My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 126

[Name]: Lin Yang

[Information]: Erjing Method Release Immortal Master


“So fast?”

Although Lu Chen was not afraid, he put away the wooden box and squeezed the sword art in his hand. The seven blood-stained sword stars immediately stopped Flying Sword. “Jing dong” sounded, he didn’t bother, reached out and beckoned, took back the seven sword stars, stepped on the Qingyun sword and flew north quickly.

Zhang Yu’s complexion greatly changed.

Opening his mouth, he spit out a cloud, lying on the cloud, and fled all the way to the south.

Lin Yang seemed to think that Lu Chen had killed his Disciple and was chasing after him. , Lin Yang let out a sigh, and stopped, already beyond his reach.

He stroked the winged Flying Sword in his hand, and sighed:

“Dove feathers, dove feathers, you have grown a pair of wings.”

. …..

Lu Chen threw the person off without knowing the direction, flew ten miles, and landed on a small hill. Seven sword stars came out in a wave of his hand, and soon he was on the mountain. Opened up a small Cave Mansion, covered it with branches and leaves, got into it, took out a futon, and sat down.

“big brother is going to become Immortal Master?”


Meng Yao tilted her head on her shoulders, Lu Chen nods with a Smile, reached out and scratched Meng Yao’s little Qiong nose.

Meng Yao raised a small face, held the lifeless sickle against her shoulder, and said solemnly:

“Yaoyao helps the big brother protect the law!”

” Good!”

Lu Chen laughed, took out the wooden box, and covered it with his hands to prevent Meng Yao from seeing the cute Little Rabbit, swallowed it, closed his eyes, started refining, and soon opened it up He closed his eyes, stretched out his hand and tapped the light curtain in front of him:


[Yuanxijue Promote Grade Conditions]:

[1]: One sect secret art (achieved!)

[2]: Five Elements complete (achieved!)

[3]: Qi Refinement Perfection (achieved!)

[4]: A Spirit Stone (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation technique 】: Yuanxi Jue Perfection (Promote Grade!) +


“Sure enough, I don’t need a spirit vein.”

Lu Chen murmured and did not immediately Promote Grade. He took out all the seventy-four Spirit Stones on his body, placed them in front of and behind Meng Yao, and put the Second Rank [Ghost Crystal] under his feet.

Then I realized the [Yuanxi Jue] of voluntary revolving, and I reached out and tapped until I completely calmed down:

“Promote Grade!”

“Katha ~”

A Spirit Stone in front of him shattered and poured into the Spirit Orifice instantly. The Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Orifice was pulled and started to rotate, gradually turning into a vortex. At the very center of the vortex, Five illusory runes condensed out of thin air, and a bit of [mana] like smoke was born on its own.

Spiritual Qi is like silk.

Mana is like fog!

“It’s not the same, it’s completely different from everyone else.”

Lu Chen was surprised and delighted, the others pulled out the massive Spiritual Qi in the spirit vein and instantly incorporated it into the Spirit Orifice , Through compression, Spiritual Qi transformed into mana, the process is extremely dangerous, but his mana is born on its own little by little.

Thinking about it.

The powerful idea instantly subdued that little mana, Lu Chen no longer thought about it, and silently broke through.

In the past one hour, all five runes from virtual became real, all Spiritual Qi in Spirit Orifice has also been converted into mana, but the mana is too little, compared with other breakthrough Method Release Immortal Master, Even less than one percent.

“There are gains and losses.”

Lu Chen was not disappointed, and seriously realized the five runes in his body.

I quickly understood everything, this is the Five Elements Source Rune born from the spirit root, representing Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth respectively, he fiddled with the word [fire] with a little mana rune, with a move in his heart, he flipped his palm lightly, and saw a mass of flames in his palm.


Flame rises.

With a casual toss, the flames flew more than ten meters and exploded on the aisle. The formidable power was not small. When the palm was turned over again, a mass of water condensed in the palm, the thought moved slightly, and the water flow instantly became got an ice pick.


As Lu Chen gave a soft snort, the ice pick flew out, piercing the wall half a meter deep, and Lu Chen pointed to the ground.

“sou sou ~”

A row of more than a dozen ground thorns drilled out of the ground.


The voice fell, a breeze blew, and a “stab” sounded, leaving a hideous scar on the wall of Cave Mansion, Lu Chen suddenly realized, It turns out that this is the Five Elements spell cast by the Method Release Immortal Master.

formidable power is somewhere between sorcery and magic.

