My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 124

“Is there anyone?”

A soft voice rang outside Cave Mansion, and the two speedwalkers vigil in the cave swayed, sleeping in the sea of glazed flowers. Lu Chen suddenly opened his eyes, quietly put down the fleece girl wrapped around him, raised his feet and appeared in Cave Mansion, waved his hands, and put the two ghosts into the ghost altar.

“Is there anyone? Someone… someone is going to come in…”

The voice was far and near, Lu Chen heard it in his ears, and his stomach twitched instantly With a burst of anger, he took a deep breath, quickly pressed it down, and looked up to see a woman walking into Cave Mansion.

The man held the silk handkerchief in his hand, half covering his cheeks.

She was wearing several layers of translucent gauze, covered with gold hairpins and silver ornaments. When she raised her feet, she had long legs and feet flickering. She was indescribably charming and inexhaustible. At a glance, it can make people’s qi and blood flow back and forth, mad.

“You… who are you??”

Lu Chen gasped for breath, his expression was dazed, and the slaps almost came out.

“hehe ~”

The woman giggled, seeing Lu Chen’s charming eyes widened instantly, her heart burst into ecstasy, she covered her face with surprise, said with a smile: “People are the Goddess of this ruined mountain. They are attracted by Lang Jun’s spirit. They come to meet at night. I only hope to go to Wushan with Lang Jun and share the cloud and rain.”

“Okay, okay. !”

Lu Chen was overjoyed, the two touched each other, you pulled my gauze, I pulled your daoist robe, one was impatient, the other couldn’t wait, the woman laughed wildly in her heart, so full of yang. Qi, such a strong physique, baby haha, only one person is enough to defeat hundreds of thousands of people.

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and pulled out a fluffy tail from under the gauze, wondering:

“This… what is this?”

The woman is not flustered and winks:

“This is Goddess’ tail, how about it, do you like it?”

“I like it!”

“I like it!”


As soon as the woman’s jade hand pushed, Lu Chen fell to the ground, the woman bullied herself in, and the jade hand brushed the corners of her lips, giggling:

“It’s about to start~~ “


Lu Chen had a pig-like look on his face, and climbed up on the woman’s jade back with both hands. Seeing that the woman was about to sit down, he stretched out his hand and squeezed hard on the other’s neck. , the other party rolled his eyes and lay on Lu Chen’s chest, no movement.

[Name]: Demon

[Information]: Second Rank Fox Demon


β€œι¨’ι‡Œβ€ Angry…”

Lu Chen grunted, stood up expressionlessly, and tore off the fox demon from his body.

My eyes swept across the other person’s body, looked at it carefully, and reached out to pull off the other person’s headgear, I saw two fluffy ears exposed, humanoid, but with a pair of fox ears and a fox tail , and exaggerated figure, charming face, the key is Second Rank strength.

“It should be worth a lot of money.”

Lu Chen touched his nose, grinned, and put on the Second Rank fox demon one by one. Take out a piece of Spirit Stone to make a seal ball, and seal the opponent in it. There is a [sealing method] of the Great Accomplishment, and you are not afraid of the opponent being able to escape.




Lu Chen got into the bed and The velvet girl is in her arms.

“Just now…”

“A Second Rank fox came just now.”

Lu Chen told what happened just now When they came out, the velvet girl heard it interesting, and the two looked at each other and smiled. Everything was silent. Seeing that the velvet girl was no longer sleepy, Lu Chen said:

“I will go shopping with me tomorrow. It’s boring to stay here.”


The velvet girl complied, looked up at Lu Chen, and blinked her blue eyes:

“Duoduo wants to serve the master…”

“No need.”

Lu Chen shook his head, then grinned:

“You lie down, I will let you see the master’s methods today.”

“wu wu wu ~~”


In the early morning of the second day, the velvet girl put on Lu Chen’s daoist robe, rolled up her white hair, and tied her temples. Lu Chen felt that it was still too conspicuous, and put a crown on the other’s head. , The original soft and weak velvet girl has become a Dao Child with red lips and white teeth.

“Master, how about… how?”

“It’s good.”

Lu Chen smiled nodded, picked up the fleece girl Yujian and flew out the cave.

Then, together with Meng Yao, we spent a morning strolling on the top of the mountain, watching all kinds of , overlooking the great rivers and mountains, until noon approached, let the velvet girl enter the sea of glass flowers, touch the blue lines on her face, and once again After changing his face, he raised his feet and walked towards the tall building in the center of Fang City.

The building is more than ten meters high and occupies a large area. It is divided into three floors: high, middle and low.

The lower level is the common seat, the middle level and the upper level are compartments, which are only places where people with status can go.

Lu Chen didn’t care, he spent ten spiritsand, took up a seat on the lower floor, and in front of him was a square table with some fruits and wine on it.

After noon.

cultivators filed in, all dressed in different costumes, some covered their faces, some black clothed, some with great fanfare, all kinds of, countless, less than one hour, crowded filled the entire venue.

