjoyed… the safety she had never experienced before sense.


The night is deep, and the noise in the flower building has gradually subsided on the top of the ruins. One red and one white stream of light from The flower tower flew out, entangled with each other and flying.

“elder sister, it’s getting late, you are on your left, I am on your right, try to absorb 100 shares of yang qi tonight, and if this continues, within ten years, our sisters will also hope to become a Great Demon. Be honored as an ancestor, be happy and happy, baby haha~~”

“Okay, work hard!!!”

The sound fell, the two streams of light separated, one left and one right flew down the mountain.

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