It is not enough to deal with the qi cultivator, but the showdown between the Method Release Immortal Masters is not very useful.

By casting four small spells in a row, Lu Chen’s mana is almost bottomed out. Value, Lu Chen just broke through, and he doesn’t have binary mana yet.

That is to say.

Lu Chen can only cast [Five Ghosts and Heavenly Magic] at most once, after that, the mana will be exhausted.

Nevertheless, casting formidable power is greatly improved.

Let’s not talk about other things for the time being, just this muddled method, according to Lu Chen’s perception, can now move at least 500 meters once it is used.

“Too little mana, I won’t go out for the time being.”

Lu Chen sighed and planned to retreat, looking at the Spirit Stones all over the floor, grinning, with these Spirit Stones, Mana is not to worry about.

Perfectly perfect, the bandit court Yin Xi!

Blink of an eye.

Three days have passed!

Lu Chen slowly opened his eyes, and with the help of Meng Yao’s [Prayer], in just three days, he refined a full fifty Spirit Stones, and his mana increased from less than two yuan to Twenty-seven yuan mana, much higher than Tong Xin’s mana.

Rouge Tiger Tong Xin first entered the Method Release Immortal Master.

Has thirteen yuan mana.

In the past few months, the daily cultivation is not punctuated, and the mana has not reached 15 yuan, and Lu Chen has left it behind in only three days. The reason for this is mainly due to two points. One point is that Lu Chen does not lack a Spirit Stone for the time being, and he can refinish as much as he wants, while Tong Xin does not have a Spirit Stone either.

The other point is because of Meng Yao.

With the help of Meng Yao’s prayer, so many Spirit Stones can be refined in a short period of time. Because of this, Meng Yao’s small number of prayer coins have now been used up.

Continue the cultivation, the efficiency will drop greatly, far less than before.

“Let’s do this first.”

Lu Chen put away the remaining twenty-three Spirit Stones one by one, and placed the items in front of him, Second Rank [Cloud Brocade Robe], Second Rank Magical Artifact [Meridian Ring], Second Rank spiritual medicine Ice Heart Grass, jade slip.

Lu Chen first sorted out Ice Heart Grass and put it in a jade box for storage.

This thing is very cherished. It is the main medicine for refining 【Youth Preserving Pill】. In his 【Pill Dao Detailed Explanation】, there are 12 Pill Recipes recorded, of which three are Second Rank Pill Recipes. .

There is a【Youth Preserving Pill】.

Because Ice Heart Grass is too rare, the Pill Recipe of Youth Preserving Pill is not precious. As long as other radiation medicines are gathered together, Lu Chen can make one by himself if he has time. It is of great value,

“Washing the Foot Sutra…”

Lu Chen picked up the jade slip and put it between his eyebrows. After thinking about it, a lot of information flooded into his mind. , the jade slip in his hand was also broken at the same time. After a while, he slowly opened his eyes, muttered:

“Seven elegance and five customs!”

Method Release environment is divided into front, In the middle and last three stages, in addition to the difference in the purity of mana, the main difference is the difference in the [amount] of mana. Blending, at that time Magical Artifact psychic, mysterious light self-generated, a little mysterious light can win but thousands of mana.

And the soul is invisible.

Once it is involved, it is more complicated. If you want to fuse the soul with the mana, easier said than done.

Therefore, we need to actively cultivate the soul, but the soul is different from mana, and it is as difficult as heavenly ascension, since ancient times, and countless cultivators. Twelve ways of cultivating the soul, and compiled into scriptures, forming twelve volumes of scriptures.

Therefore, if you want to become a daoist of Tongxuan, you must cultivate these seven elegant and five common customs, the more the better.

And this [Wood Foot Sutra] is one of the five customs.

Wash your feet!

“The value is so great.”

Lu Chen is a little fortunate. Foot Sutra] was banned by the Tianmu daoist.

Only self-study, can not be passed on!


In the early morning of the second day, Lu Chen’s big sleeves fluttered, Shi Shiran walked out of Cave Mansion, and changed into a brand new Tsing Yi robe, it was Second Rank [Cloud Brocade Robe], which includes not only the Second Rank runes [Fang Xing] and [Floating Clouds], but also the two sets of First Rank runes, [Dust Removal] and [Water Avoidance].