The last time Sifangge held an auction, it was only worth more than 100 people. Now this fair, the First Layer alone is no less than 500 people.

The trade fair has not yet started.

Songs and dances have arisen on the most central round stage. The singers sing and the dancers dance. The atmosphere of the trading floor gradually became lively. After another quarter of an hour, the singers and dancers retired, and a silhouette from Falling in the air.

Blue silk dancing.

The face is covered with a scarf.

The multi-colored fairy dress is shining, Immortal Qi is full, ethereal like a fairy, the whole venue suddenly quiets down, the woman’s jade foot touches the ground, saluting, and the ethereal voice sounded in the venue:

“Immortal Master Fairy Wan’an, this fair is jointly organized by Tianmu Sect and Yunxiao School, hosted by the little girl Hua Jieyu, the first auction, the first auction item, Second Rank Secret Realm [Qiong Yao Immortal Realm] in Shisanli.”

The voice fell, and a waitress walked up to the round stage with a flower basket in hand.

“Hua Jieyu…”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, he suppressed the thoughts in his heart, and paid attention to the auction.

It is also an eye-opener to see the auction items up and down.

“Second Rank [Tian Gong Talisman] of the twenty-seventh auction item, this item is unpredictable and mysterious, it can move mountains and suppressing seas, it is ingenious, it can be integrated with Secret Realm, and the universe is rebuilt. The starting price is ten yuan. Spirit Stone!”

“Heavenly Workmanship…”

“Twenty Spirit Stones!”

“Thirty pieces!”

“Thirty-five Spirit Stones!”

Lu Chen was moved by the [Tian Gong Talisman], but unfortunately the strength did not allow it, so he called the price once in the middle, and was directly added to it. Forty yuan, and finally the price of fifty-three Spirit Stone was photographed by the people of the second layer.

“The forty-fifth auction item is the Nine Dragons God Fire Cover!”

“The sixty-first auction item is thirty-six Azure Bamboo Fengyun swords, although this item is Second Rank magic sword, but it can form a set of Azure-Coil Sword Formation, which can defeat Tongxuan daoist full strength attack, and the starting price is fifty Spirit Stones!”

“A mysterious crystal!”


There has been no discussion yet, but a sudden voice made the entire auction hall quiet.


Lu Chen was speechless and looked up at a cubicle on the third floor, where there was most likely a three-level passer-by sitting there. Xuan daoist, otherwise, who can easily take out Xuan Jing.

From start to finish, no one dared to increase the price, and finally the thirty-six Azure Bamboo Fengyun swords were taken out of thin air.

“The eighty-fifth auction item Second Rank neon clothes and feathers!”

“The 86th auction item Second Rank [Cloud Brocade Robe], this item is woven from heavenly cloud brocade, with a total of Two sets of runes, namely [Fang Xing] and [Floating Clouds], have a starting price of five Spirit Stones!”

“Ten Spirit Stones!”

Lu Chen’s eyes shined, he The dust-dangling robe on his body has long been corroded by the water of the Nie Shui River, and this Second Rank Yunjin robe is just right.

“Eleven Spirit Stones!”


“Fifteen Spirit Stones!”

A few people followed suit, and Lu Chen finally bought the auction item at the price of fifteen Spirit Stones. After a while, a waitress brought the robe. He paid for the Spirit Stone and didn’t look at it much. Turned over and received the seal ball.

“The ninety-first auction item is the Purple Jade Silkworm!”

“The following is the 99th auction item and the last auction item…”

The voice fell, but there was no lingering sound, and the waitress was not seen to present the auction item, and there was a sound of discussion below.

“Fairy Maiden Hua, where is this auction item?”

“Squeaky, the old man is going to get angry, and he still hasn’t put up the auction item!”

“Hurry up!”

“Don’t waste time!”


Hua Jieyu took off the veil on her face She put on a towel, showing a gorgeous face, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said pitifully: “This last auction item is the little girl Hua Jieyu herself, and the little girl is still a perfect body. Anything that is photographed can be handled at will.”

The voice fell, and there was an uproar in the venue.

“Wow, this is prostitution??”

“Impossible, impossible, this flower building is too hateful!”

“Fairy Maiden Hua, old Man’s Fairy Maiden Hua~”

“Even if Poor Daoist does everything he can, he must get Fairy out of the Sea of Bitterness!”


“What price? Hehe, old man can’t wait!”


Wait for a break from the clamor, Hua Jieyu opened the mouth and said :

“The starting price is ten Spirit Stones, and now…the bidding starts!”

“Fifteen Spirit Stones!”

“What the hell, A naughty little girl is also so expensive, the old man gives twenty pieces of Spirit Stone ~”

“Twenty-five dollars!”

“Thirty dollars!”

“Thirty one!”


