My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 125

Tianmu daoist did not explain the latter two in detail. He looked around the audience and said:

โ€œold man asks for a way to seal a thousand corpses, if If there is an effect, you can take two items at will, if the method is appropriate, you can take three items, and if you can do your best, you can take all of them.”

When the voice fell, the whole venue became lively.

โ€œdaoist, I have a way, there is an ancient ghost nest in the Qingcang mountain range, you can throw the monsters into it, it will be hard to escape!โ€

Tianmu daoist put his right hand on his back. Behind him, his thumb gently slid the mirror surface of the [Heart Turning Mirror], his eyes closed and then opened:

“It’s not right!”

“I’m coming, there is a valley in the south, it is a In a place of absolute spirituality, there are many obstacles in the valley, and if you introduce it into it, it will be difficult to get out!”

“No way!”

“Poor Daoist knows that Sifang Pavilion sells a kind of sealing ball. , or can be sealed!”

“Not suitable!”

“There is a Spirit Beast in the world, called the bird of paradise, this bird has no legs, and there is a universe in its belly, which can make this Birds devour thousands of corpses, fly far away, and never fall.”



The cultivators went forward one after another, But they were rejected by Tianmu daoist one by one. After two sticks of incense, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and no one made a sound.

โ€œcough cough ~โ€

Lu Chen rolled his eyes, stood up lightly coughed, and said loudly: โ€œThree hundred li or so westward there is a low mountain named Da Da. Yanshan, there are five chains rooted at the top of the mountain, which can lock people’s limbs. In the early years, a general of the Di nationality was imprisoned here, and now the chains are thrown there, maybe you can try it!”

Tianmu daoist slid his fingers. , opened his eyes suddenly:

“It’s possible!”


Everyone turned their eyes to Lu Chen, jealous eyes redness.

“Good luck boy!”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can fly out of this man-eating mountain.”

“little fellow, will Give me the daoist things, I can keep you safe, otherwise, I will crush you first when you leave the market!”


Lu Chen rolled the eyes, disinclined to pay attention to the chorus of cultivators.


Tianmu daoist scolded, and the whole venue fell silent again, he opened the mouth and said:

“Four items… Take three!”

“Meridian ring!”

“Ice Heart Grass!”

“Wash the foot meridian!”


Lu Chen said the item he had chosen, Tianmu daoist was not too long-winded, waved his hands, and sent the three things to the square table in front of Lu Chen, Lu Chen didn’t look at it much, Directly received the seal ball.

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Sit down slowly, Lu Chen elated in his heart, and prostituted Old Guyโ€™s stuff for free, and I donโ€™t know if the other party recognized him.


As soon as the Tianmu daoist left the round platform, a middle aged daoist couldn’t wait to rush up. He opened the bag he was carrying and said:

“Poor Daoist doesn’t buy anything, only sells these three catties of First Rank fire dates, whoever has the highest price will get it!”

“I want half a catty!”

“Give me a pound!”

After the Taoist priest sold the fire dates, a guy in black robe flew up to the round platform, and he took it out from his arms A brocade box, opened the brocade box, I saw nine pills of scarlet lying in it, sadly opened the mouth and said:

“I don’t buy anything, I sell these nine pills First Rank [ Blood Essence Pill], this pill is made from pre-moon babies, one pill can prolong life by half a year, each person can take up to three pills, as long as spiritsand!”

After selling Blood Essence Pill, a red-faced man Jumping up, with a chubby belly, he muttered: “I have nothing to sell, I want to buy a good furnace cauldron, preferably born in a lunar year, as long as the furnace cauldron is good, the price can be negotiated.”

“I have a good furnace cauldron, Daoist brother, please come and talk!”


As soon as the man finished speaking, someone from the audience beckoned. The man was overjoyed, jumped off the round platform, and discussed with the man.

Another beautiful woman in scantily clad stepped forward, twisted the waist of the water snake and walked onto the round platform, with a long tongue and dark red lips, and said softly: “Your servant is proficient in eighteen martial arts, and also learns As Fairy Maiden Hua sells itself, any Fellow Daoist will see your servant, and your servant will guarantee that he will be a royal immortal, better than Divine Immortal, and your servant will be very cheap, only a Spirit Stone!”