Not only that.

Lu Chen also refined the [Meridian Ring], with the Second Rank Magical Artifact of body protection.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[life essence ]; 17/281

[cultivation base ]: Method Release Early Stage/Second Realm Body Refinement


[Mana]: 27 yuan

[cultivation technique]: Introduction to the Jade Dew Returning to the Truth; Introduction to the Pluto Immortality Art; Introduction to the Jade Girl Participating in the Same Deed; )



[Wood Foot Sutra upgrade conditions]:

[1] : Wash your feet once (not yet achieved!)


Yuanxi Jue, upgraded to [Yulu Huanzhenjing], not only can voluntary revolving, monthly You can also refine a drop of Second Rank [Jade Dew]. The specific effect can only be known after refining.

As for the cultivation of the foot scriptures, it is best to choose a big river, and Lu Chen is not in a hurry.


Yu Jian flew high into the sky, Lu Chen only felt that the sky was high and the earth was wide, and it was no longer comparable to the past.

“I’m finally the Immortal Master.”

Lu Chen was delighted, waved and released Hu Niu and Velvet Girl, Velvet Girl rode on Hu Niu’s back, her white hair was scattered, and looked back Looking at Lu Chen, Zhan’s blue eyes light up slightly:

“Master…it seems different today.”


Lu Chen’s mouth was slightly raised, and he sat down behind the velvet girl. He stroked his thin waist with big hands, and asked:

“What’s the difference?”

“It’s just different. “

“Yaoyao knows, big brother is now Immortal Master~”


Lu Chen laughed, riding a tiger girl Flying southward, dilly-dallying all the way, happy laughter and cheerful voices, this trip to the ruins has only one purpose, which is to harvest the souls of the dead, and take the opportunity of Promote Level [Nine Heavens slayer] to transform it from Lesser Divine Ability to Great Divine Ability .


We set off early in the morning and didn’t approach Xushan until near noon. The velvet witch mountain fell into Lu Chen’s arms, red lips slightly open, like a The thirsty mermaid, Meng Yao on her shoulders said strangely:

“big brother, elder sister Duoduo, what’s wrong, are you sick?”

“cough cough ~”


Lu Chen coughed a few times, and said with a lake:

“Maybe I’m tired…”

“Oh oh~~”

Meng Yao seemed to understand, but pointed to the top of the Xushan Mountain:

“Niuniu, let’s go up the mountain~”


Hu Niu roared and fluttered her huge wings to fly to the top of the mountain. Lu Chen also took the opportunity to put a daoist robe over the velvet girl’s shirt, and rolled up her white head to dress it up as a Dao Child.

Wait for the tiger girl to fly up the mountain.

But I saw cold and cheerless in the whole Fang City, and most of the shops were closed. After inquiring, I found out that two days ago, Tianmu daoist had brought people to encircle the corpse of Qiansuo.


Lu Chen didn’t stop, and ran westward on a tigress.

He stretched out his hand and took off the [Invisible Spirit Pendant] hanging from his waist. He was a little helpless. This thing was only a First Rank Magical Artifact, and it could no longer hide his cultivation base. He tapped his finger to activate it, and the breath of the velvet girl suddenly became faintly discernable, paradoxical.

He reached out and touched the blue-printed face on his face again, changing his face.

Not long after, Lu Chen saw Fengpo City from a distance. Today, Fengpo City is no longer a ruin, but a deep pit with a vertical and horizontal length of a thousand meters. I saw lightning and thunder over the deep pit. , there are four silhouettes sitting high in the sky, the east is an old man with white hair, the west is a burly shirtless man, the south is a very beautiful lady, and the north is a middle-aged Taoist man wearing a crown hat.

Tianmu daoist!

Mountain Monarch Lu!

Hualou landlord Peacock Empress!

The Daoist Priest of the Yunxiao faction!

Two Great Demons, two daoists of Tongxuan, the four of them joined together, each holding a flag fluttering in the wind, delimiting the border, trapping a thousand corpses in a deep pit, Unable to move, only densely packed flying heads are flying around, and some are released from time to time.

Like a locust crossing the border, you are fighting with cultivators in all directions, but you are obviously at a disadvantage and are constantly hunted.

“It’s a big battlefield.”