Hua Jieyu’s net worth skyrocketed, and in the end only two people were still bidding, one was from the second layer A scholar clenched his fists, sweat dripped from the first layer on his forehead, and his lips trembled as he murmured “Jieyu” and “Jieyu”.

The other was at First Layer, unperturbed, took a sip of wine and said:

“Thirty-five Spirit Stones!”

“Three …36 yuan!”

“Forty yuan!”

“Four…41 yuan!”

Lu Chen frowned After picking it up, he glanced at the second layer. Even across the wall, he could guess the identity of the other party. It must be the [Magic Pen Scholar] Guan Chengzi who robbed him of the Peach Wood Sword.

Lu Chen took his eyes back, estimated the other party’s capital, and said again:

“Forty-five Spirit Stones!”

“47 yuan! “

Guan Chengzi gnashing teeth, this is his last bottom line, and he is both anxious and worried about gains and losses.

“It’s almost there.”

Lu Chen didn’t dare to bid any more, worried that it would fall in his hands, Hua Jieyu was wearing heavy makeup, and although she looked beautiful, it was not yet devastatingly beautiful. In fact, in his opinion, most of them are touted by others, Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi, which one is better than her, even Du Third Young Lady is not comparable.

Seeing that no one has bid, Hua Jieyu has already cried with joy, she can hear the voice of her lover, Guan Chengzi is also relieved.

“Since there is no bid, the little girl will return…”

“A mysterious crystal!”

Hua Jieyu hasn’t said it yet After that, an indifferent voice suddenly came from the third floor.

In an instant, the entire venue was quiet and the needle was falling, and Guan Chengzi from the second layer had a gloomy terrifying face. The price far exceeded his expectations, even if he sold his [Sentence Pen], He can’t pay either.

β€œhehe ~”

Lu Chen grinned and fed a peeled blue orange to Meng Yao who was on his shoulders. Meng Yao encouraged her little cheeks and her big eyes were curious at the venue. Looking around, Lu Chen was also in a good mood. He turned his eyes to a cubicle on the third floor, and said:

“Another Tong Xuan daoist.”

Immediately looked at Hua Jieyu on the round platform, her face became meaningful, this woman did not cry in the sad world as he imagined, instead, um, a little surprise?

“This woman is not simple…”

Lu Chen shook his head speechlessly, but he could understand that following a daoist, it was naturally better than following only Method Release Immortal The Master’s Guan Chengzi has a promising future. This is a shrewd woman who not only deceives Guan Chengzi to be willing to loot loose cultivator for her, but also knows how to choose.

It’s a pity.

Hua Jieyu’s face turned white with surprise just as she was frightened.

I saw two figures flying down from the third floor, one black and one white, penetrated the wall like a Nether Soul, and landed on the round platform. Intestines, a pair of ghosts wearing black clothed robes and carrying a skull on their shoulders, are the third rank tiger demon [Mountain Monarch Lu].

White has no gut and black has no phase!

β€œjiΓ© jiΓ© jiΓ© ~”

White bowels screamed a few times, opened the mouth and said: β€œMy king is still waiting for Fairy Maiden Hua to serve, Don’t let the king wait for a long time.”

After finishing speaking, Hua Jieyu didn’t wait for Hua Jieyu to speak, and he and Hei Wuxiang left and right, set up the other party and flew to the third floor.

When flying over the second layer. UU reading www.

just happened to fly past Guan Chengzi’s cubicle, a man and a woman, close to Chi Chi, but they were silent, like strangers.


After the auction ended, a waitress stepped on the stage and said loudly:

“The auction is over, and the next free trade, Anyone who needs something, anyone who has something to sell, can come on stage, start immediately!” After speaking, the waitress walked down the round stage, and for a while, the venue became quiet again, and there was no one in the room. People come forward.


At this time, a white rainbow fell from the sky and landed on the round platform, showing the silhouette of a white-haired old man, the old man stood with his hands behind his back, looking around, said with a smile:

“Since no one is on the stage, let the old man cast a stone first!”


“It’s actually the Tianmu Sect! The old Sect Master, Tianmu daoist, look forward to it for a long time!”

“The daoist stage is a worthwhile trip!”


Tianmu The daoist’s voice fell, and there were bursts of compliments below. He flicked his sleeves, and the venue immediately quieted down. Then he stretched out his left hand and gently held it in front of him.


I saw four things that appeared out of thin air above the palm of the hand, one was a turquoise ring, many of which were intertwined, and the other was crystal clear like ice The flowers and plants, one is a boxy small print, and the other is a jade slip carved by Spirit Stone.

Tianmu daoist saw that everyone was attracted by the treasure, and explained:

“These four things are the Second Rank complete set of Magical Artifact [meridian ring], closely linked with one another, There are a total of 108 interlaced rings, which can be fully activated and can block three daoist blows. One is Second Rank spiritual medicine [Ice Heart Grass], which is the main medicine for refining Youth Preserving Pill, one is peach wood six-sided seal, and the last one is 【Wooden Foot Sutra】!”

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