“get lost!”

“You goddamn big worm, Mu Yecha, who eats people and doesn’t spit out bones, won’t come down!!”

“Hu Yueqiu, you mother-in-law~ “

“hmph, a bunch of damn stinky men!”

The woman coldly snorted, waving her hands and wrapping them with white cloth The pupae were released, neatly arranged on the round table, and said sharply: “The old lady only sells [dolls], and it will live on the drop of blood. Kaifeng recognizes Master, everything can be exchanged, and the price is fair!”


The cultivators climbed the high platform one by one, looking at the flowers, but Zhang Yu, who was holding the spiritual object [Wood Heart], never appeared. Lu Chen’s heart sank, seeing Another cultivator came down and couldn’t sit still anymore. He raised his feet to the round platform, opened the mouth and said:

“Xiaodao wants to exchange spiritual objects, which Fellow Daoist has spiritual objects for sale, he will be able to Give a satisfactory price.”

“I have it!”

“I have it too!”

Lu Chen’s voice just fell, and two people stood up one after another , they are all covering their heads and covering their faces, so they can’t see the specific appearance, and one person said: “I have a [Golden Essence], which can be traded with Fellow Daoist, and Fellow Daoist needs to give me eight Spirit Stones. “


Although the eight Spirit Stones are a bit more expensive, Lu Chen doesn’t care, spiritual object ใ€้‡‘็ฒพใ€‘just what Jiang Hong’e needs, he has money means, do not care about the one or two pieces.

The two completed the transaction, and the other said:

“I have a [Wooden Heart].”

Lu Chen just listened to the man He said again:

“I want to change the jade slip on Fellow Daoist.”

Tianmu daoist took out four things, although Lu Chen didn’t know the exact price , but it can also be seen from the [Meridian Ring]. The previous thirty-six [Azure Bamboo Fengyun Sword] are Attack Type magic swords, which were bought by a mysterious daoist with a mysterious crystal. Eight [Meridian Rings], even if the price is slightly lower, should not be less than seventy Spirit Stones.

See here.

The other three things are probably no less than fifty Spirit Stones worth.

Although this person is masked, it should be Zhang Yu, and he has to [wash the foot scriptures] as soon as he opens his mouth. This appetite… is too much, now said with a sneer:

“Fellow Daoist is really lion’s big mouth.”

If he exchanged his brace oneself, in the eyes of everyone, he would really become a fat sheep to be slaughtered. Want to take a bite.

“Fellow Daoist can also not be changed.”

The man was groaned, sat down and stopped talking,

Lu Chen gave him a deep look, He stopped talking, flipped his hand and took out a sealed ball, opened the mouth and said:

“Xiaodao sells another thing, this is a sealed ball, everyone must have heard of it, which is sealed with a Second Rank fox demon, this demon is devastatingly beautiful, even if Fairy Maiden Hua is in front of him, I am afraid that it will be darkened in front of him, and now the two things are sold together, the priority is to exchange with spiritual object, everyone please bid.”


“Is it really a Second Rank fox demon?”

“There is absolutely no falsehood, those who bought it can come to inspect it, and if you are not satisfied, you can return it on the spot.”


Seeing Lu Chen’s words, the cultivators no longer have any doubts, and someone bids:

“I will give you a water spiritual object, Twenty more Spirit Stones!”

“Thirty Spirit Stones!”

Many people scrambled to bid , In the end, the fox demon was bought by a compartment on the third floor, and Lu Chen harvested a full fifty Spirit Stones, plus a water drop spiritual object.

So far, I have accumulated seventy-four Spirit Stones, one [Water Drop] and one [Gold Essence].

He jumped off the round platform, came to the masked Zhang Yu, and said in a low voice:

“Zhang Yu Fellow Daoist … can we talk about it again.”



Lu Chen suddenly named his name, causing the other party to shiver. He looked all around suspiciously, lowered his voice, and said alertly:

“Dao…Fellow Daoist know me?”


Seeing Lu Chen laughing without saying a word, Zhang Yu Feeling even more frightened in his heart, he rolled his throat:

“But…let’s talk.”