Lu Chen’s eyes lit up, this scene is exactly what he needs, someone to share the pressure, is suitable for harvesting the souls of the dead.

[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: Four thousand dead souls (2721/4000 not reached!)

… …

Looking at the light curtain, Lu Chen asked the velvet girl to return to the sea of liuli flowers, and fell down on the tiger girl. Before landing, a female cultivator blocked the way, this man The appearance is not bad, driving a jinpa, wearing a blue and red women’s robe, with a jade token representing the identity of Tianmu Sect Disciple hanging around his waist, cup one fist in the other hand gently:


“Is something wrong?”

Lu Chen raised his brows slightly, and the woman said neither humble nor arrogant:

“This time we will clear thousands of corpses. , will be coordinated by my Tianmu Sect, advance and retreat coordination, rewards and punishments are moderate, senior is new, if you are willing to do your part, please go with Junior to meet Master Chu and listen to his deployment.”

“Oh .”

Lu Chen Hanhu complied and asked:

“Who is your Master Chu?”

female cultivator raised her chin, revealing her pink jade neck, and said proudly, “It’s Master Chu Yunhe, the elder disciple of the daoist, and the future Sect Master of the Tianmu Sect. The battlefield.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Lu Chen understood, his eyes flickered, and he cupped his hands:

“Then please Fairy to lead the way. .”

With the sound of [Fairy], the female cultivator almost blushed, hurriedly returned the salute, and said humbly:

“You can’t be called Fairy, senior please come with me.”


Lu Chen laughed, riding a tiger girl and following behind him, seeing the woman stepping on a brocade, her skirt flying high, it was also pleasing to the eye, as if aware of it Lu Chen’s eyes tried to look back at him several times, but failed to summon the courage.

Not for a while.

The two flew up to a ten-zhang high platform. The high platform was filled with small flags all around. There were also many Tianmu Sect Disciples flying around. There was a huge yellow list in the middle. Under the order, a middle-aged cultivator stood with his hands behind his back.

Scribe dress up.

Merry and suave.

The two-inch short beard flutters, and a feather fan shakes gently.

The two stepped forward, and the female cultivator explained in a low voice: “That list is the third rank Magical Artifact [Performance List], there is a spirit in the list, and every time you kill a First Rank Flying Head is a small achievement. , every time you kill a Second Rank Flying Head, it is a great achievement. After the siege is over, you will be rewarded for your merits, and you can exchange your merits for various treasure and cultivation resources.”


The two came behind the scribe, female cultivator cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“Outer Sect Disciple Mu Rong, see Master Chu, UU Reading Only Immortal The Master is new, Disciple has already attracted people!”

“Not bad!”

Chu Yunhe turned around, praised nodded, and said loudly:

“Mu Rong, bring Immortal Master here, you have done a good job, remember 30 small merits!”


The voice fell, and I saw that it was ranked 451st on the list. The Mu Rong, who instantly increased by thirty small skills, also climbed to 337th in the ranking.

“Uncle Thank you!”

After cupping one fist in the other hand, Mu Rong stepped aside, she was happy in her heart, and glanced at Lu Chen quietly, feeling a little guilty.

Chu Yunhe looked at Lu Chen, looked at Lu Chen a few times, and cupped his hands:

“This Fellow Daoist is looking at the face.”

“Little Road Lu Yuan, a loose cultivator, a new Method Release Immortal Master, and I have met Brother Chu.”


Chu Yunhe knew what Lu Chen was doing after a little sense. The words are not true, the method is not weak, it is obviously not like a newcomer, but it is not easy to go into details, just ask:

“Fellow Daoist would like to listen to my Tianmu Sect?”

“What is the task? Is there any benefit?”

“The task is, in this battlefield, you need to obey the dispatch of my Tianmu Sect, and all reasonable dispatch must not be shied away, otherwise, there will be investigation after the event, the benefit is that You can enter the merit list and participate in merit redemption.”


Lu Chen glanced at the list and saw that many Method Release Immortal Masters are on the list , Naturally, I won’t be squeamish. If there is something wrong, I can just walk away.

“That’s good!”

Chu Yunhe raised his forehead slightly and said loudly:

“Method Release Immortal Master Lu Yuan, enter the list!”


The voice fell, and the word [Lu Yuan] appeared out of thin air on the densely packed list, ranking 877th, with zero merits and minor merits. Impressively ranked at the end!

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