Lu Chen smiled slightly, Out loud:

“I would like to exchange ten Spirit Stones for your [Mu Xin].”

“No way!”

“Fifteen pieces !”


“Twenty Spirit Stones!”

“No way!”

Zhang Yu still shook his head, calmed down, and lowered his voice: “I will not change the Spirit Stone, but only the item that can increase the breakthrough Method Release Immortal Master. If Fellow Daoist has it, he can change it. If not, don’t talk about it!”

“I have an Authentic Level [Nine Breath Technique].”

“I have no shortage of cultivation techniques!”

Zhang Yu shook his head, Lu Chen’s heart sank, He didn’t have what the other party needed at all, and even if he had, he still planned to keep it, and who would want to exchange it.

Seeing Lu Chen’s face was ugly, Zhang Yu couldn’t sit still, and when he saw someone stepping down, he jumped up, loudly said:

“I want to switch to breakthrough Method Release Immortal Master’s item, medicine pill, treasure, and treasure talisman are all negotiable!”

shouted three times in a row.

No one answered.

Seeing this, Zhang Yu had no choice but to jump off the round table, without returning to his seat, and went straight out of the trading floor.

“This person…”

Lu Chen was speechless for a while. He originally planned to talk to the other party after he was frustrated, but didn’t expect to leave, he shook the head, sat down on the other party’s seat, quietly squeezed a secret art, stretched out his hand, and took in a dark azure aura.

โ€œhehe ~โ€


On the third floor of the trade fair, a waitress pushed in the door.

Put down the seal ball, didn’t dare to lift his head, and left respectfully. There were two women in the room, one was standing by the side and the other was facing the trading floor. In the painting, she was playing with thirty-six Azure Bamboo Fengyun swords with a lazy expression.

It’s weird.

This woman still has a face on the back of her head. There is no distinction between males and females, and it is difficult to distinguish between males and females. This person is the owner of Hualou, who is actually the third rank Great Demon of [Peacock Empress]. flourishing jade hand, the face at the back of his head said:

“Let your younger sister out.”


Standing The woman bent down and saluted, stretched out her hand to wipe the seal ball on the table, the white light flickered slightly, a woman appeared out of thin air, it was the fox demon from last night.

The fox demon knelt on the ground, extremely aggrieved:

“elder sister, Empress!”

“What happened last night? Tell me. “


The fox girl didn’t dare to hide, she blurted out what happened last night, and said angrily at the end:

“It’s all about me, then The guy knocked me out when I wasn’t prepared, and if I had been prepared, it wouldn’t have been so unbearable.”

“How could it be so careless?”

“Empress doesn’t know something. , that person seems to be ordinary, but his body is full of yang energy. One person can reach thousands of people. When I am happy, I just…”

“The Body Refinement of the Second Realm?”

Peacock Empress looked thoughtful, suppressed the churning thoughts in his heart, and waved his hand: “Most of the Body Refinement of the Second Realm are lunatics. When you meet this person, don’t provoke it, come here and give me a share of the yang energy you inhaled last night.”


Even if the fox demon is unwilling, He could only be nodded, kneeling and crawling forward, his clothes slipped off, and he bit the face behind Peacock Empress’s head, while the other party was still looking at the trade fair below.

It looks weird.


Seeing that there are fewer and fewer cultivators on the stage, the trade fair is coming to an end, Lu Chen no longer delays, hands form a secret art, five ghosts appear out of thin air around the body, gently lift.

With a sound of “Shua”, he disappeared from the venue.

Some loose cultivators who had been paying attention to Lu Chen saw this and hurriedly chased out. However, when they rushed outside , I saw that the streets were empty, and Lu Chen’s silhouette was long gone.

โ€œshua~ shua~ shua~ ~~โ€

Continuously cast the [Five Ghosts Haunting Heaven Method] four times, and when Lu Chen stopped, people had already appeared in the workshop Outside the city, he stretched out his hand and touched the [Blue Veined Face] on his face, changed his face again, and used the [Qiankun Image Method] to sense it, and then Yu Jian chased in the direction of Zhang Yu.

Seeing that the Promote Grade Method Release Immortal Master is just around the corner.

Lu Chen naturally wouldn’t give up this [Mu Xin] easily, even if murdering to seize the treasures, that would be at all costs.

Flying away from the Ruins Mountain and flying eastward for several dozen li, I heard the sound of fierce fighting from below.

“Ding Ding~”


“Kill him!”

Look down and see the ground , five sword cultivators surrounded a masked man in the middle. Although the cultivation base was not high, it forced the masked man to slump, battled and exhausted. The five besieged people all wore blue clothes, and there was a pocket Spirit tattooed on the left cuff. Sword Figure Eucalyptus, cooperate with each other tacitly, the sword in hand is erratic.

“Fairy Wood”

On the other hand, the masked man has sparse fighting skills.

Although there is a light shield floating around him, sometimes big and small, it can only barely protect the vital points, even if he still holds a stack of talisman papers in his hand, and threw away one from time to time, he can’t get up. too much effect.

It goes on like this.


“Sword Mountain?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and gradually narrowed his eyes.


The six people were fighting vigorously. Seven sword stars suddenly fell from the sky. The two sword cultivators couldn’t dodge in time and were stabbed in the neck on the spot. death.


“Who is stopping me from doing business at Sword Mountain?”

“Come out!”

The remaining three The sword cultivator was terrified, and instantly retreated together, posing on the defensive, shouted while being vigilant, seeing that the sword star was about to stab again, the three looked at each other, wiped the blade with their left hand, and shouted at the same time:

โ€ Taking blood as a guide, Spirit Sword Kaifeng!”

“puchi ~”


Before showing the sword edge, the three He was stabbed into a hole by seven sword stars, Lu Chen fell from the sky, stepped on the Qingyun sword, and the seven blood-stained sword stars floated around.

Zhang Yu, dressed as a masked man, took two steps back subconsciously. The azure shield in front of him was strictly guarded, and he held a stack of talismans in his palms, like a frightened bird, trembling:

“You… Who are you?”

Lu Chen didn’t answer, and said with a blank face:

“Is it worth a [Mu Xin] to save your life? “

“You…you’re the one just now!”

Zhang Yu didn’t respond slowly, knelt on the ground with a “thump”, and said sadly:

“Sword Mountain has moved westward, and I have seen Biwu of my Zhang Family. Mountain, UUkanshu The ancestors did not want to give up, so the whole family was slaughtered by the Sword Mountain. There were dozens of people in the whole family. I was the only one who escaped, but I was still being hunted and killed. I swear by Zhang Yu, I will definitely Take revenge, senior is kind, please help me!”

“What’s the matter with me!”

Zhang Yu wanted to kowtow, hearing this trembling, Lu Chen face With a cold color, there are too many pitiful people in the world, how can he manage it, coldly said:

“I will ask you, save your life, is it worth a [Mu Xin]?”

“It’s worth… it’s worth it!”

Zhang Yu felt a chill in his heart, and Brace oneself said:

“If senior is willing to help me, I would like to give it a great gift! “

“No need!”

Unfortunately, Lu Chen is very calm, knows what he really needs, and doesn’t want to be involved with the other party at all.

In the past two days, he has already inquired clearly in the market, that Sword Mountain is not a poor, humble sect, the Method Release Immortal Master under his door is unknown, and the daoist ancestors are in town, killing a few Qi The guy at Refinement Realm can’t be considered anything, he would be stupid to face the entire Spirit Sword Mountain.

Zhang Yu couldn’t.

Brace oneself can only take out a wooden box, hold it up with both hands, and raise it above the head.

Lu Chen took it, opened the wooden box, and saw a turquoise little bunny tied to it by a red rope, his face suddenly happy, with this spiritual object, he can finally Promote. Grade II Method Release Immortal Master.

“Kill my Lin Yang Disciple, the thief will die!”

Lu Chen was about to leave when suddenly shouting loudly came.

Looking up, I saw a middle-aged Taoist walking from the west with a sword light on his feet. He was unknown. A Flying Sword was stabbed first. This Flying Sword is very unique, with a pair of wings on both ends of the blade. .

Not only sword light is cool.

The speed is also very fast.

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